“Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people” –   Prov. 14:34

Most of you will reject the following as being too preposterous to be believed, but from multiple sources of information over time I am convinced that it is true. As more and more evidence of its validity is unveiled, you may wish to return to this article.

No, this is not about that cancer-producing Monsanto herbicide. (World Health Organization says that Roundup probably does cause cancer) It’s about the process that is under way to apprehend and place on trial a myriad of Deep State highly-placed, wealthy and influential  satanic pedophile criminals. The basis for this was established by President Trump’s December 21 executive order that provides for the interruption of the funding for these satanic  pedophile rings that have operated without intervention by any other administration for decades, from Hollywood to Washington, D.C., and are in fact entrenched worldwide.

There are now said to be over 9,000 sealed indictments for these thugs who are to be rounded up and sent to Guantanamo Bay for incarceration, and to later face Nuremberg-style tribunals.  That facility is undergoing a $500 million expansion for the purpose, and U.S. Army Special Forces are being used to grab the offenders. There have been dozens of flights to Gitmo recently and it would be very interesting to know who was on board. Jeff Sessions traveled there in December, and also General “Mad Dog” Mattis.

Some individuals have been brave enough to try to bring pedophiles to justice in the past, but their efforts have been thwarted by those in powerful positions.  A prime example is the grand jury that was convened to investigate the sex-trafficking ring out of Boys Town in Omaha, Nebraska. (the Franklin Scandal)

Young boys were flown out of Omaha to Washington, D.C. and led on special after-party midnight tours of the White House. Too many of the jury members met untimely deaths for it to be successful, and an expose (“Conspiracy of Silence“) was scheduled to appear on the Discovery Channel before is was quashed by Congress. A Washington Times front page article was titled, “Homosexual prostitution inquiry ensnares VIPs with Reagan, Bush”. Do you remember the press coverage of this? Neither do I.

We read in the Bible of the false gods Molech and Baal and of the practice of sacrificing children to them. In May of 2017 I stood at the entrance of the “Gates of Hell” at Caesarea Phillipi in Israel,  a huge cavern with a pit that babies were thrown into,  and if blood appeared in the out-flowing spring water, the sacrifice had been accepted. These false gods are still with us today, and many “elites” from coast to coast worship Baal and Lucifer and believe themselves to be strengthened by literally  drinking the blood of tortured babies. Abortion is part of this mess as well.

We know of satanic activity involving current political figures from John Podesta’s emails. (“spirit-cooking” parties and activities too gross to mention here) Many of the “elites” from various nations literally worship Satan and are involved in the kidnapping, torture, and murder of children. We will be shocked to learn the identity of many of them, but exposure by President Trump and a host of helpers is in the works. (I have mentioned before that Bill Clinton revealed that Hillary would fly about once a month to Los Angeles to attend a witches’ church.)

Pray for righteousness to be restored to our nation. Pray for God’s protection for men and women of integrity,  and that we may each lead a godly life – actually, we can’t do it except that Christ live in us.


Dr. J

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