Fox news the other day featured a short piece on how some Christians expect the world to end on September 23 because the earth is supposed to be involved in a collision with “planet X”. There was no mention of the prophecy of Revelation 12 which will actually be fulfilled in the sky on that date for the only time in history.

Will the world end? I don’t think so. But, the world “as we know it” will be ending soon. Even secular economists see a great day of reckoning coming soon because of the astronomical debt levels. There has to be a “reset”, a setting straight of the books, an accounting.

It is interesting to consider that we are in a year of “Jubilee” on the Jewish calendar. These occur every 50 years, and were established by God for all accounts to be settled. If you sold a piece of land, for instance, you had to take into account the number of harvests expected until the next Jubilee year. It would not be worth so much if there were only 3 or 4 years left in the 50-year cycle. Those who had lost their land got it back in the Jubilee year.

The Bible is not specific as to what to expect this year, but I think it will be a year of major changes, not just in weather patterns, but in the social and financial realms as well. As we’ve said many times before, it’s good to be prepared as much as possible. Many cannot do much to prepare financially, as they are struggling now to make ends meet. Most important is to be spiritually prepared, and there is only one way to make sure – trust Jesus. If you don’t, you remain on the highway to Hell; that’s right, until you make the decision to accept what Christ did for YOU on the cross, you are a “citizen of Hell”. There’s plenty of room for you in God’s family, but time is limited for you to opt in.

The weather may not be settled. Our economy may not be settled. Your emotions may not be settled. But, your eternal destiny can be settled,  for certain.


Dr. J

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