First, a comment about the last blog on global warming – while melting icebergs would not affect the levels of sea water, the ice on the land masses, were it to melt, would flow into the oceans and raise the water level to some degree.

Today we are addressing a situation that has had profound impact on our nation, and one that most Americans are clueless about, and one that helps explain some of the confusing, self-serving, and downright evil actions that our government has taken over the past years. We’re talking about the attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

Many readers will reject the notion that our government could have been complicit in the attacks, especially with the implications that would raise. But, please read on, for the evidence is overwhelming that it was, in fact, an “inside job”.

Did you see on the news the other day that a skyscraper was on fire, I mean it was totally engulfed – but it did not fall down, and neither has any other skyscraper in history, due to fire. According to the 9/11 Commission’s report NIST (the National Institute of Standards and Technology) determined that the fires from the jet fuel of the attacking planes caused the steel support structures to weaken and allow the floors to “pancake” down in collapse. But, no pancaked floors were found in the debris, and over 2,000 professional architects and engineers in the U.S. know that it could not have happened the way the government says it did. A good place for you to first obtain more evidence is to visit, “Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth”.

For weeks after the attacks there was molten steel in the basements of the buildings. Burning jet fuel does not reach temperatures hot enough to melt steel. We were just shown yesterday on the news the destruction of a billion dollars worth of ammunition in Ukraine that was set off by a drone that had dropped a thermite grenade. Now, thermite is used by the military to cut through and melt steel, and is a combination of aluminum and iron oxide.  Thermite was found in the dust and debris of the collapsed buildings.

Many people are not aware that there were three buildings imploded on 9/11, the third one being Building 7, which was not even hit by a plane! There is video footage of a policeman telling people to “get back” from that building, as “it’s about to come down”. In fact, BBC announced the collapse of Building 7 about 30 minutes before it came down! (I watched the BBC news report of it with an intact Building 7 in the background)

A man named Larry Stephenson bought insurance on the entire World Trade Center shortly before 9/11 and personally collected 2 billion dollars after the attacks. When asked about the collapse of Building 7, he replied, “We decided to pull it“. That is the terminology used for imploding a building in a controlled demolition. The debris of the collapsed buildings was, in fact, collected by a demolition company and it was all shipped to China!

There were over 100  eye-witnesses who reported multiple explosions and flashes preceding the collapse of the buildings, none of whom were interviewed for the Commission report. The New York City fire department announced that it had put out the fire completely in one of the twin towers, and there is a photograph of many people lined up in the hole caused by a plane, waiting for rescue,  before the entire building came down at near free-fall speed.

When you watch video of the collapsing buildings, you will see multiple explosions in sequence below the level of collapse, as they blow out support structures. You also see molten metal spewing outward and multi-ton steel sections were ejected laterally for 600 feet.

It would have taken a long time to prepare those buildings for demolition with the thermite charges, but sections of the buildings were closed to the public for elevator repairs and painting, etc. And did you know that Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld ordered NORAD to stand down that day for the only time in history? That’s the group that would have been responsible for sending up fighter jets to protect those buildings.

So, who would gain from the attacks? Well, Larry Stephenson certainly did. George Bush’s “War on Terror” followed, and has continued ever since, bringing untold wealth to the military/industrial complex. There is good evidence that Saudi Arabia funded the attacks, but “W” used the situation to attack, not Saudi Arabia, but Iraq! Remember the missing “weapons of mass destruction”? The U.S. needed a plausible reason to take out Saddam Hussein, as he was abandoning the U.S. dollar and planning oil sales only in Euros. (Gaddafi in Libya met the same fate for planning to replace the dollar with gold) Follow the money!

The World Trade Center attacks were also used as the reason to pass the Patriot Act, which removed even more of the freedoms of American citizens. Did you know that because of that legislation you can be held indefinitely against your will without even being charged with anything? We no longer have due process as the Constitution guarantees. And look at “Civil Asset Forfeiture” by which the federal government can confiscate your cash and keep it if it even “suspects” that it might be involved in some criminal activity, with no charges filed!

We live in interesting times. It’s good to have some money saved, but above all, make sure your soul is saved! Jesus did it all for you at the cross.


Dr. J

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