You will be shocked at the information you are about to find, and I am placing myself at some real professional risk by even addressing vaccine safety.  But, you must know that vaccines  are certainly not completely safe, and do pose real risk, and that some are not even so effective.

I recently commented on a website about the need to examine vaccine safety, and another doctor responded by saying that the the medical profession is “extremely fortunate that you are retired”, not knowing that I am back in practice!

Am I against all vaccines? No. Some are helpful, such as the Hib vaccine which protects against Hemophilus type B infections, chiefly epiglottitis and a severe form of meningitis that attack young children.  I used to treat 2 or 3 cases of these each winter here in Nevada, and after that vaccine was introduced I never saw another case. I do believe that some vaccines are totally unnecessary, though, and that too many are given too soon.  

I first want to say that if you are going to have a baby or know someone who is, do not allow the baby to get the hepatitis B shot. This used to be offered only to teens or adults, but is now recommended to be given on the FIRST DAY OF LIFE. Why is this a horrible idea? First of all, hepatitis B is passed on as a result of promiscuous sexual behavior or the use of “dirty” needles, i.e. drug abuse. Will your baby be involved in these activities? I didn’t think so. Not only that, but all pregnant women are tested for hepatitis B, and only if she is positive does the baby need the vaccine. But, it gets much worse…

It is  well known that the metal aluminum is neurotoxic, and associated with such conditions as dementia, autism, and Parkinson’s disease. Remember how aluminum cookware was phased out? Aluminum is included in many vaccines (hepatitis A and B, HiB, DTaP, pneumococcal, and Gardasil HPV). The upper allowed limit for injection into  ADULTS according to the FDA is 50 mcg. The hep B vaccine for babies contains 250 mcg of aluminum! (5 times the upper limit for adults)

How is this criminal activity even possible? To help explain, let’s review some vaccine history. Early in the vaccination program there were so many law suits over damages caused to children that the pharmaceutical companies begged Congress for protection, so they were all granted immunity from legal action – they can’t be sued. But, how many of you know that there is a federal vaccine court? Yes, parents of damaged children can appeal for “compensation”, though 2/3 of these cases are rejected, and you only have 3 years to bring one. But so far, over $3.6 billion has been paid out to these parents! Obviously, vaccines do cause damages – there are risks.

There is also VAERS the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. It is way under-utilized. Both doctors and parents are supposed to call in about serious reactions to vaccines that children experience. If your child has high fever, non-stop crying, a seizure, or other concerning behaviors after a vaccination, you should contact this program and report it. Most concerning would be a child who was advancing normally in all milestones, and who stopped or even reversed after a shot, as many parents have observed. These are kids with autism or other some other encephalopathy.

One reason I am doing this is that informed consent is not obtained from parents before these materials are injected into their children. What materials? More on that later. The vast majority of doctors believe what they are told by the government and the drug reps,  that vaccines are “safe and effective”.  And most would believe that I am an idiot or a right-wing  nut for even questioning vaccine safety. Also, most could not tell you what is in the shot your child is about to receive.

We’ve already mentioned aluminum, a known toxin that’s all around us, even found in baby formula! How about mercury? It was known to be toxic, so was removed from vaccines, right? Well, not all… it’s still in the multi-dose flu vaccine. [I never get flu shots – if you do, try to get it from a “single-dose” vial] Many vaccines contain polysorbate-80, an emulsifier that actually makes it easier for metals to cross from the blood into the brain.   We’ll talk about other, even scarier, ingredients later.

You might ask why aluminum is even put in vaccines at all? Well, it’s an adjuvant, which is a material used to elicit a “more robust immune response”, that is, to cause the body to produce more antibodies than it would without it. To be classified as “effective”, a vaccine only has to be shown to elicit an antibody response. And here’s another concern…some antibodies can cross-react with the body’s own tissues, leading to an “autoimmune disease”, of which there are many.

That’s enough for now. Later we will look at other factors, including how the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) was caught lying about the MMR/autism connection and even told scientists to get rid of evidence confirming that! We’ll look at a more “vaccine-friendly” schedule (if you decide to vaccinate at all!) and what some alternatives may be.

You are responsible for making decisions in the best interest of your children’s health. Be informed. Do the research.

Dr. J

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