The following reflects my personal beliefs and should not be construed as financial advice for you to act upon.

I feel honored to have grown up during some of America’s best days – the postwar 1950’s, when it was fun to put your hard-earned lawn- mowing money into a savings account at Farm and Home and watch the balance in your passbook grow at 5-6% interest.

I have pointed out many times that our beautiful nation has been run by criminals (yes, actual criminals!) for over 100 years now. Key to their illegal (unconstitutional) actions has been the world’s largest wealth transfer from the middle class to themselves via the hidden process of inflation. The result: since they took,  over your dollar buys 97% less than it used to .

The dollar is being continually devalued, and we haven’t seen the end of it yet. Many seem to think that the stock market reflects the financial health of Main Street. No, it reflects the financial health of Wall Street. Wall Street IS the U.S. stock market. The lifeblood of Main Street is BANK ACCOUNT BALANCES. If Donald Trump lives to do it, he will drain the lifeblood out of Wall Street and inject it into Main Street, which will allow you and me to finally be able to beneficially save money. But dollars left in the stock market you might as well say “good-bye” to.

The Gulf Coast has been devastated and the East Coast is “fixing to be” as Irma bears down on Florida as I write. These will have huge impacts on the economic status of the nation. It’s interesting to consider a prophecy given by John Fenn with the Church Without Walls (whom and which I know nothing about) 7 years ago in which he was told that “after all of President Obama’s policies are in place, America will experience two hurricanes and three earthquakes“. Are the quakes coming soon?

Big changes are coming, and I’m not referring to the growing Marxism and Islamification (which will destroy America if we don’t stop it now) that Obama brought. I’m talking about the big changes in the spiritual realm. We are not just fighting against flesh and blood Democrats and RHINOS, but against spiritual forces in high places (yes, demons), as the Bible says.

There is a rapture coming, as the Word of God (Bible) tells us, and at the time that all of us Christians (those who have said “yes” to the finished work of Jesus in our lives) disappear, all hell will break lose here on earth. There is a lot of evil right now, but there is also a “Restrainer” who is the Holy Spirit, who holds back the worst of evil, but He will be removed from the earth, ushering in the Great Tribulation. That’s a time when you do not want to be here. Many will be saved during this short time, but will pay for it with beheading.

Let’s look at that finished work of Jesus a bit more. The cross changed everything! Before that, under the old covenant you had to be obedient to the Law to keep yourself from being judged. But, thank God, we have a new and better covenant. We are no longer under the Law, but under grace.  (Romans 6:14,15)  Your status with God is no longer connected to your performance, but with what Jesus did for you on the cross. His spilled blood washed away all of your sins forever, never to be used against you, and his broken body (beaten to a pulp) gives you supernatural health right now, if you properly discern it. (these apply to believers only)

Focus on Jesus’ love and grace, because there is now no condemnation for you. I’m a lot like Peter, as I sometimes “run on ahead”, but I’m also like John, as I see myself as Jesus’ favorite pediatrician! Now, there is nothing wrong with the Ten Commandments, as they are perfect. But they are also called “the Law of sin and death” and they “stir up earthly passions”, that is, the more you try to keep them to try to make yourself righteous, the more you will find yourself falling into sin! Keeping the Ten Commandments cannot make you holy! Jesus makes you holy.  We have no righteousness, but Jesus gave us His as a gift. It’s all about Jesus! He’s all you need. Rest in Him, be healed in Him, find what you need in Him.

More later,

Dr. J


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