We’ll see if more than 25 people read this. I venture to say that it’s likely that all of us are thankful for the gift of sex. It is necessary for the continuation of the human race, of course, and it’s great because it’s also fun! But, we  know that it can get us into deep trouble as well.

Our society is saturated in sex today, much more so than when I was a child. Children are introduced to it early on, and access to the unsavory side of it is much easier. One no longer has to pull out the latest Sears or Montgomery catalogue and turn to the lingerie section, one can be viewing hard core porn with a few clicks of the mouse, thanks to the internet.

If you have young children, you need to talk with them about sex earlier than you would think. Kindergarten and elementary age is not too soon. One excellent resource for you to use is a book called “Good Pictures, Bad Pictures” and is available through the American College of Pediatricians. It is designed to help these young children recognize and avoid information that may be harmful to them. I have joined the ACP because of their family-friendly conservative values.

I pulled out of the American Academy of Pediatrics because of their support of activities that I consider harmful. . For example, the AAP recommends that young children who are “gender confused” should be given puberty-blocking drugs and then hormones to help convert their bodies into the opposite sex from their genetic one. Along with the ACP, I consider that to be child abuse.

Homosexuality, which used to be included as a mental disorder in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, is now accepted by more and more folks as normal. Practices that are so common in a society as to achieve the status of normality are not necessarily morally right. The Bible still refers to the practice as “abomination” and “perversion”. Incidentally, over 85% of those with same-sex attraction will eventually adopt a heterosexual orientation if not otherwise encouraged.

Sexual temptation is powerful, and we are surrounded by it. I returned to Nevada in 1977 to practice medicine, and got involved in many civic activities such as Rotary Club, Jaycees, church activities. etc. We were invited to parties, and let me mention a couple. At one of them we (Valo and I) found ourselves among many prominent citizens of the community and were enjoying the host family’s  swimming pool when all of a sudden I noticed that I was alone – everyone else had gone inside. Curious, I went in and down the stairs to find that the group was assembled to watch a triple-X porn movie!

To my shame, I stayed to watch some of it before leaving. It’s interesting that the head of the house lost his only son in an auto accident not long thereafter. Are those events related? I don’t know.

There was another party here in town that we were invited to, a Super Bowl party. To show you how long ago it was, I was fascinated by a new gaming system that had just come out called “Atari”, and instead of watching the game, I spent the time playing “Outlaw”. After the game was over, I went to join the group and found them in a room watching a triple-X porn movie! You are asking, “What kind of friends did he hang out with?”, but this party was hosted by a very prominent Nevada business man, which is to say that this type of activity is everywhere.

I read a statistic recently that shocked me. It said that two-thirds of the men in Baptist churches in America view pornography regularly!  Don’t get me wrong – I have fallen victim to sexual temptation (no, I’m not going to tell you about that).

Here’s something else that may shock you. Around 40 years ago I was invited to talk to the kids in Eldorado Springs schools about sex. At that time, I was supporting the “Sex Respect” course, which was excellent. I was encouraging abstinence in a classroom at their high school.  Afterward, all of the kids in the school met in assembly in the gymnasium to hear the keynote speaker from K- State, who proceeded to demonstrate to the girls how to apply condoms to the penises of their boyfriends! The message to me was that you are all expected to be sexually active, and this is how to be safe while doing so.  That is partially true, but I think that attitude has led to all sorts of problems, both physical and emotional.

Here are some helpful hints from the College of Pediatricians for parents. Monitor your child’s activities. Limit total screen time (TV, video, tablet, computer) to 1-2 hours a day. Eat together as a family as much as you can. Encourage good sleep habits, with no TV or tablet (or phone!) in the bedroom. Do lots of outdoor activity. Set parental control on all devices.

I would add that regular Bible reading and prayer are part of a healthy family lifestyle. We all want our children to be wise, and “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom”. That does not mean to be afraid of God, but to honor and respect Him. Teach your kids that God loves them very much and is not out to punish them. That’s something we all need to be aware of.


Dr. J

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