I come from a family of conservatives, that is, we subscribed to the values that made America the Christian nation that it is (was). I was actually named after Ronald Reagan, though it had nothing to do with politics, my parents just liked his movies!

With the passage of time, it has become more and more apparent that the Republican party at the top is no more conservative than the Democratic party. That’s why major policies never change when administrations do. We have described many times here how our nation was hijacked in 1913 and ever since has been run by the “deep state” of international bankers and industrialists.

But, in 2016 a miracle happened. The elites’ slam-dunk new world order candidate lost the election, and a non-politician beat 16 other candidates and won the presidency. This was absolutely devastating to the establishment. Those who think that Donald Trump is an elitist member of that camp will be astounded when he unveils his plans to dismantle the establishment.

You think the border wall is to keep out illegals? Well, that’s true, but the greater goal is to interrupt the drug traffic which funds the deep state, and cut off its source of money. Yes, the CIA has been bringing in the drugs for decades, chiefly via the southern border. The “War on Drugs” was not to slow down the infusion of drugs into the U.S., but to eliminate the competition. That’s what the “Fast and Furious” supply of weapons to the Mexican drug cartel was all about (thanks to Obama and his “justice” department).

The number of sealed indictments is at least 10,000 by now and we should see the first ones being served this month. Many will serve to put away those running the child sex trafficking rings, which involve many at the top. Here’s an example. Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted pedophile, owns “Orgy Island” in the Caribbean, a site that Bill Clinton visited over 20 times on Epstein’s “Lolita Express” jet. It is one location where underage girls have been brought in for sex with adult men. Epstein is currently spending millions of dollars to remove the tunnels under that island, but the NSA has all of the evidence it needs via recorded phone conversations to put away Epstein (again) and many who visited his playground.

The records of real collusion by Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton and others with the Russians (“America for Sale”) will be made public and their treason exposed. Expect indictments to reach in their direction.

I have often wondered how anyone could be a born again Christian and also a Democrat! Seriously, if you are a Democrat then you are supporting socialism (not just siding with Bernie, but the whole party; the Communist Party USA no longer fields candidates since the Democrats policies mirror their own) and you are supporting the murder of babies. Yes, that’s exactly what abortion is, and one of the seven things God hates is “hands that shed innocent blood”. Don’t excuse yourself by saying, “Well, I personally don’t approve of abortion, but I think women should have the right to choose.” You okay their right to murder their babies? Your hands are just as bloody.

Another one of the seven things God hates (check Proverbs 6:16-19) is “a heart that devises wicked schemes”. How’s this for an illustration – the past several administrations (both parties) have supported the defeat of duly elected governments in the Middle East and the installation of puppet governments, those that line up with the interests of our “deep state”. Not only that, but when those nations’ own people rise up against the puppet governments they are called “terrorists” and they are targeted for defeat. That is wicked!

Truly, the Democrat party is not what it used to be. I had the pleasure of portraying William Joel Stone for the “cemetery walk” last year. As such, I was able to do research about his life and beliefs, and found him to be a remarkable man, one whose beliefs I share today. He was for a strong America and he was a champion of states rights, that is he was concerned about the federal government overstepping its bounds.

Stone was for the “common man” and he was strongly opposed to allowing financial contributions from corporations to influence political decisions. He was a Christian and shortly before he died he spoke of the negro barber for the House of Representatives, “Tell Sims to keep on preaching the gospel”.

Even the founder of the Democrat party, Andrew Jackson, is likely spinning in his grave over current party planks. Jackson was strongly for limiting the power of the affluent elite, a champion of states’ rights against federalism, and a strong opponent of a central bank.

I find that the group most in tune with the views of Stone and Jackson today is the local Republican party. The further up the ladder you go in Republican politics, the more you find views siding with the establishment, the RINOs. (Republican In Name Only)  It was refreshing to see someone with the courage of Carrie Poe, a lifelong Democrat from a Democrat family, change her allegiance to the Republican party locally when she realized that she  did not share Democrat party  values.

I would hope that as many of you as possible share timeless truths that go beyond the limits of party lines. These include the fact that God is supreme, that He loves us, and that His Son, Christ Jesus, is the redeemer of men and the One with whom we all have to face, either as Savior or as judge. We should favor the maximum amount of individual liberty, and realize that it was purchased for us at great cost, and must be maintained through constant vigilance. (or else it will disappear)

We should recognize that we live in a nation of laws and that these need to be enforced, including our immigration laws. We should recognize that welfare to those who do not really require it is not beneficial, either to them or to our nation, but is destructive to both. There is a place for welfare, but it would be much better provided by private means than by government.

We should recognize that the the family is the bedrock of our nation and should be strongly supported. Couples should be encouraged to get married rather than being rewarded for living together. We should support the fact that God created us as men and women, and recognize that there is something wrong with those who are confused or unhappy with their own gender, and offer help to them to be comfortable with who they are and not to help them to become someone they are not.

We should stop interfering in the affairs of foreign nations, and especially in changing their governments to ones that benefit us. We should stop policing the world. We should bring the troops home.

Above all, we should once more welcome God back into partnership with our government. That’s how our nation began and functioned for the first one hundred years or so. No, there should not be a national church, but God should be honored and His help enlisted in government and in our public schools. As mentioned before, this nation was dedicated to God by President Washington, church services were held in the capitol building for years, with the Marine Corps band playing the hymns, and our children learned life lessons from the Bible via Reverend McGuffey’s Readers for the first 100 years.

With God individuals and nations will prosper and succeed. Without Him, both will perish.


Dr. J






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