The new year of 2018 will be full of major events, some perhaps earth-shaking in their importance and effects. There are many “black swans” circling overhead, any one of which upon landing could bring major changes to our nation and world.

It has been correctly pointed out that Israel and the United States are the only two nations in history that have been dedicated to the one true God from their founding. (I have mentioned more than once that President George Washington’s very first official action was to lead the nation’s congress to St. Paul’s church and dedicate the new nation to God.)

There has been a curse of darkness over our land for at least the past 50 years since the U.S. was hijacked by elite, mostly foreign, bankers with no allegiance to America, and whose only goal has been world domination and control.  There is to be  a world government, a world currency, and a world religion. (anti-Christian)

Under the Old Covenant, Israel paid a heavy price for turning away from God’s guidance, and even though we are now under the New Covenant, there is still judgment for individuals and for nations who reject God’s love and favor.

There are many, many parallels between our nation and Israel of old, and these are well-addressed by such modern-day prophets as Jonathan Cahn,  Perry Stone, and Mark Taylor. You need to read the Old Testament to see the amazing parallels. For instance,  King Ahab and Jezebel mirror Bill and Hillary Clinton.  Jehu, who was raised up to deal with the evil king and queen, can be compared to  President Trump who is now dealing with the corruption of the Clintons and others.

There promise to be Nuremberg-like tribunals to deal with a large number of shockingly prominent criminals. Remember that in 1995 both the house and the senate passed, without a single vote of opposition, a law to guarantee that members of congress convicted of sex crimes can never be exposed publicly. It was signed by Bill Clinton.

Did you know that pedophile sex rings have been running wide open for decades in both Hollywood and Washington, D.C. with virtually no effective opposition? Many have tried to bring these criminals to justice, but have been thwarted by people in powerful positions. For example, in May of 1994 the “Franklin Child Prostitution Ring” was to be nationally exposed in a movie, “Conspiracy of Silence” to be shown on the Discovery Channel, but pressure from members of congress got it cancelled at the last minute.

That ring involved the transporting of boys and girls, some under 10 years of age, and many from Boys Town in Lincoln, Nebraska to Washington, D.C. for after hours sex parties with senators, congressmen, and other “important people”. These took place in the White House itself.  It was under the supervision of Larry King, a rising GOP star who later spent 10 years in prison for embezzling over $38 million from a credit union. After being paroled, he was recruited into the National Republican Party to compromise important people by taking photos and videos of these folks taking drugs and having sex with minors. The entire operation was declared a “hoax” by a grand jury after a number of those investigating the  situation wound up dead.

How many of you know that President Trump has thus far indicted over 5,000 pedophiles, with cases in all 94 federal districts?  (at last count 120 sealed indictments in Missouri)  These range from Hollywood to D.C. It would not be surprising if Bill Clinton did not eventually face prosecution for his activities on convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s plane the “Lolita Express” and on  Epstein’s “Orgy Island”.

Perhaps the ridiculous and incessant search for the non-existent “Russian Connection” to Trump’s election will mercifully end with the truth of Bill and Hillary’s financial ties to Russia exposed, along with her traitorous provision of access of 20% of our uranium production to Putin. (not to mention the theft by the Clinton Foundation of 95% of the billions of dollars meant for Haitian relief)

Only two presidents in the past 50 years have been honest enough to attempt to bring to justice those working with the dark side – John Kennedy and Donald Trump. A precious few others have sided with them, including Ron Paul (remember “End the Fed”?) Yes, God is “cleaning house” and is using President Trump to help get it done.

The American Empire essentially ended in 2007 after 400 years, just like Israel was carried away captive after 400 years. Not until President Obama’s administration was the killing of babies given the full blessing of the federal government (like the sacrifices of babies to Baal and Molech in Old Testament times) and God’s sacred provision that marriage be only between a man and a woman overturned. Remember how Obama had the White House lit up in rainbow colors? The rainbow belongs to God, and that bit of  heresy will not be forgotten.

Our world is sure to be rocked in 2018. If the collapse of the financial realm occurs this year, don’t blame it on the president or on any party. Put the blame where it belongs, on the central bank, the Federal Reserve. I pray that the deep state will not employ the ultimate distraction of war with North Korea, Russia, or China.( Meanwhile all of the “never-ending wars” continue to generate their profits for the “defense” industry.)

We have only one defense and that is Christ Jesus himself. God is still not willing that any should perish, including the most awful people you can think of . The Bible says that all who call on the name of the Lord will be saved.



Dr. J

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