This is a significant date in the history of our nation. On April 29, 1607 colonists from England, having sailed for 3 months on the “Susan Constant”, the “Godspeed”, and “Discovery” ships, landed at Cape Henry and dedicated the new land to the glory of God. Before leaving, they planted a cross on the shore, where a monument now stands.

You need to know that this was a Christian nation from the start. Sunday worship services were held in the nation’s capitol building for years, with the U.S. Marine Corp band playing the hymns! Bible verses are inscribed in stone all over Washington, D.C.

For the first hundred years our nation’s children learned to read from the Reverend John McGuffey’s Readers, with moral lessons from the Bible. A Chief Justice stated that our citizens “should prefer and elect Christians to office”.

Both Harvard and Princeton Universities were founded for the purpose of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. We have been privileged to live in such a free land, an empire unlike any other. But empires come, and empires go. And they go for basically the same reasons. At the core is loss of moral values. Another reason is establishment of far-reaching military presence which is difficult to maintain.

A key one is debasement of the nation’s currency until it is virtually worthless.The Chinese invented paper “money” about 5,000 years ago, but they, along with subsequent nations, could not resist the temptation to keep printing ever increasing amounts of it as “needed”. Of course, the more currency in circulation, the less each unit of it is worth. This is inflation. You may not be aware of the fact that our own U.S. dollar is worth only 2 cents compared to its worth in 1913.

A lady who questioned Benjamin Franklin about the nature of our new government, was told, “A republic, ma’am, if you can keep it.” We have been lax about keeping it, I’m afraid. Our Constitution has been trashed in many ways, and many politicians consider themselves above the law.

To the detriment of our general population, there is way too much interdependence between federal government, favored corporations, and wealthy Wall Street firms. Prime examples are the presence of genetically-modified substances in our foods in spite of warnings of danger from the FDA’s own scientists, the mandated CDC childhood vaccine schedule in spite of the fact that not one of them was ever safety tested and been proven effective, and that several of our largest banks have been caught laundering drug money without a single indictment ever having been issued, only fines levied.

One of the sources of the opium that comes across our borders is Afghanistan with its poppy fields. You would think that these would have been destroyed long ago by the use of Agent Orange or something similar, but money from these drug operations is used to fund “black ops” by the CIA. Our government leaders, when asked why those poppy fields were allowed, said that to destroy them would “send the wrong message” to the people of Afghanistan who were so dependent on that crop.

Governments tend to become over-controlling. Consider the British, who love to drink tea. (they will even stop along their motorways around 4 pm, get out a portable burner, and have tea time!). They had in times past acquired so much of it from China that they had lost a large percentage of their sterling silver in payment for it. To get their silver back, they cleverly, though criminally, got the Chinese hooked on opium, which had to be paid for in British pound sterling!

I consider myself to be as strong a patriot as anyone, but there is much wrong with the U.S. that our citizens need to be aware of. We do need to remain armed as the second amendment specifies, for one of the reasons that Thomas Jefferson pointed out – to help protect ourselves from a rogue government.

Our leaders have had their own shady schemes. Actually, both the graduated income tax and the central bank (Federal Reserve, which is NOT a part of our government) came directly from the Communist Manifesto. The FED has killed our economic system.

The U.S. has been involved in many “false flags”. One was Operation Northwoods, in which we were to shoot down an American plane and blame it on Cuba; it was cancelled by President Kennedy.

Then there was 9/11, a truly inside job. Just follow the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, and know that all three buildings (including bldg 7) were imploded, not brought down by burning jet fuel.

Understand that the U.S. has toppled a number of duly elected leaders of Middle East nations and replaced them with compliant ones.

I strongly recommend that you and any teenage children read G. Edward Griffin’s excellent book, “The Creature from Jekyll Island”, which explains how the Federal Reserve came into power, and how so much of the corruption came to be. You need to know about the “Fabian Socialists”, who work behind the scenes to slowly bring totalitarianism in America. Their symbol, believe it or not, is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Their method is gradualism.

Know that Russia has 5, 10, and 50 year plans for us. It’s plan to demoralize America from the inside was to focus on our children using sex, drugs, and rock music.

Islam plans to establish an American caliphate, and its main method, which is being carried out now, is by the use of “civil jihad”. This simply means that they move into our country in large groups, then grow their large families (average about 8 children) until they are in the majority of a region in which they then declare sharia law, which is unconstitutional and should not be allowed in any form here. They do not assimilate.

There was a “16 year plan” to convert the U.S. to socialism, and this was only halted by the totally unexpected election of Donald Trump. As the Bible states we wrestle against “principalities and powers” of darkness in high places. These powers have spread like a cancer among our government leaders, and there are hundreds if not thousands of sealed indictments against traitors and other criminals, some of which are soon to be opened and served.

Then there is the COVID-19 pandemic. We now have enough information to know that the virus was planned and engineered years ago, and that our government has grossly overreacted to it. Fatalities from it are not nearly as high as we have been told (about 20 times less). Doctors have been pressured to falsely label many deaths as “corona deaths” when the cause was from something else.

There is no need for the nationwide lock down. We need to protect the vulnerable, keep those mildly sick at home, and return the nation to work before it is totally destroyed. The whole situation is an example of the “Hegelian Dialectic”, which is Problem, Reaction, Solution. Those in power present the problem – the virus. They then assess the reaction – fear, and then offer the solution – lock down, curative drugs and vaccines. The fear-mongering is for one reason only – to keep Donald Trump from succeeding in the November election.

Do not trust the mainstream media, all controlled by six families. Read and view alternative media to get the truth. Use common sense.

Understand that America has been great because a large proportion of its citizens have been Christians. And you have only one way to a glorious future – Christ Jesus. Without Him, your future is bleak, indeed.

Believe what you will. But, I think you will have read truth here.


Dr. J

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