How the Democrats Could Win in 2020

Are we there yet? This is the question the Democrats keep asking re eliminating President Trump from office one way or another. They have been active in the attempt at carrying out a political coup from the day Trump was elected, and have themselves identified their efforts as a “coup”.

The indictments for their criminal and traitorous behaviors are coming soon now. The “Russian Collusion” attempt failed. The “obstruction of justice” attempt failed. The “impeachment investigation” is failing miserably.

I am currently watching again the excellent series, “Band of Brothers”, as I have always been a WWII enthusiast, that is, I hold in highest regard the men and women who gave so much to preserve our freedoms and guard against our being controlled by the very form of government nearly half of our nation’s voters are now calling for!

My wife’s father fought in the Battle of the Bulge, and the winter of 1944 across Europe was one of the most sever ever. Our troops lacked winter clothing, had to live in snowy fox holes, and often lacked ammunition and medical supplies. One of my uncles fought in the infantry in the Phillipines and a buddy next to him was killed by Japanese machine gun fire. My uncle lost much of his hearing for years from a piece of shrapnel that he caught in his neck.

Another uncle was navigator in B-24’s and had to bail out over Italy in January of 1944, landing in Mussolini’s private game preserve! (He broke his ankle on landing, was put on a donkey and taken to a village by a partisan; he had his parachute draped over his shoulder, and said he reckoned he looked like Jesus entering Jerusalem!)

The list of Democrat candidates for President is pathetic and they are all Communists! Every last attempt at a socialist government has failed and rightfully so. You cannot have a godless totalitarian dictatorship that the population will long tolerate.

President Trump is many things, some not so nice, but he is truly a patriot and the leader of the resistance against the “deep state” and globalism (a socialist dictatorship). You are for one or the other. As things currently stand, Trump is sure to win the 2020 election in a landslide. Overflow crowds gather to hear him, while embarrassingly tiny ones show up for his opposition.

The left (socialists, communists) will not give up, however. They are fighting to counter the exposing of their misdeeds, fighting for their very lives. They are in the mold of the communist Saul Alinsky, the author of “Rules for Radicals”, the manual for the socialist takeover of a nation. Two of his proteges are Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, who wrote her college thesis on Alinsky’s views.

One of the most accurate quotes about socialism is from Barry Goldwater who said, “A government that is big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take away everything you have.” It is fascinating that Hillary Clinton was a “Goldwater Girl” until she got to Wellesley College where her views shifted markedly (Marxedly) to the left.

How could the Democrats possibly win in 2020? Well they could possibly be successful in carrying out an assassination of the president (it’s a wonder that he has survived thus far, a sign I believe of supernatural protection). The deep state could engineer an “event” of such size that it would generate a great deal of fear and confusion across America that a Democrat “savior” could promise to alleviate. This would likely be some type of “false flag”. But, what is more likely is that a coming financial collapse could be blamed on our president.

We are told that our economy is amazingly strong, “better than it’s ever been”, as manifested by the record stock market levels. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is a matter of time for such a collapse to occur, and this event has been the subject of many books for over thirty years written by authors, many of the Austrian School of Economics, who know that the current skyrocketing level of debt cannot ever be paid back. Collapse is inevitable, and will likely surpass in severity the depression of 1929. People vote their pocketbooks, and even though this collapse will have been caused by the Federal reserve and Wall Street, it will be easy to blame whomever resides in the White House.

We have all been financially raped by the Fed, Wall Street, and our Congress. How? By the ending of the gold standard in 1971 by Nixon and the establishment of the “Monopoly money” petrodollar system set up with Saudi Arabia by Henry Kissinger using U.S. dollars not worth the paper they are printed on. Counterfeit dollars are currently being “printed” in the trillions to prop up insolvent banks and Wall Street mega-businesses. The only real money is made up of gold and silver, as specified in our Constitution.

Those in the know used to urge citizens to have at least 10% of their savings in gold and silver, and now some are suggesting at least 50%. This is wealth insurance. Investing in the stocks of precious metal companies is more speculative, but more likely to produce a bigger “bang for the buck”. Unfortunately, most of us do not have enough money these days to purchase any.

We can all be thankful for what we do have, especially at this Thanksgiving season. We still live like royalty compared to most of the world. We need to focus on people and not money. God has blessed America because we have depended upon Him. He is the only salvation for nations and for individuals.

Dr. J

Just say “No!” to current childhood vaccine schedule

During the years I practiced pediatrics (which includes this year) I was a strong proponent of childhood vaccinations. I believed what the CDC claimed, that all vaccines  are “safe and effective”. I now believe that the growing evidence for damages from vaccines compels us to make some changes if we are to have healthy children. Autism rates, as well as those for ADHD and a host of chronic childhood diseases have skyrocketed in recent years, and not because of more accurate diagnosis.

I have already advised parents strongly to not allow their newborn baby to have the HepB shot on the first day of life (which is now standard policy), as it contains 15 times more aluminum, a neurotoxin, than the FDA says is “safe” for the average baby. Don’t allow your baby to have it unless you, the mother, have hepatitis B.

As with every other childhood vaccine there have been no prospective, placebo-controlled, double-blind safety studies done, period. Any true scientist knows that the scientific method requires testing to be done appropriately. It’s also true that what “safety” studies have been done on aluminum have been done only on ingested aluminum, which the body handles much differently than injected aluminum.

When materials are injected into our bodies, we tend to form antibodies against the foreign matter, and these include auto-antibodies that may attack our own systems. The CDC and FDA are quick to tell us how safe vaccines are, but the safety studies just have not been done. The “guinea pigs” are the children who have been injected without their parents being made aware of the real risks.

Dr. Yehuda Schoenfeld, head of the Zabludowiecz Center for Autoimmune Diseases at Sheba Medical Center, and founder of the International Congress of Autoimmunity, says that “…many reports that describe post-vaccination autoimmunity strongly suggest that vaccines can indeed trigger autoimmunity…including arthritis, lupus, diabetes, thrombocytopenia, vasculitis, dermatomyositis, Guillain-Barre syndrome and demyelinating disorders. And almost all types of vaccines have been reported to be associated with the onset of autoimmune problems.” He points chiefly to aluminum as a cause.

There is another vaccine I recommend that parents not allow their children to get and that is the HPV vaccine (Gardasil and Cervarix) which is promoted to prevent cervical cancer and certain cervical warts. It contains aluminum and virus-like protein particles and is said to cause many serious side effects including death. There is conflicting information regarding Gardasil “testing”, with the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) stating that only 1200 girls were tested, and Merck saying that it was 21,000 girls. The CDC claims that it’s completely safe and effective when there has not been enough time to allow such a statement to be honestly made.

I suggest that parents do as much research as they can on the childhood vaccines and then decide. The more you study, the more you realize that it’s all about the money. I also recommend that parents speak up for their children to their senators and representatives, as nobody should be forced to have their children injected with so many foreign substances whose risks are unknown.

Vaccines contain aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde, material from aborted fetuses, Polysorbate-80, protein particles and fragments of DNA, and have even contained live cancer viruses. The latter, SV 40 virus, was included in polio vaccines that were injected into a group of Russian test patients by Merck.

This gets a bit “conspiratorial”, but the globalist elites do plan to eliminate 90% of us by reducing the world population from 6 billion to 500 million, just as stated on the Georgia Guidestones (in Elbert County, Georgia) – look it up. And vaccines have been named as one method to be employed to accomplish that. Under current law, we have no choice but to accept the vaccinations except for rare situations.

I once more strongly recommend that all parents read Dr. Paul Thomas’ book, “The Vaccine-Friendly Plan”, as it is loaded with accurate information about vaccines, and tells how you can select a modified vaccination plan for your child that will drastically cut down on the chances of autism, ADHD, and a host of other conditions. Since the national rate of autism is now about one in 49, and we have around 300 babies born each year here in Nevada, I believe that we could likely prevent around six cases of autism here in our town each year by following the amended schedule for childhood vaccines. (or about 1,500 per year in Missouri)

It was the frequency of regression of development after vaccine injections that prompted Dr. Thomas, a pediatrician, to examine vaccine effects more closely. If you are on Facebook, I suggest that you follow the Vaccine Re-education Discussion Forum to see from day to day what parents are experiencing – it is shocking.

We are thankful for the good physicians and nurses out there, but too many of them are ignorant of the growing abundance of evidence that compels us to take a new look at the current CDC childhood vaccine schedule. If we wish to remain free, we need to abolish our state law that requires our children to be fully vaccinated according to the present schedule, and promote truly informed consent along with the freedom to choose which, if any, vaccines our children receive.

For the good health of our children,

Dr. J


Make Your Own Silver, Save on Doctor Bills

I just posted on Facebook pictures of two colloidal silver generators, the Silver Lungs and the Ionexx. More and more people are learning about the wondrous healing ability of “colloidal silver”, and it’s truly amazing that it is effective against such a wide range of pathogens (germs), including bacteria, viruses, and fungi. You can make your own!

In solution form silver can be sprayed into the nose and throat (and eyes, if a fine mist is used), swallowed,  and even inhaled from a nebulizer to get it into the lungs and bloodstream. It also comes in gel form for topical use on scrapes, cuts, burns, insect bites, and rashes.

Since silver is  effective against even MRSA,  it may well have saved those who succumbed to the flesh-eating bacteria if silver gel had been applied to skin-damaged areas in timely fashion. Since it kills viruses, I apply the gel to tick and mosquito bites immediately to help prevent serious infections that are sometimes carried by these pests. Being an anti-inflammatory as well, it relieves itching quickly.

Much of the evidence for silver’s use against infections is anecdotal, but I know of its value from personal use. And there are numerous scientific studies that show how it is effective against at least 600 pathogens, including those resistant to antibiotics. There is a synergistic effect, that is , silver used along with these antibiotics often renders them effective once more against germs that have become resistant.

I have used the Silver Lungs generator for years now, and am entirely satisfied with it. I recently bought the Ionexx silver generator for comparison, as it only costs $99 compared to the Silver Lungs price of $259.99 ( or the deluxe version $349.95) That is much more money, but let’s compare the systems.

The Silver Lungs generator is a professional  grade unit that uses the largest pure silver rods you can find, and they will last a lifetime. I took a photo of them along side of those in the Ionexx product, which “should last you a year or two”. With each of the generators you use direct DC current applied to pure silver rods in distilled water to produce ionized silver in solution.

With the Silver Lungs you get a professional grade Erlenmeyer flask and you have the option of producing solutions of either 10 or 20 ppm (parts per million) at the flip of a switch. The Ionexx advertises 10 ppm, but the solution mine produced tested only 5 ppm. With the Silver Lungs you get 36 ounces of solution after 2 hours (for 10 ppm) or 3 hours (for 20 ppm), with an automatic shutoff. With the Ionexx you get around 4 ounces of solution. Plugging it in starts the process, then you press Start on your iPhone app, as a timer, and when the red line at the bottom on the app reaches its full span, you push stop and unplug the machine.

One thing the Ionexx people don’t tell you up front is that you have to first pour water of around 34 degrees into the reservoir before pouring distilled water into the jar. With Silver Lungs you pour room-temperature distilled water into the flask and turn it on.

I recommend the “deluxe” Silver Lungs kit which includes a large storage bottle (choice of clear or amber), an eye and ear dropper, a nasal sprayer, a throat sprayer, a laser pointer for checking the consistency of the solution, and a test meter to verify the ppm level. (a TDS meter, for Total Dissolved Solids)

Another commonly used silver generator is the “Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator” from the Silver Edge, a website run by Steve Barwick that I recommend you visit. They don’t supply a jar, but you just grab a mason jar which the generator sits on, and a hose bubbles air through the distilled water in it, producing a 10 ppm solution. Its thinner silver wires may need to be replaced, and there is disagreement over whether the silver oxide produced by the  bubbling is helpful or harmful. The Silver Lungs uses a magnetic stirring bar in the flask that maintains a closed system, which I prefer. The Silver Edge unit runs $349.95, but both Silver Edge and Silver Lungs often have sales when you can save $100 on the price.

Since a 4 ounce bottle of colloidal silver from a health food store or online will cost around $30 you can see how generating 36 ounces in two or three hours whenever you want to will soon pay off big time. By generating just two batches you have silver solution worth enough to have more than paid for the machine!

I have provided many friends and family members with colloidal silver and have many testimonies of how much it has helped them, including success in healing sinus infections that were not going away with antibiotics, etc. (in fact antibiotics, which are not generally recommended for sinus infections can result in overgrowth of fungi, which often remain as the sole cause of the sinus infection, but which are sensitive to colloidal silver!)

The optimum regimen for sinus infection treatment with silver is not known exactly  at this point. Some find healing with only spraying the silver solution into the nose and throat, while others may find additional help with rinsing the sinuses with silver solution in a netti pot. At any rate it’s great to avoid antibiotics as much as possible, as they harm our immune systems for up to a year or two.

Here’s a quick word about colloidal silver vs ionic silver. When you generate silver solutions by electrolysis, you are generating ionic silver, that is individual ions of silver suspended in distilled water (ALWAYS use distilled water, and never “filtered” or “spring” or any other water). This solution is best stored in blue or amber glass bottles as it may be decomposed by sunlight. It is great for use in the nose, throat, and eye.

True colloidal silver is composed of particles of silver suspended in water, and is formed by adding a reducing substance, often a sugar, to the ionic form, which results in a solution that is usually yellow or gold in color and may be stored in clear glass bottles.  It is preferred when swallowed since it is more stable in the stomach. Ionic silver binds to the chlorine in your stomach acid to form silver chloride, which loses its germ-killing effects. The term “colloidal silver” is generally used for both the ionic and colloidal forms.

Here’s one way that I find ionic silver to be so useful. At the first sign of a cold or sore throat spray the nostrils 2-3 times as you inhale, and the same with the throat (to help get the silver into the trachea, or windpipe. I would do this as often as hourly on the first day, then 3-4 times a day for several days. If a sore throat is the major symptom I would drink a couple of ounces of silver solution, but hold it in the throat as you lay back in bed or in a lounger, to keep the solution in contact with your throat for at least 5-6 minutes as you breathe through your nose, then swallow it.

This takes a little practice, and would be difficult if you have a stuffy nose! You will find that most colds that normally last a couple of weeks are gone after a couple of days. I find that my nose never stuffs up and that any drainage never turns thick and yellow! And keep in mind that silver kills flu virus. Personally, I never get flu shots because of their poor protection against flu, and because there are very real risks from the vaccines, including the Guillaine-Barre syndrome of ascending paralysis.

Visits to the doctor for colds, sinus infections, and flu can be largely avoided by the prompt use of colloidal silver. I can’t think of a better way to interrupt a pattern of frequent ear infections in children than to treat their colds early with silver.

I always keep some silver gel on hand for topical use (as with bug bites) and it may contain several hundred PPM. It is reported to be great for easing the pain of shingles when applied ASAP.

BTW, don’t be frightened away by the possibility of getting argyria, a permanent blue-gray coloration of the skin from ingestion of silver.  It’s a very real condition, but caused by people drinking highly concentrated silver solutions (hundreds of ppm) containing salt or proteins over long periods of time. It’s a condition that is virtually impossible to get with dilute solutions (10-20 ppm) used properly.

I recommend the home manufacture of colloidal silver for all who can afford to do so. There are SO MANY uses for it that justify the initial expense. Do your own research online (starting with Silver Edge) and see the many ways you may benefit from its use. I would not be without it.

Blessings of health,

Dr. J

Socialism in the Bible?

I read the other day that 44% of Americans believe that we would be better off under a socialist society. This belief is prominent among our millennial generation. Why not? After all, we read of socialism in the Bible, right?

In Acts chapter 4  verses 32 through 37 describe the situation. Verse 32 says, “And the multitudes of believers were of one heart and mind, and no one was saying that his possessions were his own but they were common to them all.” And in verses 34 and 35,  “And in fact not any among them  was needy: for as many as were possessing properties or houses, as they sold the things, they brought the prices of the sales and were putting the money beside the feet of the apostles, and it was being  distributed to each to the degree that any had a need.”

It seems to parallel  what Karl Marx was alluding to in his 1875 speech when he passed along the following: “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.” Here we have the suggested basis for a Marxist socialist/communist utopia, where those who wish to work do so, and everyone gets all that they need. What could go wrong??

We know that the recipe has been tried in numerous societies and the results have always been the same, with riots on the part of the populace and the extermination of millions of citizens on the part of the central government. One Russian peasant was heard to say, “We pretend to work, and they pretend to pay us.”

I was blessed to be able to travel to Russia in December of 1976 during the “cold war”. While in Moscow we discovered that the citizens took their windshield wipers with them when they parked in public because those scarce items would be stolen off of their cars otherwise! We enjoyed visiting the beriozka shops, (which accepted only foreign currency) where we were able to purchase wonderful Russian products such as nested dolls, Stolichnaya vodka, beautiful dresses, etc. Those shops were off limits to citizens. In front of some shops there would be lines of people who did not even know what was being offered, but knew that it was a rare opportunity to get something that they normally could not.

Socialism is described well by former Air Force First Sergeant Joseph Casey. “It means those who can and want, will support those who can’t or won’t. How that possibly sustains itself without forced labor I don’t know.” People who work hard to support many who won’t work at all won’t do it for long. And we recall Margaret Thatcher’s comment that “socialism works until you run out of other people’s money.”

What about the “socialism” found in the Bible? Why has it not worked in our world today? What are the differences? There are several. First, in Acts  the money the people had was their own to do with as they saw fit. They could sell it and give some for the common good, or they could keep it. It wasn’t forced. Most importantly, this was a group of believers who had just been saturated with the Holy Spirit and where Christ was at the center. Their hearts had been forever changed by their trust in the Savior.

It is common for sociopaths and psychopaths to gravitate to positions of political control today, and many times our leaders cannot be trusted to act for the common good, but to favor what’s good for them. There is no better example of this than our own central bank, the Federal Reserve, which has for the past 100 years acted for its own benefit and is responsible for the unbelievable levels of unpayable debt  we face today.

In fact we owe the presence of the Fed in our country to socialism! The notion of a central bank comes directly out of the Communist Manifesto. So does the graduated income tax which was passed in the same year (1913). Just think if you got to keep 100% of the money you earn and could spend it any way you wanted, or keep as much as you wish. Purchases would be taxed, but otherwise you would be free to use it as you wish. And our nation would be so much better off.

This economic coup that the Fed represents was not accidental. It has bankrupted our nation. That our economy is thriving is an illusion. When you average in the trillionaires and billionaires with the rest of us, we seem to all be okay, but if you leave out the wealthy upper 10% it leaves the rest of society struggling, living paycheck to paycheck, with prices having risen far faster than wages.

All of this, including the mountain of debt for college loans, has left the millenials in a very tight situation financially. They have been brainwashed by the Marxists who teach in most public colleges and universities today, and they now outnumber us “boomers” for the first time in history. They will jump at the chance to vote for someone who promises them all of the “free stuff”, such as forgiveness of college loan debt, free health care, and even a “basic minimum annual income”. And who pays for it all? You get the picture.

Socialism at first sounds like a good idea. It’s not. Be sure to educate the folks you know who are in favor of it. It would quickly lead to the destruction of our beautiful nation.

What kind of people should we vote for in the 2020 election? Let’s consider the claim of America’s very first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, John Jay. He said, “Almost all nations have peace or war at the will and pleasure of rulers whom they did not elect, and who are not always wise or virtuous. Providence has given to our people the choice of their rulers, and it is the duty, as well as the privilege and interest, of our Christian nation to select and prefer Christians for their rulers.” (Letter to John Murray 12 October, 1816).

Be blessed,

Dr. J


Take Responsibility for Your Children’s Health

We conduct much of our lives on “autopilot”, that is, we go day to day without much variation as long as things are manageable. But much goes on behind the scenes that should get our attention. We expect those running our country to be working for us, after all, we elected many of them. But, while we live in such a marvelous nation, we place way too much confidence in our government, believing that it always has our best interest at heart.

The fact is that since the elite, mostly international bankers, took over in 1913, and treasonously at that, (Federal Reserve Notes are prohibited by our Constitution)  they have looked out for their own interests, namely wealth and power. Hopefully many changes are coming soon.

We need more “watchmen on the wall”, those who become aware of threats to our health and safety and who wish to wake up the general populace. There are threats to our children’s health that need more widespread exposure and action taken. We trust much of the care for our children to our nurses and doctors, and they do a great job most of the time. There are serious gaps in their knowledge, however, and we can help to get them informed of important findings that they are not currently aware of.

You need to know that there are many pressures applied to doctors to provide specific treatments to your child. Some of these were more intense in years past. For example, one pharmaceutical company used to put us (physicians and spouses) up at a fancy hotel in the Plaza in Kansas City, transport us on a colorful bus to Chiefs Stadium, give us a wonderful and delicious tail-gating party in special tents with a visit from Chiefs cheerleaders, and free tickets to the game, and then transport back to the hotel – all for “free”. It was, of course, expected that we would then prescribe that company’s product regularly from then on. Such bribery is now limited to the offer of a meal and maybe a free pen.

I have warned for some time now of the dangers of the current CDC vaccine schedule for children. It is causing great harm to many children, and we are talking about brain issues here. The last I heard, doctors offices are given around $12 for each vaccine they administer, and some insurers such as Blue Cross give huge bonuses to practices that reach certain goals of vaccination among their patients.

The problem is that medical professionals hear only the information that the CDC and FDA want them to hear, and do not hear about the mounting unbiased information on the dangers of vaccinations. I urge all parents to stay tuned online to “Children’s Health Defense” which will keep them informed on the latest independent testing results regarding vaccines.

I also recommend strongly that each family have a copy of Dr. Paul Thomas’ book, “The Vaccine-friendly Plan”. He became alarmed years ago about the increasing frequency of sudden regression in the development of his young patients, and traced much of it to vaccines. His research shows that a few changes to the current CDC childhood vaccination schedule can virtually eliminate autism, and cut way down on the incidence of many childhood illnesses.

I have pointed out many times that most parents are not told abut the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Plan that has paid out around $4 billion so far to the parents of vaccine-damaged children, that is, those whose brains have been proven to be damaged by vaccines. Many of you are not aware that the number of vaccines your child is given has mushroomed after the vaccine manufacturers were all made immune from prosecution by the federal government. That’s right, you can’t sue a pharmaceutical company even if its vaccine kills your child. Prior to the government’s provision of protection these companies were on the verge of bankruptcy over lawsuits from vaccine injuries.

Ask to see what is in the vaccines your child is receiving. Ask for the package insert. You will be shocked at the number of potentially harmful substances in them. These include aluminum (a neurotoxin), formaldehyde, virus particles, fragments of DNA, substances from aborted fetuses, and many others. A wonderful site for learning is the National Vaccine Information Center online.

Know that many substances are treated by our bodies quite differently if injected than if they are ingested (taken in by mouth) and that any testing of vaccine ingredients is often done only on the ingested form. Read up on auto-antibodies and be aware that the adjuvants in vaccines are put in there to cause irritation and the formation of extra antibodies. Many of these may be ones that wind up attacking our own body tissues and thus causing a number of debilitating diseases.

No double-blind safety studies have been done on ANY vaccine. Our children are the test subjects. With all of the new information, the decision to allow our children to be injected with these materials should be purely voluntary, and not required for school attendance. That vaccines are mandatory is a prime example of the authoritarian nature of our government today.

Get informed, get concerned, and get busy!

Dr. J

Shape Up!

A medical practice of 36 years will give you all kinds of information on health and healing. There is much in the “traditional” realm that is good and has withstood the test of time. There is also much that is ignored for one reason or another that is of great import to everyone’s health.

If your doctor addresses your spiritual condition, good for him/her. We have a body, which is our temporary home, we have a soul composed of our mind, will, and emotions, and we have a spirit, which is the “real us”, and lives forever in one of two places.

Our body needs attention, just as your car needs care and attention to allow you to continue using it for years and years. We just replaced my wife’s car after 17 years and 190,000 miles. It is still a great vehicle and will serve its new owner well (our oldest grandson). We know that eating a healthful diet is paramount to minimize inflammation, the chief cause of most western diseases (it’s inflammation, and not high cholesterol that you need to guard against regarding heart disease).

We know that adequate exercise accounts for about 20% of our health. We’ve said before that one needs the equivalent of about 30 minutes of aerobic exercise most days (e.g. walking). Like most things, exercise can be overdone. Marathon running is an example. At the end of a single one blood tests will indicate that you have experienced a bit of heart damage (elevated treponin levels). Folks who run at least 25 marathons in a lifetime are in no better shape than those who never exercise, and they have hearts that are enlarged and scarred (“Phidipides cardiomyopathy).

Drinking good quality water is important. Filter your water, and avoid drinking sugary beverages except occasionally. Sugar causes inflammation and makes you fat, as insulin is our fat storage hormone and is elevated when we eat sugar (or white potatoes or white rice). Never use artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, as they are addictive and make you gain weight faster than sugar does. Stevia is a great alternative.

Stress reduction is very important for good health, as stress is known to be associated with  around 80% of diseases. We’ll get to the cure for this. Along these lines, having people that you can trust in and call on is very important, as our social connections have a lot to do with good health (or bad health with some people!)

Genetics play a roll, of course, but we can’t do much about that. Be careful to marry well!

We all know that some diseases and early death are brought on by our own poor choices, which range all the way from vaping to injecting meth or heroin. We may have an injury that leads to disease, such a a fall that breaks a hip and leads to pneumonia due to inactivity.

Now we focus on the part of us that lives forever, our spirit. Each of us lives under a curse which we inherited from the first Adam, who took that forbidden fruit from Eve. He blamed her, she blamed the snake, and we have been blaming others ever since. We are so blessed to have a loving God who does not want any of us to be lost under this curse. For us to have free will, there had to be evil as well as good to chose from.

This great love sent Christ Jesus to our world, to be the answer for our problem. Don’t fall for Satan’s lie that you can be good enough to make it on your own. (A word here to you Masons – no, you cannot “make yourself fit to enter that great celestial lodge in the sky”.) And if you make the necessary decision to accept the gift of God’s righteousness in place of your sins, then you are a “citizen of Heaven” and qualify for extra help in staying healthy and living a long time. (the cross changed everything)

While we’re on the subject, don’t think that the Ten Commandments were given to us to help make us good, they can’t. Their purpose is to lead us to the end of ourselves and show us how pitiful we are and how much we need a Savior. That’s it .

How does being a Christian help keep us healthy? There are many ways. One is through stress reduction. We are told by Christ himself to “be anxious for nothing”, because He cares for you. Many Christians are still focused on their sins (yes, we still sin) and worry about losing out with God because of this. But accepting the “great exchange” at the cross wipes out all of your sins, past present and future.

A feeling condemnation is a root of many problems, including illnesses, depression, divorces, abortions, etc. But when one becomes a Christian, there is never any more condemnation! Never! According to God’s word, you actually have His righteousness through Christ Jesus. Realizing this, and believing this, and confessing it overcomes many addictions in life, whether it’s smoking, use of illicit drugs, or pornography (I read that two-thirds of the men in Baptist churches view porn on a regular basis).

Prayer and meditation are great stress reducers, and prayer for healing works. Here is a major one that we recently addressed;  you must accurately discern the Lord’s body at communion (the Lord’s Supper). What does that mean? It means that you must remember and be thankful for Jesus’ beatings and torture of His body for your healing. Not doing so is pointed out in I Corinthians chapter 11 as the reason why many Christians are sick and die early.

Note that it does not say this is the only reason for Christians to get sick or die early, but it is the reason for many to do so. I plan to always remember this at communion, and thus minimize my chances of getting sick or dying early! I do believe that many of my Christian brothers and sisters have suffered many diseases, including cancer, and have died early because they did not properly discern the Lord’s body at communion. That’s what the Bible says.

What else has God done for us? He has given us the armor of God, starting with the “helmet of salvation”. This means you must trust Jesus before you qualify for any of the special gifts to protect against illnesses. The “breastplate of righteousness” protects your heart, and the “shield of faith” helps fend off those fiery darts from Satan (he always wants to give us some malady). Wear the shoes of the gospel of peace, and wield the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. The Bible says that reading its words “gives health to all of our flesh”.

Now is the day of salvation. Don’t miss out on those gifts! don’t think that you have to try to make yourself suitable for salvation – Jesus came to save the ungodly. I qualified, and so do you!


Dr. J

Will Sex Crimes Bring Them Down?

Sex is popular! And, it’s wonderful; it’s just too bad that it is so often associated with inappropriate behaviors. It seems that nearly every day we read of crimes in our area involving sexual attacks of one sort or another. But, the current focus nationally is on one Jeffrey Epstein and his sexual treatment of underage girls.

It seems that his property of “Orgy Island” in the Caribbean frequently hosted  prominent people for whom young ladies were procured for sexual enjoyment. It is interesting to see how Bill Clinton, for instance, is trying to distance himself from the crimes by stating (lying) that he was only on Epstein’s private jet the “Lolita Express” four times and only to other destinations. The fact is that FAA records show that he was a passenger on that plane no fewer than 26 times, and sometimes having left his personal Secret Service detail behind.

Had Epstein not been a billionaire, he would likely have received a sentence such as life in prison rather than the “slap on the wrist”of 13 months in a luxury facility where he only had to be there at night and was out free the rest of the time. I predict that he will serve much longer time as the details come out, and that we will be shocked by the names of those who participated in the crimes against children on the island and elsewhere.

Jeffrey Epstein apparently had video cameras installed in those tunnels under his island, and recorded the activities of his guests with the girls who had been procured for them. The woman who was in charge of procurement is said to have been “a valued guest at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding”. (according to David Icke) BTW, Jeffrey Epstein helped start the Clinton Foundation and was a sizeable donor.

If you stay up to speed with “Q”, you will know that the patriots “have it all”, that is , all of the information needed to identify those involved in this nefarious activity. These will include bankers, Hollywood celebrities, royalty, corporate elites, and prominent politicians.

This rabbit hole is deep and dark. There are accounts of satanic ritual torture and killing of children that extends worldwide. We can be thankful that our President Trump has placed a high priority on rounding up these pedophiles and bringing them to justice.

The mainstream media, in deep with the deep state, is quick to associate Trump with Epstein in hopes of nailing him with some crime. What they don’t tell you is that although Trump used to hang out with Epstein, he “fired him” and banned him from ever coming back to Mar-A-Lago when he discovered that Epstein was involved with a 14 year old girl. Oh, it has been said that some prominent media people will be found to have been to Epstein’s island as well. One begins to see why so many are so desperate to get rid of Trump. They want to avoid exposure and are willing to do almost anything to avoid it. Those speaking out the loudest have the most to hide.

Many don’t think that anything will ever happen to these people, even to Hillary for her absolute Russian collusion and other treachery, and that these folks are “above the law”. This remains to be seen. As the president often says, “We’ll see what happens.”  We know that he has expanded Guantanamo Bay’s  facilities in Cuba in preparation for the military tribunals which have been under way since January.

The tribunals are legitimate and with precedent. They are likely necessary for dealing with these sex crimes because justice would not be reached currently through the civilian legal system. Most of us don’t know this, but the Government Accountability Act of 1995 provided a veritable “get out of jail card” for  a congressperson charged with sex crimes, even rape. This legislation, which passed the House 390-0 and the Senate 98-1, provides for mandatory counseling and mediation for victims, and for confidential settlements paid for by taxpayer funds. The military tribunals will bypass these self-serving restrictions.

I believe that Jeffrey Epstein’s operation will be seen as similar to that of the infamous Marc Dutroux of Belgium, who kidnapped, sexually abused, and tortured children. To show how such crimes can be covered up, witnesses who were willing to expose that sex ring involving businessmen, hi-ranking government officials, and even policemen, began turning up dead.  As the trial began in 2004 many officials resigned, including the police chief and chief judge. It’s ironic that Dutroux’s own mother pleaded for her kidnapping son to be kept locked up, but she was ignored and Dutroux was declared “disabled” and given a government pension! (and also provided with sleeping pills that he later gave to his victims) That illustrates how deeply governments are involved in this mess. Much was reformed in Belgium after a terrific public outcry, and I suspect that there will be much reform  here as well.

I was also reminded of the “Houston Mass Murderers” with whom I personally had a brief scary encounter, and which I wrote about in one of the articles on this website. It is sad that such activity occurs so often in so many places, but such is unregenerate human nature. It has a spiritual basis, and we need to pray for those in authority positions, that they may be protected from sexual crimes, or if they are guilty that they will be identified and brought to justice. God does not want any to perish. Always keep in mind that Jesus came to justify (save) the ungodly. I qualified and so do you, but the gift of salvation must be accepted.


Dr. J



Americans are spending less per capita on food than they were in past decades, but considerably more, per capita, on health costs. It seems that the quality of our food is deteriorating along with our health.

There were a number of large corporations producing explosives during World War II, and these bombs contained a lot of nitrogen. After the war, what were these companies to do? Well, another use for lots of nitrogen is in fertilizers for crops, and of course the new fast-growing crops needed pesticides and weed-killers, chemicals these same companies were able to easily provide.

More heavily-processed foods were developed for longer shelf life and greater profits. Such processing comes at a cost, however. It produces inflammation, which is the underlying cause of nearly all chronic diseases. “Big Ag” gets the blame for this, as well as for other unintended consequences of producing new foods such as genetically modified ones (GMOs). This is not to mention the rising number of cancer cases among farmers exposed to Roundup, a weed-killer they are required to buy and use in combination with common GMO seeds. (think Monsanto here, and now Bayer)

“Big Pharma” has its own faults, including new drugs that are not adequately tested. Thousands and thousands of Americans have lost their lives from taking drugs that had unrecognized side effects. A major problem is that these companies pay huge amounts of money to our federal government’s regulatory agencies, and directly to our congresspersons.

Sometimes it appears that our own government is trying to make us sicker and to  die earlier. There have been many apparent “cures” for various types of cancer that have been blocked in many ways. The treatment of cancer is much more lucrative than preventing it, and billions of dollars are at stake.

Is all of this coincidental? Is it possible at all that there could be a connection with certain groups such as the Illuminati (founded in 1776 in Bavaria by Adam Weishaupt). It sounds very far-fetched until you read the plans of such “one-world” groups as expressed on the Georgia Guidestones, which state a goal of reducing  the world’s population by 90%.

I am not a fan of the current childhood vaccination plan as recommended (demanded) by the CDC. There are growing numbers of studies showing that vaccinations are causing much damage to our children. When the pharmaceutical companies that make them were granted immunity from prosecution by our federal government in the 1980’s, it opened a “gold rush” of new vaccine candidates. There is much evidence connecting vaccines to autism and other neurological conditions, and one recent study showed that children who are  fully vaccinated have four times the rate of chronic diseases from all causes than children who have had no vaccinations. There are billions of dollars at stake here as well.

Need I mention again that the drug companies pay more money to politicians than any other group? True scientists know that honest food, drug, or vaccine testing requires that the material  in question be pitted against some inert material, the “control”. It is a fact that not a single double-blind safety study has been done on any childhood vaccine. Not one. Neither have any studies been done on humans on the effects of eating GMO foods – and the results of the GMO  study done in mice would scare the pants off of you!

We need impartial studies done on foods, drugs, and vaccines,  but the system in place allows concerns about human health and safety to fall far behind the push for profits. “Follow the money” is the key far too often. Human nature explains it, and it’s a spiritual battle that we face, and it must be fought with spiritual weapons.

Good health to all,

Dr. J

Do You Trust Your Government?

We are blessed to live in the United States of America where an absolutely wonderful form of government was constructed by our founding fathers. It is a republic, not a democracy. It is based on a constitution, the provisions of which rest firmly on Biblical scripture. For this reason we have a moral foundation for our government which is lacking in so many parts of the world. Sadly, this moral foundation has been largely ignored by most of those in positions of authority in our nation for way too long.

There are many people of integrity who work in the various departments of our federal government. Much is done for our good, for example the U.S. Postal Service is second to none in getting all of that mail (even the junk!) to us in timely fashion, and for that we are grateful.  In spite of this, much has gone wrong in our government. It often seems that our good is being ignored in favor of “someone else”.

The Bible tells us that when the righteous are in authority the people rejoice, but when the wicked bear rule, the people mourn. (Proverbs 29:2) How do wicked people get into positions of leadership? I think basically two ways. First, there is truth to the notion that psychopaths tend to seek public office, and it is true that “power corrupts”.  Under our present laws politicians are allowed to receive untold amounts of money from individuals and corporations that understand that they can be “bought off”. Wealth and power are hard to resist, and nearly anything will be done to maintain them.

Personally, I would like to see a system whereby a certain amount of money would be set aside by the federal government for political campaigns. Each candidate would be allowed to draw limited funds to make his or her points, but would be prohibited from receiving funds from individuals or corporations. Lobbyists could discuss matters over a meal, but no money would exchange hands. This would largely prohibit the current arrangement which allows politicians to be paid for their votes.

Where does congress get its money (and influence) from now? Much comes from the military/industrial complex that President Eisenhower warned us about. Military contributions to congress are vastly surpassed by those  from the pharmaceutical industry. That’s right. Money from drug and vaccine sales influences the votes of our politicians more than from any other source. Let’s have a look at how the FDA and CDC are so intertwined with “big pharma” and the agricultural industry.

We have pointed out before that there is a branch of the FDA that is responsible for determining the safety and efficacy of our drugs. That branch receives the bulk of its funding from the very pharmaceutical companies that submit their drugs for evaluation! That’s right, the FDA has a vested interest in declaring drugs GRAS” (generally regarded as safe) so that they can be made commercially available and profits shared. Are some rushed into commerce too fast? Well, recall Thalidomide, the drug that treated nausea of pregnancy but also caused babies to be born without arms and legs (a classmate’s sister had such a baby).

What about Vioxx? Declared safe by the FDA, it was later found to have killed up to 55,000 people by heart attacks. (including my wife’s brother)  There are many other examples. What about GMOs? These Monsanto products are genetically modified and were opposed by the FDA’s own scientists who pointed out that they had never been tested in humans and would likely  cause diseases. They were ignored and the GMOs were fast-tracked into our food supply. Our current FDA  “food czar” in charge of food safety, Michael Taylor, was a Monsanto attorney before coming to the FDA.

The FDA declared that it was up to Monsanto to do the safety studies. Monsanto said it was up to the FDA to do them. Nobody did them.  The only study that I am aware of, a two-year study using rats (equivalent to a human life span) testing the effects of Bt toxin in corn found that it produced multiple tumors and caused infertility along with damage to kidneys and liver. We are currently the test animals for human effects. How many people do you know that have cancer?

How about the CDC, whose statements are accepted as gospel by doctors everywhere. I once believed what they told me about childhood vaccines, but no longer. The CDC profits immensely from sales of vaccines and ownership of vaccine patents. The number of childhood vaccines added to the schedule mushroomed after the federal government made all vaccine manufacturers immune from prosecution. Just think, even if a vaccine kills your child you can’t sue the company that made it! Billions of dollars are at stake here.

Do vaccines ever cause brain damage? It appears so, as the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Plan has paid $4 billion so far to the parents of vaccine-injured children. I’ve found only one parent so far who has ever heard of this plan. Is that informed consent?

Not only do the pharmaceutical companies not test drugs sufficiently, not one childhood vaccine has been subjected to a “double-blind” study. We need a comparison between vaccinated and non-vaccinated children, but the CDC says it would be “unethical” to do so, in spite of the growing evidence that vaccines are causing very serious damage. We can be grateful for “whistle-blowers” such as Dr. William Thompson who led a group for the CDC charged with proving that there was no connection between the MMR vaccine and autism. When the data showed that there was a connection, he admits that the CDC changed the data to show that there wasn’t. Did you get that? The data showed that there is a 45% greater rate of autism if the MMR is received before age 3 years than if after age three.

This important information agrees with findings in Dr. Paul Thomas’ study of his own patients showing a lack of autism in children who do not receive the MMR vaccine until age 3. In recent years I have informed parents of dangers of the CDC’s official vaccine schedule, and all parents chose to follow Thomas’ amended vaccine plan. It is found in his book, “The Vaccine-friendly Plan”. What about the requirement that all children entering public school be fully vaccinated? That law needs to be repealed. Home schooling is an option for some.

The “safe” level for ingestion of aluminum, a known neurotoxin,  for an 8 pound baby, according to the FDA, is 16 to 20 micrograms. Your baby is now given, on the first day of life, 250 micrograms of aluminum in the hepatitis B shot. That’s right, your baby gets 15 times the amount of aluminum than is considered safe! And this is important: the “safe” level is based on studies of aluminum that is ingested, not injected. The body reacts quite differently to material that enters it by an unnatural route such as injection, by forming antibodies that may attack itself, leading to a host of autoimmune diseases. Over half of of our children now have at least one chronic disease. Are immunizations part of the reason?

We have not even mentioned the numerous overthrows of elected governments around the world by our own CIA, or the many false flag events that our government has carried out to achieve/maintain power and wealth. Pray for our nation’s leaders.

There is so much more that can be said about the dangers of vaccinations in light of new evidence, and possible dangers of taking recently-released drugs.  I think you can see that our federal government is not doing its job of ensuring that they are as safe as they need to be. The government seems to be much more interested in the huge amount of  funding that it receives than in the health of its citizens. Please do your own research. This stuff is not hard to verify, and it has a direct effect on you and your family. Join the thousands who are asleep no more but awake to what is happening around them. President Reagan said, “Trust, but verify”.  And I’m not too sure about the trust part.  Don’t obsess over this stuff. Do what you can, contact your representatives, and think about good things most of the time!


Dr. J

A Practice Ended

I recently posted on Facebook that my medical practice has ended, and that this was not my choice. I will explain why in this column. I began the practice of pediatrics at the Nevada Medical Clinic in August of 1977 after 3 years of serving as Base Pediatrician at RAF Upper Heyford in England. Prior to that, I had completed my pediatric residency at Baylor in Houston, Texas (including being named a Chief Resident at Texas Children’s Hospital and at Jefferson Davis Hospital).

I retired from practice in September of 2011 and found many things to do over the next 5 years, including taking many people flying. I decided to give practice another go after taking a Family Practice board review course from the University of Iowa, and also a pediatric board review course, as well as renewing my Missouri license and my DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) and BNDD (Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs) numbers. I was also paying my own liability insurance, and was kindly offered a two-year contract by CEO Kevin Leeper of Nevada Regional Medical Center.

I worked first at the Primary Care Center near the hospital, and later at NOW Care, as well as occasionally at the Rich Hill Clinic. During this time I was informing families of the benefits of using colloidal silver solution in spray form to treat various respiratory infections, and I gave away numerous spray bottles filled with 17-18 ppm (parts per million) silver.  This proved quite effective in treating upper respiratory infections (URI’s) which normally are treated with “symptom relievers” only.

I was preparing the ionic silver solutions using a commercial grade generator which employs an Erlenmeyer flask filled with distilled water into which two pure silver rods are suspended and attached to electrodes and a DC power supply. This causes silver ions to be released into the water, and after 3 hours produces a solution of 17-18 ppm, a very dilute solution, but quite sufficient to kill most viruses, bacteria, and fungi.

When it became known by NRMC that I was giving away this colloidal silver I was told to “cease and desist immediately”, and did so (although I did give patients the option of picking a bottle up free at my home).

When my contract expired, I made an appointment with the interim CEO at NRMC to let him know that I would like to continue working for another 2-5 years. I was shocked when he told me that he was not going to renew my contract. When I asked why, he replied that I was “doing a couple of things that are driving your colleagues nuts.” One was that I was seeing adult patients, which I had done for 36 years and which my colleagues from NOW care were thankful for. The other, he claimed, was that I was prescribing colloidal silver, which my NOW care colleagues were also okay with.

I searched for a position in Eldorado Springs and also in Lamar, but none of those clinics were needing additional help. A nurse practitioner that I had worked with at Primary Care, however, had opened a family care clinic in Liberal, Missouri and was delighted to have me work there. I learned my fourth EMR (electronic medical records) system and saw patients one afternoon per week there in anticipation of going to two full days a week when they got their new building.

When I had been seeing patients in Liberal for about 3 months, I was shocked to find that I had not been admitted the the clinic’s PHO (Physician Hospital Organization) that turned out to be run by the same individual who had refused to renew my contract in Nevada! Thus ended my medical career. I have long believed that God opens and closes doors, and just wish that he had closed this one a little sooner! (though I loved working with the fantastic staff at familyhealthandwellnessclinic in Liberal)

I must add that I had given the CEO mentioned above some additional flak in that I had refused to get a flu shot which is required by all NRMC (and Freeman) personnel. He did give me a waiver after I told him that colloidal silver is much more effective than is the flu vaccine, and that there is some real risk to that shot. I documented that (1) there is very little evidence that the flu vaccine is helpful, according to the Cochrane Collaboration, the “gold standard” of medical study evaluations, and (2) that millions of dollars have been awarded to family members damaged by influenza vaccine, most from the paralytic Guillain-Barre syndrome. I added that the multi-dose  flu vaccine contains mercury, a known neurotoxin. 

It should be mentioned also that colloidal silver is not approved by the FDA for medical use, as they see it only as a “dietary supplement”, though they have done numerous studies showing its efficacy against pathogens. It’s also curious that the FDA issues a “reference dose” for the amount of silver that people can safely ingest per day for an entire lifetime (!) based on 10 ppm silver solution and one’s body weight, which is much more than is taken in by spraying it in the nose and throat. The silver cannot be patented, as it is a natural substance, and eliminates the need for many antibiotics and patented “cold remedies”.

I recommend that everyone learn about colloidal silver on line. One good site is The Silver Edge, which often includes citations of scientific studies that have been done showing the amazing antibacterial and antiviral qualities of this substance. That site offers its own silver solution generator while I prefer the one sold by “Silver Lungs”. The former uses silver wires that may need to be replaced yearly, while mine uses solid silver rods that will last a lifetime. These run about $300-$400, but produce thousands of dollars worth of solution over short periods of time.

Honestly, both water and table salt are more dangerous than colloidal silver, as no one has ever died from an overdose of silver, but many have from the former. (two tablespoons of salt can kill the average adult). The only known problem associated with silver is the permanent gray-blue color of the skin known as argyria that is caused by some people using improperly prepared products (eg containing salts or proteins) and drinking huge amounts for weeks, months, or years on end.

Millions of people have found colloidal silver to be very effective in treatment of the “common cold” (which is caused by some 200 viruses) by spraying the nose and throat several times a day at the first sign of illness symptoms. I would not be without it. I truly believe that visits to the doctor (or nurse) for ear infections, colds, bronchitis, sinus problems and other respiratory problems will be much more rare if you keep colloidal silver on hand and use it appropriately.

I will genuinely miss seeing pediatric patients and their families, and am very thankful to all of you who have brought your children in to see me through the years. I will be happy to answer questions that you may have about colloidal silver and its uses.


Dr. J