My concerns about the influenza vaccines were covered in the last blog. BTW, I just came across the website for the legal group that wins more payouts for those injured by vaccines than any other in the country, Maglio, Christopher and Toale, P.A.,  who have recovered over $200 million for their clients in the past 3 years.

It was also of interest to see that 84% of the last 95 cases were for injury from flu vaccines. The conditions caused were neurologic,  mostly Guillain-Barre with  ascending paralysis. So, are flu shots safe? It depends on how lucky you are. (but my main concern is the formation of auto-antibodies that can lead to all sorts of chronic diseases later on.)

Your main defense against the flu and other illnesses is a strong immune system. For this to be optimal, you must eat nutritious food, meaning lots of fresh vegetables and fruits, and a minimum of sugars. If you want to reduce your waistline, be sure to include plenty of healthy fats to replace much of the carbs. That’s right, you need to eat fat to lose fat.

Get plenty of sleep (generally around 8 hours) in a dark room. Drink plenty of clean water (personally, I avoid drinking water from plastic bottles because of plastic by-products leaching into it). Avoid soda pop, especially the “diet” kind with artificial sweeteners.

Get enough vitamin D. This is hard to do naturally from sunlight this time of year, so a supplement with vitamin D3 is a good idea. (some consider flu a vitamin D deficiency disease) Use good hand-washing to help keep from spreading flu to you on your  fingers. Take extra vitamin C.

The most helpful measure I know of to prevent flu and other respiratory viruses is silver solution. I always keep an atomizer bottle on hand at home and in the office. I was the only one in our office who did not miss a single day of work this past year due to illness, and several were out for days. I have written extensively about silver, and I would not be without it .

How do you get the flu? Usually from airborne spread of droplets from someone with the illness having coughed or sneezed around you. The tiny invisible flu particles, or virions, land on your mucosa, or lining of the nose or throat,  and then they replicate (spread) until you are sick. But, if you spray some silver solution into your nose and throat shortly after exposure, you can kill those flu particles before they can spread. Or, if you are sick, you can attack the germs several times a day with the silver and greatly lessen the severity of the illness.

I hesitate somewhat to tell you this about silver, because if enough parents use it on their children at the first sign of illness, I won’t be seeing nearly as many of them in the office during the winter! I would love to see a study on the use of nebulized silver solution for croup and bronchiolitis, as I believe that it would prove quite successful in combating these particular infections. All we can do presently is treat the symptoms until the body fights off the illness.

I recommend that you find out all you can about flu and flu shots and then make the best decision for your family. Here’s hoping that you and yours have a healthy, happy fall and winter!


Dr. J.


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