We stand at the threshold of very major changes in the world and right here at home.  What’s going on? First, we need to review.

We are blessed in the United States to have an absolutely wonderful form of government from the very beginning. It is based on the Bible and its teachings, and we live in the only country in the world besides Israel whose nation is dedicated to God. (George Washington did it)

We have often heard the claim that “power corrupts”, and it has happened here in spades. The government of the U.S. has become an absolute cesspool of corruption and criminality over the last 50 years, and was literally hijacked over 100 years ago by our central bank, as we have pointed out repeatedly. Said bank, the Federal Reserve, is responsible for the approaching economic collapse.

Have you noticed the many store closings? There are 3,800 stores in America projected to close this year. People just don’t have the money to go and buy things anymore. Wages are down and the U.S. dollar is worth less and less (having already lost 97% of its purchasing power since 1913). Russia and many other nations are getting out of the dollar. (Iraq tried to do it by going to the Euro and Libya tried to do it by implementing a trans-African gold dinar – we saw what happened to the leaders of those nations). The establishment does not want to give up control, but are being defeated.

In our country there are normally around 2,000 federal indictments served each year against various criminals. Currently, there are over 40,000 sealed indictments ready to be served against criminals across the country from Hollywood to D.C. The crimes are horrific, including child sex-trafficking, with satanic rituals of child torture and murder, reaching into high levels of government. These are close to being released and there will be widespread disbelief and rejection that this could actually have been going on in our land.

President Trump is responsible for taking action against the criminals and traitors of previous administrations. Hillary’s “3,000 missing emails” are missing no longer. The DNC server is in patriotic hands. Recordings (videos) of the activities of many dignitaries (including Bill and Hillary) that took place with underage children on Jeffrey Epstein’s “orgy island” are in the hands of the NYC police department, the FBI, and the Department of Justice. NYPD personnel who viewed the tapes were actually vomiting and crying uncontrollably because of the nature of the activities revealed, according to “Truth Unsealed”.

The central banking system of economic control that has enslaved all of us has run its course. The dollar will collapse and be replaced by some other system. Crypto-currencies may play a role here, as they are difficult to centrally control. Gold may play a role, as so may countries are loading up on as much gold as they can acquire. (gold and silver are the only true money)

We dodged a major bullet in the 2016 election, and should all be grateful that we have been given an extension of freedom in our nation. Lord Rothschild has commented that Donald Trump’s actions are interfering with the globalists’ plan to implement the “new world order”. What will we do with the freedoms we still have? Keep in mind that true freedom is only found in Christ.


Dr. J



2 thoughts on “What’s Happening?

  1. Dr J. Enjoy all your columns. Keep up the good writing. But I think you were wrong on one count. If I remember correctly, there were 33,000 missing,emails of Hillary. Remember they were about yoga, & Chelsea’s wedding (LOL). Hope to see you at the reunion. Jonet


  2. Apparently, the “missing” emails that were intended to be destroyed by the use of “bleachbit” and by pounding with a hammer were all saved and are soon to be made public!


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