Did you watch any of the socially-distanced Senate hearing this morning? The lone champion of freedom and common sense was Ron Paul, as usual. He emphasized the likelihood that those who have had COVID have developed lasting immunity to it. There are several features of the hearing that bear closer examination.

We were told that the government has allotted $11 billion to the states for “coronavirus testing”. First of all, the government does not have the money – it has been insolvent for a very long time. Currency supplied from the Fed’s counterfeit printing press is only adding to the insurmountable mountain of debt that is destroying our nation. Once all of the new “money” begins to circulate (money velocity) we can expect hyperinflation.

The second point is, what will be the value of all of that testing? What is done with a person who tests positive, but is well? Is he or she to be quarantined? That would be the wrong thing to do. Since most who are infected have no symptoms, and 98% of those with symptoms recover, there needs to be a mixing of those infected with the general population for the needed “herd immunity” to be produced. Quarantine the sick, protect the vulnerable, and open up for normal business to all of the rest before our nation’s economy is killed. No masks, no gloves.

There is much to be said about vaccines. Dr. Anthony Fauci stated this am that “we have accelerated toward a vaccine from the very start”. What else would he say, being financially linked to the Gates Foundation, which is the champion of worldwide mandatory vaccines. The senate stressed this am the importance of making such a vaccine available to anyone, “regardless of the ability to pay.” Bill Gates wants these vaccines for all, and wants to use them to track and digitally identify all of us, whose every movement can then be monitored.

At least Fauci admitted that “there is no guarantee that the vaccines will work” or be safe. You can be certain that none of them will be safety tested, as none of our childhood vaccines ever were. Neither will they be proven effective, as all the CDC requires is that a vaccine be shown to “elicit an antibody response”, not that it protects against the disease. Fauci also stated that the use of Remdesivir has met with “modest response”, and failed to even mention hydroxychloroquine which is being used by doctors all across the nation with a near 100% success rate.

The central theme here is FEAR, the primary weapon of the globalist deep state members. Fear causes people to accept draconian measures that they would not normally put up with. They want the populace to demand a vaccine to save us from this awful plague, to eventually welcome the chains of totalitarianism. It’s all part of gradualism, the heating up of the frog in the water scenario. It is Fabian Socialism.

This was all alluded to by Nikita Kruschev in his shoe-pounding speech of 1960 in which he said that the Russians would “bury us”, but not need any war to defeat us, because we would be taken down from within, and eventually fall into their hands “like a ripe plum”. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Clinton Foundation, Barack Obama, and the other members of the Democrat left party are all components of the tyrannical Trojan Horse that we have allowed to be pulled in through our gates.

What counters fear? Faith. Faith in God and in Christ Jesus who promise to be our protection in times of need. Anxiety is the most prominent mental health problem in America today. Keep the faith – it will save you.


Dr. J.

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