Compassion Tempered with Discernment

Think what you will of President Trump, but he has the “deep state” backed into a corner and they are fighting back with every weapon they can think of. BTW, at this point you are either a patriot with Trump, or you are a globalist fighting for world domination by a godless, socialist, power-hungry cabal of criminals.

Let’s have a look at some recent deep state expenditure of ammunition. First was the failed attempt to link President Trump with “Russian meddling” in the election. There has been no proof of this after two years of trying by deep state Democrats. The deep state’s goal? To get rid of President Trump, their obstacle to national and world domination.

Next comes the slimy attempt to smear the record of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. This, too, failed and we are fortunate to have him as a member of the court. The deep state’s goal? To keep conservatives off of the Supreme Court to help them push through their socialist agenda.

Next we have the advancing attempt at an invasion by a horde of thousands from the south to push through into our country uninvited. This is equivalent to leaving your front door unlocked at night and having a dozen unknown people burst through your door and announce to you that they are moving into your house and expect for you to feed them and allow them to stay.

It’s not a matter of compassion for those in need. We have always had laws in place to take in those needy people through a legal process. That’s how our own ancestors got here from other lands. It has been accurately said that if we don’t have controlled borders, we don’t have a country. And who are those people out there handing out cash to pay foreigners to come here? My guess is that it can be traced back to George Soros. The deep state’s goal? To provoke a major confrontation at our border which they can blame on the “compassionless” Trump. (they will focus on a tiny band of women and children when the horde is made up overwhelmingly of young men, many of whom are criminals and even MS13 gang members and child sex traffickers)

And then we have the Kashoggi murder. What’s going on there? The man was apparently dismembered by a group of Saudi hit men headed by a Russian torture expert. Well, the mainstream media, which truly is the “fake media” since it is run by the deep state itself, has been calling for President Trump to “do something” such as to impose sanctions on Saudi Arabia. The deep state’s goal? To prompt action against the Saudis who would then retaliate by torching the petrodollar and collapsing our financial system, which they would then blame on Trump!

Oh, what about all of the pipe-bomb threats to prominent Democrats?? We can be sure that these are initiated by the deep state itself. The press, of course, is already blaming Trump! The deep state goal? To try to harness sympathy for those poor targeted Democrats to get extra votes at the mid-terms.

You may find source information re the above on such sites as USAWatchdog,, and the X-22 Report.

The deep state has not counted on the brilliance of Trump and his strategy to drain them of their power and control. Watch for the arrests to soon accelerate and the military tribunals to become publicized. We are in for rough times, but by the grace of God there will be a silver lining.


Dr. J.

How Fishing Helped Reel in My Wife and Profession

On January 3, 1963 I spent  the first two hours of the classroom  day of my senior year taking the Ohio State Psychological Test. I had gone to bed early the night before, so I was rested and finished the test early, which gave me time to go back over the questions and to correct a couple that had given me trouble.

A few days later our principal, Garland Keithly, asked me if I knew what my calculated IQ of 132 meant. I said I thought I did. Hard work in chemistry and biology paid off. I was chosen by the University of Missouri Board of Curators as a “Student of High Scholastic Promise”.  I was given the “Bell Telephone Science Award” that year, and selected as first alternate delegate from Missouri to the “West Virginia Centennial Science Camp”. (two were chosen from each state – I was number three from Missouri)

My grandfather who lived in Nevada was S.H. Jones, who worked for Farm and Home Savings and Loan for 33 years in the loan department. He was known as “the loan arranger”. His passion was fishing. Throughout the year he collected brochures from Minnesota fishing resorts and then he would select one to visit in the summer. On the big day, he would pack his 5 hp Johnson boat motor in the trunk and we would depart for the great north at 5am and spend the night in Clarinda, Iowa. (I went on 3 trips with him). Did we ever catch fish!

Well, granddad retired and moved to Siloam Springs, Arkansas to be close to bass fishing on Grand Lake. I have previously outlined how that led to a full-ride scholarship for me to John Brown University, where I met Valo and settled for a career in medicine. I would not have considered Baylor College of Medicine if it weren’t for the son of my biology professor Dr. Irvin Wills who had gone to Baylor and specialized in ophthalmology.

I applied  and was accepted to the medical school of the university of Missouri at Columbia, but actually preferred Baylor and was invited to “24 hours of medical education” there, during which I met the dean of students, attended a grand rounds, and saw my first corpse at Ben Taub Hospital. It was exciting to later be a member of the new class at Baylor (there was a 1 in 15 chance for selection for each applicant, we were told) BTW,  Dean Schofield,  who took pride on that first day in being able to call each and every student by name from memory, made his only mistake when he introduced me as “John Brown from Bob Jones University”.

I never shared my grandfather’s passion for fishing, but was happy to be asked by the Bushwacker Museum’s coordinator Will Tollerton to portray Nevada’s manufacturer of precision fishing reels, William Talbot, in this year’s Deepwood Cemetery Tour. I am also thrilled to look back and see how God uses people and places to arrange our lives for the best. There are many times and many ways that I would have messed up my life on my own. I thank God profusely for his amazing grace in my life! Trust Him with yours.


Dr. J


We just completed our second annual Deepwood Cemetery Tour and it was very interesting. Last year I portrayed William Joel Stone, who was a local prosecuting attorney, governor of Missouri, State Representative, and finally U.S. Senator. I learned that he was a champion of the ordinary person, and a favorite of  area farmers.

Stone was  a Democrat, but his positions were more in line with conservative Republicans of our day.  He was in favor of states’ rights as much as for national sovereignty.  He was a pacifist, and one of only 6 senators to vote against our involvement in the war against Germany. He was vehemently against what we know today as “pay to play”, or the buying of political favoritism by large corporations and countries. Stone is no doubt rolling over in his grave at Deepwood.

This year I was honored to portray William H. Talbot, jeweler, watchmaker, and designer and creator of some of the highest quality fishing reels ever, and which were made here in Nevada from around 1895 to 1913.

There were lessons learned here as well. The Bible tells us to “train up a child in the way he should go”. I think that this admonition applies to not only training children in good morals, but in discerning that children have special gifts that should be discovered and encouraged.

Mr. Talbot’s parents noted that he was “good with his hands” and that he showed an interest in details and fine craftsmanship. This led them to arrange for him to serve an apprenticeship with a watchmaker in Sedalia, Missouri, where he learned to be an exceptional silversmith.

College is not for everyone, and parents would do well to note which of their children would best attend a trade school. A good example is the enrollment at our local Missouri Welding Institute which has a history of job placement of around 99% upon graduation. Many college grads find that there is little in the way of employment for them with the major they have chosen, while facing huge student loan debt.

Mr. Talbot was only 18 years old when he moved to Nevada and opened his own jewelry store on east Cherry Street. What if he had missed his calling and gone off to college and possibly settled for some other occupation. I suspect that he would have done well, though, because we also learn from studying his story that he was very determined, imaginative, and persistent. He spent nearly 14 years studying and working on producing the best possible fishing reels!

We can also learn that it is important to know the basics of how to run a business, as Mr. Talbot eventually allowed himself to be displaced by others who bought in to his company. This led to the move of his business away from Nevada to Kansas City, and to a fall in the quality of the reels produced.

Thanks to all who bought tickets to the tour this year. We have all learned a lot, and had fun discovering the stories of Vernon County citizens of years gone by.


Dr. J


What an amazing time to be alive! The October-November time frame promises to be a turning point in American history, one that changes everything. We have written here a number of times that our nation was hijacked over 100 years ago by private, foreign banking interests that have held us hostage via our central bank, the Federal Reserve. That institution can rightfully claim the responsibility for the horrendous indebtedness we find ourselves in, and that will cause the impending crash of the financial system.

Now that Brett Kavanaugh has been installed onto the Supreme Court, President Trump can proceed with the huge swamp-draining actions that have the deep state petrified with fear. What will happen? The key word here is “declassify“. We will see the truth behind the FISA warrant that was illegally arranged by former president Obama and the fake “Russian dossier” that was paid for by the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton Foundation.

Expect to  see the ugly truth hidden on Anthony Weiner’s laptop,  and John Podesta’s emails, not to mention Hillary’s. The Inspector General’s Report should expose enough criminality to put high-level officials away for years. How will this happen? Via military tribunals. That’s right,  President Trump has put these legally in place, and we can expect to see thousands of arrests over a short period of time.  (there are over 50,000 sealed indictments ready to go) The $500 million expansion of the facilities at Guantanamo Bay will see lots of new arrivals.

One of the first of the “higher ups” to be rounded up may be John Brennan, former CIA director under Obama, and also Obama himself along with Hillary and many others. We may see how the Obama White House, with Hillary’s help as Secretary of State, funneled weapons through Benghazi to Turkey and Syria to fund Al Qaida and ISIS and to get rid of Muammar Gaddafi, who planned to drop the U.S. dollar in favor of a gold “Pan-African Dinar”.  Our Ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens, apparently got “cold feet” and began talking to non-deep state folks and the result was his death along with 3 others in the attack on his facility. (you will recall that the U.S. refused to respond to his call for help).

We may find the evidence to prove that Hillary Clinton sold top secret military information to China, and that her thousands of emails that went directly to that country resulted in the assassination of 18 CIA operatives there. We know what the penalty for treason against the U.S. has been in the past. Much of this information is outlined by Dr. Dave Janda at

There is coming soon a reset of the Rule of Law (a return to Constitutional law) and also a reset of the monetary system that will eliminate the dollar as we know it. This could literally occur over a weekend, and all of these major changes may be accompanied by the imposition of martial law for a period of time. Those in the deep state know that they are trapped. Their plans to eliminate judge Kavanaugh from being appointed failed, and they may have to initiate some huge event (false flag) to distract from their approaching judgment.

We know, as the Bible says, that the people groan when the wicked are in authority, and that they rejoice when the righteous are in power. We have been groaning for far too long. Let us hope and pray that times of rejoicing lie close at hand. It has been pointed out that “The Economist” magazine, owned by the Rothschilds, some time back had a cover showing a Phoenix rising from burning paper money, and that had a gold coin around its neck bearing the date “2018” and the number “10” prominently displayed. Does the ten refer to the month of October, or to October 10th, which is tomorrow?? If major action does not take place tomorrow, then expect things to happen “bigly” on November 11, along with the “yuge” parade celebrating the 100th anniversary of the end of WWI.


Dr. J

It’s Real!

Well, I expect that some of you have been passing my articles off as some sort of “conspiracy theorist” views, but you will be shocked to find that conspiracies have been rampant in D.C. for over 100 years, and especially over the last 50 since JFK was killed.

My interest in these columns is not to provide shocking information; I am interested in the truth. It just happens that right now there is a huge amount of dirty, sickening information that involves many prominent people and that has been hidden for a long time, that is about to be exposed and dealt with.

There are many who think that Donald Trump’s plan to “Make America Great Again” was all fluff. I’d have to say that the evidence shows that he was entirely serious, and that he is being highly effective in doing just that.

The Deep State is in panic mode now, as they know that the President has all of the  evidence necessary to not only expose them, but to prosecute as well. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is now “activated” and in position to begin the legal action to bring justice to all of these criminals.  I’m speaking of Barrack Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton, the Bushes, James Comey, John Brennan, Debbie Wasserman Shultz, the Awan brothers, Maxine Waters, and so many others. Former head of  National Intelligence James Clapper said on CNN that the illegal activities used  to spy on Donald Trump and all of us were initiated by Barack Obama.

The “storm” has begun and the Deep Staters are more desperate than ever. All of their plans  to sabotage Trump have failed. Efforts to shoot down the Brett Kavanaugh nomination are sick and disgraceful. Let the Democrat who is sinless cast the first stone. Did you ever do anything stupid in high school?  Kavanaugh’s record is spectacularly clean, as opposed to Bill Clinton, the serial rapist,  who has a consistent record of assaulting women and was never held accountable.

The Awan brothers who provided military secrets to foreign governments will face prosecution, and so will Schultz who hired them, and the  Democrat congressmen who were aware of the brothers’ criminal activity and said nothing. Those leaks supplied by the Awan brothers led directly to the death of a Navy Seal.

Military tribunals are coming for these people. The president’s executive order number 13825 of March 1, 2018 calls for the establishment of these tribunals, of which we will hear much more.  Have you read any of the damning evidence against Obama, Hillary (who sold military secrets to China), and others in the Department of Justice Inspector General’s report? That document has over one million, two-hundred thousand pages!

Yes, the president is declassifying those materials that the Deep State never expected to see the light of day.  The MOAB (mother of all bombs) is on the way to reveal the truth about what these people have been doing to us for years.

One of the best sources for verification of the above is Dr. Dave Janda. You can read more on his website at I also recommend The X-22 Report,  Zero Hedge, and the SGT Report. We live in exciting days, and I for one am deeply thankful that we finally have a president who is taking action to clean up the cesspool of corruption that has characterized the past several administrations. (Republicans included)


Dr. J

Get Ready!

It’s National Preparedness Month. We have talked about “prepping” in past columns, but right now on 9/11 it’s never been more important to take steps to protect you and your family against future hazards. One never knows when some catastrophe will take place, whether natural or man-made.

It makes sense to store up some extra food, water, any required medications, daily “necessities”, etc. Many like to store up materials that could be used in a barter situation such as cigarettes or whiskey, even if they don’t use them personally, and if possible, some extra cash.

We are rapidly approaching events that have been predicted for decades, but will catch the average American completely off guard and unprepared. There is a financial reset just around the corner that will replace our failed fiat petrodollar system. The exact nature of the new system is not clear yet, but it will be designed to help the people instead of the bankers, as the present one has always done. There will likely be some sort of gold backing.

The other major change will be a reset of the rule of law. No longer will elite politicians and corporate tycoons be able to thumb their noses at the Constitution and be “above the law”. We are beginning to see the unsealing of thousands of indictments that will see many very prominent individuals brought to trial and some imprisoned. Already over 2,300 pedophiles have been arrested, and President Trump has declared a national emergency over the human trafficking situation, which he is determined to stop.

I will say it again. our country has been run by criminals for over 100 years, ever since the elite foreign bankers illegally took over the financial system of the United States via the Federal Reserve, which needs to be abolished. Our “money” of Federal Reserve Notes is unconstitutional, as only gold and silver were to be legal tender. Read “The Creature from Jekyll Island” by G. Edmund Griffin for the details. The “establishment” is composed of individuals who are not true Americans, but globalists intent on bringing our nation down to 3rd world status. They know they are trapped by our patriotic president, and they are desperate.

Their desperation is evident in the unprecedented attacks on President Trump. They continue to fail and will try anything to remove their nemesis. The establishment will not go down without a fight, and we can look for some major “false flag” event, or even something as catastrophic as an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attack, that is, the detonation of a nuclear device in the atmosphere that would kill the U.S. electrical grid in an instance.

We are looking at mere days to weeks until major changes appear. Do not expect any warnings from the mainstream media, though, as the 6 families that own them are all are globalists themselves.

There are many alternate sources of information that broadcast factual news. You can’t find a better one than Dr. Dave Janda of Another is the “X-22 Report” which comes out twice a day. The SGT Report is excellent and so is There are many more.  Much of this is found on YouTube. I encourage you to listen to one of the reports by Kevin Shipp, former CIA officer who was actually tasked with protection of the CIA director at the time, William Casey, before Shipp became a “whistle-blower”.  He will inform you as to why there is so much secrecy in government today, including the lengths the CIA and other agencies will go to in order to prevent exposure of often nefarious acts.

This is the day to focus on the fact that those three buildings on 9/11 were brought down by explosives (they were NOT brought down by airplanes). We have discussed this in detail, and for you who are not convinced, please take the time to study the evidence and you will find the proof. Start by checking out “Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth”; if over 2,000 professionals can’t convince you, then your mind is made up and not to be swayed by facts.

You may recall that  Dick Cheney called for a stand-down by NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) that day, and it’s the only time in history that it’s been done.  The whole 9/11 scenario paved the way for the U.S. invasion and destruction of the Middle East and the killing of hundreds of thousands of people there (all for securing wealth and control for the elites). The truth is coming out, and I would not be surprised to eventually see former presidents behind bars.

Did any of you think that all of the fawning over John McCain after his death was a bit overblown? I think that facts will show that he was not so much of a hero as a traitor to America. Here’s something very interesting. On CNN Ohio governor John Kasich referred to McCain being “put to death”. What does that mean?

Now, are the rest of us without our own dark deeds? Only if we have our lives covered by the blood of Jesus and our sins forever removed. If we have accepted that gift, then we are the righteousness of God. That sounds presumptuous, but it’s true and has nothing to do with anything we have done.  It’s all about what Christ did for us on the cross. It is finished! And so is this article.


Dr. J


Gifts Galore!

When I was a child, it was a major concern of my grandmother that I become a Christian. The family belonged to First Baptist Church here in Nevada, and I did understand that it was necessary to join the church and to “go forward“. The latter was a Baptist term for accepting Christ, but sounds like a fundamental strategy of football or a buzzword for socialism!

Bless her heart, Grandmother did make sure that I knew the basics, that Jesus had given His blood for me, but it took years for me to really understand the nature of the precious gift that the Lord had presented me with, and to actually apply it to my life.  He had literally traded all of my sins (past, present, and future – and there were to be plenty!) for His righteousness, which He gave me as a gift! The Bible tells us that as Christians we are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. (2 Corinthians 5:21)

Think about that. As a Christian, you are the righteousness of God! You may not feel that way, in fact you may be constantly aware of your shortcomings. This “sin-consciousness” hinders the flow of God’s grace in your life, and Satan likes nothing more than reminding us of our failures. But, we are not made right with God by any of our own activity. We are made right with God by what Jesus did – His finished work on the cross.

Don’t focus on your love for God and whether it “measures up”; focus, like John the apostle did, on how much Jesus loves YOU. John described himself as “the apostle whom Jesus loved”. BTW, he was the only apostle who died a natural death, and he was the one whom Jesus charged with looking after His mother. I consider myself as “the pediatrician whom Jesus loves”, not based at all on my accomplishments, but only on Jesus’ own nature.

God is the great gift-giver. The best of all is that He gave us His Son to take our place on the cross, and Jesus gives us His righteousness in return for taking our sins. He “became sin”, though He never once sinned. We are righteous, though there is no goodness in us. Enjoy the fact that we are no longer under the Ten Commandments, which are good, but cannot make us good. Jesus brought grace and truth, and gives us new life. Everything changed at the cross!

Expect goodness and mercy to follow you all of your days, and for God’s favor to flow into your life daily. I will list some of the instances of God’s favor showing up in my life.

When I was around 10 years old, my family was visiting my grandfather’s coal mine between Nevada and Ft. Scott on a Sunday afternoon. We were the only ones around and I noticed a length of dynamite fuse sticking up out of the rocks and tried to light it! There was enough breeze to blow out my matches, or else I would likely have died that day along with my whole family. I consider that it was “the breath of God” that saved us.

I have related how I was phoned on a Saturday morning by the dean of students at John Brown University with the offer of a full-ride scholarship and I had never been to JBU! It was based on some science awards and led to my choice of career and my life mate, Valo.

I was favored with a 10-minute emergency air supply when I ran out of air 110 feet down on the floor of the Gulf of Mexico while diving on the sunken ship V.A. Fogg. (the lever was in the correct position)

I was favored as an intern in pediatrics at Baylor to be asked by my resident, Sandy Lewis, if I would like to take a ride on the Goodyear Blimp! (well, yes, and we did)

I was favored with the services of a Christian mechanic when our van broke down on highway 65 ten miles north of Branson at 5 pm on a Saturday evening. What are the chances of making that connection in the natural?

I was assisted by a young man on a bicycle along highway 13 after a blow-out of a tire. He found just the right piece of wood to allow my jack to raise up our van, and he “disappeared” afterward. (he took off riding north, and when we drove  northward he was nowhere to be seen,  and there were no turn offs!)

I was favored to have the disintegration of the  differential in my Triumph GT6+ take place right here in Nevada in front of St. Mary’s church where I was to give a talk, instead out miles away out in the “boonies” which was much more likely.

I was favored by the decision of the Houston “Mass Murderers” to drive on after they forced me to the side of the road and asked to “borrow some money”. ( I still am nervous when I am behind a white Ford van)

I was favored to have been offered a contract to work for NRMC by then CEO Kevin Leeper after I had been retired for 5 years. I was likewise favored to be able to complete all of the required continuing medical education and to obtain the necessary licenses and certifications, and to acquire an excellent Pediatric Review Course, and to continue working to this day, seeing both children and adults at NOW Care.

I am favored with excellent health that requires no prescription medications (only eye drops) and with enough wisdom and discernment to allow me to have taught  adult Sunday School in the Assemblies of God for 20 years or so (it was more of a blessing to me than to anyone else, I’m sure). We are now favored with a new pastor at First Baptist Church.

I was favored to travel along with my wife last year to Israel and to visit so many historical sites there, including places where Jesus walked. It was like a “fire hose of Biblical history”. And this year we are heading to Egypt!

These are just a few of the favors that God has sent my way, and they occur daily. I am thankful.

I am favored with the knowledge that ALL of my sins are wiped away, and I will never be subjected to God’s condemnation. There is no fear, there is no bitterness (which is a health-wrecker), and it is easy for me to forgive, as I know how much I have been forgiven of.

If you are not currently experiencing the love that only God can give, then replace your future of unbearable pain and suffering with the indescribable joy and happiness that await all believers. TODAY is the day of salvation!


Dr. J



What’s Happening?

We stand at the threshold of very major changes in the world and right here at home.  What’s going on? First, we need to review.

We are blessed in the United States to have an absolutely wonderful form of government from the very beginning. It is based on the Bible and its teachings, and we live in the only country in the world besides Israel whose nation is dedicated to God. (George Washington did it)

We have often heard the claim that “power corrupts”, and it has happened here in spades. The government of the U.S. has become an absolute cesspool of corruption and criminality over the last 50 years, and was literally hijacked over 100 years ago by our central bank, as we have pointed out repeatedly. Said bank, the Federal Reserve, is responsible for the approaching economic collapse.

Have you noticed the many store closings? There are 3,800 stores in America projected to close this year. People just don’t have the money to go and buy things anymore. Wages are down and the U.S. dollar is worth less and less (having already lost 97% of its purchasing power since 1913). Russia and many other nations are getting out of the dollar. (Iraq tried to do it by going to the Euro and Libya tried to do it by implementing a trans-African gold dinar – we saw what happened to the leaders of those nations). The establishment does not want to give up control, but are being defeated.

In our country there are normally around 2,000 federal indictments served each year against various criminals. Currently, there are over 40,000 sealed indictments ready to be served against criminals across the country from Hollywood to D.C. The crimes are horrific, including child sex-trafficking, with satanic rituals of child torture and murder, reaching into high levels of government. These are close to being released and there will be widespread disbelief and rejection that this could actually have been going on in our land.

President Trump is responsible for taking action against the criminals and traitors of previous administrations. Hillary’s “3,000 missing emails” are missing no longer. The DNC server is in patriotic hands. Recordings (videos) of the activities of many dignitaries (including Bill and Hillary) that took place with underage children on Jeffrey Epstein’s “orgy island” are in the hands of the NYC police department, the FBI, and the Department of Justice. NYPD personnel who viewed the tapes were actually vomiting and crying uncontrollably because of the nature of the activities revealed, according to “Truth Unsealed”.

The central banking system of economic control that has enslaved all of us has run its course. The dollar will collapse and be replaced by some other system. Crypto-currencies may play a role here, as they are difficult to centrally control. Gold may play a role, as so may countries are loading up on as much gold as they can acquire. (gold and silver are the only true money)

We dodged a major bullet in the 2016 election, and should all be grateful that we have been given an extension of freedom in our nation. Lord Rothschild has commented that Donald Trump’s actions are interfering with the globalists’ plan to implement the “new world order”. What will we do with the freedoms we still have? Keep in mind that true freedom is only found in Christ.


Dr. J



Collusions R Us

Similar to the frog that is unaware of the rising temperature of the water it is in, most Americans are not aware of the increasing control exerted over them by the police state they reside in. Our form of government was brilliantly implemented by our Christian founders, but has been fundamentally corrupted for over 100 years. It is unthinkable that our own government would act against the interests of its own people, but so it does.

State policy is controlled by a clandestine network behind the scenes (the “Deep State“) as our elected officials continue as mere figureheads. This network, funded by international elite bankers, is currently being trapped by President Trump, and the Deep State is desperate.

It is sad and tragic that these “establishment” figures have tried to ensnare our president for the past year and a half in a non-existent “Russian collusion”, when their own corruptions go unnoticed. Just imagine for a moment that President Trump’s emails had been subpoenaed by the Department of Justice, and that he had then tried to destroy them via “Bleach Bit” and with a hammer! There would have been a march on the Capitol, yet that is exactly what Hillary Clinton did with 3,000 of her emails, and was allowed to “skate” with the help of Rod Rosenstein, James Comey, and Robert Mueller.

Wait! All of those 3,000 missing emails of Hillary are not lost! They are in the hands of Trump and the true American patriots,  as are the emails of the Podesta brothers and the entire DNC server! Can you imagine what incriminating evidence awaits exposure? (yes, including the Clinton sex crimes with children)

If you are into “collusion”, let’s have a look at a sampling of the multitudes of true collusions that our government has been involved in through the years. A major, foundational one would have to be the collusion of our government with foreign bankers to set up the unconstitutional control of our money by the Federal Reserve, which is responsible for the approaching economic collapse.

At the same time (1913)  our government had colluded with the communists to establish  the central bank,  it set up the communistic progressive income tax system. (which was promised to be only “temporary”)

One of similar importance would be the ending of the gold standard by Richard Nixon’s collusion with the bankers,  which took all financial restraints off of our government and made it possible for “money” to be printed out of thin air. It allowed our near-worthless Federal Reserve Notes to replace real money, silver and gold.

The whole fiat (backed by nothing) currency system was facilitated by Nixon’s and Kissinger’s collusion with Saudi Arabia to set up the “petrodollar system“, ensuring the worldwide favoritism of the American dollar.

There was, indeed, collusion between the Clintons and then President Obama with the Russians over the “Uranium One” deal that sold 20% of our uranium to Russia. That was treason. Obama then acted as a traitor when he sent over $300 million in cash to Iran in a drug deal. (see YouTube videos by former CIA Officer Kevin Shipp for this) He and other past presidents colluded with Afghanistan in providing U.S. military protection of the opium poppy plants so that our CIA can continue to bring the opium into the U.S.

The cartel’s drug money is “laundered” with the help of the Vatican and our largest banks, that have colluded with our own Department of (In)Justice to avoid any prosecution at all. The fines are paid and business goes on.

How about the collusion of DOJ’s Eric Holder with Mexico in sending thousands of automatic weapons to the the drug cartel down there to help thwart the competition under “Operation Fast and Furious”?

Or consider the collusion between the FDA and Monsanto corporation in “fast-trackingGMO’s into our food supply, against the wishes and advise of the FDA’s own scientists. (this came to light through a FOIA release of over 144,000 internal FDA memos) The current FDA “food czar” was a Monsanto attorney.

Is there any collusion between the sugar industry (which insists that sugars are completely safe and do not cause any disease) and the pharmaceutical industry that sells billions of dollars worth of drugs to treat (not cure) chronic diseases? Is there any collusion between the medical industry and the pharmaceutical industry to keep on treating, but not curing diseases?

Is there collusion between the vaccine makers and the CDC which gets much of its funding from the drug companies that make the vaccines?  (and which have no incentive to investigate serious side effects from aluminum and other toxic vaccine ingredients, having been made immune from lawsuits by congress)

Don’t expect any truthful information from the complicit mainstream media that are bought off, as are most of Congress. You will not hear a word from them about the just-released bombshell from Vladimir Putin that $400 million was transferred from Russia (apparently from businesses and not the Russian government) by Bill Browder to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, with the help of U.S. Intel officers. According to Wikipedia, Browder was an investment fund manager who renounced his U.S. citizenship in 1998 to avoid paying taxes on foreign investments.

In 2013 Browder was convicted in Russia of tax fraud and sentenced to 9 years in prison, but Interpol refused to arrest him, saying the case was “political”. In October of 2017 Russia again tried to arrest him for tax evasion, but his visa was restored the day after a protest by U.S. congressional leaders.

The Deep State is in deep trouble. Pray for the safety of President Trump who is leading the exposure of corruption in high places and whom the criminals want to eliminate any way they can. If President Trump survives, we will soon read of mind-boggling criminality on the part of many figures in high positions of influence. We can expect major event(s) soon. Pray and watch…


Dr. J




Random Thoughts on a Milk Run

I have just returned from my weekly drive up into Mennonite territory to obtain a gallon of fresh milk. I usually listen to Bott Radio on the trip, and this am the topic was Elijah’s confrontation with the 450 prophets of Baal on Mt. Carmel, a site I had visited just last year in Israel. It emphasized the admonition, “choose you this day whom you will serve”. Some never make that decision in time. My wife and I live by the verse on our wall, “…as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord”. (Joshua 24:15)

Many do not realize that the spirit of Baal is alive today, and starkly illustrated by the practice of abortion, the slaughter of innocent babies. This is, unfortunately, a major plank of the Democrat Party, the one controlled by communists and socialists. If you are a Democrat and call yourself a Christian you need to ask yourself why you are supporting murder and other activities that God hates (hint: homosexuality). Don’t get too irate; the upper levels of the Republican Party are just as bad.

The Mennonites are a pleasure to do business with. They honor God and are honest and hard-working. How often do you find a place where you can walk into a house that is unlocked, leave your money on the kitchen table, and pick up your milk that was collected an hour or two ago and left in a cooler for you?

After I had petted “Frisky”, “Misty”, and old “Shep”, a gentleman out front handed me a large yellowish melon that he identified as a “Crenshaw, sort of like a cantaloupe”. I normally don’t like cantaloupes, but I will try this since it was given out of generosity and appreciation.

The temperature was moderate and it was a delight to drive with the window down with a prospect of rain. The fields were beautiful, and spoke of much labor that had been expended there. Animals both wild and domestic were on display and there was a sense of peace, often lacking in our daily scene of political in-fighting and corruption, and other forms of stress.

It called to mind the hope [the confident expectation of good] of living in the Millenium, the coming one-thousand year reign of Christ Jesus from the capitol of the world, Jerusalem. There will be no war, no more death at a young age, only worldwide joy and peace. And for those of us who have gladly allowed Jesus to exchange our sins for His righteousness it gets much better after that!

If you are not a member of God’s family, you need to be, and you don’t have to do anything to “earn” a place. Jesus did it all for you, and once you allow Him to save you, none of your sins, past present or future, will ever be held against you. “There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus.” ( Romans 8:1)  We are no longer under the Ten Commandments, the “Law of sin and death”. Your relationship with God is not dependent on your behavior or obedience, it is firmly established by Christ’s sinless behavior and His obedience. It’ all about grace now. (unearned, undeserved favor)

Don’t get me wrong. The Ten Commandments are good, they are perfect, but they cannot make you good or perfect. They are righteous, but cannot make you righteous. Those of us who are Christians can say with confidence that we are the righteousness of God through Christ Jesus.  “For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in him.”  (2 Corinthians 5:21)  No, we are not perfect, but God sees us that way when He sees the blood of His son applied to the doorposts of our lives. That’s the Good News!


Dr. J