How often do we interpret what we see, or have been told, only to find out later that it was not as it first appeared? Much of what we are told is complete fabrication, and deliberately so, especially when it comes from our own government and its media mouthpieces.

Our government told us in 1913 that the graduated income tax was “temporary”. (we weren’t told that it was a plank from the Communist Manifesto, and that it would suck increasingly huge amounts of our paychecks out of our pockets over time.)

When President Nixon “closed the gold window” in 1971, he said that it was a “temporary” measure. He didn’t tell us that a gold standard holds a government accountable, and prevents it from printing unfathomable amounts of fiat (no backing) currency without restraint. (How has that worked out?)

The Warren Commission did not really tell us how JFK was killed. The 9/11 Commission did not really tell us how those 3 buildings were brought down. The official investigation of the Oklahoma City bombing did not tell how that vast amount of damage was caused. We were never told how Vince Foster really died. (you do know that the x-rays and other medical records of his autopsy, as well as those of JFK disappeared, right?)

Why do virtually all members of Congress retire wealthy? Some begin that way, but they are bought off by lobbyists to the tune of millions of dollars. Each dollar spent via lobbying is expected to generate 700 dollars back to the party “investing” the money. What does that mean? It means that senators and representatives are expected to vote in specific ways that will directly benefit those paying for it.

I’m sure that there are honest people in Congress. But, power does corrupt. It must be very difficult to turn down the types of perks that are offered. We are not kept informed about the involvement of powerful people in childhood sex trafficking, such as that linked to the Bush White House from the Omaha Boys Town trips to D.C.

General Wesley Clark was shocked to learn right after 9/11 that the Pentagon had a list of 7 countries that it planned to “bring down” in 5 years: Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Libya, Sudan, Iran, and Yemen. You will note that the leaders of at least two of these nations have been removed (interestingly both planned to by-pass the petrodollar, one with French francs and the other with gold).

The “Deep State” might be better called the “Dark State”, as it is made up of globalists who intend to greatly reduce the world population and establish a one-world government (with itself at the helm, of course). It has been running America for over 100 years, and has used every administration since JFK as its puppets – up until the present one, that is.

Members of the Deep State were certain that their candidate, Hillary, would be president. They miscalculated. There has been much activity going on behind the scenes that has caught them off guard. They have actually been backed into a corner by President Trump and other true patriots.

Yes, our president is a true patriot who really does want to return America to greatness. Hopefully, he will succeed in making it obvious who is to blame for the horrific economic crash that is coming – the central bank. (Trump will be blamed)

It has been said that America is not being judged, but the corruption in our nation is. I have alluded to the huge number of sealed indictments that President Trump will be sending out. How  come we haven’t heard anything about it? Because it takes a lot of time to obtain all of the evidence that is needed to present an air-tight case in court. Yes, trials are coming, and we’ll be shocked when we find out what various prominent individuals have been doing. Perhaps  Bill and Hillary will be held accountable for those 40-some assassinations of political enemies, and for keeping around 97% of the money designated for Haitian relief.

Remember the Uranium One deal? It’s bad enough that Hillary okayed the sale of that uranium to Russia (talk about collusion!), but it will be proven that a large amount of that uranium was diverted to Syria. The Deep State has been pushing for war and it may come out that the plan was for the U.S. to be “nuked” and Russia to be blamed for it! Thankfully, our president has been working to “defuse” the situation, and he really does want to remove the U.S. troops from Syria where, by the way, Assad did not attack his own people with chemical weapons. Those who went to the area could find no evidence of any deadly chemicals, could find no victims of such, and could find no record from doctors who ever saw such patients. It was a “false flag” operation.

Pray for your president. Just imagine what he has to face, for instance a year and a half of investigation of non-collusion with Russia. (the true collusion will be exposed, as alluded to earlier) and attacks from the left every day. No kind word is allowed to be said about him in the mainstream press.

As the Bible says,”we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but  against principalities and powers,against the forces of darkness in high places. I would say that well describes the Deep State.

Now, don’t become depressed over all of the talk about corruption, etc. Make sure that you are a member of God’s family above all. As such, you have the very righteousness of God through Christ, and God’s favor will follow you everywhere. Love and mercy will overtake you! Think on good things!


Dr. J


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