I do a lot of research for these articles, and consult many sources for information. I learned long ago that you cannot trust the major news media or even our own government for the truth.

At this time I believe the coronavirus to be a man-made bioweapon developed in one or more labs by the communist Chinese in conjunction with the so-called “Deep State”. The latter are using this horrific situation to help bring down the economy in hopes of defeating Donald Trump by blaming it on him. (isn’t everything else his fault?) That would greatly facilitate their goal of one world government control.

The virus is a tiny one, engineered to combine many parts, including an HIV delivery system. It does not contain HIV, only the delivery system. It’s difficult to know for sure what the fatality rate is, but supposedly around 2%. It seems to spare the young and healthy, and to attack and kill the elderly, and especially those with some compromise in their immunity. For the average American, it does not currently seem to pose much of a threat at all.

We are told that we have no treatment, but that is not true. In a recent article that I read in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) the virus was discussed, and that statement was made that there is no treatment. I wrote to one of the authors, Dr. Anthony Fauci, about a treatment known to kill coronaviruses and which is freely available to anyone. He never returned a comment to me. [he is now referred to on TV as “the nation’s doctor”]

There are efforts underway to create a vaccine for the coronavirus. This would, of course, generate more billions for the pharmaceutical companies, but since the virus itself has much in common with flu viruses, it will mutate, causing such vaccine to be largely ineffective. I won’t be taking it.

The treatment I was referring to is colloidal silver, or ionic silver, or “nanosilver”, all basically the same thing. Silver has been used for thousands of years to prevent infections, and a dilute solution of it has been proven in a multitude of studies to kill viruses, bacteria, and fungi. It has been scientifically shown to kill coronavirus. Why won’t the government admit this? Who knows, but I think it’s because it can’t be patented and sold for billions of dollars, and also the fact that it would make unnecessary the sales of billions of dollars of “cold remedies” and unnecessary antibiotics. Don’t get me wrong, there is a place for antibiotics, but they are grossly overused.

Colloidal silver is not approved by the FDA as a drug, only as a “dietary supplement”. They have no problem with you drinking it, only if you claim that it may treat or cure a disease. But, millions of people use colloidal silver regularly, and have found that it can terminate a cold in a day or two, or prevent sinus infections and pneumonia.

Is colloidal silver safe? Well, it only takes a weak solution of 10-20 ppm (parts per million) to kill a whole host of pathogens (germs) such as strep and staph (even MRSA) along with influenza and the majority of the 200 or so viruses that cause the “common cold”. It does this without harming our own healthy bacteria. Not to get too technical, but bacteria are killed by destroying their cell wall, and this can be accomplished by removing one of the electrons in that wall, which silver does. Our healthy bacteria are much more resistant to giving up an electron in their cell walls.

What about “argyria”, someone will ask. That condition causes a permanent bluish-gray color of the skin, without other apparent ill effects. It is found in some people who ingested (drank) silver solutions of hundreds of parts per million, improperly prepared by using salts (it can be produced much faster by adding salt) and drinking large quantities of this for long periods of time. It has been estimated that argyria may be caused by ingesting 25 to 50 grams of silver over 6 months. That would be like drinking 2,500 to 5,000 quarts of 10 ppm silver!

Safe silver solutions of 10-20 ppm are prepared by generating them electrically. My preference is to use two pure silver rods connected by electrodes to a DC generator, and suspended in pure distilled water, using no additives and no preservatives. These solutions may be stored in glass bottles for years with no deterioration. These are “ionic silver” solutions, and are clear like water. This solution may be “reduced”, e.g. by a sugar, to produce “colloidal silver”, which is generally yellow or amber in color, and is said to be more stable in the stomach when ingested. We usually say “colloidal silver” for all.

Here’s my preference for the use of ionic silver. I use a 2 oz nasal spray bottle of it in several ways. If I have been around a group of people, i.e. church or Walmart, I will spray my nose and throat afterward. Viruses are spread by cough and sneeze, as well as by contact with surfaces (always wash you hands!!) Virus particles land on the lining of your nose or throat (mucus membranes) and then replicate (reproduce). The best time to “hit them” with silver is shortly after they have moved into your nose or throat.

At the first sign of a cold (runny nose or scratchy throat) I spray each nostril and my throat 3 or 4 times at least every hour during the first day, and 3-4 times a day thereafter for a week or more. I find that colds that used to bother me for about two weeks never last longer than a day or two. My nose used to get stuffy at night with that green or yellow mucus, but that never happens any more.

If I get a sore throat without any nasal symptoms, such as one would with strep throat, I “drink” an ounce or two of silver solution, but don’t swallow it. I recline and hold it in the back of my throat for 6 minutes, then swallow it, which takes care of the problem. Scientific studies show that if the colloidal silver is in direct contact with the pathogen for 5 minutes, it kills it.

Here’s another trick. I spray the silver onto my toothbrush and paste each time I brush. It kills strep mutans, the chief cause of gum infections. Many people drink a tsp or two of CS per day to boost the immune system.

Where can you get colloidal silver? You can buy it online and pay typically anywhere from $9.71 for 4 oz of 10 ppm to $33 for 4 oz of 20 ppm product. In Nevada, Missouri you can buy it at “Nature’s Station” on the north side of the square.

I have decided to offer ionic silver which I generate myself using a commercial grade system. I will not be shipping it or advertising it, only here and by word of mouth.

I will provide a 2 ounce cobalt blue (or amber) nasal spray glass bottle filled with 16-18 ppm ionic silver, the same that I use, as a “dietary supplement” for $10.

A better deal is this: you can have a 32 ounce Boston clear (or amber) glass bottle filled with the same 16-18 ppm solution, PLUS the above 2 ounce bottle for $40. This amount would cost over $200 elsewhere.

You have to phone first (417) 667-2457. If no answer, you must leave a message about what you want, and your call will be returned. Then you have to “come and get it” at 1015 S. Adams Street in Nevada. I will try to accommodate as best I can.


Dr. J (Robert R. Jones, M.D.)

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