What an amazing time to be alive! The October-November time frame promises to be a turning point in American history, one that changes everything. We have written here a number of times that our nation was hijacked over 100 years ago by private, foreign banking interests that have held us hostage via our central bank, the Federal Reserve. That institution can rightfully claim the responsibility for the horrendous indebtedness we find ourselves in, and that will cause the impending crash of the financial system.

Now that Brett Kavanaugh has been installed onto the Supreme Court, President Trump can proceed with the huge swamp-draining actions that have the deep state petrified with fear. What will happen? The key word here is “declassify“. We will see the truth behind the FISA warrant that was illegally arranged by former president Obama and the fake “Russian dossier” that was paid for by the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton Foundation.

Expect to  see the ugly truth hidden on Anthony Weiner’s laptop,  and John Podesta’s emails, not to mention Hillary’s. The Inspector General’s Report should expose enough criminality to put high-level officials away for years. How will this happen? Via military tribunals. That’s right,  President Trump has put these legally in place, and we can expect to see thousands of arrests over a short period of time.  (there are over 50,000 sealed indictments ready to go) The $500 million expansion of the facilities at Guantanamo Bay will see lots of new arrivals.

One of the first of the “higher ups” to be rounded up may be John Brennan, former CIA director under Obama, and also Obama himself along with Hillary and many others. We may see how the Obama White House, with Hillary’s help as Secretary of State, funneled weapons through Benghazi to Turkey and Syria to fund Al Qaida and ISIS and to get rid of Muammar Gaddafi, who planned to drop the U.S. dollar in favor of a gold “Pan-African Dinar”.  Our Ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens, apparently got “cold feet” and began talking to non-deep state folks and the result was his death along with 3 others in the attack on his facility. (you will recall that the U.S. refused to respond to his call for help).

We may find the evidence to prove that Hillary Clinton sold top secret military information to China, and that her thousands of emails that went directly to that country resulted in the assassination of 18 CIA operatives there. We know what the penalty for treason against the U.S. has been in the past. Much of this information is outlined by Dr. Dave Janda at davejanda.com.

There is coming soon a reset of the Rule of Law (a return to Constitutional law) and also a reset of the monetary system that will eliminate the dollar as we know it. This could literally occur over a weekend, and all of these major changes may be accompanied by the imposition of martial law for a period of time. Those in the deep state know that they are trapped. Their plans to eliminate judge Kavanaugh from being appointed failed, and they may have to initiate some huge event (false flag) to distract from their approaching judgment.

We know, as the Bible says, that the people groan when the wicked are in authority, and that they rejoice when the righteous are in power. We have been groaning for far too long. Let us hope and pray that times of rejoicing lie close at hand. It has been pointed out that “The Economist” magazine, owned by the Rothschilds, some time back had a cover showing a Phoenix rising from burning paper money, and that had a gold coin around its neck bearing the date “2018” and the number “10” prominently displayed. Does the ten refer to the month of October, or to October 10th, which is tomorrow?? If major action does not take place tomorrow, then expect things to happen “bigly” on November 11, along with the “yuge” parade celebrating the 100th anniversary of the end of WWI.


Dr. J

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