Ark Wielding

It’s 1978 and you are in Jerusalem, walking along with a trusted member of the board of antiquities, discussing ancient Roman finds. You are north of the old city wall along the “escarpment” of Mount Moriah when suddenly your left arm shoots out and points toward a pile of trash as you exclaim, “That’s Jeremiah’s Grotto, and the Ark of the Covenant is in there.” You are just as surprised as the man next to you, and when he asks, “What did you say?”, you repeat the same words.

That is exactly what happened to Ron Wyatt, an anesthetist and amateur archaeologist. But, before he took the advice of the Israeli and began authorized excavations, he consulted the Bible to see if such a thing was even possible. He discovered that the last time the Ark was mentioned in the bible  is in II Chronicles 35:1 when it was placed in the Temple of Solomon in the “eighteenth year of King Josiah”, or around 621 B.C.

It was 35 years later that the temple was destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar. Other passages in II Kings and Jeremiah detail the items taken back to Babylon (even “spoons”), but there is no mention of the Ark. During this time Jeremiah was a prophet in Jerusalem and a siege wall had been constructed around the city which remained for a year. He would not have wanted the Ark of the Covenant to fall into the hands of the Babylonians, and had time to remove it and the other sacred implements of the most Holy place to safe hiding somewhere between that wall and the city wall of Jerusalem.

The Ark was made of acacia wood covered with gold and the Mercy Seat cover was connected to two angel-like cherubim with wings that touched, all made of one piece of solid gold (estimated to weigh nine-hundred pounds). The Ark once contained not only the Ten Commandment tablets of stone, but a bowl of manna and Aaron’s staff that budded.

Jerusalem had been destroyed many times, and the resulting debris had accumulated to produce a 30 foot layer above the original ground level. It was through this layer that Wyatt, two of his sons, and others began digging, eventually removing tons of earth and rock, all of which they had to sift for artifacts  as required by the antiquities commission.

The dig was in the vicinity of Golgotha, or “Skull Hill”, the site may believe was the location of Christ’s crucifixion. They were approximately half way between Golgotha and the Garden Tomb where Jesus was buried.  While digging down they uncovered three niches carved out of the cliff face which Wyatt determined to be locations for placing signs above the heads of crucifixion victims, stating their name and offense, as an intimidating warning to those passing by. Fourteen feet below these, there was a rock shelf extending eight feet from the face of the cliff, and chiseled into it was a hole twenty three inches  deep, and about twelve inches square.

Four feet below that, in front of the platform, were three more such holes chiseled into the rock. Wyatt determined that these were holes into which the vertical crucifixion posts were inserted, and that the upper one was Christ’s.  The practice of crucifixion essentially ended in 70 A.D.

Under the Temple Mount and Mt. Moriah are many caves and tunnels, rather like a honeycomb. Wyatt explored many of these and in 1982 actually entered a chamber that contained the sacred objects. It was filled to within 18 inches of the ceiling with a layer of rocks, below which was a layer of timber, and below that a layer of animal skins that covered the table of shewbread, the lampstand, the incense altar, and the Ark itself, which was enclosed in a rock case and whose stone cover had cracked open. He discovered a crack in the ceiling containing a black material that had seeped down and through the  crack in the stone cover of the Ark case and onto the solid gold Mercy Seat of the Ark itself. The crack had been caused by an earthquake, he concluded, and communicated with the crack twenty feet above next to the crucifixion hole.

Wyatt collected some of the blackened material by scraping with the tab of a Coke can and put it in a film canister. He later added normal saline and had it analyzed by a lab in Jerusalem and…. you need to search out the amazing results!

So, when Jesus had died on the cross and was pierced with the Roman soldier’s spear in His side, His blood poured down into the earthquake crack and then down through the crack in the Ark’s stone case and onto the Mercy Seat – onto the western side of that cover, as the high priests of the Old Testament were to only sprinkle blood once a year on the eastern side of the Mercy Seat.

Some other items found by Wyatt were seven oil lamps decorated with a design of a ram caught in a thicket (Mt. Moriah is the same location where Abraham was told to offer up Isaac), an ivory pomegranate which he gave to the antiquities commission and is the only object they have from the first temple, and a very large sword which appears to be the one used by Goliath whom David slew.

Several Israelis tried to enter the Ark chamber, but on one occasion six of them dropped dead on the spot. Ron Wyatt blocked the way in that he used, but found that there is a relatively thin wall in Zedekiah’s Cave that, once breached, would lead directly into the Ark chamber. Wyatt died in 1999 and was convinced that the contents of the chamber will be revealed to the world at the proper time. He added that the “proper time” would be when laws are passed that require citizens to break the Ten Commandments.

There are many even more fascinating additional details to be found online  (such as how Wyatt was able to handle the tablets from the Ark).  At first glance, all of this may seem to be a “fairy tale”, but having investigated this considerably, I believe it to be true. And this past May I was standing at Golgotha and visited the Garden Tomb, not realizing that the Ark of the Covenant was close by! I must add that I’m not the easiest to convince; after all, I am from Missouri!


Dr. J

Right Path

We here in Nevada were a bit south of the “Path of Totality” for the solar eclipse, but still got to enjoy the show as the atmospheric light dimmed and the temperature diminished. My wife and I got to view the event through approved eye-ware provided graciously by Dr Lovinger. And the sunlight through the trees cast rather ghostly patterns on the concrete surfaces as the eclipse progressed.

I was fortunate to have been able this past May to walk along the “Via Dolorosa” in Jerusalem, and I consider that to have represented a different “Path of Totality”. Jesus was faithfully carrying out the Father’s great salvation plan in total obedience. His path, of course, ended at the cross where He dealt totally with sin, death, and disease.

When Jesus proclaimed, “It is finished!”, history changed. There is therefore now no condemnation to them that are in Christ Jesus. (Romans 8:1) This is a key that unlocks people from their prisons of depression, fear, and hopelessness. It is such a relief to know that one’s sins are forever washed away – past, present, and future – never to be held against him/her ever again. That brings peace and joy!

I see that Jared Kushner is over in the Middle East  trying  once more  to bring peace  between Israel and the Palestinians. It’s good to try, but we know that there will be no peace until the Prince of Peace (Jesus) returns. Are you on the path of peace?

God’s word, the Bible, tells us that there are only two paths to choose from. There is the wide path that the vast majority are on, and unfortunately, that one “leads to destruction”. The other is a narrow path that leads to life, and “few there be that find it”.  (Matthew 7:13,14) If you believe that you are self-sufficient and can make it through life on your own, or with the help of some friends, you are on the wide path. If you have seen and acted upon the reason for the 10 Commandments (to bring you to the end of yourself and to show you that you need a Savior) you have found the narrow path.

Christianity is not about “do’s and don’ts”. It is all about Jesus and what He did. When we celebrate communion, there are two “elements”, the bread and the wine or juice, representing the body and blood of Jesus. We are good at discerning the fact that it was His shed blood that cleanses us from sin (“without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sins” Hebrews 9:22), but we often fail to properly discern the importance and effect of His broken body. He became sin to free us from sin, but he allowed himself to be tortured and beaten beyond recognition to free us from physical diseases, as well as mental and emotional ones.

We are too quick to accept sicknesses and diseases as “normal”, and just a part of life in a broken world. But Paul reminds us that this lack of proper discernment concerning Jesus’ body is THE REASON that so many Christians are sick and die early! (I Corinthians 11:29,30)

We have two paths to choose from. God says in Deuteronomy 30:19, “…I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life...” If we reject salvation through Jesus, or avoid making a decision, we choose the broad path and  allow Satan to attack us with diseases and emotional turmoil. If we choose Jesus, we are on the path to health, peace, joy, and every other good thing that you can think of. Both are paths of totality for eternity.


Dr. J

Sign of the Times?

Some of you have heard of the Revelation 12 Prophecy and the approaching fulfillment of it on September 23, 2017. That chapter of Revelation begins, “A great and wondrous sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head. She was pregnant….”

Astronomers tell us that on the 23rd of September this year, the constellation of Leo will rise up just above that of Virgo (the Virgin). The sun will be next to her shoulder, and the crescent moon will be below her feet on that day. The nine stars of Leo are supplemented on that day by the appearance of Venus, Mars, and Mercury, making 12 “stars” for a crown above the Virgin. The planet Jupiter has been located inside the Virgin for the past 9 months (!) and on the 23rd it will move out of that constellation between the legs of the woman! It’s apparently the ONLY time in history that this happens.

I see your eyes rolling, but I recommend that you check this out further by going to YouTube and looking for “What will happen 23rd of September 2017? Get Ready! The Revelation 12 Sign 23rd of September 2017”. It will either be the sign of something BIG about to happen to our planet, or it will picture  an amazing set of coincidences. ( you might call it “astronomical”)

We know that numbers are very important to God and are used throughout the Bible with specific meanings. One such number to keep in mind is “33”, and it is interesting that the above described event will occur exactly 33 days after the solar eclipse next week. Jesus was 33 years old when he died.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t see how things can get much wackier than they are at the present time. If you believe the Bible, and I do, there is coming a day of judgment on the earth, and hopefully we Christians are “out of here” before it happens. You do not want to be here during the Tribulation! There is a “snatching away” of the saints coming, commonly known as “the rapture“, and no event has to occur before that happens.

How much longer can God put up with the escalating deceit, hatred, and killing going on? I personally hate violence and death and all kinds of evil. The Bible says “the fear of the Lord is to hate evil”. (Proverb 8:13)

We find in Luke 21:25, “And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars“. We are reminded also in Luke 21:32 that “this generation [that has seen Israel return as a nation] shall not pass away, til all be fulfilled.” Israel was born in 1948 – a generation of 70 years or so brings us to right now. Be prepared, my friends. If you have not already called on the name of the Lord Jesus, do it while you can. Then you can rejoice in His protection, provision, healing, and a plethora of other blessings that you can never find on your own.

Until next time,


The Truth Will Find You Out

First, a comment about the last blog on global warming – while melting icebergs would not affect the levels of sea water, the ice on the land masses, were it to melt, would flow into the oceans and raise the water level to some degree.

Today we are addressing a situation that has had profound impact on our nation, and one that most Americans are clueless about, and one that helps explain some of the confusing, self-serving, and downright evil actions that our government has taken over the past years. We’re talking about the attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

Many readers will reject the notion that our government could have been complicit in the attacks, especially with the implications that would raise. But, please read on, for the evidence is overwhelming that it was, in fact, an “inside job”.

Did you see on the news the other day that a skyscraper was on fire, I mean it was totally engulfed – but it did not fall down, and neither has any other skyscraper in history, due to fire. According to the 9/11 Commission’s report NIST (the National Institute of Standards and Technology) determined that the fires from the jet fuel of the attacking planes caused the steel support structures to weaken and allow the floors to “pancake” down in collapse. But, no pancaked floors were found in the debris, and over 2,000 professional architects and engineers in the U.S. know that it could not have happened the way the government says it did. A good place for you to first obtain more evidence is to visit, “Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth”.

For weeks after the attacks there was molten steel in the basements of the buildings. Burning jet fuel does not reach temperatures hot enough to melt steel. We were just shown yesterday on the news the destruction of a billion dollars worth of ammunition in Ukraine that was set off by a drone that had dropped a thermite grenade. Now, thermite is used by the military to cut through and melt steel, and is a combination of aluminum and iron oxide.  Thermite was found in the dust and debris of the collapsed buildings.

Many people are not aware that there were three buildings imploded on 9/11, the third one being Building 7, which was not even hit by a plane! There is video footage of a policeman telling people to “get back” from that building, as “it’s about to come down”. In fact, BBC announced the collapse of Building 7 about 30 minutes before it came down! (I watched the BBC news report of it with an intact Building 7 in the background)

A man named Larry Stephenson bought insurance on the entire World Trade Center shortly before 9/11 and personally collected 2 billion dollars after the attacks. When asked about the collapse of Building 7, he replied, “We decided to pull it“. That is the terminology used for imploding a building in a controlled demolition. The debris of the collapsed buildings was, in fact, collected by a demolition company and it was all shipped to China!

There were over 100  eye-witnesses who reported multiple explosions and flashes preceding the collapse of the buildings, none of whom were interviewed for the Commission report. The New York City fire department announced that it had put out the fire completely in one of the twin towers, and there is a photograph of many people lined up in the hole caused by a plane, waiting for rescue,  before the entire building came down at near free-fall speed.

When you watch video of the collapsing buildings, you will see multiple explosions in sequence below the level of collapse, as they blow out support structures. You also see molten metal spewing outward and multi-ton steel sections were ejected laterally for 600 feet.

It would have taken a long time to prepare those buildings for demolition with the thermite charges, but sections of the buildings were closed to the public for elevator repairs and painting, etc. And did you know that Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld ordered NORAD to stand down that day for the only time in history? That’s the group that would have been responsible for sending up fighter jets to protect those buildings.

So, who would gain from the attacks? Well, Larry Stephenson certainly did. George Bush’s “War on Terror” followed, and has continued ever since, bringing untold wealth to the military/industrial complex. There is good evidence that Saudi Arabia funded the attacks, but “W” used the situation to attack, not Saudi Arabia, but Iraq! Remember the missing “weapons of mass destruction”? The U.S. needed a plausible reason to take out Saddam Hussein, as he was abandoning the U.S. dollar and planning oil sales only in Euros. (Gaddafi in Libya met the same fate for planning to replace the dollar with gold) Follow the money!

The World Trade Center attacks were also used as the reason to pass the Patriot Act, which removed even more of the freedoms of American citizens. Did you know that because of that legislation you can be held indefinitely against your will without even being charged with anything? We no longer have due process as the Constitution guarantees. And look at “Civil Asset Forfeiture” by which the federal government can confiscate your cash and keep it if it even “suspects” that it might be involved in some criminal activity, with no charges filed!

We live in interesting times. It’s good to have some money saved, but above all, make sure your soul is saved! Jesus did it all for you at the cross.


Dr. J

Uncle Sam’s Long Nose

Greetings, friends. To help understand today’s blog you must know that nearly all governments are more interested in their own preservation and expansion than doing anything to help their own people, and ours is a prime example.

Our Founding Fathers were brilliant men, and men of good character who wanted the new nation to succeed. They knew, for instance, that fiat currencies (paper “money” without the backing of anything of substance) always fail, and therefore had it put into the Constitution that our money was to nothing other than silver and gold coinage, and carefully assigned its value.

When President Nixon “closed the gold window” in 1971 our currency became fiat and has lost 98% of its purchasing power since the Federal Reserve hijacked our nation in 1913. Paper money in the U.S. has never been constitutional. (and then in 1965 silver was removed from our coins!)

To really get to the “heart of the matter”, we need to look at God’s word in Jeremiah 17:9,10 which says, “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked; who can know it?” This is the bedrock reason our government lies to us. (remember the “lies, damned lies, and government statistics”?) Some outstanding lies that come to mind are the government figures on inflation, unemployment, cost of living, the facts surrounding the death of JFK and the conclusions of the 9/11 Commission. (much more about this one later)

This brings us to the actual topic for today – “global warming“. Remember that the government has to always have an enemy to justify its existence, and something to spend huge amounts of money on to save us from. It used to be communism, and now many of our youth are working to bring us under its control in the form of socialism, which most of them cannot even define, and which is identical to communism except that it is brought into place slowly and secretly rather than by military force.

We have been told that “97%” of  all scientists believe in man-made global warming, but let’s see where that came from. Librarian Naomi Oreskes of the Scripps Institute created the “97%” from a study where she had undergraduate students tabulate 928 articles from science journals, from which she claimed that “there is a consensus among scientists anthropogenic [man-made] global warming is real.” The full truth is that there were 12,000 abstracts, and the students were to only choose those abstracts that supported a positive conclusion (a sin in research). This was fraud! If one examines the remaining abstracts of the 12,000 one finds that 99.3% of those queried did not agree that man causes climate change!

Surely this will be pointed out by mainstream news….ha, ha, ha, ha! In the middle of my writing this piece, NBC’s Nightly News featured a piece on global warming! This will not go away any more than will the “Russian collusion” blather. (perhaps it will when we are all surrounded by ice)

James Lovelock, one of the world’s premier environmentalists, says that, “climate alarmism is not remotely scientific; one volcano could make more difference to global warming than humans ever could.” Once a fervent alarmist himself, he says he “has grown up” and now dismisses the faulty science and big business behind the movement.

Just as with other questionable claims by those in positions of power, we must always ask, “who gains?” (“cui bono”?) And for the answer always “follow the money”. Politicians and owners of favored international businesses will stand to become even more wealthy through hoped-for “carbon taxes”. Proponents of the global warming hoax speak of the harmful effects  of extra carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere, and fail to understand that all of our trees and plant life depend upon carbon dioxide for life, and convert it to life-giving oxygen for all of us!

Let’s distinguish right here between “climate change and “global warming”. True scientists know that the sun is by far the major determinate of our weather patterns, and that “climate change” is perfectly normal as the sun goes through its cycles. And its a recent passage of the sun through such a cycle that has us on a cooling path. History proves that the earth has cycled through periods of warming and cooling. Remember reading about the ice age? Scientists even warned years ago of an approaching ice age during my lifetime!

The co-founder of the Weather Channel, John Coleman, said recently, “CNN has taken a very strong position on global warming that it is a consensus. Well, there is no consensus in science. Science isn’t a vote. Science is about facts. .. It has become a big political point of the Democratic Party and part of their platform, but the science is on my side.” Interestingly, “Snopes” rejects Coleman’s views because he is a “meteorologist” and not a “climatologist”! (excuse me,  but I always thought meteorologists were experts in the weather)

It becomes more clear how the global warming adherents attempt to provide evidence for their views when it is revealed that thousands of land thermometers from remote, high altitude, and non-urban locations have been removed since the 1970’s. This has had the effect of artificially lowering temperatures in the past and raising them currently. Those weather stations did not show warming trends, as they are not close to non-climatic heat sources such as pavements, buildings, machinery, and industry as urban weather stations are. This will artificially show a warming trend where there has actually not been one. Thus, the weather data, like government financial data, is manipulated.

Have you been told that as the ice melts the coastal cities will be inundated by the rising sea levels? Try this at home: put some ice cubes in a glass and fill it with water to the very top. When the ice melts, you will find that the water level is the same as it was! Icebergs displace water that weighs as much as the berg, and when it melts, that water flows back into the  space that was taken up by the iceberg. New York and LA are safe! (earthquakes are another story) Of course some water in icebergs is lost via sublimation – the process by which ice is converted to a gas (water vapor) without going through the liquid phase. If you have trouble sleeping at night, just read my blogs!

You will sleep better just knowing that the polar bears are thriving and that the arctic ice mass is growing faster than ever. So, John Kerry, (who says that climate change is “the biggest challenge we face right now”) stop the deception and go back to your energy-inefficient home and stop flying around the world in your 757 jet that, if fully loaded, produces 2 to 3 tons of carbon dioxide per person on a flight from New York to Paris, and pay your own “climate tax”.

Please know that I am a proud American, a strong patriot, and a Christian, as were the founders of this great country (a Chief Justice actually declared it “a Christian nation”), but I am eager to get at the truth in spite of the machinations of “the Great Deceiver” and I want you to know the truth as well. If you are a Christian, then you have the Holy Spirit living inside of you, and are promised that He will “lead you into all truth”.

God bless, and sleep well, my friends!





Prepare Ye!

I was a Boy Scout, and of course their motto is, “Be Prepared”. That is always good advice, because even with our “normalcy bias” we can expect change. (Obama promised it, and he sure brought it!)

Many times change is good. For instance, a raise at your job, a new family addition, notification of an inheritance – all of these are usually good things. But, we must think about events and circumstances that could well happen, and that would bring some misery if not planned for. I’m glad I bought insurance on my house, as it will help pay for our new roof after hail damage. What other kinds of “insurance” might it be wise to obtain?

Some events are more likely than others and should receive priority. The U.S. economy, for instance, is headed for a substantial downturn, and there are ways to cushion the blow. Our mountain of debt is not payable, and the Federal Reserve (which is primarily responsible for the crash to come) is between a rock and a hard place. Default or hyperinflation seem to be the most likely outcomes. The dollar is in a free-fall, that is, it purchases less and less. That’s why “tangible assets” are something to consider acquiring.

Those of you who live on farms and grow crops are fortunate. During the Great Depression of the 30’s around 85% of Americans lived in rural areas. Now about that same percentage live in urban areas and rely totally on stores for food. If you can grow some of your own, or know somebody who does, you are ahead of the game. You can at least buy some extra food each time you go shopping to store up. Canned goods like beans, soups, etc., make good selections, as well as peanut butter, dried milk, and others.

Real estate is a good tangible asset, and so are precious metals. All markets are manipulated, and especially those for gold and silver in recent years. You say you can’t spend them at the grocery store and they don’t pay dividends? Well, this is key – they maintain their purchasing power and can be exchanged at any time for whatever is being used for currency. Most of us can’t afford to spend $1,200 or so for an ounce of gold, but many can periodically buy an ounce of silver for under $20. Just go see Jim Lowery at Nevada Coin on East Cherry. (across from Hertzbergs)

One hopes that conditions never deteriorate to where there are riots in the streets, but the average person will take desperate measures to obtain food after only 3 days without it. Those so inclined may wish to have a firearm or two and a supply of ammunition. (the latter could also be used for bartering, if necessary, as could cigarettes or whiskey, even if you don’t partake) A 12- gauge shotgun makes a good home defense weapon (just don’t use O-O buckshot, or you may take out a neighbor as well).  A 9mm pistol would be a good selection, and an AR-15 is excellent for home defense.

We have mentioned before that there is a spiritual battle going on. The “Great Deceiver” is still loose and wreaking havoc on those unprotected. One of those unpleasant events most likely to occur is death. Now is the time to prepare. First and foremost for your protection is the helmet of salvation. That means putting your trust in the Lord Jesus to remove all of your sins – He finished that job at the cross, but it only applies to those who accept it. Once you have that, He furnishes you with the breastplate of righteousness (He actually gives you His righteousness –  you have none of your own) the belt of truth, the sandals for readiness to spread the Good News, and also the shield of faith and the sword of the Spirit. With these you’re all set! (without them you’re a goner)

There appears to be tough times ahead, but the future is always bright for us Christians. Jesus is our hope (the confident expectation of good).

Until next time, God bless, and stay true!

P.S. If you have friends or relatives who may like to read these blogs, send them the website address. There is a button below that they can press to be notified by email each time a new writing appears. Thanks!

Party Parity?

How welcome is the rain! We just had new shingles put on the roof, and thankfully the job got finished before the rain came.

Well, with Donald Trump in the presidency, many of us have appreciated the work that he has already accomplished. None of it has been more important than the rejection of the TPP, the Trans-Pacific Partnership. This draconian treaty would have done more than anything else to slam-dunk us into the New World Order, as it would have allowed certain favored transnational corporations to gain control over virtually all trading, and pretty much eliminate any remaining sovereignty of the U.S.

When it was first proposed, congressmen were not even allowed to see it, and when they were, they had to go to a specific secret room and agree to not take any notes! That’s how offensive it was. Had Hillary been elected, it would be firmly in place.

Trump has created over a million new jobs, most of them good-paying factory jobs. He has stimulated the stock market, though it is now an artificial bubble. Since his election, illegal immigration is down over 60%.

One of the reasons the Donald won overwhelmingly was that he promised to repeal Obama Care (which is helping to cripple the nation). “Republicans” voted to do this when Obama was still president, knowing that he would, of course, veto it. Now that it has a real chance of passage, they have shown their true colors.

You must know that there is virtually no government in the world that is truly working for the good of its citizens. Power does corrupt, and governments are chiefly interested in keeping and expanding the power they have, and staying in office. The Republican party, at the top, is a corrupt and traitorous organization. And the Democrats are even worse! Have you ever seen more whining, fighting, and opposition to the president no matter what? They, along with the RINOs, are truly fighting for their lives, as their New World Order socialist, globalist utopia with themselves in charge is crumbling under the exposure and pressure from Donald Trump. They are planning to not only impeach him, but if possible assassinate him, and are now open about it!

The Republican Party at the grass-roots level is totally conservative of important American values such as nationalism, obedience to  the Constitution, loyalty to the Founding Fathers, and opposition to  socialism. It begins to unravel at the state level, and falls apart at the national level. Have you heard any good, constructive, patriotic recommendations from the Democrat Party lately?

God bless you, and stay thirsty for knowledge, my friends!

Dr. J


Welcome, friends! I have started this blog in order to continue to get information to you that you will no longer be able to find in the local news. That’s right, I was informed by the Daily Mail that my columns were including too much “political” and “religious” content, and they were not sure “where this was going”.

It was suggested that I write only about nutrition and other health topics, and that I could include more controversial subjects in an occasional “letter to the editor’. Well, my passion is to write about other issues that are of great importance to us all on a continuing basis, and although I may include info on nutrition and exercise from time to time, I think that I need to concentrate on other topics for now.

Many of you have followed my columns in the paper, and I appreciate all of the positive feedback that you have given. Many folks do not take the Daily Mail, however, and this way anybody with a computer can catch my latest blog.

There is so much happening that people are not aware of, and it’s happening so quickly that it’s almost impossible to keep up with. I wish that our government was honorable and working for the best interests of “we the people”, but this is sadly not the case. Corruption is rampant and there are very few even aware of it, much less believing it and confronting it. Our U.S. government was actually taken over by elite mostly foreign banking interests over 100 years ago, and they have controlled the country ever since.

Many will find this to be unbelievable, but it’s true. You have heard that according to the Golden Rule, whoever has the gold makes the rules! That is certainly true in the natural realm, just as Mayer Amshel Rothschild said years ago. (“Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws”.) When the Federal Reserve was put in place in 1913 our Constitutional money (silver and gold) was replaced by the fiat (not backed by anything of substance) Federal Reserve Notes. All fiat systems fail, and ours has been failing for a long time. It’s not how many dollars you have, it’s how much those dollars will purchase. You may be shocked to know that the purchasing power of your dollars has fallen by 98% since 1913.

There is much hoopla over the DOW hitting 22,000 which is another all-time high. This has fooled many into thinking that the economy must be great, and there are pockets of relative prosperity in the U.S., but on the whole, families are worse off financially than have been for decades. The stock market is high, not because of increasing production, but due to stock purchases by the government and stock buy-backs by corporate CEO’s. A crash is “baked into the cake”, and from my sources it appears to be just around the corner. Whatever preparations that you can make now will be greatly appreciated soon. We’ll cover more about this.

I intend to produce a blog here around once a week, though this may vary considerably. There may be two or three a week, or there may be none for two or three weeks, depending on my schedule and also upon world events. In the meantime, know that there is a spiritual battle going on, and you want to make sure that you and your family are part of God’s family and under His protection. You won’t make it on your own.

God bless,

Ron Jones