I view myself as a sort of “watchman on the wall”, as I try to dig out facts that will not show up in the mainstream news, but that are pertinent to our daily lives. My strongest spiritual gifts are discernment and teaching, verified by two different spiritual gift inventories. And I have discerned that there is much more than meets the eye behind this coronavirus attack.

There are a number of lessons to be derived from the pandemic, and many are not going to be well-received. These stem from the fact that the very real globalist cartel will try every trick it can to use this attack for gaining as much power and control over us as possible. The key here is to generate as much terror as possible, as a fearful public will be much more compliant with anyone who promises to bring an end to the threat.

That is why the media (nearly all of which are globalist puppets) have constantly overstated the projected numbers of coronavirus-related deaths and why they have been so skeptical of the well-demonstrated success of hydroxychloroquine in treating the virus, especially since President Trump supported it. They wish to bring him down along with our economy. That’s why they call for an extended period of lockdown – the longer it lasts, the more damage to the economy and to Trump’s election chances.

The media and its Democrat supporters failed in their attempt to link Trump to Russia in collusion, failed to link him to obstruction of justice, and and failed in their impeachment scam as well, but hope to succeed this time. They dislike hearing anything good about Russia, or anything bad about China. Well, here’s some news that will rock your boat.

The London Daily Mail just released news that our own National Institutes of Health (NIH), under the leadership of Anthony Fauci, gave $3.7 million to the very Wuhan lab that developed the COVID-19 virus! BTW, Fauci sits on the advisory board of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and his NIH was given a $100 million grant by Gates. The Gates clan have been connected with eugenics and plans for population reduction via vaccines. And Bill Gates owns the patent on one of the coronavirus vaccines being developed.

This brings up the idea that allopathic medicine, which is what most medical practice is here in the U.S., is not based on keeping people healthy, but in treating unhealthy folks with drugs. It is under control of the large pharmaceutical companies that constantly are indoctrinating doctors in the use of the latest medications. From the very first day of medical school the huge drug companies are getting their names out to the students in the form of gifts, such as a first medical bag, a finger nail clipping set (I still have mine) and then a nicer bag upon graduation.

The emphasis of medical schools is not on optimizing your health by good nutrition and keeping your immune system in top shape, but in prescribing medications to attack the problems that are attacking you. Your best defense against disease is a strong immune system, not vaccines, which actually lower your natural immunity. Childhood vaccines, never adequately tested, are causing a huge amount of permanent damage even though they do some good. More and more physicians are waking up to these facts.

The biggest pharmaceutical companies have bought off our government regulatory agencies by bribing our congressmen who make the laws. As we have stated repeatedly, they give far more money to politicians than any other group does. Power corrupts.

It should be encouraging that a great deal of corruption is being investigated and exposed by our president and his associates, and will soon be made public. Much of it involves drug dealing and child sex trafficking. Stay tuned!


Dr. J

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