Don’t be put off by the title. I love most doctors and believe that they are out to help you as best they can. I spent four hard years at Baylor to secure my medical degree, and three more for specialization.

The medical license is for practice in the realm of “allopathic medicine”, or “conventional medicine”, which focuses on diagnosis of health problems and selecting treatment, mostly in the form of FDA-approved pharmaceuticals. There is much of value in this approach, but too little focus upon encouraging good health and strong immunity in order to avoid diseases and disorders. (there is little money in preventing cancer, but very much in treating it)

I prefer the practice of “integrative medicine”, which includes the application of more natural forms of healing and health maintenance. There are many physicians who believe that taking vitamins is a waste of time and money, and that you get all you need in your daily diet. That may have been the case in the past, but not any more. In addition, there are many forms of effective treatment using natural products that are shunned by the average physician, along with the government.

A major reason for this is the magnitude of control over the medical establishment wielded by the pharmaceutical industry, or “Big Pharma”. They fund medical training, they fund medical research, medical societies, and even the journals that report on the research, as well as those branches of the federal government that deal with our health. They are also the largest providers of money, by far, to members of congress! That explains most of what you see going on today.

A prime example, as I have mentioned repeatedly, is the government-sponsored childhood vaccination program, that decides which, and how many, collections of ingredients (never adequately safety-tested) will be injected into your children, all without any risk to the manufacturers! Your doctor believes, as the CDC has told them, that these are all “safe and effective”.

We are told the same today regarding the various COVID-19 vaccines, even though they have not been safety-tested or even proven effective. The necessary animal studies were eliminated, and all that is needed to be declared “effective” is to elicit an antibody response, not that they prevent your getting the disease or transmitting it. If you take the vaccine, you are a lab rat, and you had better pray that you fare much better than the animals did in previous coronavirus vaccine trials! Those poor creatures became very ill or died when later contacted by the wild virus.

Your doctor may not know that both hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin are extremely effective against COVID when given early, and are very inexpensive. They also are potent when used to prevent the disease, thus no vaccine is needed. In fact, the response to the whole “pandemic” is a fraud, in that the death rate, even among the elderly, is no worse for the year 2020 than for the previous several years. Yes, COVID can kill, but so does flu, and the death rate for COVID is no worse than that for influenza.

The fake, illegal president has stirred up enough fear, along with the complicit media, to cause millions of people to plead for the vaccines. Even President Trump (who won the recent election in a landslide) appears to have been duped by the vaccine hysteria. The lockdowns serve only to destroy the economy of the nation, and should be ended ASAP.

If you develop COVID symptoms (fever, cough, difficulty breathing, (especially if loss of smell or taste accompanies them) and your doctor does not treat you, or only recommends some vitamin D or zinc and such, you are at greater risk of death. A physician in Lamar treats all such patients with ivermectin, and I have treated many with HCQ, azithromycin, and zinc.

I must add that I rely more than anything else on the safest and most effective antibiotic and antiviral that I know of, and that is colloidal silver. It’s my main weapon to keep on hand for flu, strep, MRSA, COVID, MERS, SARS, or any other bioweapon that may be headed our way.

No, it is not approved by the FDA for such because it stands in the way of securing billions of dollars from sales of vaccines. (Moderna alone should get $35 billion just from their COVID vaccine sales) And of course all of the vaccine manufactures, as well as the FDA. are immune from prosecution.

I still provide this “dietary supplement” for about 5 times less than you can find it anywhere else, and I have it ready for you! Just call me at (417) 667-2457 (leave a message if I don’t answer)

Make sure you are “rapture ready” by having trusted Christ Jesus as your saviour. Much is unknown about the near future. The majority of the population is fully aware of the mass fraud that allowed the coup that ushered in the current White House resident. Some believe that God will allow a “great awakening” that will bring many more folks into His kingdom before the end of this Church Age. Others think that America has gone too far by kicking Him out of our schools, courts, government, homes, and even churches, and that “Payday Has Arrived”, as Daymond Duck states.

I believe those who say that anywhere from one-third to two-thirds of all in Congress are involved in child sex trafficking and pedophilia, including politicians at the very top. This is worldwide. Whether the evidence of such is made widely available remains to be seen. It would take the cooperation of too many who are personally involved.

Most recent administrations, excepting that of Trump, have pushed for the “Great Reset”, or one world government that is coming. This will be global total control. On January 26 Joe Biden ordered that Gay Pride flags go back up at U.S. embassies all over the world. On January 27 the Department of Homeland Security issued a nationwide terrorist alert. Who are these terrorists? They are anti-government extremists who are opposed to the presidency of Joe Biden. MSNBC analyst Jason Johnson recently stated, “Democrats should declare that all Republicans are terrorists.” So much for “unity”!

Eat your vegetables, eat your fruits, take your vitamins, drink good water, get enough exercise, and stay healthy. And read your Bible. Oh, and sleep well!


Dr. Jones

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