Colloidal silver is used by some ten million people in the U.S. and yet many have not heard of it, or know of its many benefits. Let’s try to answer some common questions.

1. What is it?

“Colloidal silver” is the term used commonly for “ionic silver”, that is a solution of silver ions in pure water, generated by electrolysis. True colloidal silver is a solution of tiny “nano” silver particles, and is usually yellow or amber colored. The ionic form is clear and is the most active against germs.

2. What does it do?

Colloidal silver is an amazing product that kills nearly all viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites that we know of. It augments the action of antibiotics, and often works when infections are resistant to antibiotics. Little, if any, resistance develops to silver since it works in multiple ways to destroy pathogens (germs).

3. Is it safe?

It is safe when it is prepared properly and used as directed. The Environmental Protection Agency issues a “reference dose” for silver that is considered safe by the Silver Safety Council, which publishes formulae for determining safe doses of silver for people of all ages based on body weight, even for silver ingested every day for a lifetime!

4. What about argyria?

This condition of blue-gray skin discoloration is caused by ingesting extremely concentrated products of silver salts and proteins over long periods of time. When silver solutions are produced by electrolysis and kept between 10-20 parts per million (ppm) concentration, and used sensibly, there has never been a case of argyria reported. Some unscrupulous individuals have made silver solutions using salts and proteins, as they can be made much more quickly, but are unsafe. The salt on your table will kill you if you eat too much of it (a few tablespoons)

What about the “blue bloods”, didn’t they get argyria from using silver spoons? No, they may have had fewer infections, but they got that term because they chose to display their membership in the aristocracy by keeping their skin quite fair (white colored) and therefore their blue veins were more apparent.

5. How is colloidal silver used?

There are many ways to use it. Many people take a tsp or two once or twice a day as an immune booster, and around 12 tsps ( two ounces) twice a day for a week or so to fight an infection. ( 3-4 days for a urinary infection)

It is commonly sprayed into the nose and throat for URIs and sinus infections. I use a netti pot and colloidal silver to stop upper respiratory infections in their tracks, (and to prevent sinus infections) and describe the technique in detail in my instructions that accompany my solutions. I consider it more reliable than spraying.

For a respiratory infection that seems to be heading down the trachea (windpipe) the colloidal silver is commonly delivered directly to the lungs via a nebulizer. This would be especially useful for anyone with asthma or who tends to get bronchitis.

It may be sprayed directly into an eye for conjunctivitis, being careful to not get too close to the eye with the pressure from a spray bottle. A medicine dropper can likewise be used.

Colloidal silver sprayed on a tooth brush when brushing teeth can prevent gum disease.

If one googles “freebies – the silver edge” and then clicks on “info library” and then “articles”, there is a long list of ways that colloidal silver may be used for various infections, cancers, and even for pets.

6. If colloidal silver is so great, how come it’s not prescribed by doctors and other professionals?

It needs to be, but the fact remains that the FDA considers it a “dietary supplement” and not a drug. Being a natural product, it cannot be patented and fortunes made from its use. It should be noted that prior to the arrival of antibiotics on the scene, doctors did use silver products widely and successfully to treat infections. (Those would not have been in a safe form like we use today.)

7. Where do I get colloidal silver?

My business, “Silver Health” provides colloidal silver in the form of ionic solutions of 17-18 ppm using a medical grade generating system. Most solutions you buy are around 10 ppm, and I think the higher concentration gets more silver in contact with germs and therefore should be more effective, while remaining in the safe concentration zone. My solutions contain only pure silver and pure distilled water, with no additives.

I provide a 32 oz bottle of colloidal silver along with a 2 oz nasal spray bottle of same for $40. This is about 5 times less expensive than you can find it elsewhere. And I replace an empty 32 oz bottle with a full one for $20! This is ridiculously cheap, but I want to make it available so that nearly everyone can afford it.

I have just ordered a second generator to try to keep up with demand. It takes three hours to produce each bottle of colloidal silver at this concentration.

You call my home at (417) 667-2457 and let me know what you want. Since we usually do not answer unfamiliar numbers, if we don’t answer leave a message and I will pick up or return your call. You then come to my house to pick it up at 1015 S. Adams here in Nevada. If you drive south on Adams past the hospital, we are the third house on the left, the green-colored house.

To your health!

Dr. Jones

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