We will look at flu shots shortly, but this must be talked about. Did you watch “60 Minutes” this evening? I hope so. The opioid epidemic was discussed, and specifically how the DEA’s efforts to halt the diversion of controlled pain killers have been hampered by our own legislators.

That’s right, it was made clear how top DEA investigators have “changed sides” (follow the  money) and now work for the drug companies or the distributors, like McKesson and Cardinal, that send the drugs on  to the pharmacies, sometimes millions of pills to small pharmacies serving areas with small populations.

These former DEA employees have lobbied Congress to the tune of over $200,000 per each representative and senator ($110,000,000 total) to successfully get passed legislation that all but makes it impossible for the DEA to go after these criminals. The legislation was passed by both house and senate “without objection“, and was signed by then president Obama who declined to have a photo op for the signing. (Remember when he promised to eliminate lobbying in D.C. if elected? What a joke.)

If you didn’t know, “big pharma” spends more money on buying off congresspersons than any other group, including banking and the defense industry. And this directly involves the manufacturers of vaccines as well, as there are multiple conflicts of interest among those who recommend the shots for our children, and much fraudulent activity involving the research pertaining to those vaccines.

One example of the latter is the use of phony “controls” for some vaccine manufacturers’ studies. To test the safety of a vaccine, you must study the reactions to a vaccine against those seen after a “control”, or inert material such as saline,  is injected. Many times, though, instead of using a proper control, the company will use another vaccine as the control! This way, if you don’t see many more adverse reactions from the vaccine than from the “control”, it is considered safe. This is fraud.

In tonight’s “60 Minutes” program it was mentioned that one of the top supporters of eliminating the ability to bring these drug-diverting criminals to justice has been nominated to be President Trump’s “Drug Czar”. I’ve pointed out before that our current “Food Czar”, the FDA’s Michael Taylor, was a Monsanto attorney before joining the FDA, and he had disregarded the FDA’s own scientists who recommended against putting any GMOs into our food supply. (GMOs are killing us as well, and so is the Roundup used to spray on them.)

Here’s my view on lobbying…. let those corporate reps visit our elected officials, e.g. over a meal, to discuss their concerns and requests, but let NO MONEY change hands.  As it now stands, lobbyists expect to get back $700 for their businesses for each one dollar they spend on Congress. Let any money given by a lobbyist to a congressperson be considered to be the bribe that it is, and let there be tough penalties for engaging in this behavior.  Okay, the next topic will be flu vaccines.


Dr. J


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