We are blessed to live in the United States of America where an absolutely wonderful form of government was constructed by our founding fathers. It is a republic, not a democracy. It is based on a constitution, the provisions of which rest firmly on Biblical scripture. For this reason we have a moral foundation for our government which is lacking in so many parts of the world. Sadly, this moral foundation has been largely ignored by most of those in positions of authority in our nation for way too long.

There are many people of integrity who work in the various departments of our federal government. Much is done for our good, for example the U.S. Postal Service is second to none in getting all of that mail (even the junk!) to us in timely fashion, and for that we are grateful.  In spite of this, much has gone wrong in our government. It often seems that our good is being ignored in favor of “someone else”.

The Bible tells us that when the righteous are in authority the people rejoice, but when the wicked bear rule, the people mourn. (Proverbs 29:2) How do wicked people get into positions of leadership? I think basically two ways. First, there is truth to the notion that psychopaths tend to seek public office, and it is true that “power corrupts”.  Under our present laws politicians are allowed to receive untold amounts of money from individuals and corporations that understand that they can be “bought off”. Wealth and power are hard to resist, and nearly anything will be done to maintain them.

Personally, I would like to see a system whereby a certain amount of money would be set aside by the federal government for political campaigns. Each candidate would be allowed to draw limited funds to make his or her points, but would be prohibited from receiving funds from individuals or corporations. Lobbyists could discuss matters over a meal, but no money would exchange hands. This would largely prohibit the current arrangement which allows politicians to be paid for their votes.

Where does congress get its money (and influence) from now? Much comes from the military/industrial complex that President Eisenhower warned us about. Military contributions to congress are vastly surpassed by those  from the pharmaceutical industry. That’s right. Money from drug and vaccine sales influences the votes of our politicians more than from any other source. Let’s have a look at how the FDA and CDC are so intertwined with “big pharma” and the agricultural industry.

We have pointed out before that there is a branch of the FDA that is responsible for determining the safety and efficacy of our drugs. That branch receives the bulk of its funding from the very pharmaceutical companies that submit their drugs for evaluation! That’s right, the FDA has a vested interest in declaring drugs GRAS” (generally regarded as safe) so that they can be made commercially available and profits shared. Are some rushed into commerce too fast? Well, recall Thalidomide, the drug that treated nausea of pregnancy but also caused babies to be born without arms and legs (a classmate’s sister had such a baby).

What about Vioxx? Declared safe by the FDA, it was later found to have killed up to 55,000 people by heart attacks. (including my wife’s brother)  There are many other examples. What about GMOs? These Monsanto products are genetically modified and were opposed by the FDA’s own scientists who pointed out that they had never been tested in humans and would likely  cause diseases. They were ignored and the GMOs were fast-tracked into our food supply. Our current FDA  “food czar” in charge of food safety, Michael Taylor, was a Monsanto attorney before coming to the FDA.

The FDA declared that it was up to Monsanto to do the safety studies. Monsanto said it was up to the FDA to do them. Nobody did them.  The only study that I am aware of, a two-year study using rats (equivalent to a human life span) testing the effects of Bt toxin in corn found that it produced multiple tumors and caused infertility along with damage to kidneys and liver. We are currently the test animals for human effects. How many people do you know that have cancer?

How about the CDC, whose statements are accepted as gospel by doctors everywhere. I once believed what they told me about childhood vaccines, but no longer. The CDC profits immensely from sales of vaccines and ownership of vaccine patents. The number of childhood vaccines added to the schedule mushroomed after the federal government made all vaccine manufacturers immune from prosecution. Just think, even if a vaccine kills your child you can’t sue the company that made it! Billions of dollars are at stake here.

Do vaccines ever cause brain damage? It appears so, as the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Plan has paid $4 billion so far to the parents of vaccine-injured children. I’ve found only one parent so far who has ever heard of this plan. Is that informed consent?

Not only do the pharmaceutical companies not test drugs sufficiently, not one childhood vaccine has been subjected to a “double-blind” study. We need a comparison between vaccinated and non-vaccinated children, but the CDC says it would be “unethical” to do so, in spite of the growing evidence that vaccines are causing very serious damage. We can be grateful for “whistle-blowers” such as Dr. William Thompson who led a group for the CDC charged with proving that there was no connection between the MMR vaccine and autism. When the data showed that there was a connection, he admits that the CDC changed the data to show that there wasn’t. Did you get that? The data showed that there is a 45% greater rate of autism if the MMR is received before age 3 years than if after age three.

This important information agrees with findings in Dr. Paul Thomas’ study of his own patients showing a lack of autism in children who do not receive the MMR vaccine until age 3. In recent years I have informed parents of dangers of the CDC’s official vaccine schedule, and all parents chose to follow Thomas’ amended vaccine plan. It is found in his book, “The Vaccine-friendly Plan”. What about the requirement that all children entering public school be fully vaccinated? That law needs to be repealed. Home schooling is an option for some.

The “safe” level for ingestion of aluminum, a known neurotoxin,  for an 8 pound baby, according to the FDA, is 16 to 20 micrograms. Your baby is now given, on the first day of life, 250 micrograms of aluminum in the hepatitis B shot. That’s right, your baby gets 15 times the amount of aluminum than is considered safe! And this is important: the “safe” level is based on studies of aluminum that is ingested, not injected. The body reacts quite differently to material that enters it by an unnatural route such as injection, by forming antibodies that may attack itself, leading to a host of autoimmune diseases. Over half of of our children now have at least one chronic disease. Are immunizations part of the reason?

We have not even mentioned the numerous overthrows of elected governments around the world by our own CIA, or the many false flag events that our government has carried out to achieve/maintain power and wealth. Pray for our nation’s leaders.

There is so much more that can be said about the dangers of vaccinations in light of new evidence, and possible dangers of taking recently-released drugs.  I think you can see that our federal government is not doing its job of ensuring that they are as safe as they need to be. The government seems to be much more interested in the huge amount of  funding that it receives than in the health of its citizens. Please do your own research. This stuff is not hard to verify, and it has a direct effect on you and your family. Join the thousands who are asleep no more but awake to what is happening around them. President Reagan said, “Trust, but verify”.  And I’m not too sure about the trust part.  Don’t obsess over this stuff. Do what you can, contact your representatives, and think about good things most of the time!


Dr. J

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