Are we there yet? This is the question the Democrats keep asking re eliminating President Trump from office one way or another. They have been active in the attempt at carrying out a political coup from the day Trump was elected, and have themselves identified their efforts as a “coup”.

The indictments for their criminal and traitorous behaviors are coming soon now. The “Russian Collusion” attempt failed. The “obstruction of justice” attempt failed. The “impeachment investigation” is failing miserably.

I am currently watching again the excellent series, “Band of Brothers”, as I have always been a WWII enthusiast, that is, I hold in highest regard the men and women who gave so much to preserve our freedoms and guard against our being controlled by the very form of government nearly half of our nation’s voters are now calling for!

My wife’s father fought in the Battle of the Bulge, and the winter of 1944 across Europe was one of the most sever ever. Our troops lacked winter clothing, had to live in snowy fox holes, and often lacked ammunition and medical supplies. One of my uncles fought in the infantry in the Phillipines and a buddy next to him was killed by Japanese machine gun fire. My uncle lost much of his hearing for years from a piece of shrapnel that he caught in his neck.

Another uncle was navigator in B-24’s and had to bail out over Italy in January of 1944, landing in Mussolini’s private game preserve! (He broke his ankle on landing, was put on a donkey and taken to a village by a partisan; he had his parachute draped over his shoulder, and said he reckoned he looked like Jesus entering Jerusalem!)

The list of Democrat candidates for President is pathetic and they are all Communists! Every last attempt at a socialist government has failed and rightfully so. You cannot have a godless totalitarian dictatorship that the population will long tolerate.

President Trump is many things, some not so nice, but he is truly a patriot and the leader of the resistance against the “deep state” and globalism (a socialist dictatorship). You are for one or the other. As things currently stand, Trump is sure to win the 2020 election in a landslide. Overflow crowds gather to hear him, while embarrassingly tiny ones show up for his opposition.

The left (socialists, communists) will not give up, however. They are fighting to counter the exposing of their misdeeds, fighting for their very lives. They are in the mold of the communist Saul Alinsky, the author of “Rules for Radicals”, the manual for the socialist takeover of a nation. Two of his proteges are Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, who wrote her college thesis on Alinsky’s views.

One of the most accurate quotes about socialism is from Barry Goldwater who said, “A government that is big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take away everything you have.” It is fascinating that Hillary Clinton was a “Goldwater Girl” until she got to Wellesley College where her views shifted markedly (Marxedly) to the left.

How could the Democrats possibly win in 2020? Well they could possibly be successful in carrying out an assassination of the president (it’s a wonder that he has survived thus far, a sign I believe of supernatural protection). The deep state could engineer an “event” of such size that it would generate a great deal of fear and confusion across America that a Democrat “savior” could promise to alleviate. This would likely be some type of “false flag”. But, what is more likely is that a coming financial collapse could be blamed on our president.

We are told that our economy is amazingly strong, “better than it’s ever been”, as manifested by the record stock market levels. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is a matter of time for such a collapse to occur, and this event has been the subject of many books for over thirty years written by authors, many of the Austrian School of Economics, who know that the current skyrocketing level of debt cannot ever be paid back. Collapse is inevitable, and will likely surpass in severity the depression of 1929. People vote their pocketbooks, and even though this collapse will have been caused by the Federal reserve and Wall Street, it will be easy to blame whomever resides in the White House.

We have all been financially raped by the Fed, Wall Street, and our Congress. How? By the ending of the gold standard in 1971 by Nixon and the establishment of the “Monopoly money” petrodollar system set up with Saudi Arabia by Henry Kissinger using U.S. dollars not worth the paper they are printed on. Counterfeit dollars are currently being “printed” in the trillions to prop up insolvent banks and Wall Street mega-businesses. The only real money is made up of gold and silver, as specified in our Constitution.

Those in the know used to urge citizens to have at least 10% of their savings in gold and silver, and now some are suggesting at least 50%. This is wealth insurance. Investing in the stocks of precious metal companies is more speculative, but more likely to produce a bigger “bang for the buck”. Unfortunately, most of us do not have enough money these days to purchase any.

We can all be thankful for what we do have, especially at this Thanksgiving season. We still live like royalty compared to most of the world. We need to focus on people and not money. God has blessed America because we have depended upon Him. He is the only salvation for nations and for individuals.

Dr. J

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