“Freedom is the right to tell people what they don’t want to hear.” George Orwell

Have you known folks who do not want to be confused by the facts because their minds are made up? They are plentiful, that’s for sure. The sad thing is that this attitude is found at all levels of society.

There are many facts today that very few people want to hear, and most will reject if they do hear. In large measure it’s because we have a long-held trust in authority figures, and we do not like to think that they may be out for their own good and not ours.

I have for years written about those who wield vast amounts of power in the world and essentially control all nations. These are the “globalists” and they have been advancing their Marxist socialist policies for over 200 years (going back to the Illuminati in 1776) by installing their puppets at all levels of government, in all of the major news networks, Hollywood, and educational establishments. (major colleges invite far left-leaning speakers over conservative ones by a 50 to one margin now)

The facts are known about the massive fraud perpetrated by Democrats to “win” the 2020 presidential election. Donald Trump won the contest in a landslide, and this is about to be proven as the audit is concluding in Arizona and a number of other states are now looking into the criminal proceedings. You will soon see the evidence.

Let’s look at the COVID-19 “pandemic”, perhaps the greatest hoax in history. It is true that a coronavirus pathogen was developed as a bio-weapon in that Wuhan virology lab, and that it has killed many people. But it has not killed nearly as many as we have been told. Those large numbers of “cases” and deaths were generated by manipulating the PCR testing procedure that was never intended to be used at all.

That test involves “amplification cycles”, and an abnormally high number of such cycles was used over the past year to cause a huge number of positive results (false positives). Most of these “positive cases” of COVID were not people who were sick at all, just had a positive test result. And all manner of deaths were attributed to COVID if there had been a “positive” test result. Hospitals were paid much more money for each patient who died of COVID!

There was never a true pandemic at all, and there was no reason to mask healthy people or to enforce lockdowns, both of which have caused a huge amount of harm. Public health measures prescribe that sick people be quarantined, not healthy ones! Only the most vulnerable of the population need special protection. The number of deaths over the past year, even among the elderly, was no worse that during the average flu season.

There was never a need for any COVID “vaccine”, as effective and inexpensive preventatives and treatments have been and are available, and that has been proven over and over. There were two reasons for COVID “vaccines”, and those are for control of the people, and to make billions of dollars from vaccine sales, and possibly a third reason, for depopulation. (Check Georgia Guidestones goal number one.)

Sources of information that people trust have been lying through their teeth about how “effective and safe” the vaccines are. Anyone who declares that the vaccines have been proven to be so are either ignorant of the facts or lying deliberately.

All COVID vaccines, which are not truly vaccines at all but genetic operating systems, are not approved by the FDA, but have been given “emergency use authorization”. I say again, there was never an emergency to justify a rush for their preparation. A true vaccine takes years to develop and animal trials are used to test their safety. The FDA never did approve any previous coronavirus vaccine because the test animals DIED. Animal trials were skipped in all current COVID “vaccine” research. Those who have been injected with them are the test animals, and there is good reason to believe that they may suffer the same fate as the test animals did. So much for the media’s declaration that the vaccines have been “thoroughly tested”.

The COVID-19 is covered with “spike proteins”, and the “vaccines” cause your body to manufacture these very proteins which have now been shown to be toxic and to cause the clotting of blood and other cardiovascular problems. They are said to remain confined to the injection site, but have been shown to circulate throughout the body.

Oh, why did those test animals die? They appeared fine after injection with the coronavirus vaccines, but later when they were exposed to the natural coronavirus their immune systems overreacted and they suffered multi-organ system damage in a “cytokine storm”. Will the same adverse effect happen to those who have been injected with a COVID vaccine? We will likely know this fall.

BTW, none of the COVID “vaccines” keep you from getting COVID or from passing it on. They only may cause you to have a milder case of COVID if you catch it. What about their being “95% effective”? The only requirement from the FDA for a vaccine to be “effective” is that it “elicit an antibody response”. That’s right, if it causes antibodies to form, no matter what they do (including killing you) it is pronounced “effective”.

Those in positions of power are siding with the vaccine manufacturers (all of whom have been given total immunity against prosecution due to injuries and death) in mandating that the vaccines be required. A pharmaceutical-friendly judge just dismissed a lawsuit by over a hundred of the staff of the Methodist Hospital in Houston who did not want to be forced to take the vaccine. Can employees be forced to take it? The package insert of the vaccines says that you have the right to refuse to take it. After all, it’s experimental.

Conspiracies are the norm today, not some wild, off the wall dream conjured up by the wackos. The Joint Chiefs of Staff of the military all signed off (conspired) to kill Americans and blame it on Cuba to justify an invasion. Just look up Operation North Woods. President Kennedy vetoed it.

The Twin towers were not brought down by planes, but by strategically placed explosives to “implode” them, even Building Seven which was not even hit by a plane, but which contained much information that would be destructive to the deep state if revealed. Over two thousand professional architects and engineers know that the buildings were not brought down as in the official account.

The Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City was not demolished by that truckload of bombs parked out front, but by explosives placed against the support columns. Guess where the records of the investigation into Bill Clinton’s role in importing drugs to Mena, Arkansas were stored??

Our government, controlled almost entirely by globalists (with the only recent exceptions being JFK and Donald Trump) uses fear as its chief weapon against us. They have considered invasion by extraterrestrials, fear of climate change, and now pandemics to instill enough fear to change our behaviors in ways that we would not have dreamed of a few years back.

It’s the old “problem, reaction, solution”, or Marx’s “thesis, antithesis, synthesis” formula. If there is not a crisis, create one and then present the solution for it. It works every time. Take away the peoples true money, gold (thanks, Nixon) and replace it with an un-backed paper currency which continuously loses value. Steal the people’s money by inflation.

Create enduring drought by weather modification, such as in California. Cover the landscape with aluminum (done by chem trails every day, now known as “stratispheric aerosol injection”) so that fires burn with hellish fervor since the aluminum is an accelerant.

The late David Rockefeller, who admitted being a globalist, stated that it would be easy to bring in the New World Order. We just needed to have the right crisis. Bingo, COVID!

How many of your friends have suddenly died after they got a COVID shot? The funeral homes are overwhelmed with bodies now, and even the cemetery monument businesses are backlogged. There’s something “unnatural” about this.

The ultimate fact that people don’t want to hear is that if you have not trusted Christ Jesus to save you, then you are headed to hell for eternity. That is a fact. It is just as much a fact, though, that God does not want anyone to go there, so He made the way out. No one gets to heaven by trying their best to make it! It’s only Christ’s finished work at the cross that makes it possible, and it’s a gift. That makes every day Father’s Day!


Dr. J June 14, 2021

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