I have never been to Auschwitz, but I have been to Dachau, Germany and have seen the ovens they used for the “Jewish Problem”. I have been to the Yad Vashem holocaust museum in Jerusalem, and there is a children’s section where you walk along a path in a darkened building and are surrounded by thousands and thousands of points of light, each representing a child who was killed in the concentration camps.

In the camps like Dachau and Auschwitz most of the new arrivals were sent to the “showers”, which they discovered were used to administer Zyclon B gas (hydrogen cyanide) instead of water. Today we are directed to the vaccination centers.

We are living in times very much like Germany in 1938. Most of the population was not aware of the beast who was in charge of their country, much like most of us are not aware of the beastly system of a fake president (outvoted by a landslide), pharmaceutical giants, corporate CEOs, mainstream media, and fellow traveler blue pill politicians who run our country today.

You think the government cares about your health? No more than they did about the black men they injected with syphilis without telling them, just to see what the course of the disease was. You think the COVID-19 “vaccines” are to protect you and those around you? Sorry, but they were not designed to do either, and they don’t. They may allow you to have a milder case of COVID if you get it, but that’s all.

The “vaccines” are a bio-weapon, and the target is you. Those spike proteins that they cause each cell of your body to produce are pathogenic and the cause of the blood clots that have killed so many people. How many people have the vaccines killed so far? Tens of thousands; the CDC is not keeping track except for those appearing in the VAERS reporting system, which picks up about 1% of events according to a Harvard study. And the CDC has been caught eliminating deaths from their records!

To show you how evil the government is in regard to this whole mess, they no longer have a “control” group for the experimentation period which lasts until April of next year. In previous vaccine tests a total death count of around 20 ended the program, and not only have they not cancelled this one, they gave “approval” when they had no way of knowing if the vaccines are safe, but plenty of evidence that they are not.

The former head scientist of Pfizer, Dr. Michael Yeadon, says that everyone who has taken a COVID shot now has an average life expectancy of three years. That’s the “average”! (https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/exclusive-former-pfizer-vp-your-government-is-lying-to-you-in-a-way-that-could-lead-to-your-death)

We can hope and pray that treatment will appear to help prevent the expected deaths. In the meantime, all “vaccine mandates” are Nazi-style control mechanisms, and every one of them should be resisted. All who wish to impose them are placing themselves in the huge group of those committing crimes against humanity, as these requirements are in violation of international law, and thus they are possibly subjecting themselves to the death penalty.

The pharmaceutical giants somehow had the foresight to have these “vaccines” ready before the “pandemic” even appeared on the scene! Vaccine samples were given to the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill in December of 2020, where “gain of function” studies had been done (along with Ft. Detrich, Maryland). And you remember that Anthony Fauci warned that President Trump would be facing a pandemic! This is the greatest medical fraud in history. There never was a pandemic, only hyped up numbers of “cases” generated by thousands of PCR false positive tests. The death rate over the last year, even among the elderly, was no higher than during the average flu season.

There never was an emergency to justify any “emergency use authorization”, as safe and effective treatment was available at the time. Granting such EUA was illegal. It was also illegal to call these “vaccines” when there is no “covid” virus included at all; they are genetic operating systems, are experimental, and have never been tried before.

Imagine being forced to be injected with an experimental substance that has never been used before as one of the “guinea pigs” in a study where the expected animal studies were skipped because the animals in three prior coronavirus vaccine studies nearly all died! Do you see anything wrong with that picture? And why are the pharmaceutical companies immune from prosecution? And note that the supervising government agency, the FDA, gets a substantial portion of its money from those same pharmaceutical companies. There’s nothing to see here, folks!

God’s power is stronger than that of any government or its programs. Pray that He will keep you safe. Take supplements (zinc, vitamins C and D3, magnesium, and selenium, and quercetin if you can find it), eat healthy foods, drink good water, get enough sleep, exercise, and if you are a Christian, do not allow a curse to affect your health. What do I mean by that?

The Bible tells us the reason that so many Christians get sick and some die early. It’s because they partake in Communion in an unworthy manner by not properly discerning the Lord’s body at Communion. Isaiah 53:5 says that it’s by Jesus’ stripes (wounds) that we are healed. Be certain that you have read and understand I Corinthians 11, verses 27, 29, and 30. See if they do not tell you exactly what I just said. Avoid that curse; be thankful for what our Lord did for your health by allowing His body to go through what it did.

We Christians will never die! We may “fall asleep”, and it may be soon!

Dr. Ron Jones

August 30, 2021

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