R.I.P. Lady Liberty

We sadly announce the demise of Lady Liberty who passed away at the age of 245 years after a lifelong struggle against a plethora of enemies, both foreign and domestic. She had been on life support for an extended period of time following a diagnosis of COVID-19 but expired after being given remdesivir and placed on a ventilator at Walter Reed Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland.

Once supported by a currency that was “as good as gold”, she anguished over the fact that her dollars would recently only purchase 3% of what they did in 1913 when the Federal Reserve was formed. Always in favor of fiscal responsibility, she was driven to distraction by the ever-ascending debt ceiling.

Once a paragon of optimism and pride, she had fallen into fits of depression over the abandonment of true Christianity by the majority of her citizens. Realizing that her nation was founded by Bible-believing Christians, she was shocked to discover that only 6% of her population currently had a Biblical world view.

Ms. Liberty had been extremely pleased with her status as a republic but found it distressing that her populace began in large measure to consider it a “democracy” until her God-given Constitution became essentially worthless.

Her medical system, once the envy of the world, had recently fallen victim to the dictates of Washington, D.C. bureaucrats following the directives of an ever more powerful pharmaceutical industry. An amount of fear had been generated sufficient to cause a huge portion of the population to succumb to mass psychosis. Their free-floating anxiety had become focused on a newly diagnosed “pandemic” that was in every conceivable way mishandled by those in positions of authority.

Liberty’s military, of which she was so proud, had been increasingly decimated by the requirement for immune-suppressing injections. Her once robust economy had been dismantled by the same requirement for millions of workers around the country.

Liberty was always a champion of her government “of the people, by the people, and for the people”, and shed many tears over the realization that it had become a government “of the elite, by the elite, and for the elite”.

She was always in full support of fair and free elections, but her health had taken a sudden turn for the worse following the unprecedented widespread fraud of the 2020 elections. She was heard to say that “if this situation is not fixed soon, we have seen the end of freedom in America”.

Funeral plans for Lady Liberty have yet to be announced, but it is said that a private family ceremony will likely be held at Arlington National Cemetery. Invitations are being sent to a small number of faithful patriots who are determined to preserve individual liberty in the United States.

May she rest in peace.

Dr. Ron Jones

December 18, 2021