How welcome is the rain! We just had new shingles put on the roof, and thankfully the job got finished before the rain came.

Well, with Donald Trump in the presidency, many of us have appreciated the work that he has already accomplished. None of it has been more important than the rejection of the TPP, the Trans-Pacific Partnership. This draconian treaty would have done more than anything else to slam-dunk us into the New World Order, as it would have allowed certain favored transnational corporations to gain control over virtually all trading, and pretty much eliminate any remaining sovereignty of the U.S.

When it was first proposed, congressmen were not even allowed to see it, and when they were, they had to go to a specific secret room and agree to not take any notes! That’s how offensive it was. Had Hillary been elected, it would be firmly in place.

Trump has created over a million new jobs, most of them good-paying factory jobs. He has stimulated the stock market, though it is now an artificial bubble. Since his election, illegal immigration is down over 60%.

One of the reasons the Donald won overwhelmingly was that he promised to repeal Obama Care (which is helping to cripple the nation). “Republicans” voted to do this when Obama was still president, knowing that he would, of course, veto it. Now that it has a real chance of passage, they have shown their true colors.

You must know that there is virtually no government in the world that is truly working for the good of its citizens. Power does corrupt, and governments are chiefly interested in keeping and expanding the power they have, and staying in office. The Republican party, at the top, is a corrupt and traitorous organization. And the Democrats are even worse! Have you ever seen more whining, fighting, and opposition to the president no matter what? They, along with the RINOs, are truly fighting for their lives, as their New World Order socialist, globalist utopia with themselves in charge is crumbling under the exposure and pressure from Donald Trump. They are planning to not only impeach him, but if possible assassinate him, and are now open about it!

The Republican Party at the grass-roots level is totally conservative of important American values such as nationalism, obedience to  the Constitution, loyalty to the Founding Fathers, and opposition to  socialism. It begins to unravel at the state level, and falls apart at the national level. Have you heard any good, constructive, patriotic recommendations from the Democrat Party lately?

God bless you, and stay thirsty for knowledge, my friends!

Dr. J

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