“It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong.”  –  Voltaire

To accept that there could be fraud and deception on the part of the CDC and the FDA, one must be aware of some of the many situations in which the federal government has lied to us in the past. You need to start by realizing that the nation was allowed to be stolen by a group of elite bankers on Christmas Eve of 1913 in the guise of the Federal Reserve, a privately-owned corporation made up of mostly foreigners, who unconstitutionally control the money supply, congress, and hence, the nation. (for details, read G. Edward Griffin’s “The Creature from Jekyll Island“, a book which should be taught in every high school)   Such a central bank is a communist idea.

There have been many “false flags“, beginning with Operation North Woods (look it up) in which Americans were to be bombed by our own troops and the blame placed on Fidel Castro – JFK vetoed that one. Kennedy’s own assassination did not happen the way the government said it did; neither did the attacks of 9/11, the Oklahoma City bombing, and many others, even the stated reason for the start of the Viet Nam war.

More closely related to our topic, it was found via the Freedom if Information Act that the consensus of FDA scientists was that GMOs should not be put in our food, as they had never been tested in humans and were likely to be dangerous and cause many diseases. (animal studies show the likelihood of this happening)  They were ignored and GMOs got fast-tracked into our food supply with the help of a Monsanto attorney, Michael Taylor, who is currently the FDA “food czar” in charge of our food safety. And, those large agricultural companies spent hundreds of millions of dollars to make sure that GMOs cannot be included in the list of ingredients of your foods. Starting to get the picture?

When you have the federal government and large corporations joined at the hip, you then have fascism. Large pharmaceutical and agricultural companies and the federal government are joined that way.   In 2008 when a number of large banks had gambled away  our money and should have failed, spent 300 million dollars on our congressmen to ensure that TARP (700 billion dollar bailout of those banks) was passed, even threatening to institute marshal law if they did not go along.  (the banks had that much power? yes, and that power is also illustrated by the fact that several of them have been caught laundering drug money, and have never been indicted or charged with any wrongdoing)

Now, for vaccines. It would be nice if the federal agency managing risk of vaccines and recommending vaccines was to a large degree independent of the companies manufacturing those vaccines, right? Well, the CDC actually sells vaccines and holds patents on flu, rotavirus, hepatitis A, HIV, anthrax, rabies,pneumococcal, meningococcal, and others.  Each vaccine that makes it into the schedule is worth billions of dollars in sales. Recall that after vaccine manufacturers were made immune from lawsuits, the number of vaccines in the schedule skyrocketed.

Dr. William Thompson, a top CDC scientist in the Immunization Safety Office, came forward and said, “We have known for 13 years that there’s a causal association between the MMR vaccine used in America and autism in children, and we have covered it up.” He added, “We have lied, we have committed scientific fraud”. He questioned the decision to cover it up and to destroy documents.  Dr. Brian Hooker had a PhD in biochemical engineering, and said, “I knew that the CDC was committing fraud.”

In 2001 the CDC began a study, known as the DiStefano study, designed to absolve the MMR vaccine from any blame in the autism epidemic. Instead, they found that African-Americans who got the MMR on time (e.g. 15 months) were 2.5 times more likely to get autism than those who received it after 3 years of age. They then literally threw into trash cans all of the information that showed the connection. Dr. Thompson was a co-author of that study and he secretly kept his documents, and when ordered to destroy them, he kept records on his computer.

Thompson was set to present at the Institute of Medicine in 2004, but was conscience-stricken and planned to reveal the truth. He received a letter of discipline and he was replaced. At least 100,000 African-American males have turned up with autism since the known connection was covered up.

In June of 2000 a group of top government scientists, pharmaceutical reps,  and health officials met secretively at the Simpsonwood Conference Center in Norcross, Georgia  to discuss a disturbing new study that raised alarming questions about the safety of many common vaccines. A CDC epidemiologist, Tom Verstraeten, had analyzed the CDC’s own database including the records of 100,000 children and found that thimerosal appeared to be responsible for the dramatic rise in autism, speech delays,  ADHD, and a host of other neurological diseases.

Since the CDC and FDA had recommended in 1991 three additional thimerosal-containing vaccines to infants the autism rate had risen fifteenfold, from one in every 2,500 children to one in 166. (It is now one in 47) A consultant for the American Academy of Pediatrics, Dr. Bill Weil, said the results were “statistically significant”. Those present spent the next two days discussing how to cover up the data. The CDC gave its giant database of vaccine records to a private company and declared it off-limits to researchers.

Vaccine manufacturers had already begun to phase out thimerosal, but they continued to sell their mercury-based vaccines. The CDC and FDA bought them and exported them to developing countries!

Dr. Judy A. Mikovits has a PhD in biochemistry and Molecular Biology from George Washington University, and spent 30 years with the National Cancer Institute. She describes how we have unwittingly introduced into the human population a new family of retroviruses that have long been associated with cancers, leukemia, lymphoma, and neuro-immune diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s,  via contaminated vaccines, including the MMR. Biologics have for 20 years been grown in mouse cell cultures. Mouse leukemia-like viruses have escaped into vaccines. The reverse transcriptase in the MMR  is the hallmark of a retrovirus.

She points out that stressors in our environment such as glyphosate (Roundup) and GMOs compromise our immune system and allow these “Frankenstein viruses” to cause diseases. Not everyone gets a disease when they get a vaccination. But, if you have one of these retroviral infections that your immune system has kept at bay, then another vaccination that will naturally cause an explosion of new virus-containing cells (that’s what vaccines do) can be the “tipping point” where your  immune system can no longer control it, and you have the disease. Studies show that around 20 million Americans carry mouse-related leukemia viruses and are at risk for diseases.

She says that this came out in 2009 and the big question was “will we tell the truth, will we say we introduced it by a contaminated blood supply or contaminated vaccines?” The answer was, “No, we won’t”. The powers that be just tried to make Dr. Mikovits and others go away. She and co-workers were asked to sign papers refuting their work. They refused to sign and were fired.

Dr. Mikovits herself was dragged out of her home, cuffed, and held in jail for 5 days with no civil rights and without her husband even knowing where she was. She says, “You don’t think this in this country. I don’t believe anything but God. Forget anything you say about this country and civil rights.”

She says of doctors: “They don’t understand what’s in that needle. They don’t understand what’s being injected by their nurses because they aren’t trained.” As for the children, she says, “If we can get them to three years old without any vaccinations, we win.” Recall that autism was not found in any of Dr. Paul Thomas’ unvaccinated patients, and it is not found among unvaccinated Amish.

It is not pleasant to write about these things. Some parents’ eyes gloss over when I mention vaccine risks, and even a local OB doctor, when I explained the danger of giving all of that aluminum to newborns, said, “We’re thankful for our vaccines and we’re going to keep giving them.”

The above information comes from the complete transcripts of “The Truth About Vaccines”, hosted by Ty Bolinger. There is plenty more to say, but I think the point is made. Next time we will take a close look at the influenza vaccine since we are approaching flu season, and I will tell you why I will never take that one.


Dr. J


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