I currently have a subscription to the Joplin Globe, mainly for the comic section that my wife enjoys so much. I am not so happy with the paper’s far left-leaning political stance. I must say, though, that there was an excellent letter to the editor in today’s edition that pointed out the evil nature of socialism. How refreshing!

More often, though, we are treated to a steady diet of leftist propaganda, especially the huge push to get people vaccinated with the COVID “vaccines” (which are actually not vaccines, but genetic operating systems; we shall term them vaccines in this article, however)

There is never a shred of opposition to the vaccinations, and I have not had my letters of warning published. The Globe is lined up with the official governmental, CDC, FDA, Anthony Fauci, pharmaceutical narrative.

I am personally sick of the lies I see and hear daily from the media, and intend to continue exposing them. As Hitler said, if you tell a lie and repeat it often enough, and make it big enough, people will believe it. I see the truth in that!

In the July 14 edition of the Globe we find a column by Ken Midkiff called, “Ignore blathering misinformation and get vaccinated”. He declares that COVID vaccines “are extremely effective in warding off the coronavirus.” He likely bases this on the statement that these vaccines are “95% effective.” In reality they are 1 % effective! It’s a matter of terminology, as the pharmaceutical houses quote the “relative” risk reduction when in fact the number that matters and tells us how well the vaccines work is the “absolute” risk reduction. They have been lying to us all along. The COVID vaccines are 99% ineffective.

We are also told that “92% of COVID deaths are among the unvaccinated”. This is not from some scientific study, but from a short column by two AP reporters, Carla Johnson and Mike Stobbe. It is said to be based on CDC data, but the CDC does not know how many fully vaccinated people have died of COVID-19 and has not estimated what percentage of hospitalizations and deaths are in fully vaccinated people.

Let’s look at statistics from the UK, likely the most vaccinated nation on earth. They found 35,521 Delta variant cases among the unvaccinated, and 4,087 among the fully vaccinated. You should get the vaccine, right? Not so fast. They found that the unvaccinated people are less likely to require hospitalization and FIVE TIMES less likely to die than their vaccinated peers! Yes, if you take the vaccines you are 5 times more likely to die than if you don’t.

Mr. Midkiff makes the laughable statement in his column that “drug companies and the government are enemies, not allies”. The fact is that the two are joined at the hip, as the drug companies give more money to the government (bribe) than any other group. He adds that much “misinformation” is unproven and based on fear. The COVID vaccines are truly unproven (The animal studies showing that previous attempts at coronavirus vaccines were dangerous were skipped!) Those who take the vaccines are the test subjects, and the government has seized upon the “pandemic” to generate fear that has allowed it to impose draconian controls on us all that would normally never be tolerated. “Never let a good crisis go to waste!”

Next we move on the the Globe edition of July 15 where we find a column by Michael Gerson called, “Some Republican politicians push vaccine skepticism for own benefit”. He refers to all of us who question the efficacy and safety of vaccines as being “badly misinformed”. He states that “we desperately needed miraculous vaccines” when in fact there was never a true pandemic (deaths over the last year, even among the elderly, were no higher than in the average influenza season) and there was not an “emergency” in that we have effective, inexpensive preventatives and treatments that make any vaccine unnecessary.

Vaccines are also unnecessary for the large percentage of us who have had previous coronavirus infections and antibodies against it that usually impart lifelong immunity. Natural immunity is best, and much less risky!

Two things should be noted here. First, Anthony Fauci stated early on that Donald Trump would be facing a pandemic during his administration. Secondly, COVID vaccines were prepared and ready before the “pandemic” even started! (samples of such were sent to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in December of 2019)

Gerson accuses Repubicans of making “selfish, destructive health decisions”, but of course there is nothing selfish about companies like Moderna making tens of billions of dollars from these unproven, unnecessary injectables. He also states that they are “undermining the only way to defeat a pandemic”. He is apparently ignorant of the fact that taking zinc, vitamins C and D3, and using ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine judiciously are extremely effective in preventing and treating COVID.

He goes on state with no evidence that these vaccines are “safe and effective”, when there is no way at present to know this. We’ve shown that they are 99% ineffective. He does not seem to be aware of the real possibility of “antibody enhancement of disease”, or “cytokine storm” that may cause widespread death among the vaccinated when they are exposed to the natural coronaviruses in the fall.

Let’s move on the the Globe edition of July 16 (today). Here we find a column by Steven Roberts called, “Failure to provide vaccine truth is now ‘literally killing people'”. He is right! But, he is wrong, for the reasons we have discussed above. Roberts refers to our concerns over vaccines as “crazed conspiracies” and a “Big Lie”, as he also calls Donald Trump’s claim that he won the 2020 election (he did, in a landslide!)

He goes on to say that “only mandates will work”. What happened to “my body, my choice”? What about the vaccine package inserts that tell you that you have the right to refuse the vaccine? Yes, you have the right to refuse, but not to refuse the consequences for having refused!

According to an article in Medicina 2021 57(3) 199 by Ronald Brown, up to 99% of fully-vaccinated people could potentially develop breakthrough infections. The CDC counts all infections in unvaccinated people, but it counts only breaklthrough COVID infections that occur in fully vaccinated people who are hospitalized or who die. You see how the data are manipulated, as when the numbers of COVID “cases” skyrocketed due to the way the PCR tests were calibrated, causing so many false positives.

Well, for the absolute truth read God’s word, the Bible. It has the answers for life’s problems and the solution for those weighed down by sin. Making it to heaven is not based on anything you do, it’s all about what Christ did for you. Stick with Him, and even if COVID gets you, you’ll be okay.

Dr. Jones

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