American Auschwitz

I have never been to Auschwitz, but I have been to Dachau, Germany and have seen the ovens they used for the “Jewish Problem”. I have been to the Yad Vashem holocaust museum in Jerusalem, and there is a children’s section where you walk along a path in a darkened building and are surrounded by thousands and thousands of points of light, each representing a child who was killed in the concentration camps.

In the camps like Dachau and Auschwitz most of the new arrivals were sent to the “showers”, which they discovered were used to administer Zyclon B gas (hydrogen cyanide) instead of water. Today we are directed to the vaccination centers.

We are living in times very much like Germany in 1938. Most of the population was not aware of the beast who was in charge of their country, much like most of us are not aware of the beastly system of a fake president (outvoted by a landslide), pharmaceutical giants, corporate CEOs, mainstream media, and fellow traveler blue pill politicians who run our country today.

You think the government cares about your health? No more than they did about the black men they injected with syphilis without telling them, just to see what the course of the disease was. You think the COVID-19 “vaccines” are to protect you and those around you? Sorry, but they were not designed to do either, and they don’t. They may allow you to have a milder case of COVID if you get it, but that’s all.

The “vaccines” are a bio-weapon, and the target is you. Those spike proteins that they cause each cell of your body to produce are pathogenic and the cause of the blood clots that have killed so many people. How many people have the vaccines killed so far? Tens of thousands; the CDC is not keeping track except for those appearing in the VAERS reporting system, which picks up about 1% of events according to a Harvard study. And the CDC has been caught eliminating deaths from their records!

To show you how evil the government is in regard to this whole mess, they no longer have a “control” group for the experimentation period which lasts until April of next year. In previous vaccine tests a total death count of around 20 ended the program, and not only have they not cancelled this one, they gave “approval” when they had no way of knowing if the vaccines are safe, but plenty of evidence that they are not.

The former head scientist of Pfizer, Dr. Michael Yeadon, says that everyone who has taken a COVID shot now has an average life expectancy of three years. That’s the “average”! (

We can hope and pray that treatment will appear to help prevent the expected deaths. In the meantime, all “vaccine mandates” are Nazi-style control mechanisms, and every one of them should be resisted. All who wish to impose them are placing themselves in the huge group of those committing crimes against humanity, as these requirements are in violation of international law, and thus they are possibly subjecting themselves to the death penalty.

The pharmaceutical giants somehow had the foresight to have these “vaccines” ready before the “pandemic” even appeared on the scene! Vaccine samples were given to the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill in December of 2020, where “gain of function” studies had been done (along with Ft. Detrich, Maryland). And you remember that Anthony Fauci warned that President Trump would be facing a pandemic! This is the greatest medical fraud in history. There never was a pandemic, only hyped up numbers of “cases” generated by thousands of PCR false positive tests. The death rate over the last year, even among the elderly, was no higher than during the average flu season.

There never was an emergency to justify any “emergency use authorization”, as safe and effective treatment was available at the time. Granting such EUA was illegal. It was also illegal to call these “vaccines” when there is no “covid” virus included at all; they are genetic operating systems, are experimental, and have never been tried before.

Imagine being forced to be injected with an experimental substance that has never been used before as one of the “guinea pigs” in a study where the expected animal studies were skipped because the animals in three prior coronavirus vaccine studies nearly all died! Do you see anything wrong with that picture? And why are the pharmaceutical companies immune from prosecution? And note that the supervising government agency, the FDA, gets a substantial portion of its money from those same pharmaceutical companies. There’s nothing to see here, folks!

God’s power is stronger than that of any government or its programs. Pray that He will keep you safe. Take supplements (zinc, vitamins C and D3, magnesium, and selenium, and quercetin if you can find it), eat healthy foods, drink good water, get enough sleep, exercise, and if you are a Christian, do not allow a curse to affect your health. What do I mean by that?

The Bible tells us the reason that so many Christians get sick and some die early. It’s because they partake in Communion in an unworthy manner by not properly discerning the Lord’s body at Communion. Isaiah 53:5 says that it’s by Jesus’ stripes (wounds) that we are healed. Be certain that you have read and understand I Corinthians 11, verses 27, 29, and 30. See if they do not tell you exactly what I just said. Avoid that curse; be thankful for what our Lord did for your health by allowing His body to go through what it did.

We Christians will never die! We may “fall asleep”, and it may be soon!

Dr. Ron Jones

August 30, 2021

Global Lies

I currently have a subscription to the Joplin Globe, mainly for the comic section that my wife enjoys so much. I am not so happy with the paper’s far left-leaning political stance. I must say, though, that there was an excellent letter to the editor in today’s edition that pointed out the evil nature of socialism. How refreshing!

More often, though, we are treated to a steady diet of leftist propaganda, especially the huge push to get people vaccinated with the COVID “vaccines” (which are actually not vaccines, but genetic operating systems; we shall term them vaccines in this article, however)

There is never a shred of opposition to the vaccinations, and I have not had my letters of warning published. The Globe is lined up with the official governmental, CDC, FDA, Anthony Fauci, pharmaceutical narrative.

I am personally sick of the lies I see and hear daily from the media, and intend to continue exposing them. As Hitler said, if you tell a lie and repeat it often enough, and make it big enough, people will believe it. I see the truth in that!

In the July 14 edition of the Globe we find a column by Ken Midkiff called, “Ignore blathering misinformation and get vaccinated”. He declares that COVID vaccines “are extremely effective in warding off the coronavirus.” He likely bases this on the statement that these vaccines are “95% effective.” In reality they are 1 % effective! It’s a matter of terminology, as the pharmaceutical houses quote the “relative” risk reduction when in fact the number that matters and tells us how well the vaccines work is the “absolute” risk reduction. They have been lying to us all along. The COVID vaccines are 99% ineffective.

We are also told that “92% of COVID deaths are among the unvaccinated”. This is not from some scientific study, but from a short column by two AP reporters, Carla Johnson and Mike Stobbe. It is said to be based on CDC data, but the CDC does not know how many fully vaccinated people have died of COVID-19 and has not estimated what percentage of hospitalizations and deaths are in fully vaccinated people.

Let’s look at statistics from the UK, likely the most vaccinated nation on earth. They found 35,521 Delta variant cases among the unvaccinated, and 4,087 among the fully vaccinated. You should get the vaccine, right? Not so fast. They found that the unvaccinated people are less likely to require hospitalization and FIVE TIMES less likely to die than their vaccinated peers! Yes, if you take the vaccines you are 5 times more likely to die than if you don’t.

Mr. Midkiff makes the laughable statement in his column that “drug companies and the government are enemies, not allies”. The fact is that the two are joined at the hip, as the drug companies give more money to the government (bribe) than any other group. He adds that much “misinformation” is unproven and based on fear. The COVID vaccines are truly unproven (The animal studies showing that previous attempts at coronavirus vaccines were dangerous were skipped!) Those who take the vaccines are the test subjects, and the government has seized upon the “pandemic” to generate fear that has allowed it to impose draconian controls on us all that would normally never be tolerated. “Never let a good crisis go to waste!”

Next we move on the the Globe edition of July 15 where we find a column by Michael Gerson called, “Some Republican politicians push vaccine skepticism for own benefit”. He refers to all of us who question the efficacy and safety of vaccines as being “badly misinformed”. He states that “we desperately needed miraculous vaccines” when in fact there was never a true pandemic (deaths over the last year, even among the elderly, were no higher than in the average influenza season) and there was not an “emergency” in that we have effective, inexpensive preventatives and treatments that make any vaccine unnecessary.

Vaccines are also unnecessary for the large percentage of us who have had previous coronavirus infections and antibodies against it that usually impart lifelong immunity. Natural immunity is best, and much less risky!

Two things should be noted here. First, Anthony Fauci stated early on that Donald Trump would be facing a pandemic during his administration. Secondly, COVID vaccines were prepared and ready before the “pandemic” even started! (samples of such were sent to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in December of 2019)

Gerson accuses Repubicans of making “selfish, destructive health decisions”, but of course there is nothing selfish about companies like Moderna making tens of billions of dollars from these unproven, unnecessary injectables. He also states that they are “undermining the only way to defeat a pandemic”. He is apparently ignorant of the fact that taking zinc, vitamins C and D3, and using ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine judiciously are extremely effective in preventing and treating COVID.

He goes on state with no evidence that these vaccines are “safe and effective”, when there is no way at present to know this. We’ve shown that they are 99% ineffective. He does not seem to be aware of the real possibility of “antibody enhancement of disease”, or “cytokine storm” that may cause widespread death among the vaccinated when they are exposed to the natural coronaviruses in the fall.

Let’s move on the the Globe edition of July 16 (today). Here we find a column by Steven Roberts called, “Failure to provide vaccine truth is now ‘literally killing people'”. He is right! But, he is wrong, for the reasons we have discussed above. Roberts refers to our concerns over vaccines as “crazed conspiracies” and a “Big Lie”, as he also calls Donald Trump’s claim that he won the 2020 election (he did, in a landslide!)

He goes on to say that “only mandates will work”. What happened to “my body, my choice”? What about the vaccine package inserts that tell you that you have the right to refuse the vaccine? Yes, you have the right to refuse, but not to refuse the consequences for having refused!

According to an article in Medicina 2021 57(3) 199 by Ronald Brown, up to 99% of fully-vaccinated people could potentially develop breakthrough infections. The CDC counts all infections in unvaccinated people, but it counts only breaklthrough COVID infections that occur in fully vaccinated people who are hospitalized or who die. You see how the data are manipulated, as when the numbers of COVID “cases” skyrocketed due to the way the PCR tests were calibrated, causing so many false positives.

Well, for the absolute truth read God’s word, the Bible. It has the answers for life’s problems and the solution for those weighed down by sin. Making it to heaven is not based on anything you do, it’s all about what Christ did for you. Stick with Him, and even if COVID gets you, you’ll be okay.

Dr. Jones

You Won’t Want to Hear This

“Freedom is the right to tell people what they don’t want to hear.” George Orwell

Have you known folks who do not want to be confused by the facts because their minds are made up? They are plentiful, that’s for sure. The sad thing is that this attitude is found at all levels of society.

There are many facts today that very few people want to hear, and most will reject if they do hear. In large measure it’s because we have a long-held trust in authority figures, and we do not like to think that they may be out for their own good and not ours.

I have for years written about those who wield vast amounts of power in the world and essentially control all nations. These are the “globalists” and they have been advancing their Marxist socialist policies for over 200 years (going back to the Illuminati in 1776) by installing their puppets at all levels of government, in all of the major news networks, Hollywood, and educational establishments. (major colleges invite far left-leaning speakers over conservative ones by a 50 to one margin now)

The facts are known about the massive fraud perpetrated by Democrats to “win” the 2020 presidential election. Donald Trump won the contest in a landslide, and this is about to be proven as the audit is concluding in Arizona and a number of other states are now looking into the criminal proceedings. You will soon see the evidence.

Let’s look at the COVID-19 “pandemic”, perhaps the greatest hoax in history. It is true that a coronavirus pathogen was developed as a bio-weapon in that Wuhan virology lab, and that it has killed many people. But it has not killed nearly as many as we have been told. Those large numbers of “cases” and deaths were generated by manipulating the PCR testing procedure that was never intended to be used at all.

That test involves “amplification cycles”, and an abnormally high number of such cycles was used over the past year to cause a huge number of positive results (false positives). Most of these “positive cases” of COVID were not people who were sick at all, just had a positive test result. And all manner of deaths were attributed to COVID if there had been a “positive” test result. Hospitals were paid much more money for each patient who died of COVID!

There was never a true pandemic at all, and there was no reason to mask healthy people or to enforce lockdowns, both of which have caused a huge amount of harm. Public health measures prescribe that sick people be quarantined, not healthy ones! Only the most vulnerable of the population need special protection. The number of deaths over the past year, even among the elderly, was no worse that during the average flu season.

There was never a need for any COVID “vaccine”, as effective and inexpensive preventatives and treatments have been and are available, and that has been proven over and over. There were two reasons for COVID “vaccines”, and those are for control of the people, and to make billions of dollars from vaccine sales, and possibly a third reason, for depopulation. (Check Georgia Guidestones goal number one.)

Sources of information that people trust have been lying through their teeth about how “effective and safe” the vaccines are. Anyone who declares that the vaccines have been proven to be so are either ignorant of the facts or lying deliberately.

All COVID vaccines, which are not truly vaccines at all but genetic operating systems, are not approved by the FDA, but have been given “emergency use authorization”. I say again, there was never an emergency to justify a rush for their preparation. A true vaccine takes years to develop and animal trials are used to test their safety. The FDA never did approve any previous coronavirus vaccine because the test animals DIED. Animal trials were skipped in all current COVID “vaccine” research. Those who have been injected with them are the test animals, and there is good reason to believe that they may suffer the same fate as the test animals did. So much for the media’s declaration that the vaccines have been “thoroughly tested”.

The COVID-19 is covered with “spike proteins”, and the “vaccines” cause your body to manufacture these very proteins which have now been shown to be toxic and to cause the clotting of blood and other cardiovascular problems. They are said to remain confined to the injection site, but have been shown to circulate throughout the body.

Oh, why did those test animals die? They appeared fine after injection with the coronavirus vaccines, but later when they were exposed to the natural coronavirus their immune systems overreacted and they suffered multi-organ system damage in a “cytokine storm”. Will the same adverse effect happen to those who have been injected with a COVID vaccine? We will likely know this fall.

BTW, none of the COVID “vaccines” keep you from getting COVID or from passing it on. They only may cause you to have a milder case of COVID if you catch it. What about their being “95% effective”? The only requirement from the FDA for a vaccine to be “effective” is that it “elicit an antibody response”. That’s right, if it causes antibodies to form, no matter what they do (including killing you) it is pronounced “effective”.

Those in positions of power are siding with the vaccine manufacturers (all of whom have been given total immunity against prosecution due to injuries and death) in mandating that the vaccines be required. A pharmaceutical-friendly judge just dismissed a lawsuit by over a hundred of the staff of the Methodist Hospital in Houston who did not want to be forced to take the vaccine. Can employees be forced to take it? The package insert of the vaccines says that you have the right to refuse to take it. After all, it’s experimental.

Conspiracies are the norm today, not some wild, off the wall dream conjured up by the wackos. The Joint Chiefs of Staff of the military all signed off (conspired) to kill Americans and blame it on Cuba to justify an invasion. Just look up Operation North Woods. President Kennedy vetoed it.

The Twin towers were not brought down by planes, but by strategically placed explosives to “implode” them, even Building Seven which was not even hit by a plane, but which contained much information that would be destructive to the deep state if revealed. Over two thousand professional architects and engineers know that the buildings were not brought down as in the official account.

The Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City was not demolished by that truckload of bombs parked out front, but by explosives placed against the support columns. Guess where the records of the investigation into Bill Clinton’s role in importing drugs to Mena, Arkansas were stored??

Our government, controlled almost entirely by globalists (with the only recent exceptions being JFK and Donald Trump) uses fear as its chief weapon against us. They have considered invasion by extraterrestrials, fear of climate change, and now pandemics to instill enough fear to change our behaviors in ways that we would not have dreamed of a few years back.

It’s the old “problem, reaction, solution”, or Marx’s “thesis, antithesis, synthesis” formula. If there is not a crisis, create one and then present the solution for it. It works every time. Take away the peoples true money, gold (thanks, Nixon) and replace it with an un-backed paper currency which continuously loses value. Steal the people’s money by inflation.

Create enduring drought by weather modification, such as in California. Cover the landscape with aluminum (done by chem trails every day, now known as “stratispheric aerosol injection”) so that fires burn with hellish fervor since the aluminum is an accelerant.

The late David Rockefeller, who admitted being a globalist, stated that it would be easy to bring in the New World Order. We just needed to have the right crisis. Bingo, COVID!

How many of your friends have suddenly died after they got a COVID shot? The funeral homes are overwhelmed with bodies now, and even the cemetery monument businesses are backlogged. There’s something “unnatural” about this.

The ultimate fact that people don’t want to hear is that if you have not trusted Christ Jesus to save you, then you are headed to hell for eternity. That is a fact. It is just as much a fact, though, that God does not want anyone to go there, so He made the way out. No one gets to heaven by trying their best to make it! It’s only Christ’s finished work at the cross that makes it possible, and it’s a gift. That makes every day Father’s Day!


Dr. J June 14, 2021

Hit the Roman Road!

We are in desperate times. Former Pfizer vice president Dr. Mike Yeadon has just revealed that these covid vaccines are totally unnecessary, and that they are likely being used to accomplish a vast reduction in the world population, which is an announced goal of globalists.

Some of us are blessed to have been raised in a Christian environment, and are aware of how things are going to play out, and that we win in the end (which is approaching quickly). Something that we were taught as children is known as the “Roman Road to Salvation” and it’s something that you MUST know and teach to your children if they don’t know it already.

We begin with Romans 3:23, “…for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” We all inherited a sinful nature from Adam, and there is nothing we can do to qualify ourselves to enter heaven at the end of our lives here on earth. Satan’s greatest weapon is, I believe, convincing people that they will make it to heaven if they just “live a good enough life”, that they can “make themselves fit”.

But here is the answer, the way out. We find in Romans 5:8, “But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” God is love, and this provides for our salvation, for anyone who will receive, no matter what they have done. Salvation is available to all.

This gift is further described in Romans 6:23, “For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” The word death here refers to eternity in hell, and ALL folks are citizens of that horrid place until they receive Christ, at which time their citizenship is transferred to heaven! (and not from anything “good” they have done)

So, what do we have to do? According to Romans 10:9 “If you declare with your mouth,
‘Jesus is Lord’, and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.” And in verse 10, “For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you profess your faith and are saved.” Note that this declares a certainty, you WILL be saved, not maybe.

If the elites, the globalists, the deep state, whatever you call them, are successful in eliminating 95% of us as they plan (remember the Georgia Guidestones?) then there will be no “second chance” to receive Christ. Now is the day of salvation. We have stated that after the “rapture”, at which time all Christians will be snatched out of this world, those left behind will still be able to accept Christ, but it will come at the price of losing your head. Do it now! The rapture can occur at any time.

Keep in mind that a “vaccine passport”, or “green pass” is only one step short of receiving the mark in order to buy or sell, as described in Revelation chapters 13, 14, 16, 19, and 20 (and taking the mark dooms you to hell forever) Jesus is your “passport to heaven”, and there is no other way. Where is your citizenship??


Dr. Jones


“I don’t believe the government lies.” This could mean that you don’t believe that the government tells any lies, or that you don’t believe the lies that the government is telling. Our government has a long history of telling lies. The income tax was promised to be “temporary”. The Social Security card was “not to be used for identification purposes”. JFK was killed by a lone gunman. The towers on 9/11 were brought down by airplanes. You get the idea.

The globalists operate by generating fear and then offering the cure. They have been highly successful. The most recent example is the “pandemic” we have been faced with for the past year. Control over us has been accomplished by the requirement of masks and by persistent lockdowns, all of which have done nothing to counter COVID-19, but have resulted in the shutdown of our economy and the generation of widespread anxiety and depression of our children and adults.

The ever-escalating (until recently) number of COVID “cases” has led to the demand for a vaccine to protect us and end the pandemic. Sadly, these numbers have been generated by manipulation of the test results. PCR was never intended to diagnose any disease, and the numbers are meaningless, as enough amplification cycles have been used with the test to obtain large numbers of false positives. Recently the number of such cycles has been lowered to cause a falling number of positive results, or “cases”.

Yes, COVID is going away, but not because of mask-wearing, lockdowns, or vaccines. It’s all manipulation of the numbers. Are you thinking of getting a COVID vaccine? Think again.

First, read the package insert that comes with the vaccine. It will tell you that you have the right to refuse the vaccine, and that there is no FDA approved COVID vaccine available. That’s right, the FDA has only authorized their use on an “emergency” basis. There is truly no emergency since both hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin are among the low-cost effective treatments against COVID.

You should know that the vaccines are experimental, as they have never been used before. They genetically alter your cells to manufacture the spike protein of the COVID virus, with the hope that you will form antibodies against the virus. To call them “safe” is a lie, because it will take months to years to know this. And there is good scientific reason to believe that they are not safe.

Attempts were made to develop vaccines against other coronaviruses in the past, such as MERS and SARS. They failed. In the animal studies they found that the animals seemed fine after getting the vaccines, but when introduced to the wild virus later they got very sick and many died. This was traced to “pathogen priming” or “antibody enhanced disease, as the antibodies produced attacked the animals’ own bodies. (cytokine storm) How do we know that this won’t happen with these vaccines? We don’t, because the necessary animal studies were omitted!

There is a Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program that may provide money to some who have been injured or killed by the vaccines, similar to the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program that has paid so far over $4 billion to the families of children brain-injured by childhood vaccines. It will be difficult to prove causation.

We don’t know the percent of vaccine recipients who will actually be protected from COVID, nor how long any such protection might last, nor the percentage of recipients who will die when later exposed to the wild virus, possibly millions.

We do know that Bill Gates, a eugenicist, and Anthony Fauci are linked heavily in the production of COVID vaccines and are reaping billions of dollars from their sale. We know that they are globalists, and that a major goal of globalists is to “maintain the world population at a level of 500 million”. (see the Georgia Guidestones) The world population is around 7 billion. Do the math.

Here’s what we can expect. Over half of America’s citizens will be persuaded to take the COVID vaccines. Some will have adverse reactions, but mostly mild ones. After having received both (or 3) doses, all will appear to be well until the next wave of COVID virus appears, when thousands, if not millions, will start dying. No link to the vaccines will ever be admitted (remember that the mainstream media is owned by the same globalists who own the politicians). The cause of these deaths will be attributed to the new virus variant, for which an even newer vaccine will be required.

All of this will take place while masks and lockdowns are still enforced, and you will need your “green pass”, or certificate of vaccination, in order to participate in society. (already being required in Israel)

The new mantra of President Trump (the legitimately elected president by 75 million votes) is “Save America”. From what? From the widespread evils being propagated by the current fake, illicit administration, which has stopped the transamerica pipeline, stopped President Trump’s efforts to end child sex trafficking, supported abortion, supported transgenderism that allows confused (at best) men to enter women’s showers and rest rooms and play on women’s sports teams, ended the building of the southern wall, and raised the LGBTQ flag at all U.S. embassies. How can the nation continue to receive God’s blessings when it is officially supporting such perversion? Which side are you on – deplorable or despicable?

We have not seen the end of President Trump. He has all of the past election fraud documented, and this will be produced at just the right time, when the courts will listen. Maricopa County, Arizona just passed legislation requiring that all of their election ballots be reviewed and that their voting machines be released for evaluation.

What are we to do? Well, if you have already taken a COVID vaccine, claim God’s promise that “no weapon formed against you will prosper”. We should expose fraud and corruption wherever it is found, walk in truth and love (in Christ), and pray for our enemies. This is a spiritual battle.

Will God grant that the deep swamp be drained, or has America’s day of judgment arrived? In any event make sure that you and your family are “rapture ready” so that you will be snatched out of here in your new “forever body” before the time of hell on earth begins. (which, according to the Beerisheet Passover Prophecy begins in the year 2023)


Dr. J

Is Your Doctor Killing You?

Don’t be put off by the title. I love most doctors and believe that they are out to help you as best they can. I spent four hard years at Baylor to secure my medical degree, and three more for specialization.

The medical license is for practice in the realm of “allopathic medicine”, or “conventional medicine”, which focuses on diagnosis of health problems and selecting treatment, mostly in the form of FDA-approved pharmaceuticals. There is much of value in this approach, but too little focus upon encouraging good health and strong immunity in order to avoid diseases and disorders. (there is little money in preventing cancer, but very much in treating it)

I prefer the practice of “integrative medicine”, which includes the application of more natural forms of healing and health maintenance. There are many physicians who believe that taking vitamins is a waste of time and money, and that you get all you need in your daily diet. That may have been the case in the past, but not any more. In addition, there are many forms of effective treatment using natural products that are shunned by the average physician, along with the government.

A major reason for this is the magnitude of control over the medical establishment wielded by the pharmaceutical industry, or “Big Pharma”. They fund medical training, they fund medical research, medical societies, and even the journals that report on the research, as well as those branches of the federal government that deal with our health. They are also the largest providers of money, by far, to members of congress! That explains most of what you see going on today.

A prime example, as I have mentioned repeatedly, is the government-sponsored childhood vaccination program, that decides which, and how many, collections of ingredients (never adequately safety-tested) will be injected into your children, all without any risk to the manufacturers! Your doctor believes, as the CDC has told them, that these are all “safe and effective”.

We are told the same today regarding the various COVID-19 vaccines, even though they have not been safety-tested or even proven effective. The necessary animal studies were eliminated, and all that is needed to be declared “effective” is to elicit an antibody response, not that they prevent your getting the disease or transmitting it. If you take the vaccine, you are a lab rat, and you had better pray that you fare much better than the animals did in previous coronavirus vaccine trials! Those poor creatures became very ill or died when later contacted by the wild virus.

Your doctor may not know that both hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin are extremely effective against COVID when given early, and are very inexpensive. They also are potent when used to prevent the disease, thus no vaccine is needed. In fact, the response to the whole “pandemic” is a fraud, in that the death rate, even among the elderly, is no worse for the year 2020 than for the previous several years. Yes, COVID can kill, but so does flu, and the death rate for COVID is no worse than that for influenza.

The fake, illegal president has stirred up enough fear, along with the complicit media, to cause millions of people to plead for the vaccines. Even President Trump (who won the recent election in a landslide) appears to have been duped by the vaccine hysteria. The lockdowns serve only to destroy the economy of the nation, and should be ended ASAP.

If you develop COVID symptoms (fever, cough, difficulty breathing, (especially if loss of smell or taste accompanies them) and your doctor does not treat you, or only recommends some vitamin D or zinc and such, you are at greater risk of death. A physician in Lamar treats all such patients with ivermectin, and I have treated many with HCQ, azithromycin, and zinc.

I must add that I rely more than anything else on the safest and most effective antibiotic and antiviral that I know of, and that is colloidal silver. It’s my main weapon to keep on hand for flu, strep, MRSA, COVID, MERS, SARS, or any other bioweapon that may be headed our way.

No, it is not approved by the FDA for such because it stands in the way of securing billions of dollars from sales of vaccines. (Moderna alone should get $35 billion just from their COVID vaccine sales) And of course all of the vaccine manufactures, as well as the FDA. are immune from prosecution.

I still provide this “dietary supplement” for about 5 times less than you can find it anywhere else, and I have it ready for you! Just call me at (417) 667-2457 (leave a message if I don’t answer)

Make sure you are “rapture ready” by having trusted Christ Jesus as your saviour. Much is unknown about the near future. The majority of the population is fully aware of the mass fraud that allowed the coup that ushered in the current White House resident. Some believe that God will allow a “great awakening” that will bring many more folks into His kingdom before the end of this Church Age. Others think that America has gone too far by kicking Him out of our schools, courts, government, homes, and even churches, and that “Payday Has Arrived”, as Daymond Duck states.

I believe those who say that anywhere from one-third to two-thirds of all in Congress are involved in child sex trafficking and pedophilia, including politicians at the very top. This is worldwide. Whether the evidence of such is made widely available remains to be seen. It would take the cooperation of too many who are personally involved.

Most recent administrations, excepting that of Trump, have pushed for the “Great Reset”, or one world government that is coming. This will be global total control. On January 26 Joe Biden ordered that Gay Pride flags go back up at U.S. embassies all over the world. On January 27 the Department of Homeland Security issued a nationwide terrorist alert. Who are these terrorists? They are anti-government extremists who are opposed to the presidency of Joe Biden. MSNBC analyst Jason Johnson recently stated, “Democrats should declare that all Republicans are terrorists.” So much for “unity”!

Eat your vegetables, eat your fruits, take your vitamins, drink good water, get enough exercise, and stay healthy. And read your Bible. Oh, and sleep well!


Dr. Jones

Coming Very Soon – The Best of Times and the Worst of Times

Our world is corrupted almost beyond imagination. This is not surprising, given that Satan has been given control of the world for the time being. He has been on a leash, however, but when the “Restrainer” (the Holy Spirit) is removed all hell will break loose. We are very close to that time.

Before we discuss the coming time of tribulation, we need to make sure we are aware of a number of facts from God’s word, the Bible. First, we need to understand that the Bible, the living word of God, was not written by men, but by God Himself. It was written down by men as the Spirit directed them, and does not contain any of their own private opinions. (2 Peter 1:20,21)

Make sure that you and your children know that God (Jesus) made everything there is (John 1:3) and that the idea of macro-evolution is a complete lie. That is anti-Christ teaching. The truth that God made it all is so important that it composes the very first verse in the Bible, “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” (Genesis 1:1)

Why in the world is there so much evil, and why do bad things happen to “good” people? First of all, there are no good people in this world. “There is none good, no not one”. (Psalm 14:3, Psalm 53:3, and Romans 3:12) We live in a fallen world because of the actions of the first man and woman, Adam and Eve. (They “chose poorly”.) Each of us is automatically a sinner, and in need of a savior. We can’t save ourselves, as we have no righteousness of our own.

Here’s the greatest fact of all: Jesus is our escape from sinfulness and its consequences. We find in 2 Corinthians 5:21 that “God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.” It’s the Great Exchange – He took our sins and gave us His “right-ness”. He did it all. There’s nothing we can do to get ourselves to heaven.

Trying to keep the Ten Commandments does not make you a better person, in fact that makes you sin more! It’s true. First, it’s “the law of sin and death” that Christ has freed us from, and “when we were in the realm of the flesh, the sinful passions aroused by the law were at work in us, so that we bore fruit for death.” (Romans 7:5) We are no longer under the Ten Commandments. “For sin shall no longer be your master, because you are not under the law, but under grace.” (Romans 6:14) At least a dozen more verses support this.

Well, the worst is yet to come. That’s right, the most evil, most satanic, most horrible time ever in history is just around the corner. That brings up the difference between the Rapture and the Second Coming. These are two different events on God’s calendar. The Second Coming occurs after the period of Great Tribulation and the Battle of Armageddon when Satan is finally cast into the Lake of Fire. Jesus’ feet will touch down literally on the Mount of Olives just east of Jerusalem and the mountain will split in half. “All eyes will see him”. (Revelation 1:7) Jesus will reign from Jerusalem for one thousand years.

The Rapture is described in 1st Thessalonians 4:13-17, “caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air.” The Latin Vulgate Bible written by Jerome was “the Bible” for 1200 years until we got the King James version in English, and the the Latin version actually contained the word “rapture”.

At any rate, there is nothing more that needs to happen before the Rapture takes place. Once Israel was back in her land (1948) that was all that was necessary. When the event happens, the Holy Spirit is removed and Satan has free reign for a seven year period, the “Great Tribulation”. All who are not Christians will be left behind to deal with the extremely harsh conditions in the world, including the requirement for a “mark” on the forehead or right hand in order to buy or sell, or else have your head removed.

Many will become Christians during the Tribulation and will testify for Christ and resist getting the mark, but many will lose their heads, as described in Revelation 20:4. You want to trust Christ Jesus NOW, and not have to face that ordeal. Every single obituary you read describes a person who is either in heaven or hell for eternity. Let God’s LOVE convince you, as stated in John 3:16. Repenting is simply changing your mind about God. He is not “out to get you”, but wants to love and bless you more than you know.

As a Christian, you do not need to keep confessing your sins, because they are ALL gone, put away by Christ’s work on the cross. Don’t let 1 John 1:9 confuse you. That was written to the unsaved, letting them know that if anyone admits to God that they are a sinner and trust Him for salvation, He is faithful to cleanse that person “from all unrighteousness”. God sees fellow believers as being as righteous as Jesus himself, a gift from Him.

So, for Christians, the “best of times” is approaching, but for the unsaved the “worst of times” is around the corner. How close is it? I have suggested that you go to YouTube and check out the “Beerisheet Passover Prophecy”, which makes a very good case for the Great Tribulation beginning in the year 2023.


Dr. Jones

Colloidal Silver Questions Answered

Colloidal silver is used by some ten million people in the U.S. and yet many have not heard of it, or know of its many benefits. Let’s try to answer some common questions.

1. What is it?

“Colloidal silver” is the term used commonly for “ionic silver”, that is a solution of silver ions in pure water, generated by electrolysis. True colloidal silver is a solution of tiny “nano” silver particles, and is usually yellow or amber colored. The ionic form is clear and is the most active against germs.

2. What does it do?

Colloidal silver is an amazing product that kills nearly all viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites that we know of. It augments the action of antibiotics, and often works when infections are resistant to antibiotics. Little, if any, resistance develops to silver since it works in multiple ways to destroy pathogens (germs).

3. Is it safe?

It is safe when it is prepared properly and used as directed. The Environmental Protection Agency issues a “reference dose” for silver that is considered safe by the Silver Safety Council, which publishes formulae for determining safe doses of silver for people of all ages based on body weight, even for silver ingested every day for a lifetime!

4. What about argyria?

This condition of blue-gray skin discoloration is caused by ingesting extremely concentrated products of silver salts and proteins over long periods of time. When silver solutions are produced by electrolysis and kept between 10-20 parts per million (ppm) concentration, and used sensibly, there has never been a case of argyria reported. Some unscrupulous individuals have made silver solutions using salts and proteins, as they can be made much more quickly, but are unsafe. The salt on your table will kill you if you eat too much of it (a few tablespoons)

What about the “blue bloods”, didn’t they get argyria from using silver spoons? No, they may have had fewer infections, but they got that term because they chose to display their membership in the aristocracy by keeping their skin quite fair (white colored) and therefore their blue veins were more apparent.

5. How is colloidal silver used?

There are many ways to use it. Many people take a tsp or two once or twice a day as an immune booster, and around 12 tsps ( two ounces) twice a day for a week or so to fight an infection. ( 3-4 days for a urinary infection)

It is commonly sprayed into the nose and throat for URIs and sinus infections. I use a netti pot and colloidal silver to stop upper respiratory infections in their tracks, (and to prevent sinus infections) and describe the technique in detail in my instructions that accompany my solutions. I consider it more reliable than spraying.

For a respiratory infection that seems to be heading down the trachea (windpipe) the colloidal silver is commonly delivered directly to the lungs via a nebulizer. This would be especially useful for anyone with asthma or who tends to get bronchitis.

It may be sprayed directly into an eye for conjunctivitis, being careful to not get too close to the eye with the pressure from a spray bottle. A medicine dropper can likewise be used.

Colloidal silver sprayed on a tooth brush when brushing teeth can prevent gum disease.

If one googles “freebies – the silver edge” and then clicks on “info library” and then “articles”, there is a long list of ways that colloidal silver may be used for various infections, cancers, and even for pets.

6. If colloidal silver is so great, how come it’s not prescribed by doctors and other professionals?

It needs to be, but the fact remains that the FDA considers it a “dietary supplement” and not a drug. Being a natural product, it cannot be patented and fortunes made from its use. It should be noted that prior to the arrival of antibiotics on the scene, doctors did use silver products widely and successfully to treat infections. (Those would not have been in a safe form like we use today.)

7. Where do I get colloidal silver?

My business, “Silver Health” provides colloidal silver in the form of ionic solutions of 17-18 ppm using a medical grade generating system. Most solutions you buy are around 10 ppm, and I think the higher concentration gets more silver in contact with germs and therefore should be more effective, while remaining in the safe concentration zone. My solutions contain only pure silver and pure distilled water, with no additives.

I provide a 32 oz bottle of colloidal silver along with a 2 oz nasal spray bottle of same for $40. This is about 5 times less expensive than you can find it elsewhere. And I replace an empty 32 oz bottle with a full one for $20! This is ridiculously cheap, but I want to make it available so that nearly everyone can afford it.

I have just ordered a second generator to try to keep up with demand. It takes three hours to produce each bottle of colloidal silver at this concentration.

You call my home at (417) 667-2457 and let me know what you want. Since we usually do not answer unfamiliar numbers, if we don’t answer leave a message and I will pick up or return your call. You then come to my house to pick it up at 1015 S. Adams here in Nevada. If you drive south on Adams past the hospital, we are the third house on the left, the green-colored house.

To your health!

Dr. Jones

More Rescues!

Ok, here are some more times that I could have died, but the Lord provided what was needed. I guess He still had some work for me to do.

At the end of my senior year at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston I had some free time, so I took a local SCUBA diving course. The opportunity arose to go to Freeport, Texas and dive on the V.A. Fogg, a tanker that had discharged its cargo of benzene and was never heard from again. (see 7 minute YouTube video, “VA Fogg, a ship lost at sea”)

Its radar mast was found 10 days later protruding above the surface, 40 miles off the coast. The ship had exploded in two, with 32 men blown off and only the captain remaining on board in his cabin. The ship rested 110 feet down.

As I descended toward it I found one of the largest fishes I’ve ever seen just off my left shoulder, fortunately a grouper, or large sea bass. The deeper you go, the more air you take in with each breath, because of the increasing pressures, so your tank empties much more quickly than near the surface.

There was some current down there, and the ship has creaking and groaning. All of a sudden I was starting to suck on my mouthpiece, as my tank was nearly empty! It is a good thing that I had my air reserve lever properly positioned, and when I pulled that I had about 10 more minutes of air, enough to slowly make my way back up to our boat.

My first airplane was a Grumman AA-1, a small low wing two-seater, and we belonged to the American Yankee Association, a national group of Grumman pilots. Valo and I had flown to national fly-ins in Bowling Green, Kentucky and Cody, Wyoming [described in a Nevada Herald article]. We had flown down to Gaston’s, a fly-in resort on White River for a regional AYA meet.

After a great trout dinner, we were departing on the grass strip and had a bit of tail wind (you had to go out that way that day). I had pulled the yoke (“steering wheel”) all the way back to take the weight off of the nose wheel, and should have eased it forward as we gained speed, but I didn’t. As we hopped off of the turf, the yoke “froze” and would not move, and we were headed for the trees on the left!

About 5 seconds passed before the yoke returned to normal function, and I decided that it was best to land, which I did. We didn’t quite get stopped at the end of the runway, and we took a trip down the sloped embankment at the end, and when we got to level ground the nose wheel collapsed and the propeller hit the turf and bent. There was firewall damage, and the plane was a total write-off. I later bought a similar sized plane, the Alarus CH-2000. ( If I’d had the presence of mind to take my foot off of one brake pedal, we could have swerved to a stop at the top of the hill, but I would have always had some mistrust for the plane – we never found out what the problem was.)

There’s another story about the Grumman. We were approaching TBO (time between overhaul) for the engine, and it was starting to use oil excessively, so I had it sent to Tulsa for overhaul. Jody, the airport operator had installed the “new” engine, and I was thrilled to be taking the plane up for the break-in flight. I would fly in wide circles around the airport in case of problems.

Well, about the second time around, the engine quit! I was west of the airport and declared an emergency on my radio [the local fire and rescue was standing by when I arrived]. I began to enter the standard approach pattern for NVD and quickly it became apparent that my loss of altitude would not allow for a “normal” landing! As I turned to the runway, the propeller stopped and there I was! I knew that unless I kept the nose pointed down, I would crash and die, so I made a rather steep turning descent to the runway and touched down with a bounce.

Jody towed the plane back to the hangar. Here’s where it gets crazy. Jody ALWAYS refilled my fuel tanks after my return to the airport, and I always checked the tanks for fuel before each flight. But after the engine installation he did NOT fill the left tank, and for some reason on the test flight I failed to check the tank, ASSUMING that he had filled it.

So, when the engine quit I was convinced that the overhauled engine had failed, and headed for the airport. I also at that time failed to run through a checklist for engine failure, which would have solved the problem with the first action – switching fuel tanks! The engine would have roared to life and I would have finished by test flight. This illustrates that one problem adds to another if you are not careful, and it can ruin your whole day!

Here I sit, grateful to the Lord for saving me once more. (My angel may be getting tired!) Never forget, though, that it is the initial salvation experience that is most important.
“You must be born again”!

Dr. Jones

Personal Blessings

It is so comforting to know that as a child of God I can look forward to His constant provision, both daily and in special circumstances. We are in the end of the End Times, and you must be ready to go in the rapture or face the great trials of the Tribulation. A one-world church has just been formed, Israel is ready to build the Third Temple (they even have the priest identified), and the Middle East is nearing the playing out of Ezekiel 38 and 39 as the head of Iran’s nuclear program was just killed, likely by Israel. The signs are here.

I will relate three separate occasions when the Lord sent persons to help when needed. I mentioned the “angel” last time. The first of these three happened in December of 1976 in Leningrad, Russia. I was in the Air Force, and Valo and I had taken a trip to Moscow and Leningrad (now St. Petersberg) and had ventured to go hear the Leningrad Symphony. After a delightful experience listening to Beethoven in that beautiful hall with marble columns and crystal chandeliers, we got lost on the subway trip back to our hotel.

In Russia you can’t just read the signs for information! As we pondered our dilemma at an underground station, a lady stopped and offered help. She was French, but knew some German and so did I. That was enough to get us on the right train and to our stop.

The second occasion was also in the 1970’s when we were in the Air Force in England. I was to give a talk at a medical conference in Wiesbaden, Germany and had papers indicating that my plane was to stop first at Ramstein, then proceed to Rhine-Main Air Base, next to Wiesbaden. All was well until it became clear that when the plane landed at Ramstein, it was not going any further!

You might say my “heart sank”, but a Colonel stepped over and offered help, drove me to the local train station, and bought me a ticket to Wiesbaden. On the train, I was seated next to a young lady who was on the way to see her boyfriend there, and mentioned that we had to change trains halfway there, something I didn’t know! We had two minutes to do so. When the train stopped in Wiesbaden, we were across the street from my hotel, the Von Steuben! I had to thank God right there.

The third time was on a trip with the whole family to a conference at Stonecroft in the Ozarks. We were 10 miles north of Branson when our van just quit! We had plenty of gas, and it was a mystery. We coasted to a stop at a guardrail on one of those long uphill stretches. It was 5 pm on a Saturday, and what were we going to do??

My daughter Libby and I walked to the top of the hill and found the Ozark Winery (gone now) and told a lady inside of our plight. We said, “Well, there is this guy Earl McGrath who is a mechanic”, and she phoned him. Earl had just gotten out of his work clothes and was ready for a shower, but he agreed to come and help us. Now ask yourself, what are the odds of finding help on a Saturday evening from anybody?

Earl came, towed us over the hill to a church parking lot, and diagnosed our problem. I don’t recall what the exact problem was, but we needed a new battery. Earl drove me the 10 miles to Branson, helped pick out the right battery, then drove back to install it. The van started right up, and earl insisted that we follow him to his shop which was on one of those beautiful bald knobs in the Ozarks. He hooked the van up to his electronic equipment and pronounced everything good. As I remember, he charged me about $35 for everything (!) and I paid him at least double.

So there I was, stranded three times and saved three times. I could not have planned the rescues any better. This has given me great confidence that whatever the situation I find myself in, God provides the way out.

Oh, I have to mention one other time! This did not involve a person, but a mechanical device! We were driving in our little Morris sedan down to Cornwall in England. It was late at night and we were nearly out of petrol (gas). Sometimes we bring problems on ourselves by poor planning. I was getting desperate for a gas station, but not about to find one at that hour (about 10 pm).

We passed what appeared to be a gas station, but with no lights on. I turned in to it for some reason and pulled up in the dark next to a pump. To my amazement, the pump took COINS! I had some 50p coins in my pocket and got enough gas to get us to our destination. To this day, that is the only coin-operated gas pump that I have ever seen. See what I mean?

Trust in the Lord and He will favor you just as highly, love you just as deeply, and bless you just as much as He does me. And it’s not because any of us are so special, it’s because He is!

Dr. Jones