Our beautiful republic has been unraveled by evil, inept politicians for many decades now, and often intentionally. That’s right, the Globalists have been striving for total world control ever since Satan planted the idea in their hearts. And the United States Republic (with its population of spirit-filled Christians) is all that’s standing in their way. They must rid us of national sovereignty and our Constitution, including the Second Amendment.

The Democrat party sold out to socialism/communism years ago, but there are many Republican “fellow travelers”. The 16 year Democrat Plan to Destroy America has been largely carried out. The traitorous coup in the form of a stolen election in 2020 will ensure that no more elections of integrity take place in America, unless the process can be recovered at this late date.

It is a spiritual battle, as God’s word declares. This is personified by the World Economic Forum (WEF) under Klaus Schwab, who reminds us that we “will own nothing and be happy”. His right-hand man is Yuval Noah Harari, who is evil to the core. He has declared that “the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is fake news.” He states that humans are “hackable animals” and that we must be surveilled from inside, so that our very thoughts and emotions can be read. This is to be accomplished with the help of lipid nanoparticles, graphene, and other materials included in the mRNA jabs. Don’t expect the push for the “vaccines” to stop any time soon, as Pfizer’s 100 billion dollars in profits have been spread around enough to ensure that the narrative continues.

Ask anyone you know why the early American universities were founded and they won’t have a clue. Harvard, Princeton, Yale, and the others were established for the purpose of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. That’s a fact. (BTW, “fact checkers” are employed to support the official narrative, regardless of truth)

You may recall that presidential candidate Barack Obama (Barry Soetoro) promised to “fundamentally change America”. That included ridding the nation of its Christian heritage and eliminating the foundation of our legal system on the Bible-based Constitution. He did much to accomplish his goal. Hillary was to finish the job.

Thank God for our Founding Fathers who were Christians and who knew the heart of man. George Washington, in his Farewell Address, urged us to beware of the “peril of foreign entanglements”. Instead, the U.S. has specialized in foreign entanglements to ensure its own wealth and power. Read John Perkins’ “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man” to see how our banking system has gotten so many nations indebted to us while making their leaders wealthy at the expense of their slave populations.

Study to see how we have used so many “false flags” to start wars that enrich the “military-industrial complex” while impoverishing us citizens. Learn how we have performed military coups against so many nations, including Ukraine, one of the most evil nations in the world, and how that nation along with NATO virtually forced Russia to invade it. Just after we helped replace Ukraine’s duly elected president with Zelenskyy, that nation began a depopulation program against Russia, including daily missile strikes against Donbass. Putin offered peace negotiations, but they were opposed by the U.S. and the U.K.’s Boris Johnson. With the supply of billions of dollars to Ukraine (which we don’t have) along with weapons, our top brass seem intent on getting WWIIII started.

Since the ongoing battles are spiritual, you should make sure that you are on the winning side. That would be on God’s side, as He prevails. Those who are His children are comforted by the fact that we will be snatched out of here before hell on earth is released in the Great Tribulation. We face trials and tribulation in this life and are promised such, but these are from people. You do not want to face God’s wrath! Read about that starting with the Seal Judgments in Revelation chapter 6.

We are promised that we have not been appointed to God’s wrath. We are told in Revelation 3:10 that Jesus will KEEP US FROM that day of testing that will come upon the whole world, not keep us “through” it. What about those “elect” who must have the days shortened to survive in the tribulation? The elect are born again believers, but there are three sets of the elect. The first is church-age elect, those of us Christians currently. There is a second set of elect during the tribulation, that is they have trusted Jesus during that seven year period. They pay a high price, however, as most will be beheaded. See Revelation 20:4 which describes those who decline to take the mark of the beast. There is a third set of elect during the Millenium. The Church Age ends with the Rapture.

We are told that “now is the day of salvation”. Do not wait, as it will be much harder during the tribulation, and the consequences are so much worse then. The rapture is next on God’s timetable, and according to the work of C.J Lovik it looks likely that it will occur this year. Yes, there have been many false claims that Jesus would appear in a certain year, and we do not know the day or month, but check out his reckoning using the events from Bible history and he makes a convincing case that the Jews are saved in the year 2030. That event, with the witnessing of the 144,000 Jewish evangelists, happens toward the end of the tribulation. Just look around and note the signs of the times. The “beast system” is at the door.

Know that a group of nations is going to attack Israel, as described in Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39. Will the U.S. defend Israel at that time? No! We Christians will have been raptured out and there will not be a single Christian left in this nation or any other. (The makeup of our nation’s legislators will likely remain little changed) We find in Zechariah 12:3 “all the nations” will attack Israel.

The end of this life is not the end of your existence. Christ Jesus gave it all at the cross to save us and expects us to respond to that great love by agreeing to be adopted as God’s sons and daughters. If we refuse, then He has no alternative but to reject us and allow us to slide into the pits of hell. If we accept, though, we can look forward to indescribable blessings. We lack the words for it! And the rapture is going to be one exciting ride!

Dr. Jones


Consider this to be a companion piece to my last blog of October 24, “Empire of Lies”. In Ephesians chapter 6, starting in verse 10, we find how we are to guard against the enemies we face at the present time.

We are in a war against “the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” Those who have not trusted in Christ Jesus for their personal salvation have no hope in these battles. Those who have are comforted in the knowledge that God will keep us from the day of His wrath, which is surely coming soon. But you need the armor of God (verses 13-17)

I encourage you to go back and read my very first blog of August 5, 2017. I stand by everything I said then, as I continue to discern the truth. There was a time when we could trust our government to do what was best for us and our individual freedoms, but that time is long past.

The current administration is composed of traitors who achieved their positions via a coup that is proven and will eventually be obvious to all. It is a socialist-communist government bent on total control and removal of our personal freedoms. I count past presidents such as George Bush as facilitators of this corruption.

You can take what is broadcast as truth by the mainstream media and find the actual truth by focusing on the opposite. We are told that on January 6 President Trump “incited an insurrection” at the capitol. Nothing could be further from the truth. Those of us who support him are lovers of peace and know that the violence that occurred in Washington, D.C. that day was fomented by the likes of Antifa and BLM members who carried out a false flag operation by dressing as Trump supporters. Nancy Pelosi, who was supposedly in charge of security there has lied by claiming to have pled for the help of the National Guard when in fact she had declined the offer from President Trump himself to send thousands of troops to maintain order.

We have heard nothing from the media re Ukraine but how evil Vladimir Putin is by invading the country for the purpose of taking over new territory. I personally have more respect for Putin than I do for Joe Biden or any of his associates. The premier of Russia is in favor of national sovereignty and had very good reasons for invading Ukraine.

In 2014 the U.S. helped overthrow the duly elected president of Ukraine Petro Poroschenko and replaced him with the actor and comedian Volodymyr Zelenskyy. At that time Ukraine began a genocide against the Russian-speaking citizens in their nation and tortured and killed them by the thousands. This is well-documented, and the Ukrainian forces began firing missiles into the Russian section of Donbass, as well as planning to place NATO forces along the Russian border. Thus, Vladimir Putin was forced to defend his own country and compatriots with military force.

The United States has no business sending billions of dollars and outdated military equipment to Ukraine, one of the most corrupt countries on the planet. (full of Nazi money laundering and bioweapons labs) We are stupidly applying sanctions against Russia which is not harming that country at all, but will result in the starvation and deaths of countless individuals in Europe and Africa via lack of energy and food. (our sabotage of the Nord Stream pipelines only makes things worse)

Even of more concern, in my opinion, is the fact that our government has allowed itself to become controlled by the socialist-communist World Economic Forum, WHO, CFR, United Nations, CDC, FDA, and others with similar agendas. This has led to our medical system, once the best in the world, being participants in the greatest fraud of all time, the genocide of the world’s citizens through mass injections of laboratory-created population reduction mRNA bioweapons.

The evidence is now overwhelming that millions have been, and are being, killed by these jabs. Instead of ending the vaccine program after seeing several deaths caused, the CDC has ignored the evidence and continues to call for everyone to take them, now even small children who were never at risk from COVID-19. May the oncoming lawsuits put the criminals away for appropriate long terms.

We live in the most interesting of times. Make sure that your trust is in the Lord to ensure that your own future will be a happy one!

Dr. Jones


I am grateful to have grown up in what I consider America’s best years. (I am referring to the United States here) I loved being able to ride all over town on my bike, to feel secure in a house with doors unlocked, even at night. I loved being able to go to the local swimming pool and use the high diving board to overcome fear! I think we had the best music, and yes, we had the White Grill! (thankfully, still here today)

America has changed drastically, however, and in so many ways not for the good. We have written here of America’s Christian heritage and that is what made our country so great, but there have always been those who work in opposition to national sovereignty and who support a “one world government”.

Communists planned the “demoralization” of America by targeting our youth via sex, drugs, and rock music. They have been highly successful, with firm support of efforts like Barack Obama’s plan to carry out a “fundamental transformation of America”. This was part of the Democrat party’s sixteen year plan to destroy America. (look it up)

Some have predicted a great revival in America in these last days. But with only 6 % of Americans professing a Biblical world view today, (according to a Barna poll) I think that is highly unlikely. You can’t revive that which is dead (unless Jesus does it). I was just reading in Jeremiah chapters 42 through 44 about how God wiped out disobedient Jews with “sword, famine, and pestilence” after having been warned time and again by prophets to turn from their wicked ways (we need to do the same for our land to be healed, according to II Chronicles 7:14)

We are so blessed to live in the age of grace (the cross changed everything), but just how much will the Lord endure? See Jeremiah 44:22, “When the Lord could no longer endure your wicked actions and the detestable things you did, your land became an object of cursing and a desolate waste…”

Wickedness pervades our nation today on a level never seen before. The political party in authority today achieved it via treason and criminality and censors all truth that attempts to expose it. That same party has made the murder of babies the main item of its agenda to appeal to voters. Who are you to support that? Gender confusion is rampant. Sexual perversion is honored and paraded before our children. Has God had enough yet?

Our own government which has been bought and paid for by the pharmaceutical industry and other elite corporations (fascism) is at war against us by supporting, and often forcing us to take injections of population reduction bioweapons (mRNA “vaccines”) and censoring all true science that exposes it . Medical journals viewed as most prestigious are printing fraudulent articles opposing the use of ivermectin, which has been shown to be 90% effective against hospitalization and death from COVID-19.

The bought and paid for mainstream media spread the lies. Even some Christian programming like the 700 Club is on board with the criminality and recommending the jabs. Child sex trafficking is at an all-time high, and I’m sure we would be appalled if we knew the names of all of those in high positions of authority who have been participating in it.

This series of posts stands for truth, but “Truth is Treason in an Empire of Lies”, according to George Orwell.

If you are anything like I, sometimes we want to take matters into our own hands and bring wrath down upon the heads of such as Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, the Clintons, the Obamas, the CEOs of Pfizer and Moderna, and many more. Like James and John in Luke 9:54 we ask, “Lord, do you want us to call fire down from heaven to destroy them?” But vengeance belongs to God, and He will do it perfectly. We need to share Jesus’ compassion.

We find in I Timothy 2:1,2 “I urge, then, first of all, that requests, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for everyone – for kings [presidents] and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness.” It is hard to be thankful for some in authority, but we are to pray for their salvation and to share God’s unwillingness that any should perish. (It is easy for me to forgive, knowing how much I have been forgiven of.)

I was three years old when Israel became a nation, and therefore am part of that generation who will see the end of the end times. The rapture is next on God’s agenda, and I am so thankful that He has promised to keep us (Christians) away from His wrath. Encourage one another with these words. God is in control, and it all comes out okay if you are born again.

Dr. Jones October 24, 2022

Example of Normalcy Bias

I was shaving this morning when I noted that the product I was using caused my razor to “glide” over my skin more satisfactorily than did the products I had been using, which in comparison caused more of a sensation of using coarse grade sandpaper.

The brand I was using, with an orange cap, shall not be named here, but I definitely felt that it gave me an edge in shaving. Then I wondered why all men don’t use it. Well, we get used to certain brands and find no good reason to switch. It’s also true that most shave creams come out foamy from the can, and we like that. This gel, however, takes a little massaging to produce the expected foam, and therefore may be seen as less convenient.

I remember when my grandfather Jones presented me with my own shaving MUG and brush for my birthday. I thought it a bit strange in view of the multiple shave creams in cans that were available, but that’s what he had been using for the last 30-40 years or so, and so that was his bias. It never worked as well as the canned products, and was much less convenient. (he did also buy me an electric razor later)

We enjoy what we are used to, and are a bit reluctant to change our views, even when presented with good reasons to do so. In this crazy world we are often at a loss to understand why many things are happening, and many of us will refuse to accept the reasons even when shown.

We know enough about the history of the U.S. to know that our government is to be “of the people, by the people, for the people”. We do not like to believe that those in positions of authority today have literally hijacked our government. We do not like to believe that over 100 years ago our nation was unconstitutionally taken over by the international banking elites, who have been running it ever since.

It’s not “normal” to think that out own government has declared war on “we the people” and is actively working on eliminating most of us to accomplish the “Great Reset”, which is the establishment of a satanic, fascist, communistic, anti-Christian one-world government. But, that is indeed what has happened.

It is against our normalcy bias to accept that the WHO, CDC, FDA, NIH, mainstream media, and the current administration are all in conspiracy to enslave all of us. Just look around and observe the ongoing destruction of America according to plan. I would remind you that everything the government did in response to the fraudulent “covid pandemic” was exactly the wrong thing to do: the “vaccines” should never have been allowed, the available medical treatments should have been used and not discouraged, the lockdowns should never have been implemented, quarantining of healthy people should never have been done, and masks should never have been required. All of these ill-advised measures have contributed directly to the deaths of multitudes, the destruction of countless businesses, and the sabotaging of the education of our children.

Perhaps the greatest normalcy bias of all is that things will go on as they have, and that you will eventually get to heaven if you just “do your best”. The living word of God, the Bible, tells us that we are definitely on the wrong track if we believe that. The Son of God did not lay down His life for nothing. In the supreme example of love He did that for all of us who will believe and trust Him.

Those of us who have been adopted into the King of the Jew’s family can comfort one another with the knowledge that the Lord will soon snatch us out of here before His wrath is unleashed on our world. We face the wrath of man, but not God’s wrath. He has promised us in Revelation 3:10 that He will keep us from (not through) the hour of trial that is coming on the world (the Tribulation). Yes, opinions differ – you have mine.

In the mean time, the best we can do is to love God and love one another, even those we consider enemies. It’s difficult to do sometimes, and we would like to call down fire on some deserving folks. The fact is, though, that we all deserve that fire, and but for the grace of God we would get it. It helps me to know that “vengeance is mine, saith the Lord”. He will take care of things. Oh, and I am all for a one-world government. That is, the one ruled by Jesus from Jerusalem for a thousand years that will be established just after the seven years of Tribulation have passed. What an honor it was for me to have stood there on the Mt. of Olives in Jerusalem in 2017, the location where Jesus departed this earth and the same location where He is coming back.


Dr. Jones

Who Are the Deep State?

We periodically hear of the Deep State, and no one seems to be sure of just who makes up this mysterious body. It often goes under other names, such as “the elites”, “the cabal”, “the globalists” or “one-worlders”, or “the shadow government”.

Quite simply, the Deep State is made up of those authorities who were never voted into office, and cannot be voted out. They are the bureaucrats who remain in positions of power through ongoing administrations of all types. For every law enacted by Congress they produce around 20 REGULATIONS which can change or even eliminate the intent of the law itself.

The current illegal, administration was, indeed, brought about treason, the overthrow of a duly elected government in the greatest political fraud of all time. It’s no secret that its mission is to destroy the United States of America, because this nation of such past strength and sovereignty, with its armed citizens, is the greatest obstacle to their one-world government, controlled by the elites. The chief instigator? How about Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum? “You will own nothing and be happy.”

The Republican Party has its share of traitors, but the Democrat Party is the feet on the ground for a 16-year Plan to Destroy America. Hussein Obama took care of the first 8 years, and Hillary was to finish. They knew she was going to win.

Some of Obama’s responsibilities included installing rogue operators in government, leaking classified military secrets, cutting military spending (happened), removing good guys from government, flooding in illegals (done), funding terrorism (he sent $350 million in cash to Iran, the world’s number one terrorist country), and nuclearizing North Korea and Iran.

Some of Hillary’s goals included starting WWIII, population control/pocket billions (done via COVID-19 “vaccines”), elimination of final good guys in government, killing the economy/starve and enslave public (being done as we speak with sky-high inflation, food shortages, rising gasoline prices, etc.), revising the Constitution, banning sale of firearms (steady procession of false flag school shootings designed to accomplish this), removal of the Electoral College, destroying opposing news outlets, and opening the borders. (done)

The pharmaceutical giants have rewarded their political puppets handsomely, as they are raking in tens of billions of dollars. They are accomplishing goal one of the elites, which is reducing the world population by around 95%. I verified this first goal by traveling to Elberton, Georgia in April and viewing the goals of the globalists on the Georgia Guidestones. (“Maintain a world population of 500 million”)

They are killing people with mRNA injections in at least three ways that we know of. The first is by “cytokine storm“, or over-stimulation of the immune system to attack host organs (as predicted by honest virologists at the beginning of the “pandemic”). The second is by production of blood clots by the spike proteins that leads to heart attacks and strokes. The third is destruction by mRNA of the innate immune system which leads to death from otherwise non-dangerous diseases and cancer generation. (see “covid vaccine associated AIDS”) Autopsies are revealing the formation of long rubbery “clots” that are blocking arteries. I call them proteinaceous artery blockers, or PABs.

There are so many members of the “Mass Murderers Club”, from Anthony Fauci to Klaus Schwab, to the complicit news media and FDA, CDC, NIH, WHO, complicit (paid off) congressmen, pharmaceutical CEOs, and many more. And now they’re out to kill infants and children as well; they are even looking at injecting 3 month-olds. It’s insane. Children are at nearly zero risk from covid, but at huge risk of adverse side effects from the vaccines.

True science will reveal that the mRNA jabs are not vaccines, but gene therapy. They do not prevent covid or its transmission, but cause one to be more likely to get covid. Most of the hospitalized and dying are vaccinated. There never was an emergency and there have always been safe medical drugs for treatment, thus the “emergency use authorization” was illegally obtained. There never was a pandemic, only of false positive tests. Most “covid deaths” were flu deaths. The cover up is widespread and disgusting. It causes me anguish that so many reputable doctors and institutions of medicine have been so thoroughly brainwashed.

It’s all enough to cause one to cry out, “Maranatha!” (even so, come Lord Jesus!) And He is coming back, first to snatch away his children from the wrath to come (seven years of literal hell on earth), and after that at the Second Coming, when He touches down on the Mount of Olives from which He ascended two thousand years ago, to initiate the Millenium, a thousand years of peace on earth when Christ rules from Jerusalem. Be ready!


Dr. Jones


I cannot believe that it has been so long since my last post here. I am first going to direct you to some of my past articles for you to review before releasing some current thoughts.

When you go to you will see “A counter to all the news that’s printed to fit – Freedom”. Click on that and you see the opening page with a photo of me at Mount Precipice outside of Nazareth, Israel where they tried to throw Jesus off of the cliff, and which overlooks the Valley of Armageddon in the background. I was so blessed to be there and to visit a multitude of other sites throughout Israel that made Bible history come alive. At the top right of the page click on “Archives”. You can click on a year and see all of the articles I wrote during that year.

I advise scrolling down to September 16 of 2017 called, “Big Pharma is Killing Us!”. This has turned out to be truer than ever, as we have suffered through the covid “plandemic”. Next go to October 31 of 2017 for “Why Are So Many Christians Sick?” Most folks have still not caught on to the one reason for this. You can help avoid much sickness and an early death.

Go on to January 11 of 2018 for, “Connecting Far-Flung Dots” for some important info to keep in mind. Then I recommend the June 10 article of 2019, “Do You Trust Your Government?” and we will add new information today that should help you make up your mind.

You might then go to November 19 of 2019 for “How the Democrats Could Win in 2020”. Little did we know that they would stoop as low as they did in pulling off the greatest fraud in political history. (It is documented and becoming public knowledge.)

Then have a look at “No Corona, por favor” from January 20 of 2020 for concerns over COVID-19 that we now know much more about and are even more concerned by.

It is well established that a group of individuals has been working for over 100 years to take over control of the entire world and run things as they see fit. Various names for this group are used, including the Illuminati, the Cabal, the Globalists, or just the Elites. We know that they will eventually succeed, temporarily, in what is called in the Bible the “Beast System”.

The chief method of achieving such control has always been the Hegelian dialect of thesis, antithesis, and synthesis, or “problem, reaction, and solution”. They first create a problem large enough to frighten the majority of the population, note the reaction to it, and then propose a solution that suits their goal, or agenda, or narrative.

They took a huge step forward in 1913 when they managed to burden the nation with a “Federal Reserve System”, or the nation’s central bank. Read all about it in “The Creature from Jekyll Island” by G. Edward Griffin, which should be required reading in every high school in America.

Another source I highly recommend is the Top Secret “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars – A Programming Manual for Control of Society” (Operations Research Technical Manual TM-SW7905.1) which outlines the plans for total control of society developed from lessons learned in WWII. The Quiet War was declared by the International Elite (their term) at a meeting held in 1954 at Harvard. The book was published in May, 1979.

The Silent Weapon is introduced on page 12. “It shoots situations, instead of bullets; propelled by data processing, instead of chemical reaction (explosion); originating from bits of data, instead of grains of gunpowder; from a computer, instead of a gun; operated by a computer programmer, instead of a marksman; under the orders of a banking magnate, [italics mine] instead of a military general.”

It goes on, “The public might instinctively feel that something is wrong, but that is because of the technical nature of the silent weapon, they cannot express their feeling in a rational way, or handle the problem with intelligence. Therefore, they do not know how to cry for help, and do not know how to associate with others to defend themselves against it.”

This confusion speaks to the “free-floating anxiety” described by psychologist Dr. Mattias Desmet of Ghent University, Belgium. He explains that a global “group think” driven by fear and intense, insecure deference to authority has allowed the COVID-19 pandemic to worsen fueled by isolation, lockdowns, and indiscriminate vaccination.

On page 66 we find that, “Experience has shown that the simplest method of securing a silent weapon and gaining control of the public is to keep the public undisciplined and ignorant of the basic system principles on the one hand, while keeping them confused, disorganized, and distracted with matters of no real importance on the other hand. “

It is mentioned on page 73 that we “give the politicians the power to…destroy those citizens of their own country who do not conform”. Where have we seen this before? Hitler? Mussolini? Lenin? George Bush (via the Patriot Act)? Our current illegal administration considers those who oppose their agenda as “domestic terrorists” and have the expressed authority to hold them indefinitely without charging them with any crime! (Just look at the action taken against the “insurrectionists” of January 6)

The silent weapons are now achieving great effect in the hands of the pharmaceutical industry, which has paid off politicians, strategic alphabetized government agencies, and the major news media, as well as the entire medical establishment. I just spoke with a former college professor about how Ukrainian troops have been trying to destroy Russians in Donbass for decades. He said that he had not seen any of that on the national news media. I said that I don’t believe anything the media says, and he replied, “well, that’s your problem”. There is even convincing evidence now that President Zelensky is bombing his own Ukrainian people with Russian missiles turned over to Ukraine when the Soviet Union broke up! At least President Putin is routing the Nazis out of Ukraine and destroying the 30 or so bioweapons labs there that were funded by the U.S.

The Gobalists do not keep their plans hidden! These are spelled out on the Georgia Guidestones, which I visited last month just outside of Elberton, Georgia, the “Granite Capital of the World”. The first expressed goal is to “maintain a world population of 500,000,000 people” (about a 95% reduction from current levels). They are working on this goal using the COVID-19 “vaccine” population reduction jabs via the spike protein pathogens. One of their chief collaborators, Bill Gates, tells us to expect another pandemic in the form of a hemorrhagic fever virus such as Marburg.

I see us on the doorstep of the “Beast System” which will call for everyone to have a mark on the hand or forehead in order to buy or sell. The vaccine mandates are a step away from this requirement for a “mark”. A central cryptocurrency is coming soon to replace the dollar. Full population control will have been achieved, as the government will then be able to decide how and whether anyone can use their funds to buy or sell. It’s all part of Klaus Schwab’s “great reset”. If he’s not the antichrist, he is certainly a close associate!

Just imagine a pandemic of Marburg or Ebola virus with large numbers of people, including those you know, in delirium with kidney failure (not caused by remdesivir this time) and respiratory failure and liver failure, and bleeding from eyes, ears, and mouth. There is no treatment, but you can be certain they will have a “vaccine” waiting in the wings. [colloidal silver kills these viruses]

It’s not hard to see that panic would reach such a level that the majority would do nearly anything to be protected. The same applies to the planned food shortages; an empty stomach will prompt many to give up all liberties for survival.

Nothing catches God by surprise, and it’s been said that when everything seems to be falling apart, things are falling into place. Expect the world to get much worse, but if you have trusted Christ Jesus then expect Him to pull you out of this mess at any time. He has promised to do so, and I’m a believer. We will be confronted by the wrath of people in this life, but as God’s children we will not see His wrath. You don’t want to face that.

When we are raptured out (I Thessalonians 4:17) the Restrainer (the Holy Spirit) is removed and then all hell breaks loose on the earth for 7 years. Yes, it’s possible to get saved during the Tribulation, but most who do will have their heads removed as a consequence. Now is the day of salvation. There is nothing that has to occur before the rapture takes place, as Israel (the Fig Tree) is now back in their land, and this generation will not pass away before the event happens. (I was 3 years old when Israel became a nation once more)

The Beerisheet Passover Prophecy predicts that the Tribulation begins in the year 2022 (September, Rosh Hashanah?) If not, the next likely time is the next shemitah year of 2029. No matter what happens, and in what sequence, some preparation is in order! As the Scouts say, “Be prepared!”

Dr. Ron Jones April 24, 2022

R.I.P. Lady Liberty

We sadly announce the demise of Lady Liberty who passed away at the age of 245 years after a lifelong struggle against a plethora of enemies, both foreign and domestic. She had been on life support for an extended period of time following a diagnosis of COVID-19 but expired after being given remdesivir and placed on a ventilator at Walter Reed Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland.

Once supported by a currency that was “as good as gold”, she anguished over the fact that her dollars would recently only purchase 3% of what they did in 1913 when the Federal Reserve was formed. Always in favor of fiscal responsibility, she was driven to distraction by the ever-ascending debt ceiling.

Once a paragon of optimism and pride, she had fallen into fits of depression over the abandonment of true Christianity by the majority of her citizens. Realizing that her nation was founded by Bible-believing Christians, she was shocked to discover that only 6% of her population currently had a Biblical world view.

Ms. Liberty had been extremely pleased with her status as a republic but found it distressing that her populace began in large measure to consider it a “democracy” until her God-given Constitution became essentially worthless.

Her medical system, once the envy of the world, had recently fallen victim to the dictates of Washington, D.C. bureaucrats following the directives of an ever more powerful pharmaceutical industry. An amount of fear had been generated sufficient to cause a huge portion of the population to succumb to mass psychosis. Their free-floating anxiety had become focused on a newly diagnosed “pandemic” that was in every conceivable way mishandled by those in positions of authority.

Liberty’s military, of which she was so proud, had been increasingly decimated by the requirement for immune-suppressing injections. Her once robust economy had been dismantled by the same requirement for millions of workers around the country.

Liberty was always a champion of her government “of the people, by the people, and for the people”, and shed many tears over the realization that it had become a government “of the elite, by the elite, and for the elite”.

She was always in full support of fair and free elections, but her health had taken a sudden turn for the worse following the unprecedented widespread fraud of the 2020 elections. She was heard to say that “if this situation is not fixed soon, we have seen the end of freedom in America”.

Funeral plans for Lady Liberty have yet to be announced, but it is said that a private family ceremony will likely be held at Arlington National Cemetery. Invitations are being sent to a small number of faithful patriots who are determined to preserve individual liberty in the United States.

May she rest in peace.

Dr. Ron Jones

December 18, 2021

American Auschwitz

I have never been to Auschwitz, but I have been to Dachau, Germany and have seen the ovens they used for the “Jewish Problem”. I have been to the Yad Vashem holocaust museum in Jerusalem, and there is a children’s section where you walk along a path in a darkened building and are surrounded by thousands and thousands of points of light, each representing a child who was killed in the concentration camps.

In the camps like Dachau and Auschwitz most of the new arrivals were sent to the “showers”, which they discovered were used to administer Zyclon B gas (hydrogen cyanide) instead of water. Today we are directed to the vaccination centers.

We are living in times very much like Germany in 1938. Most of the population was not aware of the beast who was in charge of their country, much like most of us are not aware of the beastly system of a fake president (outvoted by a landslide), pharmaceutical giants, corporate CEOs, mainstream media, and fellow traveler blue pill politicians who run our country today.

You think the government cares about your health? No more than they did about the black men they injected with syphilis without telling them, just to see what the course of the disease was. You think the COVID-19 “vaccines” are to protect you and those around you? Sorry, but they were not designed to do either, and they don’t. They may allow you to have a milder case of COVID if you get it, but that’s all.

The “vaccines” are a bio-weapon, and the target is you. Those spike proteins that they cause each cell of your body to produce are pathogenic and the cause of the blood clots that have killed so many people. How many people have the vaccines killed so far? Tens of thousands; the CDC is not keeping track except for those appearing in the VAERS reporting system, which picks up about 1% of events according to a Harvard study. And the CDC has been caught eliminating deaths from their records!

To show you how evil the government is in regard to this whole mess, they no longer have a “control” group for the experimentation period which lasts until April of next year. In previous vaccine tests a total death count of around 20 ended the program, and not only have they not cancelled this one, they gave “approval” when they had no way of knowing if the vaccines are safe, but plenty of evidence that they are not.

The former head scientist of Pfizer, Dr. Michael Yeadon, says that everyone who has taken a COVID shot now has an average life expectancy of three years. That’s the “average”! (

We can hope and pray that treatment will appear to help prevent the expected deaths. In the meantime, all “vaccine mandates” are Nazi-style control mechanisms, and every one of them should be resisted. All who wish to impose them are placing themselves in the huge group of those committing crimes against humanity, as these requirements are in violation of international law, and thus they are possibly subjecting themselves to the death penalty.

The pharmaceutical giants somehow had the foresight to have these “vaccines” ready before the “pandemic” even appeared on the scene! Vaccine samples were given to the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill in December of 2020, where “gain of function” studies had been done (along with Ft. Detrich, Maryland). And you remember that Anthony Fauci warned that President Trump would be facing a pandemic! This is the greatest medical fraud in history. There never was a pandemic, only hyped up numbers of “cases” generated by thousands of PCR false positive tests. The death rate over the last year, even among the elderly, was no higher than during the average flu season.

There never was an emergency to justify any “emergency use authorization”, as safe and effective treatment was available at the time. Granting such EUA was illegal. It was also illegal to call these “vaccines” when there is no “covid” virus included at all; they are genetic operating systems, are experimental, and have never been tried before.

Imagine being forced to be injected with an experimental substance that has never been used before as one of the “guinea pigs” in a study where the expected animal studies were skipped because the animals in three prior coronavirus vaccine studies nearly all died! Do you see anything wrong with that picture? And why are the pharmaceutical companies immune from prosecution? And note that the supervising government agency, the FDA, gets a substantial portion of its money from those same pharmaceutical companies. There’s nothing to see here, folks!

God’s power is stronger than that of any government or its programs. Pray that He will keep you safe. Take supplements (zinc, vitamins C and D3, magnesium, and selenium, and quercetin if you can find it), eat healthy foods, drink good water, get enough sleep, exercise, and if you are a Christian, do not allow a curse to affect your health. What do I mean by that?

The Bible tells us the reason that so many Christians get sick and some die early. It’s because they partake in Communion in an unworthy manner by not properly discerning the Lord’s body at Communion. Isaiah 53:5 says that it’s by Jesus’ stripes (wounds) that we are healed. Be certain that you have read and understand I Corinthians 11, verses 27, 29, and 30. See if they do not tell you exactly what I just said. Avoid that curse; be thankful for what our Lord did for your health by allowing His body to go through what it did.

We Christians will never die! We may “fall asleep”, and it may be soon!

Dr. Ron Jones

August 30, 2021

Global Lies

I currently have a subscription to the Joplin Globe, mainly for the comic section that my wife enjoys so much. I am not so happy with the paper’s far left-leaning political stance. I must say, though, that there was an excellent letter to the editor in today’s edition that pointed out the evil nature of socialism. How refreshing!

More often, though, we are treated to a steady diet of leftist propaganda, especially the huge push to get people vaccinated with the COVID “vaccines” (which are actually not vaccines, but genetic operating systems; we shall term them vaccines in this article, however)

There is never a shred of opposition to the vaccinations, and I have not had my letters of warning published. The Globe is lined up with the official governmental, CDC, FDA, Anthony Fauci, pharmaceutical narrative.

I am personally sick of the lies I see and hear daily from the media, and intend to continue exposing them. As Hitler said, if you tell a lie and repeat it often enough, and make it big enough, people will believe it. I see the truth in that!

In the July 14 edition of the Globe we find a column by Ken Midkiff called, “Ignore blathering misinformation and get vaccinated”. He declares that COVID vaccines “are extremely effective in warding off the coronavirus.” He likely bases this on the statement that these vaccines are “95% effective.” In reality they are 1 % effective! It’s a matter of terminology, as the pharmaceutical houses quote the “relative” risk reduction when in fact the number that matters and tells us how well the vaccines work is the “absolute” risk reduction. They have been lying to us all along. The COVID vaccines are 99% ineffective.

We are also told that “92% of COVID deaths are among the unvaccinated”. This is not from some scientific study, but from a short column by two AP reporters, Carla Johnson and Mike Stobbe. It is said to be based on CDC data, but the CDC does not know how many fully vaccinated people have died of COVID-19 and has not estimated what percentage of hospitalizations and deaths are in fully vaccinated people.

Let’s look at statistics from the UK, likely the most vaccinated nation on earth. They found 35,521 Delta variant cases among the unvaccinated, and 4,087 among the fully vaccinated. You should get the vaccine, right? Not so fast. They found that the unvaccinated people are less likely to require hospitalization and FIVE TIMES less likely to die than their vaccinated peers! Yes, if you take the vaccines you are 5 times more likely to die than if you don’t.

Mr. Midkiff makes the laughable statement in his column that “drug companies and the government are enemies, not allies”. The fact is that the two are joined at the hip, as the drug companies give more money to the government (bribe) than any other group. He adds that much “misinformation” is unproven and based on fear. The COVID vaccines are truly unproven (The animal studies showing that previous attempts at coronavirus vaccines were dangerous were skipped!) Those who take the vaccines are the test subjects, and the government has seized upon the “pandemic” to generate fear that has allowed it to impose draconian controls on us all that would normally never be tolerated. “Never let a good crisis go to waste!”

Next we move on the the Globe edition of July 15 where we find a column by Michael Gerson called, “Some Republican politicians push vaccine skepticism for own benefit”. He refers to all of us who question the efficacy and safety of vaccines as being “badly misinformed”. He states that “we desperately needed miraculous vaccines” when in fact there was never a true pandemic (deaths over the last year, even among the elderly, were no higher than in the average influenza season) and there was not an “emergency” in that we have effective, inexpensive preventatives and treatments that make any vaccine unnecessary.

Vaccines are also unnecessary for the large percentage of us who have had previous coronavirus infections and antibodies against it that usually impart lifelong immunity. Natural immunity is best, and much less risky!

Two things should be noted here. First, Anthony Fauci stated early on that Donald Trump would be facing a pandemic during his administration. Secondly, COVID vaccines were prepared and ready before the “pandemic” even started! (samples of such were sent to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in December of 2019)

Gerson accuses Repubicans of making “selfish, destructive health decisions”, but of course there is nothing selfish about companies like Moderna making tens of billions of dollars from these unproven, unnecessary injectables. He also states that they are “undermining the only way to defeat a pandemic”. He is apparently ignorant of the fact that taking zinc, vitamins C and D3, and using ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine judiciously are extremely effective in preventing and treating COVID.

He goes on state with no evidence that these vaccines are “safe and effective”, when there is no way at present to know this. We’ve shown that they are 99% ineffective. He does not seem to be aware of the real possibility of “antibody enhancement of disease”, or “cytokine storm” that may cause widespread death among the vaccinated when they are exposed to the natural coronaviruses in the fall.

Let’s move on the the Globe edition of July 16 (today). Here we find a column by Steven Roberts called, “Failure to provide vaccine truth is now ‘literally killing people'”. He is right! But, he is wrong, for the reasons we have discussed above. Roberts refers to our concerns over vaccines as “crazed conspiracies” and a “Big Lie”, as he also calls Donald Trump’s claim that he won the 2020 election (he did, in a landslide!)

He goes on to say that “only mandates will work”. What happened to “my body, my choice”? What about the vaccine package inserts that tell you that you have the right to refuse the vaccine? Yes, you have the right to refuse, but not to refuse the consequences for having refused!

According to an article in Medicina 2021 57(3) 199 by Ronald Brown, up to 99% of fully-vaccinated people could potentially develop breakthrough infections. The CDC counts all infections in unvaccinated people, but it counts only breaklthrough COVID infections that occur in fully vaccinated people who are hospitalized or who die. You see how the data are manipulated, as when the numbers of COVID “cases” skyrocketed due to the way the PCR tests were calibrated, causing so many false positives.

Well, for the absolute truth read God’s word, the Bible. It has the answers for life’s problems and the solution for those weighed down by sin. Making it to heaven is not based on anything you do, it’s all about what Christ did for you. Stick with Him, and even if COVID gets you, you’ll be okay.

Dr. Jones

You Won’t Want to Hear This

“Freedom is the right to tell people what they don’t want to hear.” George Orwell

Have you known folks who do not want to be confused by the facts because their minds are made up? They are plentiful, that’s for sure. The sad thing is that this attitude is found at all levels of society.

There are many facts today that very few people want to hear, and most will reject if they do hear. In large measure it’s because we have a long-held trust in authority figures, and we do not like to think that they may be out for their own good and not ours.

I have for years written about those who wield vast amounts of power in the world and essentially control all nations. These are the “globalists” and they have been advancing their Marxist socialist policies for over 200 years (going back to the Illuminati in 1776) by installing their puppets at all levels of government, in all of the major news networks, Hollywood, and educational establishments. (major colleges invite far left-leaning speakers over conservative ones by a 50 to one margin now)

The facts are known about the massive fraud perpetrated by Democrats to “win” the 2020 presidential election. Donald Trump won the contest in a landslide, and this is about to be proven as the audit is concluding in Arizona and a number of other states are now looking into the criminal proceedings. You will soon see the evidence.

Let’s look at the COVID-19 “pandemic”, perhaps the greatest hoax in history. It is true that a coronavirus pathogen was developed as a bio-weapon in that Wuhan virology lab, and that it has killed many people. But it has not killed nearly as many as we have been told. Those large numbers of “cases” and deaths were generated by manipulating the PCR testing procedure that was never intended to be used at all.

That test involves “amplification cycles”, and an abnormally high number of such cycles was used over the past year to cause a huge number of positive results (false positives). Most of these “positive cases” of COVID were not people who were sick at all, just had a positive test result. And all manner of deaths were attributed to COVID if there had been a “positive” test result. Hospitals were paid much more money for each patient who died of COVID!

There was never a true pandemic at all, and there was no reason to mask healthy people or to enforce lockdowns, both of which have caused a huge amount of harm. Public health measures prescribe that sick people be quarantined, not healthy ones! Only the most vulnerable of the population need special protection. The number of deaths over the past year, even among the elderly, was no worse that during the average flu season.

There was never a need for any COVID “vaccine”, as effective and inexpensive preventatives and treatments have been and are available, and that has been proven over and over. There were two reasons for COVID “vaccines”, and those are for control of the people, and to make billions of dollars from vaccine sales, and possibly a third reason, for depopulation. (Check Georgia Guidestones goal number one.)

Sources of information that people trust have been lying through their teeth about how “effective and safe” the vaccines are. Anyone who declares that the vaccines have been proven to be so are either ignorant of the facts or lying deliberately.

All COVID vaccines, which are not truly vaccines at all but genetic operating systems, are not approved by the FDA, but have been given “emergency use authorization”. I say again, there was never an emergency to justify a rush for their preparation. A true vaccine takes years to develop and animal trials are used to test their safety. The FDA never did approve any previous coronavirus vaccine because the test animals DIED. Animal trials were skipped in all current COVID “vaccine” research. Those who have been injected with them are the test animals, and there is good reason to believe that they may suffer the same fate as the test animals did. So much for the media’s declaration that the vaccines have been “thoroughly tested”.

The COVID-19 is covered with “spike proteins”, and the “vaccines” cause your body to manufacture these very proteins which have now been shown to be toxic and to cause the clotting of blood and other cardiovascular problems. They are said to remain confined to the injection site, but have been shown to circulate throughout the body.

Oh, why did those test animals die? They appeared fine after injection with the coronavirus vaccines, but later when they were exposed to the natural coronavirus their immune systems overreacted and they suffered multi-organ system damage in a “cytokine storm”. Will the same adverse effect happen to those who have been injected with a COVID vaccine? We will likely know this fall.

BTW, none of the COVID “vaccines” keep you from getting COVID or from passing it on. They only may cause you to have a milder case of COVID if you catch it. What about their being “95% effective”? The only requirement from the FDA for a vaccine to be “effective” is that it “elicit an antibody response”. That’s right, if it causes antibodies to form, no matter what they do (including killing you) it is pronounced “effective”.

Those in positions of power are siding with the vaccine manufacturers (all of whom have been given total immunity against prosecution due to injuries and death) in mandating that the vaccines be required. A pharmaceutical-friendly judge just dismissed a lawsuit by over a hundred of the staff of the Methodist Hospital in Houston who did not want to be forced to take the vaccine. Can employees be forced to take it? The package insert of the vaccines says that you have the right to refuse to take it. After all, it’s experimental.

Conspiracies are the norm today, not some wild, off the wall dream conjured up by the wackos. The Joint Chiefs of Staff of the military all signed off (conspired) to kill Americans and blame it on Cuba to justify an invasion. Just look up Operation North Woods. President Kennedy vetoed it.

The Twin towers were not brought down by planes, but by strategically placed explosives to “implode” them, even Building Seven which was not even hit by a plane, but which contained much information that would be destructive to the deep state if revealed. Over two thousand professional architects and engineers know that the buildings were not brought down as in the official account.

The Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City was not demolished by that truckload of bombs parked out front, but by explosives placed against the support columns. Guess where the records of the investigation into Bill Clinton’s role in importing drugs to Mena, Arkansas were stored??

Our government, controlled almost entirely by globalists (with the only recent exceptions being JFK and Donald Trump) uses fear as its chief weapon against us. They have considered invasion by extraterrestrials, fear of climate change, and now pandemics to instill enough fear to change our behaviors in ways that we would not have dreamed of a few years back.

It’s the old “problem, reaction, solution”, or Marx’s “thesis, antithesis, synthesis” formula. If there is not a crisis, create one and then present the solution for it. It works every time. Take away the peoples true money, gold (thanks, Nixon) and replace it with an un-backed paper currency which continuously loses value. Steal the people’s money by inflation.

Create enduring drought by weather modification, such as in California. Cover the landscape with aluminum (done by chem trails every day, now known as “stratispheric aerosol injection”) so that fires burn with hellish fervor since the aluminum is an accelerant.

The late David Rockefeller, who admitted being a globalist, stated that it would be easy to bring in the New World Order. We just needed to have the right crisis. Bingo, COVID!

How many of your friends have suddenly died after they got a COVID shot? The funeral homes are overwhelmed with bodies now, and even the cemetery monument businesses are backlogged. There’s something “unnatural” about this.

The ultimate fact that people don’t want to hear is that if you have not trusted Christ Jesus to save you, then you are headed to hell for eternity. That is a fact. It is just as much a fact, though, that God does not want anyone to go there, so He made the way out. No one gets to heaven by trying their best to make it! It’s only Christ’s finished work at the cross that makes it possible, and it’s a gift. That makes every day Father’s Day!


Dr. J June 14, 2021