Vaccine-Generated Autoimmunity (VGA)

The first rule of medicine is “First do no harm”. The pharmaceutical industry has been in violation of this from the beginning. There is increasing evidence that a great deal of harm is being done, especially by the untested, unproven childhood vaccines. Congress has declared vaccines “unavoidably unsafe”.

I am going to introduce here a topic that is rightfully receiving more and more attention, and that is the idea that many autoimmune diseases may be caused by the injection of childhood vaccines. Over half of American children now suffer from at least one chronic disease, and many of these fall into the category of autoimmune conditions.

What is autoimmunity? It is a condition in which generated antibodies attack the tissues or organ systems of the host. The damaged tissues lead to an array of chronic diseases.

Examples of these conditions include Type I diabetes, or juvenile diabetes, and the skyrocketing epidemic of autism, now considered by many to be an autoimmune disease. I don’t know if the term VGA is being used, but it seems to me to identify the nature of the problem under suspicion: Vaccine-Generated Autoimmunity.

I will go on record as stating that I believe that the majority of chronic diseases in our children today are caused by the increasing number of insufficiently-tested vaccines being given to our children. I will also state my belief that both the federal government and the pharmaceutical corporations that manufacture the vaccines (and they are “joined at the hip”) have little interest in discovering the truth about vaccine safety due to their vested interests that vastly increase their wealth.

I further contend that the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture the vaccines not only are receiving immense profit from these products, but in addition they obtain even more wealth by treating the diseases they cause with the drugs they sell to fight them! It’s a case of “follow the money”, and reminds one of the Bible passage that states that “the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil”. (I Ti 6:10)

The federal health programs and the pharmaceutical industry have nothing to gain and much to lose by supporting independent, well-controlled scientific studies on vaccine safety (or the lack thereof). These studies should, of course, have been done before the vaccines were approved, but rather than require these legitimate safety studies, the government instead made the pharmaceutical companies immune from prosecution!

As I have noted previously, at least five independent studies show that unvaccinated children are much healthier than vaccinated ones. We are told that if we don’t vaccinate, our children will fall victim to all of the old childhood diseases. Is that true? Well, most of those diseases had virtually disappeared before vaccines were introduced! This occurred because of cleaner water and improved public health measures.

Here are two examples. In England and Wales between 1860 and 1960 the incidence of death among children from measles declined 100% before immunization began! In the United States there is no vaccination for tuberculosis. In spite of this, the death rate from TB among children between 1900 and 1960 declined from around 200 per 10,000 to only 10!

Our innate, God-given immunity is far superior to the artificial, temporary, and in fact injurious immunity generated by vaccines. We were designed with B cells and T cells; the former generate antibodies to fight off pathogens we have just been exposed to, while the T cells have “memory” and produce antibodies that remain to fight against germs we were exposed to in the past. Vaccines over-stimulate the immune system (called a “cytokine storm”) and cause the formation of inflammation and antibodies that can be harmful to us. Some (if not all) childhood vaccines produce a temporary immunity, whereas natural immunity tends to be lifelong.

It should be noted here that the pharmaceutical industry gives more money to the Washington D.C. politicians than any other group, including Defense. Lobbyists expect to get back seven dollars for each one they provide. That’s a pretty good ROI.

When a new drug is developed it must be tested before it is approved by the FDA, the Food and Drug Administration. This involves test subjects, usually voluntary, who agree to be given either the new drug or a control, (a “placebo”), an inactive substance. Neither the tester nor the test subject know which is being given, thus the study is “double-blind” and placebo-controlled. No such test has ever been done on any childhood vaccine!

How long does it take for a chronic disease to form? Much is unknown, but it takes time. How long are vaccine test subjects observed for adverse effects from the vaccines? For some it was 3 to 4 days! How many diseases or even deaths are going to appear in that short time span? Ongoing “safety studies” are woefully inadequate.

There are also many instances of fraud being perpetrated by the FDA and CDC. A good resource for details of these is the PhD thesis work of Toby Rogers in 2019 called, “The Political Economy of Autism”. Keep an open mind and let facts sink in.

According to Dr. J. Anthony Morris, former Chief Vaccine Control Officer and research virologist with the FDA, “There is a great deal of evidence to prove that immunization of children does more harm than good“. (italics mine) And, “There is no evidence that any influenza vaccine thus far developed is effective in preventing or mitigating any attack of influenza. The producers of these vaccines know that they are worthless, but they go on selling them anyway.” (italics mine)

Check this out from Dr. Al Sears in his 9-26-20 “Confidential Cures”: “You see, the FDA is just like any other government agency… They were meant to address a given issue, concern or problem, but what they’re ultimately concerned about is their own power and profit. And that’s why they’ve colluded with the very drug companies they’re supposed to regulate. For example, did you know the Big Pharma is allowed to legally bribe the FDA? These payouts, called ‘user fees’, help fund most of the agency’s operations. In fact, since 1992 the FDA has received $7 BILLION in bribes from the drug industry. This gives the FDA a vested interest in guaranteeing Big Pharma makes big profits.”

There has been a sixfold increase in those with diabetes in the USA since 1958. During this time vaccination rates have dramatically increased – certainly linked in time and possibly in cause as well. Accumulated research suggests that Type I diabetes is an autoimmune disease.

The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) tells us that as early as 1949 doctors were reporting that some children injected with pertussis (whooping cough) vaccine were having trouble maintaining normal blood sugar levels. Lab research has confirmed that pertussis vaccine can cause diabetes in mice. Since viruses are suspected of playing a role in diabetes, there is concern that live viruses in vaccines may be helping to cause chronic diseases.

Barthelow Classen, M.D. is a researcher formerly with the National Institutes of Health, and founder and CEO of Classen Immunotherapies, Inc. He states that one reason for the growing epidemic of diabetes is because vaccines given to children at two months and older “can induce immune-mediated diabetes.”

In New Zealand there was a campaign from 1988 to 1991 to vaccinate babies at six weeks of age or older with hepatitis B vaccine. (now given in the U.S. on the first day of life!) There was a 60% increase in juvenile diabetes. It is a fact that the more vaccines given, the higher the incidence of diabetes. Dr. Classen’s data show that there can be a 1-4 year delay between the time the vaccines are given and the appearance of Type I diabetes.

Dr. Classen states that “vaccine trials are flawed because they are not designed to detect associations between vaccination and autoimmune diseases.” (italics mine) The NVIC agrees that “there is an inherent conflict of interest in allowing the same health officials in federal agencies responsible for researching, developing, regulating, making national policy for and promoting vaccines to also be in control of monitoring vaccine reactions and evaluating health problems associated with vaccines.’

In similar fashion, we should not rely on data from drug companies to license vaccines as safe for the public without corroborating independent scientific data. These drug companies ignore the mounting evidence that vaccines are playing a significant role in causing the current chronic disease epidemic.

I have often urged parents to get a copy of Dr. Paul Thomas’ book, “The Vaccine-Friendly Plan”, and virtually all of those I told about his amended plan chose to use it. The current autism epidemic in the U.S. causes one in 39 children to have the condition (expected to be one of every two by 2035!). Of those in Dr. Thomas’ practice who used his amended plan there were no new cases of autism! The Children’s health Defense Team, headed by RFK, Jr, estimates that if the plan were followed at the national level it would prevent abut 90,000 cases annually. (and I estimate about 7 cases of autism here in Nevada each year, and about 1,500 in Missouri)

The neurotoxin aluminum has been shown to be associated with autism. It is included in that hepatitis B vaccine given to your baby now on the first day of life. Not only that, it is given at a dose for the average sized baby of 15 times the amount of aluminum that the FDA says is “safe” to give in one dose! (16-20 mcg; the hep B dose contains 250 mcg) In total, the vaccines provide 4,050 mcg of aluminum. The CDC’s Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry says that aluminum can stay in the body for up to 50 years.

There is so much more to be said about vaccine risks, and parents are not able to give “informed consent” because they are woefully uninformed. They are not told of the $5 billion paid by their taxes to the parents of vaccine-injured children so far; they are not told that no scientific safety studies have ever been done on any of the childhood vaccines; they are not told that the drug companies that make the vaccines are immune from prosecution (made so by the politicians that receive more money from the drug companies than any other lobbying group); they are not informed of the vaccine ingredients; and so much more.

Parents should have the right to refuse any or all vaccines for their children. The drug companies are pushing hard to make all vaccines required, with no exemptions. They are supported by the Missouri State Medical Association, which this year did not allow legislation to even be considered that would provide additional information on vaccines to parents, claiming that this is only aimed at “scaring parents”. I forwarded my concerns about vaccines to the MSMA, but got no response.

It takes hours upon hours to do the research on immunizations, and to compile the information in a report such as this. Yet, only a small percentage of parents and grandparents will ever see this, and vaccination procedures will go on as usual. Thousands of children who could live out healthy lives will instead be burdened with a variety of chronic diseases. I pray that you will spread this information far and wide. More and more parents are waking up and taking on the rightful role of being in charge of their children’s health.

Robert R. Jones, M.D.

Black Criminals Get What They Deserve

Blacks are unfairly targeted by the police, right? This assertion is being used by terrorist groups to gain sympathy for the poor, suppressed, unfairly-treated black population, and this is driving racism to new levels. I wondered if this were really true, so I checked statistics to see if their propaganda really holds up.

The mainstream news suggests that every time a black man is accosted by police he is more likely to be shot because he is black. So, we should eliminate all police as a result. What do facts show? Let’s start with the fact that black men make up 6.4% of the U.S. population, but commit over 50% of all homicides. Blacks are 18 times more likely to shoot and kill a police officer than to be shot and killed by one.

According to USA Today, for the past five years police have fatally shot around 1,000 civilians annually. Only 23% of them are black. As of the June 22 update, the Washington Post’s database of fatal police shootings showed 14 unarmed black victims and 25 unarmed white victims in 2019. Since that database was formed in 2015 the number of unarmed black shooting victims is down by 63%. The 14 unarmed victims of fatal police shootings make up 0.2% of the 7,300 black homicide victims in the U.S. each year.

In Chicago, 90% of gun homicides are committed by blacks. (in 2018 there were 2,367 shootings in Chicago, and that’s a “gun-free zone”!)

According to the FBI, more whites are killed by police than blacks, and in higher proportion. For every 10,000 blacks arrested for a violent crime, 3 are killed. For every 10,000 whites arrested for a violent crime 4 are killed. Yes, over 33% more whites are killed by police than blacks! This suggests and “anti-white” bias! This may, in fact, be due to all of the negative press re the shooting of black persons, causing police to be a bit more hesitant to shoot blacks.

Let’s look at the 2018 Bureau of Justice statistics “Survey of Criminal Victimization”. Of 593,598 cases of interracial (black vs white) violence, blacks committed 90% of the violence. In 2012-13 then President Obama’s DOJ recorded that black Americans committed 85% of all interracial victimization between blacks and whites.

Why are so many homicides being committed by blacks compared to whites? Is it because they are poor? No, in fact the rate of violent crimes is higher among those blacks with the highest incomes than among the poorest. (of course, some of this income is from drug sales) I submit that likely the main reason is that 70% of black kids are raised in fatherless homes. Strong families are the backbone of our nation. Destruction of the family is high on the list for those who wish to destroy America.

Blacks are no worse morally than whites. We are all made in the image of God, and we are all sinners in need of salvation. This deliverance is available only through Christ Jesus, and He desires that all blacks be saved just like all other people groups.

How do we get black children to be raised in complete, nurturing families? What if the federal government actually made it more favorable for black men to remain in the family? What if it made it more favorable to be married than to keep producing children out of wedlock? That, if accomplished, would go a long way in vastly lowering the rate of violent crime among blacks. In the mean time, let’s keep our hard-working police departments fully staffed to help our neighborhoods to be as safe as possible.

Robert Jones, M.D. September 17, 2020