Why Are So Many Christians Sick?

Have you ever seen so much sickness around? How many people do you know with cancer? How many families do you know that have a child with autism or ADHD? How about diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, dementia, etc? And I’m talking about Christian families!  Are we healthier than non-Christian families? It doesn’t appear so.  And, the divorce rates are about the same…

There are many ways to get sick. This time of year all you have to do is be around someone else for a bit and you are likely to come down with a cold or a flu-like illness. There are, of course, hereditary factors. Certain types of cancers “run in the family”. We are exposed to toxins daily that compromise our immune systems. Our diets are often not the best (for instance, too much sugar can interfere with your ability to avoid or fight infections).  Even a lack of sleep and excessive worry are factors.

We live in a “fallen” world and the “god of this world” (Satan) came to steal, kill, and destroy. That includes destruction of your health and even death itself. But, does God leave us open to these attacks? Non-Christians are fair game, and have little defense against the devil who roams around “like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.”  It’s different for the Christian, a member of God’s family. Among the many names for Christ Jesus, He is our Healer. Yes, He still heals. Let me tell you of one of the times He healed me, and then we’ll find out THE REASON that so many Christians around us are sick and dying.

Around seven years ago I suddenly had onset of strange symptoms….every single time I looked upward and to the right I had pain in my upper left chest, down my left arm, and numbness in my left thumb and first finger. It got worse, and eventually I had to sit at my desk between patients and give myself traction (pushed my head upward)  for relief. The symptoms were consistent with compression of my spinal cord in the region of the 3rd and 4th neck vertebrae, and an  x-ray showed a “bone spur” causing pressure there.

I definitely did not want to have neck surgery, but that seemed likely. But wait, I have a Healer! I chose to give Him the opportunity to fix the problem, and He did. It’s been seven years now, and I have not once had any of those symptoms return. How can we obtain this healing from the Lord?

First of all, you must be “born again“, which sounds weird, but refers to death of the old human nature and possession of the new spiritual nature that Jesus gave us at the cross. He actually “became sin”, though He never once sinned. All of our sins, past present and future were loaded onto Him and God judged them all, which allows for ANYONE  who wishes to receive the righteousness of God in return for those sins! God is not out to judge you, He’s out to save you! That’s right, being made right with God is a GIFT from Jesus, and nothing that you or I could ever obtain by working for, no matter how hard we tried. Accept it and be glad and be thankful.

God’s living word, the Bible, tells us exactly why so many Christians are sick and dying. If you are a Christian, then you celebrate communion, or “the Lord’s supper” periodically. This very important ordinance is for us to remember and reflect on Jesus’ willing sacrifice of His own blood and body for us on the cross. Some do it weekly, some monthly or quarterly; you can do it any time, anywhere. All you need are the elements (the bread and wine or juice), salvation,  and a thankful heart.

Okay, here’s where we find THE REASON: read I Corinthians 11:29,30  “…for he that eateth and drinketh unworthily, eateth and drinketh damnation to himself, not discerning the Lord’s body. For this cause many are weak and sickly among you, and many sleep”. (“sleep” means are dead) It’s widely taught that “unworthily” here refers to taking communion with some remaining sin in your life, but the specific reason given is the failure to discern the Lord’s body. Did you get that? I Peter 2:24 tells us about Jesus “by whose stripes you are healed”.  Isaiah 53:4,5 in the Hebrew tells us that Jesus literally bore our diseases.

All Christians believe that by Jesus’ shed blood our sins are removed forever, which is true. But along with bearing our sins and rising without them, He also bore our diseases and infirmities so that we can have supernaturally good health. I didn’t make that up; it’s what God’s word says.

My advice to you is this… first of all take communion regularly and frequently, especially if you are afflicted with some health problem(s). When you eat the bread, you are taking in Jesus’ broken body (broken for YOU) so that you may be healed. If you will thus properly discern His body, you will allow yourself to start on the path to divine healing. It often does not happen all at once, but the more you partake, the more that healing will be manifested for you.  My cervical radiculopathy was taken away, and not what I would expect in the natural. I give the Lord all of the credit.

If you ignore God and His word, you eventually end up in Hell. That’s sadly the path our nation is on today, having begun with dedication to God and Christ, but having officially left Him out  of daily life. You have heard of Ripley’s “Believe it or Not!” You can read I Corinthians and believe it, or not. With God, what you believe is what you get. Believing is seeing, is what I say. Here’s to your good health!


Dr. J






















In Gov We Trust?

In about 1993 GMO crops were introduced into our food supply, against the consensus opinion of the FDA’s own scientists. (discovered in 144,000 pages of internal FDA memos obtained by a lawsuit via the Freedom of Information act)  One reason for their concern was that no long-term human studies of GMOs had ever been done. The study done by Dr. Seralini in rats over two years (the equivalent of a human lifespan) showed that Bt corn, the kind commonly grown around here, caused infertility, liver and kidney damage, and multiple large tumors.

Has this caused Monsanto to stop and arrange for  independent studies to see if it will cause the same problems in humans? Are you kidding? No, they have raced ahead with a variety of other GMO seeds, all of which have not been studied in humans, but are thought by many to be causing  a variety of chronic diseases.

The Roundup (glyphosate) that is sprayed on GMO crops all around us is now known to be a cause of cancer. It is even showing up in baby formula! I just read an article in today’s JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) that looked at glyphosate in the urine of older adults from the year 1993 to 2016. The amount of this poison in the urine had risen by 13 times!  That means that it is getting into our bodies.     

As is so often the case, it is the love of money that propels so many of the decisions that affect the health of all of us. The same can be said for the pharmaceutical industry that has succeeded in having so many of their vaccines required, not yet under the threat of a gun, but by denial of an education for your children if you don’t comply. And there is more evidence accumulating that these are likely causing the formation of antibodies that are attacking our own bodies and therefore causing many diseases. (Of course, the same “big pharma” then gets to sell the drugs to deal with those diseases!)

Are all drugs bad? No, many are life-saving, as we know. Are all immunizations bad? No. Some are relatively harmless and do prevent some terrible diseases. It’s just that the risks are well-known, but not made public, and the needed studies to identify more accurately how risky and how effective (or not) they are have not been done, and most likely never will be. Why not? For the same reason that the circulating proposed “Amendment 28” does not have the chance of a snowball in hell of being passed, because that would remove all of those special perks that congress has so long enjoyed. They would have to vote away their own luxuries!  Do they vote on their own salaries? Yes! Will they vote in term limits? No!

Government at one time served “we the people” well, but that disappeared over 100 years ago when the nation was taken over by a group of mostly foreign bankers with no allegiance to America. The chief aim of government today is to maintain and expand control and wealth. Ever since the League of Nations was set up, (and later the United Nations) the aim is world domination with a central government (which will observe no god but power).

I do dislike being so negative here, but we live in a fallen world that is getting wackier all the time. Just know that any behavior, belief, opinion that is contrary to the Holy Bible is WRONG! That goes for abortion, homosexuality, transgenderism, and adhering to any religion other than Christianity – and the latter will not help you unless you have consented to allow Christ Jesus himself to save you by His finished work on the cross. Christianity is exclusive – ONLY believers will be in Heaven. But, thank God, it is also INCLUSIVE – “whosoever will” may be saved. Hopefully, all of you “will”.

Blessings,     Dr. J



Alternatives to Flu Shots

My concerns about the influenza vaccines were covered in the last blog. BTW, I just came across the website for the legal group that wins more payouts for those injured by vaccines than any other in the country, Maglio, Christopher and Toale, P.A.,  who have recovered over $200 million for their clients in the past 3 years.

It was also of interest to see that 84% of the last 95 cases were for injury from flu vaccines. The conditions caused were neurologic,  mostly Guillain-Barre with  ascending paralysis. So, are flu shots safe? It depends on how lucky you are. (but my main concern is the formation of auto-antibodies that can lead to all sorts of chronic diseases later on.)

Your main defense against the flu and other illnesses is a strong immune system. For this to be optimal, you must eat nutritious food, meaning lots of fresh vegetables and fruits, and a minimum of sugars. If you want to reduce your waistline, be sure to include plenty of healthy fats to replace much of the carbs. That’s right, you need to eat fat to lose fat.

Get plenty of sleep (generally around 8 hours) in a dark room. Drink plenty of clean water (personally, I avoid drinking water from plastic bottles because of plastic by-products leaching into it). Avoid soda pop, especially the “diet” kind with artificial sweeteners.

Get enough vitamin D. This is hard to do naturally from sunlight this time of year, so a supplement with vitamin D3 is a good idea. (some consider flu a vitamin D deficiency disease) Use good hand-washing to help keep from spreading flu to you on your  fingers. Take extra vitamin C.

The most helpful measure I know of to prevent flu and other respiratory viruses is silver solution. I always keep an atomizer bottle on hand at home and in the office. I was the only one in our office who did not miss a single day of work this past year due to illness, and several were out for days. I have written extensively about silver, and I would not be without it .

How do you get the flu? Usually from airborne spread of droplets from someone with the illness having coughed or sneezed around you. The tiny invisible flu particles, or virions, land on your mucosa, or lining of the nose or throat,  and then they replicate (spread) until you are sick. But, if you spray some silver solution into your nose and throat shortly after exposure, you can kill those flu particles before they can spread. Or, if you are sick, you can attack the germs several times a day with the silver and greatly lessen the severity of the illness.

I hesitate somewhat to tell you this about silver, because if enough parents use it on their children at the first sign of illness, I won’t be seeing nearly as many of them in the office during the winter! I would love to see a study on the use of nebulized silver solution for croup and bronchiolitis, as I believe that it would prove quite successful in combating these particular infections. All we can do presently is treat the symptoms until the body fights off the illness.

I recommend that you find out all you can about flu and flu shots and then make the best decision for your family. Here’s hoping that you and yours have a healthy, happy fall and winter!


Dr. J.


Flu News, Clues, and Views

There is always a big push to “get your flu shot” around this time of year, since influenza tends to cause more illness in the fall and winter. But, are flu shots very effective? Are they even safe? The CDC assures us that they are both. And you can always trust what government agencies say…

There are over 100 viruses that cause flu-like symptoms, i.e., fever, headache, cough, congestion, aching all over. So, when you have the “flu”, you usually don’t, unless you test positive for the influenza A or B. For every 100 patients who are told that they have the flu, only 7 actually do. But are the vaccines even very effective against influenza?

The “gold standard” of testing various drugs and vaccines is the “Cochrane Collaboration“.  This is an internationally recognized group of independent researchers who receive no money at all from the pharmaceutical industry. They study all of the studies, and conclude that the flu vaccine is barely effective, if at all.  The study indicates that 40 people have to get the flu shot to prevent flu in one patient. Are you happy with those odds?  The Cochrane Review found that flu shots given to groups save an average of 0.04 days per year off work, and concluded that “no evidence supported it as a routine public health measure.”

The Flulaval package insert accurately states, “Circulating strains of influenza virus change from year to year”. The CDC has to guess which ones will predominate and put those into the vaccine; sometime they are wrong.

Are there any reasons to consider not getting the flu vaccine? I think so. First of all, if you get the actual flu illness, your body generates “memory immunity” that helps prevent future influenza illnesses (heterosubtypic immunity), whereas getting a flu shot causes antibodies to be formed that actually impede the ability to fight off future influenza attacks. Not only that, but a study by Cowling in 2013 (a well-controlled study using a saline placebo) showed that if you get a flu shot you are four to five times more likely to come down with a non-influenza viral infection, some of which are really nasty, including polio-like types. The first influenza attack that a child suffers can help build up lifelong immunity to the virus.

It has also been shown that if you get annual flu shots, you are more likely to succumb to a “pandemic” type of flu, and more likely to eventually get Alzheimer’s disease.  Vaccines like this one intentionally cause inflammation. Materials such as aluminum are put into the vaccines to make them more irritating to the body and thus produce a greater antibody response. These are known as “adjuvants”.  (mercury is the heavy metal in flu vaccines – more about this below)  If you must get a flu shot, ask for it from a single-dose vial, as it has no mercury in it.

Pregnant women receiving a flu shot have an elevation of CRP, a measure of inflammation, and inflammation of the brain is a feature of autism – why take a chance with your baby? There is concern over injury to the intestinal tract, causing “leaky gut”, which leads to autoimmune antibody formation and a host of subsequent diseases.

The vaccines haven’t even been studied that well. A legitimate study of a vaccine tests the active vaccine against an inert substance such as saline. The Flulaval vaccine was tested using Hepatitis A vaccine as the control! So, if you get no more harm from this vaccine than from the other vaccine, it’s safe! Their package insert does say that there were “over three times as many serious adverse events with Flulaval as with Havrix” (the Hep A vaccine) Twenty-four types of adverse reactions are listed there.

The Flulaval package insert adds, “There are insufficient data on Flulaval Quadrivalent in pregnant women to inform vaccine-associated risks”.  It also states, “Flulaval has not been evaluated for carcinogenic, mutagenic potential…” In other words, “we don’t know if this vaccine will cause harm to you or your baby or cause cancer or permanent changes to your DNA; you are part of the experimental group”.

Then there is the mercury in the flu vaccine, in the form of Thimerosal, or ethyl mercury, which is a neurotoxin. At least 240 studies have found it to be harmful. Is there any problem with this? Well, you decide. The FDA ‘s maximum contaminant level for mercury in water is 2 parts per billion. Anything above that classifies it as toxic waste. The amount in the flu shot is 50,000 parts per billion! This is  mind-boggling, but it’s true, look it up for yourself.

Not only that, but the flu shot also contains Polysorbate 80, which actually enhances the transfer of heavy metals (mercury is one) across the blood-brain barrier into the brain. There’s no way I’m putting this junk into my body! The materials I’ve just mentioned are included in Flulaval, one of the flu vaccines being touted heavily.

Should you wish to know what is actually in each of the childhood vaccines, (and the lists will shock you, as they include human DNA and protein from aborted fetal cell lines, glyphosate or Roundup, formaldehyde,  and pig virus DNA) you can go online to the National Vaccine Information Center, then to the “Vaccines” section, and then to “Ingredients”.  (76 are listed) If you search the actual Flulaval package insert you will not find any list of ingredients.

Given the above information, would you say that you have been given “informed consent” for the flu shot, and for all of the childhood vaccines? I didn’t think so. I have pointed out before that the federal “Vaccine Court” has paid out over $3.6 billion for vaccine injuries so far, and serious events from the flu shot account for more than two times the pay-outs than for all of the other vaccines combined! Let that sink in.

If enough people across the country wake up and learn of the risks and alternatives to vaccines, then we can overturn the mandated physical assault on our bodies by government bureaucrats, and at least let each individual decide for him or herself whether to continue in servitude to the police state. My concern here is the health and well-being of our children (and ourselves, of course).

The vaccine industry is sadly corrupted by too many greedy individuals and is connected too tightly with too many greedy representatives in Congress. “Follow the money” will often lead to the foundation of all sorts of evil. I must tell you, however, that there are a vast number of men and women of integrity in both industry and in government who would try to correct much of this if they knew, and if they could. Only if we can have well-controlled, independent long-term studies comparing highly-vaccinated, selectively-vaccinated, and un-vaccinated populations will we know the truth and have reliable data. (Don’t hold your breath – this would kill their cash cow; it’s currently  not about outcomes, it’s about money)

You have been warned. I risk losing my job, and certain condemnation by my profession for publishing this. In the meantime, study the issue for yourself and make decisions that you believe are best for you and your children. Next, we will look at things you can do to minimize your chances of getting the flu and other infectious diseases.


Dr. J


Big Pharma Is Killing Us!

We will look at flu shots shortly, but this must be talked about. Did you watch “60 Minutes” this evening? I hope so. The opioid epidemic was discussed, and specifically how the DEA’s efforts to halt the diversion of controlled pain killers have been hampered by our own legislators.

That’s right, it was made clear how top DEA investigators have “changed sides” (follow the  money) and now work for the drug companies or the distributors, like McKesson and Cardinal, that send the drugs on  to the pharmacies, sometimes millions of pills to small pharmacies serving areas with small populations.

These former DEA employees have lobbied Congress to the tune of over $200,000 per each representative and senator ($110,000,000 total) to successfully get passed legislation that all but makes it impossible for the DEA to go after these criminals. The legislation was passed by both house and senate “without objection“, and was signed by then president Obama who declined to have a photo op for the signing. (Remember when he promised to eliminate lobbying in D.C. if elected? What a joke.)

If you didn’t know, “big pharma” spends more money on buying off congresspersons than any other group, including banking and the defense industry. And this directly involves the manufacturers of vaccines as well, as there are multiple conflicts of interest among those who recommend the shots for our children, and much fraudulent activity involving the research pertaining to those vaccines.

One example of the latter is the use of phony “controls” for some vaccine manufacturers’ studies. To test the safety of a vaccine, you must study the reactions to a vaccine against those seen after a “control”, or inert material such as saline,  is injected. Many times, though, instead of using a proper control, the company will use another vaccine as the control! This way, if you don’t see many more adverse reactions from the vaccine than from the “control”, it is considered safe. This is fraud.

In tonight’s “60 Minutes” program it was mentioned that one of the top supporters of eliminating the ability to bring these drug-diverting criminals to justice has been nominated to be President Trump’s “Drug Czar”. I’ve pointed out before that our current “Food Czar”, the FDA’s Michael Taylor, was a Monsanto attorney before joining the FDA, and he had disregarded the FDA’s own scientists who recommended against putting any GMOs into our food supply. (GMOs are killing us as well, and so is the Roundup used to spray on them.)

Here’s my view on lobbying…. let those corporate reps visit our elected officials, e.g. over a meal, to discuss their concerns and requests, but let NO MONEY change hands.  As it now stands, lobbyists expect to get back $700 for their businesses for each one dollar they spend on Congress. Let any money given by a lobbyist to a congressperson be considered to be the bribe that it is, and let there be tough penalties for engaging in this behavior.  Okay, the next topic will be flu vaccines.


Dr. J


Fraud and Deception re Immunizations

“It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong.”  –  Voltaire

To accept that there could be fraud and deception on the part of the CDC and the FDA, one must be aware of some of the many situations in which the federal government has lied to us in the past. You need to start by realizing that the nation was allowed to be stolen by a group of elite bankers on Christmas Eve of 1913 in the guise of the Federal Reserve, a privately-owned corporation made up of mostly foreigners, who unconstitutionally control the money supply, congress, and hence, the nation. (for details, read G. Edward Griffin’s “The Creature from Jekyll Island“, a book which should be taught in every high school)   Such a central bank is a communist idea.

There have been many “false flags“, beginning with Operation North Woods (look it up) in which Americans were to be bombed by our own troops and the blame placed on Fidel Castro – JFK vetoed that one. Kennedy’s own assassination did not happen the way the government said it did; neither did the attacks of 9/11, the Oklahoma City bombing, and many others, even the stated reason for the start of the Viet Nam war.

More closely related to our topic, it was found via the Freedom if Information Act that the consensus of FDA scientists was that GMOs should not be put in our food, as they had never been tested in humans and were likely to be dangerous and cause many diseases. (animal studies show the likelihood of this happening)  They were ignored and GMOs got fast-tracked into our food supply with the help of a Monsanto attorney, Michael Taylor, who is currently the FDA “food czar” in charge of our food safety. And, those large agricultural companies spent hundreds of millions of dollars to make sure that GMOs cannot be included in the list of ingredients of your foods. Starting to get the picture?

When you have the federal government and large corporations joined at the hip, you then have fascism. Large pharmaceutical and agricultural companies and the federal government are joined that way.   In 2008 when a number of large banks had gambled away  our money and should have failed, spent 300 million dollars on our congressmen to ensure that TARP (700 billion dollar bailout of those banks) was passed, even threatening to institute marshal law if they did not go along.  (the banks had that much power? yes, and that power is also illustrated by the fact that several of them have been caught laundering drug money, and have never been indicted or charged with any wrongdoing)

Now, for vaccines. It would be nice if the federal agency managing risk of vaccines and recommending vaccines was to a large degree independent of the companies manufacturing those vaccines, right? Well, the CDC actually sells vaccines and holds patents on flu, rotavirus, hepatitis A, HIV, anthrax, rabies,pneumococcal, meningococcal, and others.  Each vaccine that makes it into the schedule is worth billions of dollars in sales. Recall that after vaccine manufacturers were made immune from lawsuits, the number of vaccines in the schedule skyrocketed.

Dr. William Thompson, a top CDC scientist in the Immunization Safety Office, came forward and said, “We have known for 13 years that there’s a causal association between the MMR vaccine used in America and autism in children, and we have covered it up.” He added, “We have lied, we have committed scientific fraud”. He questioned the decision to cover it up and to destroy documents.  Dr. Brian Hooker had a PhD in biochemical engineering, and said, “I knew that the CDC was committing fraud.”

In 2001 the CDC began a study, known as the DiStefano study, designed to absolve the MMR vaccine from any blame in the autism epidemic. Instead, they found that African-Americans who got the MMR on time (e.g. 15 months) were 2.5 times more likely to get autism than those who received it after 3 years of age. They then literally threw into trash cans all of the information that showed the connection. Dr. Thompson was a co-author of that study and he secretly kept his documents, and when ordered to destroy them, he kept records on his computer.

Thompson was set to present at the Institute of Medicine in 2004, but was conscience-stricken and planned to reveal the truth. He received a letter of discipline and he was replaced. At least 100,000 African-American males have turned up with autism since the known connection was covered up.

In June of 2000 a group of top government scientists, pharmaceutical reps,  and health officials met secretively at the Simpsonwood Conference Center in Norcross, Georgia  to discuss a disturbing new study that raised alarming questions about the safety of many common vaccines. A CDC epidemiologist, Tom Verstraeten, had analyzed the CDC’s own database including the records of 100,000 children and found that thimerosal appeared to be responsible for the dramatic rise in autism, speech delays,  ADHD, and a host of other neurological diseases.

Since the CDC and FDA had recommended in 1991 three additional thimerosal-containing vaccines to infants the autism rate had risen fifteenfold, from one in every 2,500 children to one in 166. (It is now one in 47) A consultant for the American Academy of Pediatrics, Dr. Bill Weil, said the results were “statistically significant”. Those present spent the next two days discussing how to cover up the data. The CDC gave its giant database of vaccine records to a private company and declared it off-limits to researchers.

Vaccine manufacturers had already begun to phase out thimerosal, but they continued to sell their mercury-based vaccines. The CDC and FDA bought them and exported them to developing countries!

Dr. Judy A. Mikovits has a PhD in biochemistry and Molecular Biology from George Washington University, and spent 30 years with the National Cancer Institute. She describes how we have unwittingly introduced into the human population a new family of retroviruses that have long been associated with cancers, leukemia, lymphoma, and neuro-immune diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s,  via contaminated vaccines, including the MMR. Biologics have for 20 years been grown in mouse cell cultures. Mouse leukemia-like viruses have escaped into vaccines. The reverse transcriptase in the MMR  is the hallmark of a retrovirus.

She points out that stressors in our environment such as glyphosate (Roundup) and GMOs compromise our immune system and allow these “Frankenstein viruses” to cause diseases. Not everyone gets a disease when they get a vaccination. But, if you have one of these retroviral infections that your immune system has kept at bay, then another vaccination that will naturally cause an explosion of new virus-containing cells (that’s what vaccines do) can be the “tipping point” where your  immune system can no longer control it, and you have the disease. Studies show that around 20 million Americans carry mouse-related leukemia viruses and are at risk for diseases.

She says that this came out in 2009 and the big question was “will we tell the truth, will we say we introduced it by a contaminated blood supply or contaminated vaccines?” The answer was, “No, we won’t”. The powers that be just tried to make Dr. Mikovits and others go away. She and co-workers were asked to sign papers refuting their work. They refused to sign and were fired.

Dr. Mikovits herself was dragged out of her home, cuffed, and held in jail for 5 days with no civil rights and without her husband even knowing where she was. She says, “You don’t think this in this country. I don’t believe anything but God. Forget anything you say about this country and civil rights.”

She says of doctors: “They don’t understand what’s in that needle. They don’t understand what’s being injected by their nurses because they aren’t trained.” As for the children, she says, “If we can get them to three years old without any vaccinations, we win.” Recall that autism was not found in any of Dr. Paul Thomas’ unvaccinated patients, and it is not found among unvaccinated Amish.

It is not pleasant to write about these things. Some parents’ eyes gloss over when I mention vaccine risks, and even a local OB doctor, when I explained the danger of giving all of that aluminum to newborns, said, “We’re thankful for our vaccines and we’re going to keep giving them.”

The above information comes from the complete transcripts of “The Truth About Vaccines”, hosted by Ty Bolinger. There is plenty more to say, but I think the point is made. Next time we will take a close look at the influenza vaccine since we are approaching flu season, and I will tell you why I will never take that one.


Dr. J


Vaccines: a safer schedule?

There is rightly increasing concern by parents and  physicians over the question of vaccine safety and efficacy. We all want our children to be as safe and healthy as possible, but many of us believe that our kids are getting too many vaccines too soon.

A fellow pediatrician and AAP member in Oregon, Dr. Paul Thomas has co-authored a book entitled, “The Vaccine-Friendly Plan” and I endorse his suggested schedule to lessen the risks to our children. Remember , the federal government has paid out over $3.6 billion to the parents of vaccine-injured children; therefore, we know that vaccines do pose real risks. The main idea behind Dr. Thomas’ revised plan is to separate some vaccine doses to reduce the amount of aluminum injected at any one time, and also to eliminate or delay some vaccine doses that may not be necessary.

You as parents need to be aware of the concerns and the reasons why, and then you can make a more informed decision for your child’s care. The problem currently is that doctors themselves are not informed and thus cannot inform parents. They believe what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) tells them, that all vaccines are “safe and effective”. We will later see how both the CDC and the FDA (Food and Drug) have participated in fraud and deception to deliberately keep us in the dark about vaccines.

First, check out your family history. If there is any autism, severe neurological disease, or autoimmune diseases, Dr. Thomas says to “consider” delaying all vaccines until at least age 5 years. He recommends no vaccines during pregnancy, and none at birth. (We discussed last time the hepatitis B vaccine, recommended at age one day, and why it has way too much aluminum in it and is also completely unnecessary unless mom has hepatitis B.)

Under the “vaccine-friendly” plan:

At age 2 months only the Hib and DTaP are given. The former is for prevention of hemophilus influnzae bacteria infections (quite serious) and is relatively safe, not to mention quite effective.  The DTaP is given primarily since pertussis (whooping cough) is such a risky illness in young babies. Even at that, the risk of your baby dying of pertussis if not vaccinated is about one in a million.  (and diphtheria is very low risk and your baby is likely not going to step on a rusty nail and get tetanus)

The Prevnar (against pneumococcal infections) is delayed until 3 months (repeated at age 5 months,  7 months, and one year) to avoid being given with another aluminum-containing vaccine at age 2 months, 4 months, and 6 months  (DTaP) .

At age 4 months the Hib and DTap are repeated, and again at 6 months.

At 9 months the Prevnar is given if it wasn’t at 7 months

At a year of age the Hib is given with the Prevnar.

At 15 months no shots are given (see age 3)

At 18 months a DTaP is given

At two years no vaccines are given.

At three years the MMR is given by itself (always by itself), as it was not given at the usual time of 15 months, since the nervous system is more vulnerable at that time, and conditions like autism are more likely to follow if it is given early.

At 4-6 years a DTaP is given and parents may consider the varicella (chicken pox) at this time, if the child has not had the disease by then.

At age 10 a Tdap is given and boosted every 5-10 years (have you had yours?)

At 11 years one of the meningococcal vaccines is worth considering, along with varicella if the child has not had the disease

At 12-14 consider the hepatitis B (3-dose series)

At 16-18 consider the meningococcal vaccines and get hepatitis A vaccine

If you examine the CDC-recommended vaccination schedule, you will find that some vaccines are missing here.  These include the IPV, or inactivated polio vaccine, since the risk of getting polio in the U.S. now is zero,  and the vaccine does contain formaldehyde (embalming fluid) and monkey kidney cells (sometimes these are contaminated).

Also omitted are the HPV (Gardasil), due to the lack of testing and the many possible severe reactions, the rotavirus vaccine (which is to help prevent diarrhea from this virus, but which makes one more likely to get sick with a number of other infections), and the influenza vaccine which has its own set of complications which we will focus on in another blog.

A free expanded e-book of this plan is offered at drpaulapproved.com

Dr. Thomas has three sets of families in his practice, the fully-immunized, those vaccinated according to his “friendly” plan, and those with no vaccinations at all. He did  a retroactive study of over a thousand of his patients and studied them over a 15 year period. It is interesting that he found not a single case of autism in the unvaccinated group and a number in the fully-vaccinated group similar to the one in 47 rate among the general population. It’s worth noting here that Dan Olmsted of UPI studied Amish children in Lancaster, County, Pennsylvania who are not vaccinated. He found only 4 cases of autism and expected 130, given the national rate. One of the 4 had been exposed to high levels of mercury from a power plant, and the other 3 had gotten their vaccines.   

Please help spread the word about vaccines, and take charge of your own children’s health. Well-informed parents are in the best position to make the best choices for care that has such a lasting effect on their children!

Those wishing to examine this schedule in more depth may want to read the book, “The Vaccine-Friendly Plan”.

Enough for now…..

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