There was an old song that went, “accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative…” These days it can seem that the “doom and gloom” predominate, but there is always much to be thankful for and it is far more healthful to dwell on the good things.

There are various “camps”, or groups that we belong to, and it is good, I think, for us to have a look at the ones we belong to from time to time, and see if it is still in our best interest to adhere to those positions. We need to keep an open mind, and not be controlled by our “confirmation biases”, that is , we need to evaluate ideas that may not support our current views.

The most important “camp” of all is whether you are a Christian, a believer, or not. Actually, it is not enough to be a believer, as the Bible says that the demons believe, and tremble. As a born-again Christian one must trust and accept personally that the finished work of the risen again Christ has washed away all of his/her sin. This is truly designed for every person on the planet, and all who reject this one way of salvation remain citizens of hell – that’s right, one does not have to do anything to go to hell, it’s “automatic” if you do nothing!

A second important camp is the distinction between supporting Globalism or supporting the Nationalism of America, i.e. its sovereignty. Those of the former camp plan and work toward a single world government, along with a single world currency and a single world religion (which would not tolerate Christianity, of that you can be certain). Its headquarters would likely be located in Geneva, Switzerland and the world currency at this time looks to be the “basket of currencies” known as SDR’s, or “Special Drawing Rights”. The whole system to come is termed “the Beast” in the Bible, and we are headed toward the time when a “mark” (chip?) in the forehead or hand will be required in order to buy or sell anything. Christians who refuse will  be beheaded, and “Christians” who take the mark will be barred from entering Heaven.

There has been a rush to install the Globalist system. You may recall George Bush, Sr. calling repeatedly for “a new world order” in glowing terms. (his father, Prescott, BTW was a financier of the Nazis in WWII) The “sovereign” nature of our country was largely taken from us in 1913 when we were sold out to the elite foreign bankers in the form of the Federal Reserve.

Are you in the free-market camp, or are you a socialist? The former allows for prices to be determined by a willing seller and a willing buyer, who agree on a price. The socialists believe in central control of the economy, and a redistribution of wealth away from those who produce it to those who take it. It’s a system that always ends in destruction and the deaths of millions wherever it has been tried. Communism is merely socialism that is brought about by force (armies).

Now, are you in the Democrat camp, or the Republican camp? Yes, there are “independents” and “libertarians” and even “political atheists”. There is truly not much difference between the two major parties these days, especially if you include those Republicans at the top, the RHINO’s. At the grass-roots it’s another matter;  there is where you find the patriots who cling to the best values that America has ever stood for.

It seems to me that the Democrat party has “gone to hell“. It is a shadow of its former self, and men of great stature and principal such as the party’s founder, Andrew Jackson and even Missouri’s own William Joel Stone would be shocked to see how their party has decayed today. What do I mean? Well, the Democratic party is the party of death and the party of anti-Christian policies. I wonder how a true Christian today can actually live with being a Democrat. Jackson ran on a program of opposing a central bank (like the Fed) and Stone stood for life, freedom, and for state sovereignty of local issues, not central federal control.

let’s consider the murder of babies, abortion. Bill Clinton was the first president ever to make it legal to kill babies clear up to the time of delivery, and did so as one of his very first functions as president. His wife, Hillary, has declared that Margaret Sanger is one of the women she most admires. If you don’t know, Sanger was the founder of Planned Parenthood who used her abortion clinics to help “eradicate the weeds”, as she referred to black people. (and Hillary, in private, referred to blacks using the “n” word)

The Democratic Party not only accepts, but supports and promotes the perversions of homosexuality and transgenderism. (remember Obama’s lighting up the White House in rainbow colors? BTW, the rainbow belongs to God and is His promise to us that the world will never be destroyed by flood again. The Democrats stand for open borders, which sounds humanitarian, but provides no protection against the many immigrants who plan to harm our nation and replace it with a caliphate.

How about Democrat views on socialism/Marxism? Well, the Communist Party USA used to field a candidate for president in each election year, but no longer does. Why? Because it noted that the Democratic Party had adopted each of its planks, and it was therefore unnecessary to advance a candidate of their own.

What policies has the Democrat Party advanced over the past year for the good of America? Are you kidding? They have spent all of their energy engaged in satanic assaults on Donald Trump, even calling for his assassination! Whatever your views on the man, Trump has the “Establishment, the Deep State, the Globalists, on the run! They are terrified of his disruption of their plans. He had the strongest support of Christians at his inauguration that I have ever seen. He is arresting pedophiles. He cut off the nightmare of the TPP (Trans-pacific Partnership) and NAFTA. He is cutting off (after decades and decades) financial support for Palestinian terrorism. (President Obama would never link “Islam” to “terrorism”, and said that “we are not at war with Islam”, ignoring the fact that Islam is at war with us)

Trump is certainly not without his obvious faults (I’m sure glad mine aren’t on display!), but he is being used by God as a tool to give America one last chance at freedom, and a delay in the day of judgment that is coming. Perhaps our children and grandchildren will be able to pursue their dreams in a society of relative peace and safety, and one where righteousness has been restored. As the Bible says, “the people rejoice when the righteous are in authority”.

We Christians have a duty if we want to see our nation made great again and healed. We must take action according to II Chronicles 7:14. We must humble ourselves, turn from our wicked ways, seek the face of God, and pray. The administration needs our prayers for safety, wisdom, strength. May we be found rejoicing in the years to come!


Dr. J


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