No Corona, por favor!

Well, we are now waiting to see if the Chinese coronavirus will explode into a worldwide pandemic or not. We are told by some that the virus showed up because some Chinese were eating strange things in their diet, but we don’t think their diet has changed much recently.

Mike Adams, the “Health Ranger” thinks that the deadly virus may well have originated in a Chinese lab as a bio-weapon to be directed later at the U.S. and got accidentally released into the Chinese population. Whatever the case, it appears to be a considerable threat. He quotes an article from the medical journal “Lancet” that claims the coronavirus to have an incubation period of about 8 days. This, of course, means that thousands of people with the active virus may be traveling all over the world undetected without any symptoms yet.

He also states that the rate of infectivity is 83%, that is , if you are exposed you have an 83% likelihood of catching it. Oh, and the fatality rate is 15%, unlike the usual 1-3% for most other deadly viruses.

It is also notable that those paper masks you see everyone wearing are virtually useless, as they do not provide an adequate seal around the face, and also the coronavirus is said to be able to infect you through your eyeballs!

So, if the virus turns out to be spreading around the world, what can be done? You can be sure that there will eventually be a vaccine available, but with the apparent dose to contain genetically-modified material that can change one’s own genetics, I won’t be getting one.

I advise that everyone look up yesterday’s article online by Steve Barwick of The Silver Edge, “Will Colloidal Silver Stop the Chinese Coronavirus?” As many of you know, ionic silver is very effective against many viruses, bacteria, and fungi. There is a section toward the bottom in which Barwick states how much silver he would take, and how, if he should find himself exposed.

For more information on colloidal silver, check out my articles of October 23, 2017, March 22, 2018, and October 8, 2019. As I have mentioned before, I would not be without it! Just go to the new “Archives” link at the top of the opening page.


Dr. J

How Much Can We Believe?

There is a plethora of “fake news” these days, and it is difficult to discern what is factual. As much as we appreciate our form of government, we have from time to time been subjected to prevarications.  We have written of several “false flag” operations that have been carried out and covered up by our government.  Both the Warren Commission and the 9/11 Commission Reports are lacking many facts that would support much different conclusions.

Surely, though, we can believe that there were multiple legitimate reasons for the recent assassination of the Iranian military leader Soleimani. After all, he helped kill hundreds of U.S. soldiers and had planned other attacks, right? His demise sends a clear message to the Deep State players in Iran that the patriots are now in control…

There are other facts to be considered. There are two main factions of Islam, the Sunnis and the Shias, and they hate each other. Soleimani was of the Shia group. Since the 9/11 attacks 90% of all Americans killed by Muslims have been victims of Sunni aggression, financed and supported by Saudi Arabia (which was behind the 9/11 attacks, with help from our own government).

So, we should have retaliated against Saudi Arabia, right? We did not. We invaded Iraq instead, because of those “weapons of mass destruction” which turned out to not be there. Why did we not attack Saudi Arabia? Because ever since 1973 we have been linked to Saudi Arabia in the “petrodollar”system, set up by Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger. Our military protects Saudi Arabia as part of the deal. All oil sales worldwide have had to be in U.S. dollars. [this system is quickly going away].

So, why kill off the military leader of Iran, a member of the group responsible for no more than 10% of American deaths tied to that country? Is it one step to introducing a friendly puppet government in Iran? Is it to help cement control over oil and gas resources there? Will China and Russia allow that?

We have asserted before that both Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi  were assassinated because they had each formulated plans to bypass the U.S. dollar for oil sales, one with the “Euro” and  the other with a new pan-African gold-backed currency. Mission accomplished…

Time may help unravel the complex situation we currently face. In the mean time, don’t believe everything you are told.

Dr. J

Money Prep

The dollar continues its decline. Precious metals are the insurance. Buy silver now at its cheapest rate or some gold and or silver stocks. We are entering a bull market for these – don’t miss the train! Anybody needing info about this can reach me at 417 667-1607. Leave contact and I will call you. All dollar- denominated assets are likely to leave you high and dry.

America’s Trojan Horse

On Friday, October 20 the Joplin Globe featured on its front page the headline, “Hijab Day”, with  photos of three MSSU students modeling their hijabs in observance of the Muslim Student Union’s “Hijab Day”. According to one Muslim student, “the observance was an effort to promote awareness of religious diversity and acceptance of the beliefs of others.” Excused me? We are to accept the beliefs of Muslims?

She went on to say that wearing the hijab is to “show modesty and to show our commitment to God and our religion.” What is not mentioned is that the “God” she refers to is not the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob – not the God that America was dedicated to by her first president, George Washington, not the God of “In God We Trust”.

The hijab identifies a woman as a Muslim, and thus any woman who is not wearing such a covering is considered “fair game” for sexual assault by Muslim men. This is taking place all over England and Europe and in countries like Sweden, often in the form of taharrush, where 3 bands of Muslim men will surround a non-Muslim female; the inner circle strips off her clothing and assaults her, while the second ring observes, and the outer one prevents anyone from intervening.

To observe a special day for Muslim hijabs  is essentially no different than if we were to observe a “Swastika Day”.  Though our Muslim former president declared, “We are not at war with Islam”, he might well have added, “…but we should be”. Islam has no place in the United States, as it is incompatible with  the Constitution and to freedom as we know it. The goal of Islam is world domination and elimination of any  non-Muslim who refuses to join that religion or pay a heavy tax. The Imams are accurate when they speak for Islam and say, “Death to America” and call for a North American caliphate.

Just as socialism brings in communism by “incrementalism”, rather than by open warfare, so Islam advances through “civil jihad”, whereby apparently peace-loving immigrants move in, have large families (7-8 children per), and demand sharia law once they reach the majority status. Even Muslims who understand this process and are in favor of the eventual takeover will lie to your face and say it isn’t so, because in Islam it is perfectly okay to lie as long as it advances jihad. (taqiyya)

No other religion on the face of the earth is determined to wipe us out and take over our nation. That is why “freedom of religion” should not apply to this dark system of beliefs. I think that President Trump knows this and is right to crack down on middle East immigration.

Our Muslim former president installed several members of the Muslim Brotherhood into high positions of government where they remain to this day. Saudi Arabia provides tuition for Muslim students to attend the most prestigious Ivy League universities so that they may one day advance the presence of Islam in the U.S. via positions of influence in government.

Vaccine Concerns: “Aluminized” and “HPV Vaccine? No!”

When it comes to vaccines we all want them to be both safe and effective. So, whom are you going to believe – the CDC and FDA that are financially linked to the vaccine manufacturers (and who have convinced most doctors that all vaccines are safe), or independent researchers who have discovered that there are multiple reasons for us to be concerned about vaccine safety? The current CDC-recommended vaccine schedule is not safe!

Here’s one example. The HPV vaccine is touted as helping to prevent cervical cancer in women. It has thus far not prevented a single case of cancer, but likely has caused many! Yes, a new study in Sweden has found that the increasing rate of cervical cancer there is likely caused by the HPV vaccine, either by “disease enhancement” or by “vaccine-induced reactivation.” (The vaccine can prevent genital warts, but these are easily diagnosed and treated.)

Did you know that vaccines are not required to undergo long-term safety studies? Drugs are, and even then serious side effects are missed (witness Thalidomide and Vioxx). The HPV Gardasil vaccine was tested for 14 days before it went to market. Fourteen days! And here’s something else. For a valid study a drug or vaccine must be compared to a placebo, that is, an inert material such as salt water. The “placebo” used to test the HPV-9 vaccine (the new Gardasil) was the HPV-4 vaccine! (and the old Gardasil never had a proper placebo) The rate of serious (mainly neurological) side effects from the HPV vaccine is greater than the incidence rate of cervical cancer. According to Dr. William Mikovits about one in ten inoculated with Gardasil or Cervarix develops a neurological disease.

Where Are You Going?

Chaos would be an accurate word to describe the current political situation in our country. The trumped-up charges of impeachment reflect the intense, flagrant hatred of the hard “left” (the Marxist socialists) for President Trump. How dare he win, by an Electoral College landslide, against their solid hope for the implementation of socialism against “we the people”?

Where are the Democrats going with this? In my view they are headed for utter defeat, in that they have agreed among themselves to send matters on to the Senate where the truth will finally be revealed. What truth? The truth about Hussein Obama’s plot to spy on and help defeat Donald Trump, the truth about Clinton Foundation criminality, the truth about the FBI and DOJ corruption with regard to covering up Hillary’s treasonous acts as Secretary of State, the FISA warrants, and the selling of state secrets, the attack on Benghazi, and more. The 3,000 emails that Hillary attempted to destroy with BleachBit and a hammer are not gone; they were saved and will be used to expose her.

We’ll see the truth about the purchase of inside influence by China and Ukraine by using Hunter Biden’s connections. (Joe Biden bragged that President Obama was in on this) Chances are we will see the big names connected with child sex trafficking and worse. (some of them Republicans)

The bigger question is where are each of us going? I don’t mean politically, but spiritually. That’s the part of us that lasts forever, the vast bulk of which only begins at our physical death. In consideration of this most important of questions, there are but two classes of people – the saved and the unsaved – those whose citizenship is in Heaven, and those who remain citizens of Hell. There is no other choice.

There is much confusion over how to get to Heaven. Many believe that ultimately all people go there. Many believe that you will “make it” if your good deeds outweigh the bad ones. That view is displayed at every Masonic funeral when it is declared that “our brother_________has conducted his life in such manner as to make himself fit to enter that Great Celestial Lodge in the Sky”. But these are all false teachings and understandings.

Admittance to Heaven is in no way based on our behavior and performance. There is only one way to get to Heaven, and the Bible, God’s infallible word, makes it very clear in Acts 4:12 “Neither is there salvation in any other,  for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved”.  And that name is Jesus Christ. (note that salvation is a must!) Salvation is based entirely on His finished work on the cross on our behalf. He came to save the ungodly, and that is all of us.

Perhaps the greatest impediment to salvation is to admit that you are a sinner. But, we have all sinned and that keeps us out of Heaven unless we “repent”, that is, change our minds about God and His offer of the gift of saving us. (we cannot save ourselves)

At this time of year we celebrate the birth of the Son of God, the Creator, in human form in Bethlehem, Judea. Why did God send Him? It’s explained in John 3:16, that God loves each of us and does not want anyone to go to Hell (perish). Those many folks who wind up in Hell cannot blame God.  They sent themselves there. God provided THE WAY to avoid it. There is no greater tragedy than to spend eternity in flames and suffering when each one could have trusted Christ for salvation and spent eternity in the most wonderful place you could imagine, that we don’t even have words to describe!

As children of God we get to receive communion, or the Lord’s Supper. Here we express thanks for the body of Jesus, broken for our healing, and for His blood which was spilled for taking away our sins, all of them. Jesus traded our sins for His righteousness which He gives us as a gift (we can’t earn it).

It’s said that love is not love until you give it, and I would add that joy is not joy until you live it. God has lavished love on us to the extent that He has made us His own sons and daughters. He gave. And as children of the King, we do have joy as well as peace and the other gifts of the Spirit.

On the political stage we see raging hatred, which is evil. The “impeachers” are certainly not displaying the fruits of the Spirit, but the  spirit of antichrist. We Christians are told to hate evil, as that is a sign of reverence for the LORD. (Proverbs 8:13) Don’t hate people, but do hate evil.

Merry Christmas to you and yours,

Dr. J

How the Democrats Could Win in 2020

Are we there yet? This is the question the Democrats keep asking re eliminating President Trump from office one way or another. They have been active in the attempt at carrying out a political coup from the day Trump was elected, and have themselves identified their efforts as a “coup”.

The indictments for their criminal and traitorous behaviors are coming soon now. The “Russian Collusion” attempt failed. The “obstruction of justice” attempt failed. The “impeachment investigation” is failing miserably.

I am currently watching again the excellent series, “Band of Brothers”, as I have always been a WWII enthusiast, that is, I hold in highest regard the men and women who gave so much to preserve our freedoms and guard against our being controlled by the very form of government nearly half of our nation’s voters are now calling for!

My wife’s father fought in the Battle of the Bulge, and the winter of 1944 across Europe was one of the most sever ever. Our troops lacked winter clothing, had to live in snowy fox holes, and often lacked ammunition and medical supplies. One of my uncles fought in the infantry in the Phillipines and a buddy next to him was killed by Japanese machine gun fire. My uncle lost much of his hearing for years from a piece of shrapnel that he caught in his neck.

Another uncle was navigator in B-24’s and had to bail out over Italy in January of 1944, landing in Mussolini’s private game preserve! (He broke his ankle on landing, was put on a donkey and taken to a village by a partisan; he had his parachute draped over his shoulder, and said he reckoned he looked like Jesus entering Jerusalem!)

The list of Democrat candidates for President is pathetic and they are all Communists! Every last attempt at a socialist government has failed and rightfully so. You cannot have a godless totalitarian dictatorship that the population will long tolerate.

President Trump is many things, some not so nice, but he is truly a patriot and the leader of the resistance against the “deep state” and globalism (a socialist dictatorship). You are for one or the other. As things currently stand, Trump is sure to win the 2020 election in a landslide. Overflow crowds gather to hear him, while embarrassingly tiny ones show up for his opposition.

The left (socialists, communists) will not give up, however. They are fighting to counter the exposing of their misdeeds, fighting for their very lives. They are in the mold of the communist Saul Alinsky, the author of “Rules for Radicals”, the manual for the socialist takeover of a nation. Two of his proteges are Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, who wrote her college thesis on Alinsky’s views.

One of the most accurate quotes about socialism is from Barry Goldwater who said, “A government that is big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take away everything you have.” It is fascinating that Hillary Clinton was a “Goldwater Girl” until she got to Wellesley College where her views shifted markedly (Marxedly) to the left.

How could the Democrats possibly win in 2020? Well they could possibly be successful in carrying out an assassination of the president (it’s a wonder that he has survived thus far, a sign I believe of supernatural protection). The deep state could engineer an “event” of such size that it would generate a great deal of fear and confusion across America that a Democrat “savior” could promise to alleviate. This would likely be some type of “false flag”. But, what is more likely is that a coming financial collapse could be blamed on our president.

We are told that our economy is amazingly strong, “better than it’s ever been”, as manifested by the record stock market levels. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is a matter of time for such a collapse to occur, and this event has been the subject of many books for over thirty years written by authors, many of the Austrian School of Economics, who know that the current skyrocketing level of debt cannot ever be paid back. Collapse is inevitable, and will likely surpass in severity the depression of 1929. People vote their pocketbooks, and even though this collapse will have been caused by the Federal reserve and Wall Street, it will be easy to blame whomever resides in the White House.

We have all been financially raped by the Fed, Wall Street, and our Congress. How? By the ending of the gold standard in 1971 by Nixon and the establishment of the “Monopoly money” petrodollar system set up with Saudi Arabia by Henry Kissinger using U.S. dollars not worth the paper they are printed on. Counterfeit dollars are currently being “printed” in the trillions to prop up insolvent banks and Wall Street mega-businesses. The only real money is made up of gold and silver, as specified in our Constitution.

Those in the know used to urge citizens to have at least 10% of their savings in gold and silver, and now some are suggesting at least 50%. This is wealth insurance. Investing in the stocks of precious metal companies is more speculative, but more likely to produce a bigger “bang for the buck”. Unfortunately, most of us do not have enough money these days to purchase any.

We can all be thankful for what we do have, especially at this Thanksgiving season. We still live like royalty compared to most of the world. We need to focus on people and not money. God has blessed America because we have depended upon Him. He is the only salvation for nations and for individuals.

Dr. J

Just say “No!” to current childhood vaccine schedule

During the years I practiced pediatrics (which includes this year) I was a strong proponent of childhood vaccinations. I believed what the CDC claimed, that all vaccines  are “safe and effective”. I now believe that the growing evidence for damages from vaccines compels us to make some changes if we are to have healthy children. Autism rates, as well as those for ADHD and a host of chronic childhood diseases have skyrocketed in recent years, and not because of more accurate diagnosis.

I have already advised parents strongly to not allow their newborn baby to have the HepB shot on the first day of life (which is now standard policy), as it contains 15 times more aluminum, a neurotoxin, than the FDA says is “safe” for the average baby. Don’t allow your baby to have it unless you, the mother, have hepatitis B.

As with every other childhood vaccine there have been no prospective, placebo-controlled, double-blind safety studies done, period. Any true scientist knows that the scientific method requires testing to be done appropriately. It’s also true that what “safety” studies have been done on aluminum have been done only on ingested aluminum, which the body handles much differently than injected aluminum.

When materials are injected into our bodies, we tend to form antibodies against the foreign matter, and these include auto-antibodies that may attack our own systems. The CDC and FDA are quick to tell us how safe vaccines are, but the safety studies just have not been done. The “guinea pigs” are the children who have been injected without their parents being made aware of the real risks.

Dr. Yehuda Schoenfeld, head of the Zabludowiecz Center for Autoimmune Diseases at Sheba Medical Center, and founder of the International Congress of Autoimmunity, says that “…many reports that describe post-vaccination autoimmunity strongly suggest that vaccines can indeed trigger autoimmunity…including arthritis, lupus, diabetes, thrombocytopenia, vasculitis, dermatomyositis, Guillain-Barre syndrome and demyelinating disorders. And almost all types of vaccines have been reported to be associated with the onset of autoimmune problems.” He points chiefly to aluminum as a cause.

There is another vaccine I recommend that parents not allow their children to get and that is the HPV vaccine (Gardasil and Cervarix) which is promoted to prevent cervical cancer and certain cervical warts. It contains aluminum and virus-like protein particles and is said to cause many serious side effects including death. There is conflicting information regarding Gardasil “testing”, with the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) stating that only 1200 girls were tested, and Merck saying that it was 21,000 girls. The CDC claims that it’s completely safe and effective when there has not been enough time to allow such a statement to be honestly made.

I suggest that parents do as much research as they can on the childhood vaccines and then decide. The more you study, the more you realize that it’s all about the money. I also recommend that parents speak up for their children to their senators and representatives, as nobody should be forced to have their children injected with so many foreign substances whose risks are unknown.

Vaccines contain aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde, material from aborted fetuses, Polysorbate-80, protein particles and fragments of DNA, and have even contained live cancer viruses. The latter, SV 40 virus, was included in polio vaccines that were injected into a group of Russian test patients by Merck.

This gets a bit “conspiratorial”, but the globalist elites do plan to eliminate 90% of us by reducing the world population from 6 billion to 500 million, just as stated on the Georgia Guidestones (in Elbert County, Georgia) – look it up. And vaccines have been named as one method to be employed to accomplish that. Under current law, we have no choice but to accept the vaccinations except for rare situations.

I once more strongly recommend that all parents read Dr. Paul Thomas’ book, “The Vaccine-Friendly Plan”, as it is loaded with accurate information about vaccines, and tells how you can select a modified vaccination plan for your child that will drastically cut down on the chances of autism, ADHD, and a host of other conditions. Since the national rate of autism is now about one in 49, and we have around 300 babies born each year here in Nevada, I believe that we could likely prevent around six cases of autism here in our town each year by following the amended schedule for childhood vaccines. (or about 1,500 per year in Missouri)

It was the frequency of regression of development after vaccine injections that prompted Dr. Thomas, a pediatrician, to examine vaccine effects more closely. If you are on Facebook, I suggest that you follow the Vaccine Re-education Discussion Forum to see from day to day what parents are experiencing – it is shocking.

We are thankful for the good physicians and nurses out there, but too many of them are ignorant of the growing abundance of evidence that compels us to take a new look at the current CDC childhood vaccine schedule. If we wish to remain free, we need to abolish our state law that requires our children to be fully vaccinated according to the present schedule, and promote truly informed consent along with the freedom to choose which, if any, vaccines our children receive.

For the good health of our children,

Dr. J


Make Your Own Silver, Save on Doctor Bills

I just posted on Facebook pictures of two colloidal silver generators, the Silver Lungs and the Ionexx. More and more people are learning about the wondrous healing ability of “colloidal silver”, and it’s truly amazing that it is effective against such a wide range of pathogens (germs), including bacteria, viruses, and fungi. You can make your own!

In solution form silver can be sprayed into the nose and throat (and eyes, if a fine mist is used), swallowed,  and even inhaled from a nebulizer to get it into the lungs and bloodstream. It also comes in gel form for topical use on scrapes, cuts, burns, insect bites, and rashes.

Since silver is  effective against even MRSA,  it may well have saved those who succumbed to the flesh-eating bacteria if silver gel had been applied to skin-damaged areas in timely fashion. Since it kills viruses, I apply the gel to tick and mosquito bites immediately to help prevent serious infections that are sometimes carried by these pests. Being an anti-inflammatory as well, it relieves itching quickly.

Much of the evidence for silver’s use against infections is anecdotal, but I know of its value from personal use. And there are numerous scientific studies that show how it is effective against at least 600 pathogens, including those resistant to antibiotics. There is a synergistic effect, that is , silver used along with these antibiotics often renders them effective once more against germs that have become resistant.

I have used the Silver Lungs generator for years now, and am entirely satisfied with it. I recently bought the Ionexx silver generator for comparison, as it only costs $99 compared to the Silver Lungs price of $259.99 ( or the deluxe version $349.95) That is much more money, but let’s compare the systems.

The Silver Lungs generator is a professional  grade unit that uses the largest pure silver rods you can find, and they will last a lifetime. I took a photo of them along side of those in the Ionexx product, which “should last you a year or two”. With each of the generators you use direct DC current applied to pure silver rods in distilled water to produce ionized silver in solution.

With the Silver Lungs you get a professional grade Erlenmeyer flask and you have the option of producing solutions of either 10 or 20 ppm (parts per million) at the flip of a switch. The Ionexx advertises 10 ppm, but the solution mine produced tested only 5 ppm. With the Silver Lungs you get 36 ounces of solution after 2 hours (for 10 ppm) or 3 hours (for 20 ppm), with an automatic shutoff. With the Ionexx you get around 4 ounces of solution. Plugging it in starts the process, then you press Start on your iPhone app, as a timer, and when the red line at the bottom on the app reaches its full span, you push stop and unplug the machine.

One thing the Ionexx people don’t tell you up front is that you have to first pour water of around 34 degrees into the reservoir before pouring distilled water into the jar. With Silver Lungs you pour room-temperature distilled water into the flask and turn it on.

I recommend the “deluxe” Silver Lungs kit which includes a large storage bottle (choice of clear or amber), an eye and ear dropper, a nasal sprayer, a throat sprayer, a laser pointer for checking the consistency of the solution, and a test meter to verify the ppm level. (a TDS meter, for Total Dissolved Solids)

Another commonly used silver generator is the “Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator” from the Silver Edge, a website run by Steve Barwick that I recommend you visit. They don’t supply a jar, but you just grab a mason jar which the generator sits on, and a hose bubbles air through the distilled water in it, producing a 10 ppm solution. Its thinner silver wires may need to be replaced, and there is disagreement over whether the silver oxide produced by the  bubbling is helpful or harmful. The Silver Lungs uses a magnetic stirring bar in the flask that maintains a closed system, which I prefer. The Silver Edge unit runs $349.95, but both Silver Edge and Silver Lungs often have sales when you can save $100 on the price.

Since a 4 ounce bottle of colloidal silver from a health food store or online will cost around $30 you can see how generating 36 ounces in two or three hours whenever you want to will soon pay off big time. By generating just two batches you have silver solution worth enough to have more than paid for the machine!

I have provided many friends and family members with colloidal silver and have many testimonies of how much it has helped them, including success in healing sinus infections that were not going away with antibiotics, etc. (in fact antibiotics, which are not generally recommended for sinus infections can result in overgrowth of fungi, which often remain as the sole cause of the sinus infection, but which are sensitive to colloidal silver!)

The optimum regimen for sinus infection treatment with silver is not known exactly  at this point. Some find healing with only spraying the silver solution into the nose and throat, while others may find additional help with rinsing the sinuses with silver solution in a netti pot. At any rate it’s great to avoid antibiotics as much as possible, as they harm our immune systems for up to a year or two.

Here’s a quick word about colloidal silver vs ionic silver. When you generate silver solutions by electrolysis, you are generating ionic silver, that is individual ions of silver suspended in distilled water (ALWAYS use distilled water, and never “filtered” or “spring” or any other water). This solution is best stored in blue or amber glass bottles as it may be decomposed by sunlight. It is great for use in the nose, throat, and eye.

True colloidal silver is composed of particles of silver suspended in water, and is formed by adding a reducing substance, often a sugar, to the ionic form, which results in a solution that is usually yellow or gold in color and may be stored in clear glass bottles.  It is preferred when swallowed since it is more stable in the stomach. Ionic silver binds to the chlorine in your stomach acid to form silver chloride, which loses its germ-killing effects. The term “colloidal silver” is generally used for both the ionic and colloidal forms.

Here’s one way that I find ionic silver to be so useful. At the first sign of a cold or sore throat spray the nostrils 2-3 times as you inhale, and the same with the throat (to help get the silver into the trachea, or windpipe. I would do this as often as hourly on the first day, then 3-4 times a day for several days. If a sore throat is the major symptom I would drink a couple of ounces of silver solution, but hold it in the throat as you lay back in bed or in a lounger, to keep the solution in contact with your throat for at least 5-6 minutes as you breathe through your nose, then swallow it.

This takes a little practice, and would be difficult if you have a stuffy nose! You will find that most colds that normally last a couple of weeks are gone after a couple of days. I find that my nose never stuffs up and that any drainage never turns thick and yellow! And keep in mind that silver kills flu virus. Personally, I never get flu shots because of their poor protection against flu, and because there are very real risks from the vaccines, including the Guillaine-Barre syndrome of ascending paralysis.

Visits to the doctor for colds, sinus infections, and flu can be largely avoided by the prompt use of colloidal silver. I can’t think of a better way to interrupt a pattern of frequent ear infections in children than to treat their colds early with silver.

I always keep some silver gel on hand for topical use (as with bug bites) and it may contain several hundred PPM. It is reported to be great for easing the pain of shingles when applied ASAP.

BTW, don’t be frightened away by the possibility of getting argyria, a permanent blue-gray coloration of the skin from ingestion of silver.  It’s a very real condition, but caused by people drinking highly concentrated silver solutions (hundreds of ppm) containing salt or proteins over long periods of time. It’s a condition that is virtually impossible to get with dilute solutions (10-20 ppm) used properly.

I recommend the home manufacture of colloidal silver for all who can afford to do so. There are SO MANY uses for it that justify the initial expense. Do your own research online (starting with Silver Edge) and see the many ways you may benefit from its use. I would not be without it.

Blessings of health,

Dr. J