There is always a big push to “get your flu shot” around this time of year, since influenza tends to cause more illness in the fall and winter. But, are flu shots very effective? Are they even safe? The CDC assures us that they are both. And you can always trust what government agencies say…

There are over 100 viruses that cause flu-like symptoms, i.e., fever, headache, cough, congestion, aching all over. So, when you have the “flu”, you usually don’t, unless you test positive for the influenza A or B. For every 100 patients who are told that they have the flu, only 7 actually do. But are the vaccines even very effective against influenza?

The “gold standard” of testing various drugs and vaccines is the “Cochrane Collaboration“.  This is an internationally recognized group of independent researchers who receive no money at all from the pharmaceutical industry. They study all of the studies, and conclude that the flu vaccine is barely effective, if at all.  The study indicates that 40 people have to get the flu shot to prevent flu in one patient. Are you happy with those odds?  The Cochrane Review found that flu shots given to groups save an average of 0.04 days per year off work, and concluded that “no evidence supported it as a routine public health measure.”

The Flulaval package insert accurately states, “Circulating strains of influenza virus change from year to year”. The CDC has to guess which ones will predominate and put those into the vaccine; sometime they are wrong.

Are there any reasons to consider not getting the flu vaccine? I think so. First of all, if you get the actual flu illness, your body generates “memory immunity” that helps prevent future influenza illnesses (heterosubtypic immunity), whereas getting a flu shot causes antibodies to be formed that actually impede the ability to fight off future influenza attacks. Not only that, but a study by Cowling in 2013 (a well-controlled study using a saline placebo) showed that if you get a flu shot you are four to five times more likely to come down with a non-influenza viral infection, some of which are really nasty, including polio-like types. The first influenza attack that a child suffers can help build up lifelong immunity to the virus.

It has also been shown that if you get annual flu shots, you are more likely to succumb to a “pandemic” type of flu, and more likely to eventually get Alzheimer’s disease.  Vaccines like this one intentionally cause inflammation. Materials such as aluminum are put into the vaccines to make them more irritating to the body and thus produce a greater antibody response. These are known as “adjuvants”.  (mercury is the heavy metal in flu vaccines – more about this below)  If you must get a flu shot, ask for it from a single-dose vial, as it has no mercury in it.

Pregnant women receiving a flu shot have an elevation of CRP, a measure of inflammation, and inflammation of the brain is a feature of autism – why take a chance with your baby? There is concern over injury to the intestinal tract, causing “leaky gut”, which leads to autoimmune antibody formation and a host of subsequent diseases.

The vaccines haven’t even been studied that well. A legitimate study of a vaccine tests the active vaccine against an inert substance such as saline. The Flulaval vaccine was tested using Hepatitis A vaccine as the control! So, if you get no more harm from this vaccine than from the other vaccine, it’s safe! Their package insert does say that there were “over three times as many serious adverse events with Flulaval as with Havrix” (the Hep A vaccine) Twenty-four types of adverse reactions are listed there.

The Flulaval package insert adds, “There are insufficient data on Flulaval Quadrivalent in pregnant women to inform vaccine-associated risks”.  It also states, “Flulaval has not been evaluated for carcinogenic, mutagenic potential…” In other words, “we don’t know if this vaccine will cause harm to you or your baby or cause cancer or permanent changes to your DNA; you are part of the experimental group”.

Then there is the mercury in the flu vaccine, in the form of Thimerosal, or ethyl mercury, which is a neurotoxin. At least 240 studies have found it to be harmful. Is there any problem with this? Well, you decide. The FDA ‘s maximum contaminant level for mercury in water is 2 parts per billion. Anything above that classifies it as toxic waste. The amount in the flu shot is 50,000 parts per billion! This is  mind-boggling, but it’s true, look it up for yourself.

Not only that, but the flu shot also contains Polysorbate 80, which actually enhances the transfer of heavy metals (mercury is one) across the blood-brain barrier into the brain. There’s no way I’m putting this junk into my body! The materials I’ve just mentioned are included in Flulaval, one of the flu vaccines being touted heavily.

Should you wish to know what is actually in each of the childhood vaccines, (and the lists will shock you, as they include human DNA and protein from aborted fetal cell lines, glyphosate or Roundup, formaldehyde,  and pig virus DNA) you can go online to the National Vaccine Information Center, then to the “Vaccines” section, and then to “Ingredients”.  (76 are listed) If you search the actual Flulaval package insert you will not find any list of ingredients.

Given the above information, would you say that you have been given “informed consent” for the flu shot, and for all of the childhood vaccines? I didn’t think so. I have pointed out before that the federal “Vaccine Court” has paid out over $3.6 billion for vaccine injuries so far, and serious events from the flu shot account for more than two times the pay-outs than for all of the other vaccines combined! Let that sink in.

If enough people across the country wake up and learn of the risks and alternatives to vaccines, then we can overturn the mandated physical assault on our bodies by government bureaucrats, and at least let each individual decide for him or herself whether to continue in servitude to the police state. My concern here is the health and well-being of our children (and ourselves, of course).

The vaccine industry is sadly corrupted by too many greedy individuals and is connected too tightly with too many greedy representatives in Congress. “Follow the money” will often lead to the foundation of all sorts of evil. I must tell you, however, that there are a vast number of men and women of integrity in both industry and in government who would try to correct much of this if they knew, and if they could. Only if we can have well-controlled, independent long-term studies comparing highly-vaccinated, selectively-vaccinated, and un-vaccinated populations will we know the truth and have reliable data. (Don’t hold your breath – this would kill their cash cow; it’s currently  not about outcomes, it’s about money)

You have been warned. I risk losing my job, and certain condemnation by my profession for publishing this. In the meantime, study the issue for yourself and make decisions that you believe are best for you and your children. Next, we will look at things you can do to minimize your chances of getting the flu and other infectious diseases.


Dr. J


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