Think what you will of President Trump, but he has the “deep state” backed into a corner and they are fighting back with every weapon they can think of. BTW, at this point you are either a patriot with Trump, or you are a globalist fighting for world domination by a godless, socialist, power-hungry cabal of criminals.

Let’s have a look at some recent deep state expenditure of ammunition. First was the failed attempt to link President Trump with “Russian meddling” in the election. There has been no proof of this after two years of trying by deep state Democrats. The deep state’s goal? To get rid of President Trump, their obstacle to national and world domination.

Next comes the slimy attempt to smear the record of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. This, too, failed and we are fortunate to have him as a member of the court. The deep state’s goal? To keep conservatives off of the Supreme Court to help them push through their socialist agenda.

Next we have the advancing attempt at an invasion by a horde of thousands from the south to push through into our country uninvited. This is equivalent to leaving your front door unlocked at night and having a dozen unknown people burst through your door and announce to you that they are moving into your house and expect for you to feed them and allow them to stay.

It’s not a matter of compassion for those in need. We have always had laws in place to take in those needy people through a legal process. That’s how our own ancestors got here from other lands. It has been accurately said that if we don’t have controlled borders, we don’t have a country. And who are those people out there handing out cash to pay foreigners to come here? My guess is that it can be traced back to George Soros. The deep state’s goal? To provoke a major confrontation at our border which they can blame on the “compassionless” Trump. (they will focus on a tiny band of women and children when the horde is made up overwhelmingly of young men, many of whom are criminals and even MS13 gang members and child sex traffickers)

And then we have the Kashoggi murder. What’s going on there? The man was apparently dismembered by a group of Saudi hit men headed by a Russian torture expert. Well, the mainstream media, which truly is the “fake media” since it is run by the deep state itself, has been calling for President Trump to “do something” such as to impose sanctions on Saudi Arabia. The deep state’s goal? To prompt action against the Saudis who would then retaliate by torching the petrodollar and collapsing our financial system, which they would then blame on Trump!

Oh, what about all of the pipe-bomb threats to prominent Democrats?? We can be sure that these are initiated by the deep state itself. The press, of course, is already blaming Trump! The deep state goal? To try to harness sympathy for those poor targeted Democrats to get extra votes at the mid-terms.

You may find source information re the above on such sites as USAWatchdog,, and the X-22 Report.

The deep state has not counted on the brilliance of Trump and his strategy to drain them of their power and control. Watch for the arrests to soon accelerate and the military tribunals to become publicized. We are in for rough times, but by the grace of God there will be a silver lining.


Dr. J.

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