We have arrived at an amazing time in history. We are at the brink of finding out if control of our government will be returned to “we the people”, or remain in the hands of the godless, power-hungry thugs that have run America for the past 100 years. We are at war.

The following summary is obtained largely from very recent postings by Dr. Dave Janda and by pastor Stan Johnson of The Prophecy Club) Around ten years ago a group of military intelligence personnel made the decision to rid our government of corruption from the top down.

The “Deep State” (we’ll call it DS) of globalists  desires a one-world government with itself at the head. It is funded by very dark activities, including movement of drugs into the U.S. [the CIA brings in the drugs and the money is laundered through our largest banks] and trafficking of women and children for sexual exploitation, both largely via our southern border. The DS plundered Iraq and helped itself to Libya’s oil and 5 tons of gold thru weaponizing of al Qaida by President Obama. Weapons were shipped through Benghazi.  Obama is also responsible for sending $350 million in cash to Iran without the permission of congress, and for okaying the illegal spy campaign against our president.

Presidents George H.W. Bush and “W” allowed the land area in Afghanistan upon which opium poppies are grown to expand by 400%. (The elder was known as “Poppy Bush”) Our pull out of Afghanistan will help choke off the flow of drugs to the DS. For decades our troops have guarded the opium poppy fields there.

President Trump, a true American hero, has been working diligently to stop the influx of drugs and human traffic. He was recruited by the above-mentioned military group to run for president. If anyone ever deserved the Nobel Peace Prize it is he. Trump selected federal prosecutor John Huber and a team of 470 “dogged investigators”, who have been working for the past two years on sealed indictments against criminals and traitors in high places, each of the 470 handling around 20 cases.

There are currently over 82,000 sealed indictments in the U.S., and 1400 of them are from Missouri! We are about to see mass arrests of these people, who will be secured in the recently beefed-up compounds of Guantanamo Bay, Diego Garcia and atoll prisons. Don’t be surprised if “W”, the Clintons, and Barrack Obama are included among them. The president’s executive order for the military tribunals has already been released, and all that needs to be done is for him to declare a national emergency – I believe he already did that regarding human trafficking.

The declassification of FISA will “bring down the house”. Justice is coming, and big, big things are just about to happen. Fasten you seat belts.


Dr. J

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