Here is a prescription from me to you….

Begin each new day with…

AWARENESS of Jesus’ presence (Col. 2:5)

THANKFULNESS for Jesus’ finished work on the cross, which changed everything (John 19:30)

CONFIDENCE in Jesus’ love for you and His desire for you to  be joyful, healthy, successful, and living in peace

Speaking of a new day, you need to know the latest from Lindsey Williams. Who is he? He was a chaplain to the oil field workers on Alaska’s North Slope in the 1970’s, and as such he was given executive status by Atlantic Richfield (ARCO) to sit in on important gatherings. He met “the elite of the world” at the time, many of them wealthy oil executives, and was there when the oil strike at Gull Island took place.

The pool of high-quality oil at Gull Island remains the largest pool of oil in the world (!) and it is still there undisturbed after 39 years, as it was capped by the government. Pastor Williams has remained in contact with the elites from time to time and they tell him what their plans are for world government.

Most recently, he was told by his elite friend that they were absolutely convinced that Hillary was going to win the election in November – she “couldn’t lose, especially with voting machines provided by George Soros. Their comment on the Donald Trump victory – “God intervened“. The course of history was altered. The elite know that Trump is not one of them.

The elites had planned to crash the economy within about 3 months of a Hillary victory and then they would slam in the New World Order (the godless, Satanic world tyranny spoken of so glowingly by President George H.W. Bush). But, now Lindsey thinks the elites’ NWO agenda has been knocked back 20-25 years by the Trump victory! Why? Because they say that Donald Trump is the first president that they have not been able to manipulate as they have those before him. They can’t afford to crash the economy with Trump in office, because he would not bail them out in such a crash.

Now, here is some interesting info. This is the key to the elites’ plans to rake in billions and likely trillions of dollars over the next few years (as long as Trump is in office). You may recall that in January of this year President Trump by executive order removed the restrictions on oil drilling offshore in the U.S., and also opened up the Arctic Wildlife Reserve to oil drilling (which will have little to no impact on wildlife there), and also opens up the huge oil pool at Gull Island, which has enough natural gas to supply the energy needs of the U.S. for the next 150 years!

Lindsey says that within two years the U.S. will be the world’s leading energy producer and that we will be exporting oil, instead on importing it! Russia, currently the world’s leading oil producer, will have some problems develop, and so will the OPEC nations. The U.S. dollar will remain the world’s reserve currency, and the U.S. stock market will not crash while Trump is in office, but the DOW will climb to 30,000 then 40,000 and possibly to even 50,000 if Trump gets a second term!

These are words of Lindsey Williams, and they fly in the face of the predictions of the vast majority of analysts who see the dollar fading out and the economy crashing soon. But, Lindsey’s predictions are perfectly in line with those of at least three modern day prophets, including Mark Taylor. So, look for profits in oil. Dozens of oil drilling rigs are on the way back to America!

It will also be very interesting to see if those 10,000 “sealed indictments” against identified criminals will be served soon and those caught placed into custody at Guantanamo Bay, Diego Garcia, and other island locations set up for incarcerations.

We live in very interesting times! Anchor yourself in Jesus, and sit back. We can then say, along with President Trump, “We’ll see what happens!”


Dr. J

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