Well, President Trump finally did what many previous administrations had said they would do – recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, which it has been for thousands of years. King David, who lived a thousand years before the Christian era, had his capital at Jerusalem, and his son Solomon built the first Temple there in 832 B.C. Trump is carrying out the will of the 104th Congress which passed the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995 that called for the relocation of the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

This was thousands of years before most of the denouncing members of the United Nations were even nations! Of course, the UN has opposed the United States at every turn since its foundation, and has similarly been against the Jews. The UN mistakenly holds that Jerusalem’s “final status” must be decided in negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians. No, it won’t. God has the final word. Jerusalem was, is, and always will be the capital of Israel.

The president has “threatened to cut off funding” to the UN. Let’s hope it happens, as we should have never been made to send our taxes to that anti-Christian, socialist, one-world organization in the first place. The land for its headquarters in New York City, as you likely know, was donated by David Rockefeller, a globalist to the core.

A look at history is interesting here. During the time of Christ’s life on earth Rome was in charge of that area of the world and was divided into a Latin western section and a Greek eastern one which became the Byzantine Empire. Constantine reorganized the empire, made Constantinople (originally Byzantium) the new capital, and legalized Christianity.

The Byzantines hung around for a thousand years before falling to the Ottoman Turks in 1453, and the name of the capital was changed to Istanbul. This Ottoman Empire peaked under Suleiman the Magnificent, and the area was conquered by the Allied forces in World War I and divided between the U.K and the French.

In 1948 Jordan attacked and occupied the West Bank and east Jerusalem, with the blessing of the U.K. The real estate was taken back by Israel in the Six Day War in 1967, and the event is celebrated annually on Jerusalem Day (this May was the 50th anniversary, and I had the pleasure of being present in Jerusalem for it).

It should be noted here that Jesus ascended from this earth from Jerusalem, at the Mount of Olives, and will return to the very same place, at which time the mountain will be split from east to west, creating a new valley. He will then be the Ruler of the entire planet with His headquarters at Jerusalem. Jesus has always had strong opposition from the “powers that be”, and it is no different today. Every single adversary will, however, bow the knee and declare that Jesus Christ is Lord, that is guaranteed.

Is Israel still special to God? Just read Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39 and see what is yet to happen: Israel will be surrounded by 10 nations that plan to “take a spoil”, but will be opposed by God himself and they won’t even make it down out of the mountains. It will take 7 months to bury the dead, and 7 years to burn up their weapons! The enemy will face earthquakes, giant hailstones, brimstone (sulfur)  and blood, and the enemies will fight against each other. The world will know that God did it. You want to be on the winning side!


Dr. J




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