It’s been a while since I posted an article here. I have been spending my spare time digging up the facts about colloidal silver, and we had a great Lunch and Learn on the use of silver to prevent and treat infections this past Friday. For those of you who were not able to be there, we shall review some of the information here.

Silver is an amazing creation with many uses. It can be drawn into wires and pounded into very thin sheets. In India it is used in the form of 99.99% pure silver wrappers on foods and candies, and is generally eaten along with the product it helps protect! Over 300 thousand pounds of silver is consumed this way each year in India!

Silver has been used from antiquity as a germicide and preservative. Aristotle advised Alexander the Great to carry water supplies in silver vessels. The Athenians were using silver coins in 4,000 B.C. and you can still buy pure silver coins, one of the few forms of real money. Any time you can get an ounce of pure silver for under $20 it’s a bargain. You can get beautiful fine silver rounds of an once each for around $17.50 from Jim Lowery at Nevada Coin.

Pioneers placed silver dollars into milk and water jugs to keep it fresh longer. Silver is used in a wide variety of medical products to help prevent infections, including wound dressings, cream for burns, silver-lined catheters, etc.

Here’s an interesting fact about silver. In WWII the U.S. Mint provided over 13,000 tons of silver to be used to make silver electromagnets (calutrons) to enrich uranium for the A-bomb project. Copper was in short supply, and silver is the best conductor of electricity.

Silver has the symbol Ag, from “argentum” its Latin name. It has the atomic number 47, as it has 47 protons in its nucleus. It has 5 electron rings and the outer ring has only a single electron in its orbit. If it can be induced to give up that electron, which has a negative charge, the silver atom becomes a silver ion with a positive charge, and it is in this form that it kills bacteria, viruses, fungi, some parasites, and even cancer cells! Silver kills pathogens in a variety of ways, which makes it unlikely that germs will become resistant.

Some people, when they think of silver, think of the “blue man”, Paul Karason, who developed a grayish-blue discoloration of the skin permanently, a condition known as argyria. He and others with that malady (harmless, except for the cosmetic effects) got it by consuming large amounts of improperly prepared silver products over long periods of time. Silver compounds, silver proteins, and overly concentrated forms of silver solutions can cause it.

I have been using a professional medical grade system to generate ionic colloidal silver. It  employs pure silver rods in de-ionized water and 45 volt direct current for the electrolysis, which drives silver ions from the rods until the solution reaches a final concentration of 16-17 ppm (parts per million). With silver produced by electrolysis and in the 10-20 ppm range there has never been a reported case of argyria.

I do not sell any silver products, but I do give away a 2-ounce spray bottle of colloidal silver to any of my patients who have an infectious disease. It is believed to kill virtually all of the 200-plus viruses known to cause “the common cold”, as well as influenza and most bacteria, including strep, staph, and even MRSA. It has  been shown to prevent the bonding of HIV virus to human cells.

I have been using colloidal silver personally for years to prevent and cure infections, and I would not be without it. Since viruses generally target our nose or throat to cause infections, those are primary sites to spray with the silver. It makes sense to kill those viral particles when they are few in number, before they can replicate and cause a nasty infection.

I had a 5-month old girl in the office recently who had a fever of 102 and a bad cough, and tested positive for influenza A. That was a worrisome situation, as she could easily have wound up in the hospital with pneumonia. I had her mother spray her nostrils and throat with colloidal silver 3 times a day for a week. I saw her back in the office 4 days later, and except for a clear runny nose, she was perfectly well!

Where can you get colloidal silver? Online. Suzanne’s in Joplin. Or at Nature’s Station from Debbi Scotten, on the north side of the square here in Nevada. How much do you take? There are many recommendations, but a good resource is the “Silver Safety Calculation” online. You can easily calculate a safe amount of silver solution based on body weight and using the ppm of the product you are using.

It’s interesting that the FDA issued its “final ruling” on colloidal silver in 1999 and stated that the product is “not safe or effective for treating or curing any medical condition”. (the FDA later did its own research on collolidal silver and found it to be very effective) It has been banned in Europe. The pharmaceutical industry is spending millions of dollars (through environmental groups) to try to get it banned here.

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) determines which foods and drugs are safe for us, right? They get around 75% of the money used to okay drugs from the  companies that make the drugs! FDA’s own scientists warned against putting GMO foods into our food supply, as they hadn’t been tested in humans and were likely to be dangerous and to cause chronic diseases. They were ignored and GMOs were “fast-tracked” into our foods. (A Monsanto attorney, Michael Taylor, is now our FDA “food czar”, does that give you a clue?)

The FDA gave the GRAS (generally recognized as safe) label to Thalidomide for nausea of pregnancy and it wound up causing babies to be born without arms or legs. It gave the okay to Vioxx, which would up killing 60,000 people, including my brother-in-law. Do I trust the FDA? No. Over 100,000 people die each year in the U.S. from prescription drugs taken as directed! (I’m sure some are not actually taken as directed)

Do I believe that childhood vaccines are safe, as physicians and parents are told? No. They sometimes do horrible damage to our children’s brains and nervous systems, as shown by the federal government’s pay out so far of nearly $4 billion to the parents of vaccine-injured children. (I have yet to find a single parent who has heard of the Federal Vaccine Injury Compensation Program)

The more that you as a parent research and find out for yourselves, the healthier your children will be. I strongly advise that all parents (and grandparents) read Dr. Paul Thomas’ book, “The Vaccine-Friendly Plan“. You will find, for instance, that his patients who have received no vaccines have an incidence of autism of zero. Let that sink in. Those whose parents have followed his amended plan have a much lower incidence than the national one in 45 rate. His fully-vaccinated children have an incidence of autism of one in 45.

My greatest concern about vaccines currently is the amount of aluminum that is being injected into our children. Aluminum is a known neurotoxin, and incredibly every baby (unless you insist otherwise) is given an aluminum-containing hepatitis B shot on the first day of life. (even if mom tests negative for hep B), and get this: that shot on day one contains 15 times the upper “safe” limit for aluminum as specified by the FDA! (4-6 mcg/kg of body weight per day, and the shot contains 250 mcg)

A one-year old gets 8 or 9 shots all at one time, and several of them contain aluminum. (a child can get over 1,000 mcg of aluminum that one day!) The dangers of the accumulation of aluminum in combined shots has never been tested. (and the drug companies are not interested in testing it) The incidence of autism, ADHD, and many other neurologic conditions in children is skyrocketing for some reason(s).

Is anyone else concerned about this? Hello!

Place your trust in God.

Dr. J

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