It will be the money-lover’s dream. If the proper dots are connected, it will generate cash flows never seen before!

First of all, a variety of products will be offered that are well-received, as they will help alleviate many problems, and they will be controlled by professionals who have been pre-conditioned to support their use. Over the course of time, considerable financial contributions will be made to selected federal agencies which will then serve as partners to support future plans.

It will be understood that the use of products of this business may, in fact, cause many problems down the road, but any proposed safety studies will be restricted so as to prevent the disclosure of any direct connection. It will be emphasized that while some “adverse events” may be caused by these products, their use is “for the greater good”.

The adverse events that will be caused by use of these products will be actually treated by a host of other products generated by this same business! To top it off, the pertinent Federal agencies will be persuaded to grant the business immunity from prosecution! Additional pressures will be applied to induce the government to actually require the use of this business’s products by everyone in the country! What could go wrong?

Kickbacks will be continued to the Federal agencies to keep regulators at arm’s length, and there will be continued inducements for the government to add more and more new products to the list of those required to be used by the public. Any investigations into possible harm from their use will be met with fierce opposition.

For the love of money you just can’t beat a business model that first creates a need and then sells products that address that need, all mandated by the government, and with with freedom from liability!

Oh, wait…. I think it’s already been done! The pharmaceutical industry has already been selling products that create chronic health problems (immunizations) and also sells the drugs to treat those diseases, has gotten them to be required, and has been granted immunity from prosecution by the Federal government.

This indicates that several government agencies have been compromised for mutual financial benefit with the pharmaceutical industry (“quid pro quo”). This explains why, for instance, proven treatment for COVID-19 by the Zelenko Protocol (zinc, hydroxychloroquine, and azithromycin) and also with inhaled budesonide have been road-blocked by the government in order to leave unhindered the path to billions of dollars in shared profits through the use of Remdesivir and new COVID vaccines.

Thankfully, more and more American citizens are ignoring the mainstream media lies, and are educating themselves through alternative news sites. There is still hope for the salvation of the Republic. There is a heavy price to be paid for not connecting dots and for not acting on the implications of revealed connections.

Robert R. Jones, M.D.

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