In about 1993 GMO crops were introduced into our food supply, against the consensus opinion of the FDA’s own scientists. (discovered in 144,000 pages of internal FDA memos obtained by a lawsuit via the Freedom of Information act)  One reason for their concern was that no long-term human studies of GMOs had ever been done. The study done by Dr. Seralini in rats over two years (the equivalent of a human lifespan) showed that Bt corn, the kind commonly grown around here, caused infertility, liver and kidney damage, and multiple large tumors.

Has this caused Monsanto to stop and arrange for  independent studies to see if it will cause the same problems in humans? Are you kidding? No, they have raced ahead with a variety of other GMO seeds, all of which have not been studied in humans, but are thought by many to be causing  a variety of chronic diseases.

The Roundup (glyphosate) that is sprayed on GMO crops all around us is now known to be a cause of cancer. It is even showing up in baby formula! I just read an article in today’s JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) that looked at glyphosate in the urine of older adults from the year 1993 to 2016. The amount of this poison in the urine had risen by 13 times!  That means that it is getting into our bodies.     

As is so often the case, it is the love of money that propels so many of the decisions that affect the health of all of us. The same can be said for the pharmaceutical industry that has succeeded in having so many of their vaccines required, not yet under the threat of a gun, but by denial of an education for your children if you don’t comply. And there is more evidence accumulating that these are likely causing the formation of antibodies that are attacking our own bodies and therefore causing many diseases. (Of course, the same “big pharma” then gets to sell the drugs to deal with those diseases!)

Are all drugs bad? No, many are life-saving, as we know. Are all immunizations bad? No. Some are relatively harmless and do prevent some terrible diseases. It’s just that the risks are well-known, but not made public, and the needed studies to identify more accurately how risky and how effective (or not) they are have not been done, and most likely never will be. Why not? For the same reason that the circulating proposed “Amendment 28” does not have the chance of a snowball in hell of being passed, because that would remove all of those special perks that congress has so long enjoyed. They would have to vote away their own luxuries!  Do they vote on their own salaries? Yes! Will they vote in term limits? No!

Government at one time served “we the people” well, but that disappeared over 100 years ago when the nation was taken over by a group of mostly foreign bankers with no allegiance to America. The chief aim of government today is to maintain and expand control and wealth. Ever since the League of Nations was set up, (and later the United Nations) the aim is world domination with a central government (which will observe no god but power).

I do dislike being so negative here, but we live in a fallen world that is getting wackier all the time. Just know that any behavior, belief, opinion that is contrary to the Holy Bible is WRONG! That goes for abortion, homosexuality, transgenderism, and adhering to any religion other than Christianity – and the latter will not help you unless you have consented to allow Christ Jesus himself to save you by His finished work on the cross. Christianity is exclusive – ONLY believers will be in Heaven. But, thank God, it is also INCLUSIVE – “whosoever will” may be saved. Hopefully, all of you “will”.

Blessings,     Dr. J



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