We have alluded to the fact that President Trump has a huge number of sealed indictments ready to be served (over 40,000!). There are 17, however, that will be served against prominent politicians who have been guilty of treasonous activity against America. These are sure to include the Clintons and Barack Obama with regard to the selling of 20% of our uranium to Russia. Yes, the true Russian collusion has been carried out by Bill, Hillary, and Barack.  (the Bushes are no less corrupt)

These first indictments will bring in prominent persons guilty of political crimes. The many others to follow will round up  those guilty of human trafficking, child sex crimes, and even child sacrifice. The amount of  corruption and crime, and the extent of its involvement, will be difficult to accept, and many will reject it entirely. But, the facts are known.

The “DNC server” is in the hands of Trump and the patriots, as are the incriminating Podesta emails. The Deep State is being kept in the dark about the details in order to help prevent the many suicides that would otherwise take place is these creeps were to be made aware of what they are facing. Judgment is coming, but takes time.

President Trump is brilliant, and he never “tips his hand”. He is a master of deceiving those criminals who think they are in control and bringing about their exposure. He is being used by God to clean out the corruption in America and other parts of the world. You may know that he got a law passed that allows the federal government to seize the assets of anyone who is connected with human trafficking. (how much of the national debt will those funds pay off?)  Trump will go down as one of the greatest American presidents of all time.

It will be shown that all presidents between JFK and Trump were criminals, funded by such globalists as the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, and George Soros, as well as by Saudi Arabia. The extent of their evil activities will be mind-boggling. It is likely that once President Trump allows material to be declassified, the charges will come swiftly.  The witness to the murder of Seth Rich by two agents will be allowed to testify. The provision of weapons to, and the funding of,  ISIS by Barack Obama and the Deep State will be revealed.

The Deep State is extremely worried, since their candidate lost the presidential election. They have been caught completely off guard, and will use whatever means they can to try to salvage their stranglehold on America. False flags may be arranged, and we pray that they will not initiate a war.

You will NOT hear about any of this from the lying mainstream  media. For up to the minute accurate info and the truth,  you may want to visit such sites as The X-22 Report, The Praying Medic, and The SGT Report. Millions of Americans are waking up to the truth. Be one of them.


Dr. J

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