As a youngster, I liked to watch “The Untouchables” on TV , a series depicting the efforts of agent Elliot Ness to combat the criminal activities of various crime bosses such as Frank Nitti. In major cities like Chicago small businesses would be trashed by drive-by villains using their Thompson sub-machine guns,  and the business owner would later be told by nefarious individuals that he could avoid such future devastation by paying a “fee” for “protection”.

We need protection today no less than those business owners, since we live in a fallen world where threats surround us. The Bible refers to Satan as “the god of this world” and he has a certain amount of power temporarily. He is described as “a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour”. (the “shield of faith” protects against his “fiery darts”)

First of all, if you are not a Christian you are “wide open” to the attacks of Satan. He is real and he inflicts real harm. The Bible says that “hell hath enlarged itself” to accommodate all of those who fail to place their trust in Christ Jesus. Our Savior is described as “a strong tower” where “the righteous run into it and are safe”.

We described in the last article how Christians invite illness and early death upon themselves by failing to properly discern the Lord’s body at communion (see “Black and Blue Jesus”). In fact, God’s word tells us that Christians actually bring a curse upon themselves by this failure. Is that important? You bet it is!

You might want to place a bookmark at I Corinthinans 11:29,30 where this is all spelled out. That will be a reminder to you and your family and friends about how the proper realization and attitude about Jesus’ suffering actually gives you protection against many serious illnesses and even an untimely death. The key phrase is “not discerning the Lord’s body“.

A healthy body is maintained through following a good diet, getting enough sleep, drinking enough good quality water, getting enough exercise, and avoiding toxins when possible. (there are more and more of these, including aluminum in childhood vaccinations, mercury in flu shots, GMO ingredients in your food, and all of the extra sugar added to it.)

Once more…we as Christians believe that Christ took all of our sins upon himself so that we do not have to face the consequences of having committed them. We fail to realize that He also took all of our diseases upon himself so that we need not suffer them in our lives today. As Ripley said, “Believe it or Not!” Live with this added protection, or live with the curse you have brought upon yourself. Why does Jesus offer protection in this life and the next? It’ summed up in one word – LOVE.


Dr. J

Black and Blue Jesus

Are you amazed at the number of Christians in your church who are sick or who have died young? I am appalled at the huge number in our church who have cancer of various kinds, diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, heart disease, and a host of other diseases. Is this normal?

I think it may be “normal”, but I don’t think it’s the way things are supposed to be. I know that we live in a “fallen” world, marred by sin. But, you will find in the Bible, God’s inspired word, that Jesus healed ALL who were sick. Even death could not exist in his presence. By the Holy Spirit Jesus actually lives in each of us who are Christians, and are we to believe that he has somehow lost his healing power? Are we to think that he does not love us as much as he did those around him in Bible times?

I think the answer is found in I Corinthians 11:29,30. “For anyone who eats and drinks without recognizing the body of the Lord eats and drinks judgment on himself. That is why many among you are weak and sick, and a number of you have fallen asleep.” [italics mine] BTW, “fallen asleep” means you have died. Did you get this most important teaching? What does it mean, “without recognizing the body of the Lord”?

I submit to you that it means that we are guilty of failing to keep in mind at communion how Jesus allowed his body to be “beaten to a pulp” and shredded to the point where it was hard to tell he was even human. Isaiah 52:14 tells us that “…there were many who were appalled at him – his appearance was so disfigured beyond that of any man and his form marred beyond human likeness”.  Jesus did not go immediately to the cross, but first submitted to scourging at the whipping post. And it was no ordinary whipping.

The details of Jesus’ physical wounds are laid out in gory detail in a fascinating article, well-illustrated, in the March 21, 1986 volume 255 of JAMA (the Journal of the American Medical Association) entitled, “On the Physical Death of Jesus Christ” by Dr. William D. Edwards, et al.

First, we need to realize that Jesus was not “killed”, he voluntarily gave up his life for the sole purpose of saving eternally anyone who trusts in his saving grace. But, that’s not all. He also allowed his body to be beaten horribly for the purpose of allowing us Christians to live without all of those diseases and to avoid an untimely death. That’s what is mean when the Bible says, “By his stripes we are healed”.

This is confirmed in Isaiah chapter 53, which is all about Jesus. Verse 4 says, “Surely he took up our infirmities [which in Hebrew means sicknesses and pains] and carried our sorrows…”  And verse 5, “But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was upon him, and by his wounds we are healed.” [italics mine]

We rightly believe that Jesus poured out his blood, having taken all of our sins (past, present, and future) and traded places with us sinners, in order to wash away forever all of our sins. But, we fail to recognize the significance of his sliced and beaten body for our healing.

How many times do we see a crucifix of Jesus hanging on the cross with little or not even a trace of blood? I submit to you that any such remembrance should be absolutely covered in blood and gore, because that’s what he looked like.

Now, more about that whipping. It was customary for a victim of Roman execution to be flogged first. The individual was stripped of clothing and the hands tied up high on a post. He was then whipped  on each side of his back, buttocks,  and legs. The instrument used (a “flagrum”) which had a handle and a number of thongs to which sharp pieces of bone, glass, or small iron balls were tied.

A single stroke by this whip would have left you bleeding and in severe pain. Just think of it being repeated 38 more times on alternating sides. (as specified by Jewish law – not necessarily the number used by Rome) Your back would be absolutely shredded.

I don’t know how anyone could survive that much pain and blood loss, but Jesus took it for us. The process was intended to weaken a person to a state just short of collapse or death. It was customary for the victim to then carry the crossbar of the cross to the site of crucifixion outside the city walls. No wonder that Jesus needed help.

BTW, the nails would have been driven through the wrists, not the palms, as the latter would not have supported the weight of  body. I suppose the palms would suffice if the arms were also fastened to the crossbar with rope, but archaeological bone fragments of crucifixion victims show nail erosion of the wrist bones. In addition, the Shroud of Turin, which most certainly is the burial cloth of Christ, shows that victim with nail wounds through the wrists.

The point of all of this is to show you how much agony Jesus suffered on your behalf in order to allow you, as a Christian, to live a full life span in good health, as well as to enter Heaven at the end of your days. Remember this the next time at communion, or the Lord’s Supper. And you can partake as often as you want to, even at home on your own. If you already suffer from some chronic disease, continue to properly discern the Lord’s body at communion, take part often,  and I believe you will see good health returning and your symptoms diminishing.


Dr. J


It’s All Coming Out

It is well known among those who have been alert and have been able to discern the truth that our nation was stolen from us over one hundred years ago by elite foreign bankers with the help of a few bought-out U.S. congressmen.

This “shadow government” is real and has run our nation via the unconstitutional Federal Reserve ever since 1913. John Kennedy knew it, and was a true patriot who attempted to dismantle the “Fed” as well as the ultra-secretive CIA  that currently answers to no one, and has a secret budget that is protected by numerous “states rights” agreements. It carries out many “black ops” that are hidden not only from the populace, but from Congress as well. You will recall that this evil outfit was once run by George H.W. Bush.

JFK was eliminated by said CIA for his pesky interference, and all presidents since have been mid-level puppets of the “dark state” except for one – Donald Trump. He was not going to win. Hillary was their chosen one to deliver the nation into socialism, with control to remain in the hands of the globalists. The strings were to continue to be manipulated by the Rothschilds, David Rockefeller, George Soros, and others. In case  you missed it, the U.S. government has been  benefiting  Wall Street and the Fed from Johnson to Obama. But there is a change; and, it’s change you can truly believe in, because Donald Trump is a true patriot who is attempting to return control to the people. How do we know this?

One of the reasons is that he declared a national emergency over child sex trafficking and has supervised the arrest of thousands of pedophiles, instead facilitating the activity as have members of the past  several administrations. Yes, there are many “big names” that have left behind evidence of their evil deeds with children, and you can expect exposure soon.

More evidence is the $500 million recent expansion of the prison facilities at Guantanamo Bay and other sites to hold indicted criminals.

Let me fill you in on some information that will “blow your mind” regarding just how evil and demonic recent administrations have been. Cody Snodgres was involved in many “black ops” for the CIA and was a recent guest on Caravan to Midnight, hosted by John B. Wells, formerly of Coast to Coast. Mr. Snodgres revealed truly shocking information about the destruction of the Alfred P. Murrah federal building in Oklahoma in  1995. Many experts have known that there were bombs planted inside that building and that the level of destruction could not have been caused by that ammonium nitrate/diesel fuel truck bomb that was blamed for it.

First of all, there are two chilling reasons why the CIA blew up that building. First of all, you need to know that Saudi Arabia wished to build an oil pipeline across Syria to ship oil through, but Syria declined. (recall that the U.S. and Saudi Arabia had worked out the petrodollar system and that the U.S. protects S.A. under that agreement). The U.S. shipped weaponized anthrax to Saddam Hussein (who was a paid CIA assassin asset) to use in the invasion of Kuwait. But, with the onset of the Gulf War and invasion of Iraq, there was fear that Hussein would use the anthrax against us!

Protection against anthrax by vaccine took several weeks in those days, so the U.S. came up with a new vaccine containing squalene  that was to speed up protection. (we have written about this before, and how that when squalene is injected, there results anti-squalene antibodies that  attack all parts of the human nervous system. The major unintended consequence was the disabilities of Gulf War Syndrome. The government was facing payment of hundreds of millions of dollars to the military victims, and the records of those afflicted were gathered up. Guess where all of those records were stored? The Alfred P. Murrah federal building!

Now for the  second reason. Most of you have heard of the mysterious activities at the Mena, Arkansas airport while Bill Clinton was governor there. Well, the CIA was shipping tons of weapons, including C4 explosives from Mena to Central America, and in return importing tons of cocaine into Mena. Bill Clinton, by “looking the other way”, was collecting 10% of the black ops money, and that amounted to $10 million per month! There were records of all of this activity, and where did they end up? The Murrah building!

So, Cody Snodgres was personally asked to blow up that federal building in Oklahoma City with a reward of $500,000 cash and that much more upon completion of the job. He refused, and was later indicted on false firearm charges by the federal government and spent over 3 years in solitary confinement in a federal prison in Colorado. He reports that two of the three bombs that were planted inside of the Murrah building failed to detonate. All of the records were not destroyed, and this required their manual removal later.

Snodgres is currently disabled by the physical attacks against him. He has written a book all about the above called, “Choosing the Light” and it is so far only available on CD. He is negotiating with potential publishers, and you can get the CD for $20 by contacting him at (he is part Cherokee, I believe)

The above fantastic information comports with what I have found to be true over the years, and I don’t doubt a word of it. Even worse information will be forthcoming about Bill and Hillary, the Podesta brothers, John Brennan, Mike Pence (!), Jeffrey Epstein, and many, many others. D.C. and Hollywood have truly been a swamp in need of draining, and we should all be thankful for a president who is dedicated to exposing and dealing with such evil activity. It has not all come out so far because many deep state insiders from previous administrations have had to be removed or else they would have been major blockers to the release of the truth. Remember that those who are currently protesting the loudest  against Trump have the most to lose. It appears that the pieces are in place now for the drain to be opened!


Dr. J

Some Thoughts on Egypt

I just got back from pole-walking around the lake at Radio Springs, and that’s always refreshing. There was a large snapping turtle crossing the path, and all of the dogs and those in tow seemed happy.

I also just got back from a two week trip to Egypt called the Royal Tour of Egypt, sponsored by Dr. Zahi Hawass, their chief archaeologist. Valo and I were celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary and we saw many amazing places. We landed at Cairo airport and stayed at the Marriott Mena House next to the great pyramids in Giza. Thanks to Dr. Hawass, we were allowed to enter the Great Pyramid of Cheops (Kufu) and crawl down some 280 feet into the King’s Chamber and Queen’s Chamber. We were also granted access to the area between the paws of the Sphinx (normally not available to tourists) and a tour of the Luxor Temple before opening hours.

We flew from Cairo to Luxor where we boarded a luxurious cruise ship for a 7-day trip south on the Nile River, stopping at various sites such as Karnak, Valley of the Kings (saw King Tut’s tomb), Edfu, Kom Ombo, Aswan, Abu Simbel, the Aswan Dam, and a  Nubian village and home The family had three crocodiles in their house, which was apparently good luck for them – when one gets too big, they throw it in the Nile and grab another baby one.    Later we stopped at the Museum of Mummified Crocodiles, Egyptian Museum in Cairo, the Mosque of Muhammad Ali, and the home of former president Anwar Sadat.

We acquired, of course, a number of souvenirs and took a zillion photos, some of which I will post on Facebook. If you go to Archaeological Paths Royal Tour of Egypt online, you will see the particulars of the trip and even some videos if you wish. You will see glowing testimonials of the tour by a few participants.

There is another side of the trip that they won’t tell you,  but you should know about if you are thinking about going. You know it takes a LONG TIME to get there! We took jaunts on eight different airliners during the trip. We were awakened at 3 am a couple of times to go to a site, and one jaunt involved six hours on the bus! That’s not all… although the road surfaces were quite good, there were metallic strips embedded in the highway designed to shake apart the suspension of the bus and its occupants. There would be groups of 4 or 5 of these strips, and 4 consecutive groups of them about every half mile or so, causing an otherwise tolerable trip to be extremely irritating. Their purpose? Apparently to keep drivers from drifting off to sleep, as there were usually no obstacles or other apparent reasons for them.

At every stop you can expect swarms of local purveyors of Egyptian goods that they offer for sale, at inflated prices. We were told to offer about one fourth of what they asked for, and they were persistent! Not only that, but at every WC (toilet) there would be an individual offering a few sheets of toilet paper to dry your hands on and then expecting a tip of either one dollar U.S. or an Egyptian five pound note (worth about 25 cents).

There was a coup in Egypt in 2011 when the military took over the country from the Muslim Brotherhood. It is essentially a military dictatorship. People are either rich or dirt poor, mostly the latter. They rely hugely on the monetary boost provided by tourism.

Then there were the camels… the tour offered several optional trips to see particular tombs, or to take a hot air balloon flight over Luxor, or to pay $995 apiece to go see the huge new Egyptian Museum which is not even open yet. Our only optional trip was a camel caravan over the Arabian Desert. Typically, those who went along said they had crossed that one off their bucket list and they would never do it again! I agree. My camel would swing side to side with each step. There is a little round protrusion between your legs that is all you have to hold on to (no saddle)  and it was all I could do to keep from being ejected off onto sand or rocks. (one of our group exclaimed on the return portion of the caravan, “I’m sure glad I don’t need my testicles any more!”)

We did have very thorough massages on the ship while cruising along the Nile, but nothing you can’t get right here in Nevada. (well, the river is missing)

We are glad to be home and realize once more how very blessed we are to live in America. But, if there is ever a next time, it’s Hawaii!


Dr. J

Why Are We Sick?

I have written many articles on health over the years. I have focused on exercise, eating whole foods, avoiding GMOs, eating healthy fats, getting enough sleep, drinking pure water, avoiding the majority of cooking oils, getting plenty of omega 3’s, and others. But I believe this article to be the most important of all.

In our small group at church we begin class with praying for the special needs of our friends and acquaintances. Why are so many of our Christian friends afflicted with cancer, diabetes, arthritis, heart problems and other maladies? We read in the Bible that everyone who came to Jesus for healing was cured. As Christians today we actually have the Holy Spirit living inside of us. We are the temple, so why are we so sick? It doesn’t make sense.

It is amazing that God’s word (the Bible) clearly specifies the one reason why so many Christians are sick and die early. Is it because we have been disobedient? No. Is it because we don’t pray enough? No. Is it our diet, lack of exercise, or failure to choose the right supplements? No. This one reason has never been explained in our church, ever, and I doubt that it ever has in your church either.

What is this one reason?? It is our failure to properly discern the Lord’s body at communion. What? That’s the reason so many of us are sick? Yes, that’s what God’s word tells us. Read it for yourself in I Corinthians chapter 11, verses 29 and 30. We participate in the Lord’s Supper “unworthily”. And that does not mean that there is some sin in your life that you have forgotten about. It means that you are lumping the bread and the wine together without the proper distinction of the two.

We properly recognize that the wine symbolizes Jesus’ blood that He gave for us at Calvary to wash away our sins, and that it accomplishes that miracle today even though it happened two thousand years ago. But why did not Jesus go directly to the cross, why did He first allow Himself to be ripped open so may times at the scourging post? The Bible says that He was barely recognizable as a man after the severe beatings.

The answer to that is found in the verses that tell us that we are healed“by His stripes”. (Isaiah 53:4 and I Peter 2:24) Our diseases are removed by his beatings. His blood erased our sins. His wounds removed our diseases. We must make that distinction.

How often do you take communion? Every week? Once a quarter? You can take it “as often as ye will”, (I Corinthians 11:25)  even daily. You can take it at home or anywhere. You can use “official” communion elements or you can use crackers and grape juice, or wine. If I had a chronic health problem, I would take it every day, believing that I was on the path to healing.

Oh, here’s one more thing. When Jesus took the bread, He gave thanks and broke it, and said “Thus do  in remembrance of me”. (I Corinthians 11:24) Maybe that means that we are to break the bread in our hands, symbolizing His broken body, before we partake.

With Jesus it’s “come as you are”. That’s true regarding salvation, as He came to justify the ungodly (we all qualified) and it’s true of communion. If you are saved, if you are a member of God’s family (communion is only for those who have been “born again”) then you can come to the Lord’s table as you are, but express your thanks for all He has done for you, and don’t forget to recognize that the bread represents Jesus’ body that was beaten and shredded to provide good health for you!


Dr. J.

Rescue in Germany

The point of this article is to tell  you about just one of the many times that God has intervened to rescue me, several of which happened out on road trips .  He works through people, and is not limited by time or space, and delights in helping his children.

This occasion took place while I was serving as the base pediatrician at RAF Upper Heyford in England in the mid-1970’s. I had been invited to give a talk at an upcoming medical meeting in Wiesbaden, Germany on  “The Use and Misuse of Antibiotics”.

I had my TDY (temporary duty) papers in hand that outlined my trip from Lakenheath on the “European Eagle” to Ramstein, Germany and then on up to Rhein-Main airbase which is close to Wiesbaden. I would then find transportation to my room at the Von Steuben Hotel.

Things were going according to plan, but after landing at Ramstein everyone got off the plane and it became clear that it wasn’t going any further.  That was the end of the line!

I was standing there perplexed as to what I was going to do, when a colonel walked over and asked if I needed help. I did. After I explained my dilemma, he drove me to the local “bahnhof” (train station) and helped me purchase a ticket to Wiesbaden.

On the train I found myself sitting next to a general’s daughter who was on her way to Wiesbaden to see her boyfriend. She said, “You know we have to change trains half way there.” I didn’t. Sure enough, about half way to Wiesbaden we had two minutes to switch trains, and when we pulled into Wiesbaden we stopped at the bahnhof which was right across the street from the Von Steuben Hotel!!

What would be different if God had not sent those two people at just the right time to help me out? I might still be riding the rails in Germany today! I am so thankful to have a loving God who delights in helping his children, even though we don’t deserve it .


Dr. J.


Compassion Tempered with Discernment

Think what you will of President Trump, but he has the “deep state” backed into a corner and they are fighting back with every weapon they can think of. BTW, at this point you are either a patriot with Trump, or you are a globalist fighting for world domination by a godless, socialist, power-hungry cabal of criminals.

Let’s have a look at some recent deep state expenditure of ammunition. First was the failed attempt to link President Trump with “Russian meddling” in the election. There has been no proof of this after two years of trying by deep state Democrats. The deep state’s goal? To get rid of President Trump, their obstacle to national and world domination.

Next comes the slimy attempt to smear the record of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. This, too, failed and we are fortunate to have him as a member of the court. The deep state’s goal? To keep conservatives off of the Supreme Court to help them push through their socialist agenda.

Next we have the advancing attempt at an invasion by a horde of thousands from the south to push through into our country uninvited. This is equivalent to leaving your front door unlocked at night and having a dozen unknown people burst through your door and announce to you that they are moving into your house and expect for you to feed them and allow them to stay.

It’s not a matter of compassion for those in need. We have always had laws in place to take in those needy people through a legal process. That’s how our own ancestors got here from other lands. It has been accurately said that if we don’t have controlled borders, we don’t have a country. And who are those people out there handing out cash to pay foreigners to come here? My guess is that it can be traced back to George Soros. The deep state’s goal? To provoke a major confrontation at our border which they can blame on the “compassionless” Trump. (they will focus on a tiny band of women and children when the horde is made up overwhelmingly of young men, many of whom are criminals and even MS13 gang members and child sex traffickers)

And then we have the Kashoggi murder. What’s going on there? The man was apparently dismembered by a group of Saudi hit men headed by a Russian torture expert. Well, the mainstream media, which truly is the “fake media” since it is run by the deep state itself, has been calling for President Trump to “do something” such as to impose sanctions on Saudi Arabia. The deep state’s goal? To prompt action against the Saudis who would then retaliate by torching the petrodollar and collapsing our financial system, which they would then blame on Trump!

Oh, what about all of the pipe-bomb threats to prominent Democrats?? We can be sure that these are initiated by the deep state itself. The press, of course, is already blaming Trump! The deep state goal? To try to harness sympathy for those poor targeted Democrats to get extra votes at the mid-terms.

You may find source information re the above on such sites as USAWatchdog,, and the X-22 Report.

The deep state has not counted on the brilliance of Trump and his strategy to drain them of their power and control. Watch for the arrests to soon accelerate and the military tribunals to become publicized. We are in for rough times, but by the grace of God there will be a silver lining.


Dr. J.

How Fishing Helped Reel in My Wife and Profession

On January 3, 1963 I spent  the first two hours of the classroom  day of my senior year taking the Ohio State Psychological Test. I had gone to bed early the night before, so I was rested and finished the test early, which gave me time to go back over the questions and to correct a couple that had given me trouble.

A few days later our principal, Garland Keithly, asked me if I knew what my calculated IQ of 132 meant. I said I thought I did. Hard work in chemistry and biology paid off. I was chosen by the University of Missouri Board of Curators as a “Student of High Scholastic Promise”.  I was given the “Bell Telephone Science Award” that year, and selected as first alternate delegate from Missouri to the “West Virginia Centennial Science Camp”. (two were chosen from each state – I was number three from Missouri)

My grandfather who lived in Nevada was S.H. Jones, who worked for Farm and Home Savings and Loan for 33 years in the loan department. He was known as “the loan arranger”. His passion was fishing. Throughout the year he collected brochures from Minnesota fishing resorts and then he would select one to visit in the summer. On the big day, he would pack his 5 hp Johnson boat motor in the trunk and we would depart for the great north at 5am and spend the night in Clarinda, Iowa. (I went on 3 trips with him). Did we ever catch fish!

Well, granddad retired and moved to Siloam Springs, Arkansas to be close to bass fishing on Grand Lake. I have previously outlined how that led to a full-ride scholarship for me to John Brown University, where I met Valo and settled for a career in medicine. I would not have considered Baylor College of Medicine if it weren’t for the son of my biology professor Dr. Irvin Wills who had gone to Baylor and specialized in ophthalmology.

I applied  and was accepted to the medical school of the university of Missouri at Columbia, but actually preferred Baylor and was invited to “24 hours of medical education” there, during which I met the dean of students, attended a grand rounds, and saw my first corpse at Ben Taub Hospital. It was exciting to later be a member of the new class at Baylor (there was a 1 in 15 chance for selection for each applicant, we were told) BTW,  Dean Schofield,  who took pride on that first day in being able to call each and every student by name from memory, made his only mistake when he introduced me as “John Brown from Bob Jones University”.

I never shared my grandfather’s passion for fishing, but was happy to be asked by the Bushwacker Museum’s coordinator Will Tollerton to portray Nevada’s manufacturer of precision fishing reels, William Talbot, in this year’s Deepwood Cemetery Tour. I am also thrilled to look back and see how God uses people and places to arrange our lives for the best. There are many times and many ways that I would have messed up my life on my own. I thank God profusely for his amazing grace in my life! Trust Him with yours.


Dr. J


We just completed our second annual Deepwood Cemetery Tour and it was very interesting. Last year I portrayed William Joel Stone, who was a local prosecuting attorney, governor of Missouri, State Representative, and finally U.S. Senator. I learned that he was a champion of the ordinary person, and a favorite of  area farmers.

Stone was  a Democrat, but his positions were more in line with conservative Republicans of our day.  He was in favor of states’ rights as much as for national sovereignty.  He was a pacifist, and one of only 6 senators to vote against our involvement in the war against Germany. He was vehemently against what we know today as “pay to play”, or the buying of political favoritism by large corporations and countries. Stone is no doubt rolling over in his grave at Deepwood.

This year I was honored to portray William H. Talbot, jeweler, watchmaker, and designer and creator of some of the highest quality fishing reels ever, and which were made here in Nevada from around 1895 to 1913.

There were lessons learned here as well. The Bible tells us to “train up a child in the way he should go”. I think that this admonition applies to not only training children in good morals, but in discerning that children have special gifts that should be discovered and encouraged.

Mr. Talbot’s parents noted that he was “good with his hands” and that he showed an interest in details and fine craftsmanship. This led them to arrange for him to serve an apprenticeship with a watchmaker in Sedalia, Missouri, where he learned to be an exceptional silversmith.

College is not for everyone, and parents would do well to note which of their children would best attend a trade school. A good example is the enrollment at our local Missouri Welding Institute which has a history of job placement of around 99% upon graduation. Many college grads find that there is little in the way of employment for them with the major they have chosen, while facing huge student loan debt.

Mr. Talbot was only 18 years old when he moved to Nevada and opened his own jewelry store on east Cherry Street. What if he had missed his calling and gone off to college and possibly settled for some other occupation. I suspect that he would have done well, though, because we also learn from studying his story that he was very determined, imaginative, and persistent. He spent nearly 14 years studying and working on producing the best possible fishing reels!

We can also learn that it is important to know the basics of how to run a business, as Mr. Talbot eventually allowed himself to be displaced by others who bought in to his company. This led to the move of his business away from Nevada to Kansas City, and to a fall in the quality of the reels produced.

Thanks to all who bought tickets to the tour this year. We have all learned a lot, and had fun discovering the stories of Vernon County citizens of years gone by.


Dr. J


What an amazing time to be alive! The October-November time frame promises to be a turning point in American history, one that changes everything. We have written here a number of times that our nation was hijacked over 100 years ago by private, foreign banking interests that have held us hostage via our central bank, the Federal Reserve. That institution can rightfully claim the responsibility for the horrendous indebtedness we find ourselves in, and that will cause the impending crash of the financial system.

Now that Brett Kavanaugh has been installed onto the Supreme Court, President Trump can proceed with the huge swamp-draining actions that have the deep state petrified with fear. What will happen? The key word here is “declassify“. We will see the truth behind the FISA warrant that was illegally arranged by former president Obama and the fake “Russian dossier” that was paid for by the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton Foundation.

Expect to  see the ugly truth hidden on Anthony Weiner’s laptop,  and John Podesta’s emails, not to mention Hillary’s. The Inspector General’s Report should expose enough criminality to put high-level officials away for years. How will this happen? Via military tribunals. That’s right,  President Trump has put these legally in place, and we can expect to see thousands of arrests over a short period of time.  (there are over 50,000 sealed indictments ready to go) The $500 million expansion of the facilities at Guantanamo Bay will see lots of new arrivals.

One of the first of the “higher ups” to be rounded up may be John Brennan, former CIA director under Obama, and also Obama himself along with Hillary and many others. We may see how the Obama White House, with Hillary’s help as Secretary of State, funneled weapons through Benghazi to Turkey and Syria to fund Al Qaida and ISIS and to get rid of Muammar Gaddafi, who planned to drop the U.S. dollar in favor of a gold “Pan-African Dinar”.  Our Ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens, apparently got “cold feet” and began talking to non-deep state folks and the result was his death along with 3 others in the attack on his facility. (you will recall that the U.S. refused to respond to his call for help).

We may find the evidence to prove that Hillary Clinton sold top secret military information to China, and that her thousands of emails that went directly to that country resulted in the assassination of 18 CIA operatives there. We know what the penalty for treason against the U.S. has been in the past. Much of this information is outlined by Dr. Dave Janda at

There is coming soon a reset of the Rule of Law (a return to Constitutional law) and also a reset of the monetary system that will eliminate the dollar as we know it. This could literally occur over a weekend, and all of these major changes may be accompanied by the imposition of martial law for a period of time. Those in the deep state know that they are trapped. Their plans to eliminate judge Kavanaugh from being appointed failed, and they may have to initiate some huge event (false flag) to distract from their approaching judgment.

We know, as the Bible says, that the people groan when the wicked are in authority, and that they rejoice when the righteous are in power. We have been groaning for far too long. Let us hope and pray that times of rejoicing lie close at hand. It has been pointed out that “The Economist” magazine, owned by the Rothschilds, some time back had a cover showing a Phoenix rising from burning paper money, and that had a gold coin around its neck bearing the date “2018” and the number “10” prominently displayed. Does the ten refer to the month of October, or to October 10th, which is tomorrow?? If major action does not take place tomorrow, then expect things to happen “bigly” on November 11, along with the “yuge” parade celebrating the 100th anniversary of the end of WWI.


Dr. J