On Friday, October 20 the Joplin Globe featured on its front page the headline, “Hijab Day”, with  photos of three MSSU students modeling their hijabs in observance of the Muslim Student Union’s “Hijab Day”. According to one Muslim student, “the observance was an effort to promote awareness of religious diversity and acceptance of the beliefs of others.” Excused me? We are to accept the beliefs of Muslims?

She went on to say that wearing the hijab is to “show modesty and to show our commitment to God and our religion.” What is not mentioned is that the “God” she refers to is not the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob – not the God that America was dedicated to by her first president, George Washington, not the God of “In God We Trust”.

The hijab identifies a woman as a Muslim, and thus any woman who is not wearing such a covering is considered “fair game” for sexual assault by Muslim men. This is taking place all over England and Europe and in countries like Sweden, often in the form of taharrush, where 3 bands of Muslim men will surround a non-Muslim female; the inner circle strips off her clothing and assaults her, while the second ring observes, and the outer one prevents anyone from intervening.

To observe a special day for Muslim hijabs  is essentially no different than if we were to observe a “Swastika Day”.  Though our Muslim former president declared, “We are not at war with Islam”, he might well have added, “…but we should be”. Islam has no place in the United States, as it is incompatible with  the Constitution and to freedom as we know it. The goal of Islam is world domination and elimination of any  non-Muslim who refuses to join that religion or pay a heavy tax. The Imams are accurate when they speak for Islam and say, “Death to America” and call for a North American caliphate.

Just as socialism brings in communism by “incrementalism”, rather than by open warfare, so Islam advances through “civil jihad”, whereby apparently peace-loving immigrants move in, have large families (7-8 children per), and demand sharia law once they reach the majority status. Even Muslims who understand this process and are in favor of the eventual takeover will lie to your face and say it isn’t so, because in Islam it is perfectly okay to lie as long as it advances jihad. (taqiyya)

No other religion on the face of the earth is determined to wipe us out and take over our nation. That is why “freedom of religion” should not apply to this dark system of beliefs. I think that President Trump knows this and is right to crack down on middle East immigration.

Our Muslim former president installed several members of the Muslim Brotherhood into high positions of government where they remain to this day. Saudi Arabia provides tuition for Muslim students to attend the most prestigious Ivy League universities so that they may one day advance the presence of Islam in the U.S. via positions of influence in government.

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