I was a Boy Scout, and of course their motto is, “Be Prepared”. That is always good advice, because even with our “normalcy bias” we can expect change. (Obama promised it, and he sure brought it!)

Many times change is good. For instance, a raise at your job, a new family addition, notification of an inheritance – all of these are usually good things. But, we must think about events and circumstances that could well happen, and that would bring some misery if not planned for. I’m glad I bought insurance on my house, as it will help pay for our new roof after hail damage. What other kinds of “insurance” might it be wise to obtain?

Some events are more likely than others and should receive priority. The U.S. economy, for instance, is headed for a substantial downturn, and there are ways to cushion the blow. Our mountain of debt is not payable, and the Federal Reserve (which is primarily responsible for the crash to come) is between a rock and a hard place. Default or hyperinflation seem to be the most likely outcomes. The dollar is in a free-fall, that is, it purchases less and less. That’s why “tangible assets” are something to consider acquiring.

Those of you who live on farms and grow crops are fortunate. During the Great Depression of the 30’s around 85% of Americans lived in rural areas. Now about that same percentage live in urban areas and rely totally on stores for food. If you can grow some of your own, or know somebody who does, you are ahead of the game. You can at least buy some extra food each time you go shopping to store up. Canned goods like beans, soups, etc., make good selections, as well as peanut butter, dried milk, and others.

Real estate is a good tangible asset, and so are precious metals. All markets are manipulated, and especially those for gold and silver in recent years. You say you can’t spend them at the grocery store and they don’t pay dividends? Well, this is key – they maintain their purchasing power and can be exchanged at any time for whatever is being used for currency. Most of us can’t afford to spend $1,200 or so for an ounce of gold, but many can periodically buy an ounce of silver for under $20. Just go see Jim Lowery at Nevada Coin on East Cherry. (across from Hertzbergs)

One hopes that conditions never deteriorate to where there are riots in the streets, but the average person will take desperate measures to obtain food after only 3 days without it. Those so inclined may wish to have a firearm or two and a supply of ammunition. (the latter could also be used for bartering, if necessary, as could cigarettes or whiskey, even if you don’t partake) A 12- gauge shotgun makes a good home defense weapon (just don’t use O-O buckshot, or you may take out a neighbor as well).  A 9mm pistol would be a good selection, and an AR-15 is excellent for home defense.

We have mentioned before that there is a spiritual battle going on. The “Great Deceiver” is still loose and wreaking havoc on those unprotected. One of those unpleasant events most likely to occur is death. Now is the time to prepare. First and foremost for your protection is the helmet of salvation. That means putting your trust in the Lord Jesus to remove all of your sins – He finished that job at the cross, but it only applies to those who accept it. Once you have that, He furnishes you with the breastplate of righteousness (He actually gives you His righteousness –  you have none of your own) the belt of truth, the sandals for readiness to spread the Good News, and also the shield of faith and the sword of the Spirit. With these you’re all set! (without them you’re a goner)

There appears to be tough times ahead, but the future is always bright for us Christians. Jesus is our hope (the confident expectation of good).

Until next time, God bless, and stay true!

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