It is well known among those who have been alert and have been able to discern the truth that our nation was stolen from us over one hundred years ago by elite foreign bankers with the help of a few bought-out U.S. congressmen.

This “shadow government” is real and has run our nation via the unconstitutional Federal Reserve ever since 1913. John Kennedy knew it, and was a true patriot who attempted to dismantle the “Fed” as well as the ultra-secretive CIA  that currently answers to no one, and has a secret budget that is protected by numerous “states rights” agreements. It carries out many “black ops” that are hidden not only from the populace, but from Congress as well. You will recall that this evil outfit was once run by George H.W. Bush.

JFK was eliminated by said CIA for his pesky interference, and all presidents since have been mid-level puppets of the “dark state” except for one – Donald Trump. He was not going to win. Hillary was their chosen one to deliver the nation into socialism, with control to remain in the hands of the globalists. The strings were to continue to be manipulated by the Rothschilds, David Rockefeller, George Soros, and others. In case  you missed it, the U.S. government has been  benefiting  Wall Street and the Fed from Johnson to Obama. But there is a change; and, it’s change you can truly believe in, because Donald Trump is a true patriot who is attempting to return control to the people. How do we know this?

One of the reasons is that he declared a national emergency over child sex trafficking and has supervised the arrest of thousands of pedophiles, instead facilitating the activity as have members of the past  several administrations. Yes, there are many “big names” that have left behind evidence of their evil deeds with children, and you can expect exposure soon.

More evidence is the $500 million recent expansion of the prison facilities at Guantanamo Bay and other sites to hold indicted criminals.

Let me fill you in on some information that will “blow your mind” regarding just how evil and demonic recent administrations have been. Cody Snodgres was involved in many “black ops” for the CIA and was a recent guest on Caravan to Midnight, hosted by John B. Wells, formerly of Coast to Coast. Mr. Snodgres revealed truly shocking information about the destruction of the Alfred P. Murrah federal building in Oklahoma in  1995. Many experts have known that there were bombs planted inside that building and that the level of destruction could not have been caused by that ammonium nitrate/diesel fuel truck bomb that was blamed for it.

First of all, there are two chilling reasons why the CIA blew up that building. First of all, you need to know that Saudi Arabia wished to build an oil pipeline across Syria to ship oil through, but Syria declined. (recall that the U.S. and Saudi Arabia had worked out the petrodollar system and that the U.S. protects S.A. under that agreement). The U.S. shipped weaponized anthrax to Saddam Hussein (who was a paid CIA assassin asset) to use in the invasion of Kuwait. But, with the onset of the Gulf War and invasion of Iraq, there was fear that Hussein would use the anthrax against us!

Protection against anthrax by vaccine took several weeks in those days, so the U.S. came up with a new vaccine containing squalene  that was to speed up protection. (we have written about this before, and how that when squalene is injected, there results anti-squalene antibodies that  attack all parts of the human nervous system. The major unintended consequence was the disabilities of Gulf War Syndrome. The government was facing payment of hundreds of millions of dollars to the military victims, and the records of those afflicted were gathered up. Guess where all of those records were stored? The Alfred P. Murrah federal building!

Now for the  second reason. Most of you have heard of the mysterious activities at the Mena, Arkansas airport while Bill Clinton was governor there. Well, the CIA was shipping tons of weapons, including C4 explosives from Mena to Central America, and in return importing tons of cocaine into Mena. Bill Clinton, by “looking the other way”, was collecting 10% of the black ops money, and that amounted to $10 million per month! There were records of all of this activity, and where did they end up? The Murrah building!

So, Cody Snodgres was personally asked to blow up that federal building in Oklahoma City with a reward of $500,000 cash and that much more upon completion of the job. He refused, and was later indicted on false firearm charges by the federal government and spent over 3 years in solitary confinement in a federal prison in Colorado. He reports that two of the three bombs that were planted inside of the Murrah building failed to detonate. All of the records were not destroyed, and this required their manual removal later.

Snodgres is currently disabled by the physical attacks against him. He has written a book all about the above called, “Choosing the Light” and it is so far only available on CD. He is negotiating with potential publishers, and you can get the CD for $20 by contacting him at (he is part Cherokee, I believe)

The above fantastic information comports with what I have found to be true over the years, and I don’t doubt a word of it. Even worse information will be forthcoming about Bill and Hillary, the Podesta brothers, John Brennan, Mike Pence (!), Jeffrey Epstein, and many, many others. D.C. and Hollywood have truly been a swamp in need of draining, and we should all be thankful for a president who is dedicated to exposing and dealing with such evil activity. It has not all come out so far because many deep state insiders from previous administrations have had to be removed or else they would have been major blockers to the release of the truth. Remember that those who are currently protesting the loudest  against Trump have the most to lose. It appears that the pieces are in place now for the drain to be opened!


Dr. J

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