“I don’t believe the government lies.” This could mean that you don’t believe that the government tells any lies, or that you don’t believe the lies that the government is telling. Our government has a long history of telling lies. The income tax was promised to be “temporary”. The Social Security card was “not to be used for identification purposes”. JFK was killed by a lone gunman. The towers on 9/11 were brought down by airplanes. You get the idea.

The globalists operate by generating fear and then offering the cure. They have been highly successful. The most recent example is the “pandemic” we have been faced with for the past year. Control over us has been accomplished by the requirement of masks and by persistent lockdowns, all of which have done nothing to counter COVID-19, but have resulted in the shutdown of our economy and the generation of widespread anxiety and depression of our children and adults.

The ever-escalating (until recently) number of COVID “cases” has led to the demand for a vaccine to protect us and end the pandemic. Sadly, these numbers have been generated by manipulation of the test results. PCR was never intended to diagnose any disease, and the numbers are meaningless, as enough amplification cycles have been used with the test to obtain large numbers of false positives. Recently the number of such cycles has been lowered to cause a falling number of positive results, or “cases”.

Yes, COVID is going away, but not because of mask-wearing, lockdowns, or vaccines. It’s all manipulation of the numbers. Are you thinking of getting a COVID vaccine? Think again.

First, read the package insert that comes with the vaccine. It will tell you that you have the right to refuse the vaccine, and that there is no FDA approved COVID vaccine available. That’s right, the FDA has only authorized their use on an “emergency” basis. There is truly no emergency since both hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin are among the low-cost effective treatments against COVID.

You should know that the vaccines are experimental, as they have never been used before. They genetically alter your cells to manufacture the spike protein of the COVID virus, with the hope that you will form antibodies against the virus. To call them “safe” is a lie, because it will take months to years to know this. And there is good scientific reason to believe that they are not safe.

Attempts were made to develop vaccines against other coronaviruses in the past, such as MERS and SARS. They failed. In the animal studies they found that the animals seemed fine after getting the vaccines, but when introduced to the wild virus later they got very sick and many died. This was traced to “pathogen priming” or “antibody enhanced disease, as the antibodies produced attacked the animals’ own bodies. (cytokine storm) How do we know that this won’t happen with these vaccines? We don’t, because the necessary animal studies were omitted!

There is a Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program that may provide money to some who have been injured or killed by the vaccines, similar to the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program that has paid so far over $4 billion to the families of children brain-injured by childhood vaccines. It will be difficult to prove causation.

We don’t know the percent of vaccine recipients who will actually be protected from COVID, nor how long any such protection might last, nor the percentage of recipients who will die when later exposed to the wild virus, possibly millions.

We do know that Bill Gates, a eugenicist, and Anthony Fauci are linked heavily in the production of COVID vaccines and are reaping billions of dollars from their sale. We know that they are globalists, and that a major goal of globalists is to “maintain the world population at a level of 500 million”. (see the Georgia Guidestones) The world population is around 7 billion. Do the math.

Here’s what we can expect. Over half of America’s citizens will be persuaded to take the COVID vaccines. Some will have adverse reactions, but mostly mild ones. After having received both (or 3) doses, all will appear to be well until the next wave of COVID virus appears, when thousands, if not millions, will start dying. No link to the vaccines will ever be admitted (remember that the mainstream media is owned by the same globalists who own the politicians). The cause of these deaths will be attributed to the new virus variant, for which an even newer vaccine will be required.

All of this will take place while masks and lockdowns are still enforced, and you will need your “green pass”, or certificate of vaccination, in order to participate in society. (already being required in Israel)

The new mantra of President Trump (the legitimately elected president by 75 million votes) is “Save America”. From what? From the widespread evils being propagated by the current fake, illicit administration, which has stopped the transamerica pipeline, stopped President Trump’s efforts to end child sex trafficking, supported abortion, supported transgenderism that allows confused (at best) men to enter women’s showers and rest rooms and play on women’s sports teams, ended the building of the southern wall, and raised the LGBTQ flag at all U.S. embassies. How can the nation continue to receive God’s blessings when it is officially supporting such perversion? Which side are you on – deplorable or despicable?

We have not seen the end of President Trump. He has all of the past election fraud documented, and this will be produced at just the right time, when the courts will listen. Maricopa County, Arizona just passed legislation requiring that all of their election ballots be reviewed and that their voting machines be released for evaluation.

What are we to do? Well, if you have already taken a COVID vaccine, claim God’s promise that “no weapon formed against you will prosper”. We should expose fraud and corruption wherever it is found, walk in truth and love (in Christ), and pray for our enemies. This is a spiritual battle.

Will God grant that the deep swamp be drained, or has America’s day of judgment arrived? In any event make sure that you and your family are “rapture ready” so that you will be snatched out of here in your new “forever body” before the time of hell on earth begins. (which, according to the Beerisheet Passover Prophecy begins in the year 2023)


Dr. J