I mentioned a while back on Facebook that an excellent site to help keep up with the amazing new developments in our country behind the scenes is “The X22 Report” on YouTube. There you will find twice daily offerings that draw from “Q”‘s apparently rock-solid sources.

I have been following the news that President Trump has a large number of sealed indictments to be served in federal district courts against criminals in the Deep State/Shadow Government, and that number has now reached over 4,000! The facts are in hand and the evidence is there. This will lead all the way to the top, and don’t be surprised to find that among those rounded up may be such luminaries as the Clintons, the Bushes, Obama, Comey, Holter, Loretta Lynch, and many others.

A real eye-opener was a video presentation by ex-CIA officer Kevin Shipp, who revealed that the CIA was never passed through Congress (it was established by an executive order of Harry Truman, who later called it a “mistake”). The CIA, according to Shipp, has murdered thousands and thousands of civilians around the world, has carried out 80 coups, is bringing in the drugs to the U.S. and laundering the money through the Vatican, is answerable to no one, has a secret budget that not even Congress can question, and that can end any investigation into its nefarious activities by playing the “States Secrets Privilege“, card which ends any such activity with the threat to send anyone to prison who continues to probe or who speaks out publicly.

Mr. Shipp states that we live now in a “post-Constitutional” era.He believes that if the CIA cannot be reigned in we will have lost America completely. I encourage all of you to have a look at one of his videos, or go to his web site, “ForTheLoveOfFreedom.net. There is too much at stake for us to be asleep any longer, and America is waking up. People see the lies and hypocrisy of the Left as it has jumped on to the immigration situation with a vengeance since their efforts to ensnare the president through the false “Russian collusion” nonsense fell apart. There is truly a monstrous amount of collusion with Russia on the part of the Left, and much of their treasonous activity will be exposed in the aforementioned indictments.

It is about to get VERY interesting! Fasten your seat belts.


Dr. J

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