Who Are the Deep State?

We periodically hear of the Deep State, and no one seems to be sure of just who makes up this mysterious body. It often goes under other names, such as “the elites”, “the cabal”, “the globalists” or “one-worlders”, or “the shadow government”.

Quite simply, the Deep State is made up of those authorities who were never voted into office, and cannot be voted out. They are the bureaucrats who remain in positions of power through ongoing administrations of all types. For every law enacted by Congress they produce around 20 REGULATIONS which can change or even eliminate the intent of the law itself.

The current illegal, administration was, indeed, brought about treason, the overthrow of a duly elected government in the greatest political fraud of all time. It’s no secret that its mission is to destroy the United States of America, because this nation of such past strength and sovereignty, with its armed citizens, is the greatest obstacle to their one-world government, controlled by the elites. The chief instigator? How about Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum? “You will own nothing and be happy.”

The Republican Party has its share of traitors, but the Democrat Party is the feet on the ground for a 16-year Plan to Destroy America. Hussein Obama took care of the first 8 years, and Hillary was to finish. They knew she was going to win.

Some of Obama’s responsibilities included installing rogue operators in government, leaking classified military secrets, cutting military spending (happened), removing good guys from government, flooding in illegals (done), funding terrorism (he sent $350 million in cash to Iran, the world’s number one terrorist country), and nuclearizing North Korea and Iran.

Some of Hillary’s goals included starting WWIII, population control/pocket billions (done via COVID-19 “vaccines”), elimination of final good guys in government, killing the economy/starve and enslave public (being done as we speak with sky-high inflation, food shortages, rising gasoline prices, etc.), revising the Constitution, banning sale of firearms (steady procession of false flag school shootings designed to accomplish this), removal of the Electoral College, destroying opposing news outlets, and opening the borders. (done)

The pharmaceutical giants have rewarded their political puppets handsomely, as they are raking in tens of billions of dollars. They are accomplishing goal one of the elites, which is reducing the world population by around 95%. I verified this first goal by traveling to Elberton, Georgia in April and viewing the goals of the globalists on the Georgia Guidestones. (“Maintain a world population of 500 million”)

They are killing people with mRNA injections in at least three ways that we know of. The first is by “cytokine storm“, or over-stimulation of the immune system to attack host organs (as predicted by honest virologists at the beginning of the “pandemic”). The second is by production of blood clots by the spike proteins that leads to heart attacks and strokes. The third is destruction by mRNA of the innate immune system which leads to death from otherwise non-dangerous diseases and cancer generation. (see “covid vaccine associated AIDS”) Autopsies are revealing the formation of long rubbery “clots” that are blocking arteries. I call them proteinaceous artery blockers, or PABs.

There are so many members of the “Mass Murderers Club”, from Anthony Fauci to Klaus Schwab, to the complicit news media and FDA, CDC, NIH, WHO, complicit (paid off) congressmen, pharmaceutical CEOs, and many more. And now they’re out to kill infants and children as well; they are even looking at injecting 3 month-olds. It’s insane. Children are at nearly zero risk from covid, but at huge risk of adverse side effects from the vaccines.

True science will reveal that the mRNA jabs are not vaccines, but gene therapy. They do not prevent covid or its transmission, but cause one to be more likely to get covid. Most of the hospitalized and dying are vaccinated. There never was an emergency and there have always been safe medical drugs for treatment, thus the “emergency use authorization” was illegally obtained. There never was a pandemic, only of false positive tests. Most “covid deaths” were flu deaths. The cover up is widespread and disgusting. It causes me anguish that so many reputable doctors and institutions of medicine have been so thoroughly brainwashed.

It’s all enough to cause one to cry out, “Maranatha!” (even so, come Lord Jesus!) And He is coming back, first to snatch away his children from the wrath to come (seven years of literal hell on earth), and after that at the Second Coming, when He touches down on the Mount of Olives from which He ascended two thousand years ago, to initiate the Millenium, a thousand years of peace on earth when Christ rules from Jerusalem. Be ready!


Dr. Jones