I was shaving this morning when I noted that the product I was using caused my razor to “glide” over my skin more satisfactorily than did the products I had been using, which in comparison caused more of a sensation of using coarse grade sandpaper.

The brand I was using, with an orange cap, shall not be named here, but I definitely felt that it gave me an edge in shaving. Then I wondered why all men don’t use it. Well, we get used to certain brands and find no good reason to switch. It’s also true that most shave creams come out foamy from the can, and we like that. This gel, however, takes a little massaging to produce the expected foam, and therefore may be seen as less convenient.

I remember when my grandfather Jones presented me with my own shaving MUG and brush for my birthday. I thought it a bit strange in view of the multiple shave creams in cans that were available, but that’s what he had been using for the last 30-40 years or so, and so that was his bias. It never worked as well as the canned products, and was much less convenient. (he did also buy me an electric razor later)

We enjoy what we are used to, and are a bit reluctant to change our views, even when presented with good reasons to do so. In this crazy world we are often at a loss to understand why many things are happening, and many of us will refuse to accept the reasons even when shown.

We know enough about the history of the U.S. to know that our government is to be “of the people, by the people, for the people”. We do not like to believe that those in positions of authority today have literally hijacked our government. We do not like to believe that over 100 years ago our nation was unconstitutionally taken over by the international banking elites, who have been running it ever since.

It’s not “normal” to think that out own government has declared war on “we the people” and is actively working on eliminating most of us to accomplish the “Great Reset”, which is the establishment of a satanic, fascist, communistic, anti-Christian one-world government. But, that is indeed what has happened.

It is against our normalcy bias to accept that the WHO, CDC, FDA, NIH, mainstream media, and the current administration are all in conspiracy to enslave all of us. Just look around and observe the ongoing destruction of America according to plan. I would remind you that everything the government did in response to the fraudulent “covid pandemic” was exactly the wrong thing to do: the “vaccines” should never have been allowed, the available medical treatments should have been used and not discouraged, the lockdowns should never have been implemented, quarantining of healthy people should never have been done, and masks should never have been required. All of these ill-advised measures have contributed directly to the deaths of multitudes, the destruction of countless businesses, and the sabotaging of the education of our children.

Perhaps the greatest normalcy bias of all is that things will go on as they have, and that you will eventually get to heaven if you just “do your best”. The living word of God, the Bible, tells us that we are definitely on the wrong track if we believe that. The Son of God did not lay down His life for nothing. In the supreme example of love He did that for all of us who will believe and trust Him.

Those of us who have been adopted into the King of the Jew’s family can comfort one another with the knowledge that the Lord will soon snatch us out of here before His wrath is unleashed on our world. We face the wrath of man, but not God’s wrath. He has promised us in Revelation 3:10 that He will keep us from (not through) the hour of trial that is coming on the world (the Tribulation). Yes, opinions differ – you have mine.

In the mean time, the best we can do is to love God and love one another, even those we consider enemies. It’s difficult to do sometimes, and we would like to call down fire on some deserving folks. The fact is, though, that we all deserve that fire, and but for the grace of God we would get it. It helps me to know that “vengeance is mine, saith the Lord”. He will take care of things. Oh, and I am all for a one-world government. That is, the one ruled by Jesus from Jerusalem for a thousand years that will be established just after the seven years of Tribulation have passed. What an honor it was for me to have stood there on the Mt. of Olives in Jerusalem in 2017, the location where Jesus departed this earth and the same location where He is coming back.


Dr. Jones

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